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  1. Fallenknight


    Born in Kal'Tarak, Atlas realm. Nedgart live with his family from Frostbeard clan. His father is armored strong honored warrior and teached how to use axe and sword, hammer. He is learning about how to use weopons greatly but can’t use mace.He want get most honored warrior like his father.
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    Tailox born Okarn'thilln town, Atlas realm. He learned how to weopons from his father, He learned history, reading, and others from his family. Tailox wants continuing learning culture, history, knowledge,magic spell, safeguard of culture from The Eternal College. He always ready for anything that’s why he always look’s like armored. His purpose is protect high elves. Tailox can only trust his family and his friends.
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    I chaged my application
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    hi I need to change?
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    Born Taliyna'maehr of Axios realm in the year 1648 a boy named Talion. Talion’s dad died by fleeing from Vailor with his family. He learned from his mother how to use his ability to protect himself and other. everyday learning new things make him more smart and fast. He like to learn new things, but don’t like to talk for waste time. About Taliyna'maehr’s Culture-The Culture of Taliyna'maehr revolves around maehr'sae hiylun'ehya and the concept of purity. Maehr'sae hiylun'ehya translates to 'Progress and Health' in Elven, and is a cornerstone of the mali'aheral culture. Progress refers to the progression and yearning for knowledge. Talion’s purpose is use his ability and knowledge to protect Taliyna’maehr and others.
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