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  1. Miranda


    During the Haelun'or Anarchy, a small family of high elves fled to the Jade State of Yong Ping. One of those elves became infatuated with an Eastern farfolk aristocrat. Although his family moved back to Haelun'or after the conflicted resolved, he chose to stay in Yong Ping and had a child with the human noblewoman. That child was named Yin Xi, courtesy name Zhiqi, in Li-Wen, and Andria'Waleher in Ancient Elven. Soon after her birth, her father regretted his decision and moved back to Haelun'or, leaving her mother to raise her alone. Zhiqi's mother, already a domineering woman, came to subconsciously see Zhiqi as innately flawed. She pushed Zhiqi to be the best, personally tutoring her in many subjects, and harshly berated her to the point of tears whenever she made a mistake. When Zhiqi behaved well, however, they had a close relationship. Zhiqi attended a prestigious school for most of her childhood, gathering a group of seven intimate friends. After their graduation, most of those friends became merchants or researchers. But Zhiqi felt a greater calling. She wanted to explore the world to learn from it and better serve her purpose. When her mother announced that she would be going into seclusion to meditate, Zhiqi made her decision. She set off on her journey by the end of the week. (Note: Because the wiki says Li-Guo is based on the Tang dynasty, I gave my character both a birth name and a courtesy name. I like birth names because they make interactions with whoever calls you your birth name more intimate, but if I was wrong in my assumption, I'm happy to change the profile so Yin Zhiqi is her only name. Additionally, I couldn't figure out an elegant way to mention when Zhiqi got her courtesy name, but it would be when she graduated. Firstly, I know courtesy names were usually only given to women when they married, but given the fantastical setting and the real life current year, I would appreciate it if that gender-based restriction could be bypassed. Secondly, I understand people usually got their courtesy names at twenty years of age, so if that's true in Yong Ping as well, I'll gladly change her name to Yin Xi and wait until she turns twenty.) (Second Note: I noticed some people's applications had been denied due to outdated lore references. The wiki says Yong Ping was destroyed due to unfortunate events, but gives no clarification as to what those unfortunate events were or when they occurred, so I wasn't sure how to edit my backstory accordingly. As such, I'm leaving it as it is and adding this note. Please let me know if there's anywhere I can find information about Yong Ping's destruction.)
  2. Miranda


    Backstory: Miranda was born from a High Elf mother and a Dark Elf father She has been an outcast, looked on with pity by some and contempt with others. Hobbies: Stargazing, reading. Wishes: To have a child. To become well liked by all elves. Dislikes: Rude people. People who insult her family. Personality: Friendly but shy. Slightly suspicious of newcomers, but mostly welcoming. Clever, and calm.
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