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    Vincent’s Biography Born at a village in the Dominion of Malin, Vicent was marked by the seed of The Torena, rooted from his early youth into the Aspectism and the philosophies of chivalrous acts and loyalty to others, specially to his family. He learned to worship both Cerridwen and Cernunnos, though he grew quite fond of "The Mother" and curious of her power of blooming all nature to grow and remain alive. His father taught him to hunt using his archery skills. The hunts were a precious ritual to him, as he felt part of the balance, and further more helped him to develop a sense of observation that would help him out through his entire life. A successful hunt was also his way of showing gratitude to his father for his teachings. In the village, he studied curiously through many books. Vicent was always very curious and a quick learner, allowing him to quickly master a few techniques in wood sculpting with his neighbours and a wide range of archery skills. Regardless of his bonds, at the age of 20, Vicent decided to follow a path of question and research. Uncertain of his purpose and sourced by stories and legends of his religion, he moves out of his village heading far to the south. Describing his reasoning as religious and knowledge-driven, he leaves his family granting them he would return, following his path with trust in the Aspects. He seeked to dedicate his life to his religion. Before he left, he was gifted a bronze flower by his mother, one he carries until this day. During his devoted times, he became a darker persona, though a more calm and observant figure, hardly allured by fights, though fed with trust and confidence. Though he let his religious wishes stain his marks of family, he never forgot such an important piece in his life. As such, he returns now, five years later, from his devoted life, more mature and certain that his mind was born again in the spirit of the Aspects, to reunite with his family.
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