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    Okay I madde some changes. Take a look at it now?
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    Yolthinn is a hardy man, but seems to have a humble meekness to him, as what you would see in a loving father. The roughness to him makes it seems like he has been though a lot. He walks in mystery and speaks very little about his past. He comes from a land across the sea where famine struck him and his people. Yolthinn and his people shipwrecked near a small island off the cost the Dominion of Malin. They where able to swim to this island where they stayed for many days until elven fishermen found them and brought them to Caras Eldar to be questioned where they claim to be descendants of settlers from Ashloy left behind long ago. Through his journey many close friend and family died of hunger, illnesses, and mighty beast. Feeling uneasy about these people, the Elves of the Dominion sent them away with little supplies. Yolthinn and what was left of his people traveled though many of the Northern settlements looking for food, a new home, and new future. As they were about to give up and give in to starvation, they came across Nordengrad; the nordengradic people felt for the poor travelers and quickly took them in. Though their new home had little to offer them, being a peasant community themselves, they saved Yolthinn and his people. Yolthinn is pacifist, though he looks like he could rip a mans head off. He is eager to share knowledge about the gods of his childhood, but isn't sure he should being in a new culture. He is hopeful that provision will be long lasting for him and his friends for many years to come.
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