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    Morrigan was born on the far outskirts of Linandria. She was part of a small, if tight-knit, family, and though it was somewhat isolated, her childhood was a good one. Morrigan found most of her friends in the mountain creatures. She had a particular love for the canids – foxes, wolves, and dogs alike. When she was 12 years of age there was a bandit raid and her family was killed. Instead of finding her way to civilization and seeking help, she disappeared into the wilds. She’d learned to live off the land from her family and though she was young, she was plenty capable. She vowed to avenge her family and when she was 19 she followed through on that oath. Morrigan hunted down and killed every last bandit, and she didn’t make it slow; she revelled in her revenge and the bloodlust that had given her the fierce determination to survive since she was a child. This vengeance took years to complete. When she was 24 she finally killed the last of the bandits and travelled to Caras Eldar, where she worked the odd job. Her feral nature and somewhat evil alignment lead to rash decisions that ultimately ended in her facing the law. She was released when she was 32 and wandered listlessly for a long time. She found herself apprehended by highwaymen and instead of surrendering she fought. This ultimately ended in her defeat and when she awoke, she was in the presence of an apothecary/druid who lived along the road by the name of Rowan. Rowan taught Morrigan how to find her way past her hatred and her inclination to fight. She taught her the way of peace, of protection, of compassion. Rowan, however, was half-human, and thus very mortal. She died of old age when Morrigan was 36 and she once more struck out on her own. Rowan’s lessons left a lasting mark – she decided to find the druids and seek out their teachings, to learn the ways of the woods and how to heal. She decided that she’d fight to become a better person and stay on the right side of the law the best she could. She travelled for a long time before returning home to the Fringe, and, presently, back to Caras Eldar. Here, she’s worked a few odd jobs to keep herself off the streets, but has finally started her journey to finding and joining the druids.
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