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  1. I’m sorry to announce that this guild has been disbanded until further notice.
  2. The Wyrms The Wyrms are a family. We look after one another and don't betray one another. We are a gang of mercenaries. We do jobs for other people for a cost. We are first and foremost a family for the outcasts. We take in only the strongest and loyalest members. We do do some risque jobs or jobs that are just plain bad things, but you have to get your hands dirty sometimes in order to get somewhere in life. The Rules of The Wyrms 1.A wyrm shows no cowardice. 2.A wyrm never backs out of a job they have accepted. 3.A Wyrm never stands alone. 4.If a wyrm is killed or imprisoned, their family will be taken care of. 5.No Wyrm is left for dead. 6.Wyrms do not turn on one another. 7.All wyrms must wear their appropriate uniform. You can get rid of the helmet if you so choose, but everything else must stay the same. 8.All wyrms must have this tattoo done to show their loyalty. The Wyrm Hierarchy In The Wyrms their is a hierarchy that is relatively simple. We don’t have a million different ranks. You are either a Wyvern, a Drake Whisperer, or the Dragon King. A Wyvern is a basic person in the family. Their job is to do jobs for people for a cost. A Drake Whisperer is the more provocative branch of The Wyrm. Their job is to fulfill the desires of the Wyverns and the Dragon King. The Dragon King is the leader of the family, and rarely does jobs. He keeps the notice board full of jobs and orchestrates anything that the family does together. Here is an example of a Wyvern’s skin Here is an example of a Drake Whisperer’s skin The Dragon King can have any skin they want. How to join The Wyrms (OOC) Message me on discord saying that you want to join The Wyrms and with a filled out biography (which is provided below) of your character. Only I can add new players into The Wyrms. Do not pm me on the forums or respond to this post cause I won’t see it. I will determine if you are fit to join The Wyrms and if you are then we will move to roleplay and you will send me a bird which tells me that you want to join. We will meet up in roleplay and you will begin going through the gauntlet of challenges. The Biography you need to fill out: Name Age Race Notable Skills Past Mercenary Work Past Combat Training What Branch You Want To Apply For My discord is: dimund213#9037 (In Roleplay) In order to join The Wyrms as a Wyvern you must go through a very extensive and stressful gauntlet of challenges in order to show your vigor, loyalty, and courage To join as a Drake Whisperer you must preform The Dragon Dance for the Dragon King and he will determine if you’ve got what it takes to be a Drake Whisperer. All wyrms must swear an oath of loyalty to The Wyrms in order to join. If broken, you will be exiled from The Wyrms and put on a watch list. How to become the Dragon King The Dragon King is a title that is passed down from Dragon King to Wyvern. Dragon Whisperer’s cannot become the Dragon King. The Dragon King must choose a new Dragon King before his death or before his retirement. If the Dragon King does not get the chance to elect a new Dragon King, then the group will vote for who should be their new Dragon King.
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    Avriel isn’t the settle down and live out her life type. She is an adventurous soul. She enjoys the thrill of adventure and travel. She was born in the city of Ruriksgrad as the youngest child to Sebastian and Gretchen Forlan. Her father and mother were old, not wanting to have kids until they were in their forties. They have long since past away, leaving the older sibling to care for the two younger ones until they were old enough to go out and live their own lives. There was Avriel’s two older sisters Jessibell and Willow. Willow was the oldest, and Jessibell was the middle child. Willow took care of Jessibell and Avriel until they were ready to head out on their own. Willow stayed in Ruriksgrad, Jessibell left to an unknown location and hasn’t been heard from since, and Avriel became a wondering minstrel. As a young girl Avriel loved to sing, and so she decided to make it her life goal to become the best wandering minstrel she could be. In her travels she met a young adventurer named Timothy. He loved adventure even more than she did, and was always running off on quests to earn money. She began traveling with him, slowly falling for his charming demeanor. However, one day he bit off more than he could chew and went to try and slay a pygmy dragon that was terrorizing a small camp. Avriel begged him not to go, insisting that they always hunt in packs, but he wouldn’t listen. He left and never returned, slain by the hoard of pygmy dragons. He never even knew that Avriel loved him. Since then, she has not loved again and has gone into a deep depression. She shows her true sadness to no one, but it eats her up inside every single day.
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