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    Rory grew up in a settlement near Santegia. The surroundings of Santegia along with his family seemed to be more than he could ever dream of, never would he have guessed that he were to become the very traveler he is this very day. There he began living his life with his two sisters and his caring parents. Rory easily got in trouble back then, of course it was no big things that others had to get involved with, small fights or teasing manners to annoy the few friends that he had, was all that went on. If anyone kicked him once, he’d kick back twice, Rory never cared much for revenge, since he almost always kept a safe distance to any “actual” trouble. Rory was seen as quite the troublemaker, he knew at heart that some decisions turned out to be wrong or disrespectful, however he couldn’t help but follow his heart, mind, and young spirit. After letting down his family several times, he promised that things would change soon, and so they did. He had begun what seemed to become a normal and boring life. However things changed drastically when strangers came into town. As a young man with many desires, the adventures awaiting past the horizon, simply was too much for young Rory to turn his back on. With a lifted spirit he left his hometown, with the promise to one day return as a better, stronger and wiser man. He traveled the first part of his journey with the strangers, however as their ways seemed to split, Rory was forced to continue this journey on his own, in the hopes to find companions or purpose, to teach him the lessons of life on this faithful path that he had chosen. He traveled down many paths, and as time passed by he both met people, fought people, laughed with people, yet still his main goal will be to find a better and more marvelous purpose, what is the use of being as Loyal as a dog, when you have no people to help? Like most people do, he wishes to make a difference.
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