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  1. iyanna


    names iyanna jackson i have been walking around in the woods for a very long time trying to find a place to stay and have not found anywhere so i just camp every night and keep walking around to find a place to go i have had no family so i lived in a cave for a long time and i hope i find a place to stay. and start a better life and make my self happy to not lie in a cave or camp every night i just want to live like a woman in a house not out side i hope i find a place to stay.
  2. iyanna


    im done with it was that this last one i needed to do
  3. iyanna


    our bio must contain at least 1 piece of server lore. Please add some lore to your biography. explan what that mean plz
  4. iyanna


    i fixed it
  5. iyanna


    i ficked it
  6. iyanna


    hey my name is iyanna i used to have family but they died in a fire and my grandmother took care of me when i was little when i was 12 years old my grandmother got really old i had to take care of her my whole life i feed her and gave her a bath i did work for her then one day i group of people took me away from her and left me in a jail cell they told me my grandmother pass away i have been in jail for a while they left me out and i made my self at home even tho they took me away i had a chance to run and i thought to my self y run when there going to come after me anyway so i stayed there and when i turn 18 i started working and helping people and i love to help old people out when i feel asleep i felt this wired feeling in my hurt that burn me and woken up and i saw a black ghost like human standing over me i could not move what i woken up not knowing what happened.
  7. iyanna

    hey guys

    hey im iyanna and i like to roleplay alot with friends and i think i want to try this out and see if i like it im going to roleplay as a human so i hope i get in>
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