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    I changed them within the time limit, and joined both servers ?
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    From the young age of 10, Aonair remembers in her earliest memories being very isolated, even within the city of her people, Acael. Her mother and father were naturally quiet, never having an opinion what so ever, and were very humble with working their modest jobs of seamstress and herbalist respectively. As a result, the small family was seen as shy, and even though outsiders were friendly, not much attention was given to them. Aonair learned to never question any actions anyone took, weither she felt the need to pitch in an idea or state her opinion on any matter. This changed as she neared 15, having heard within her school that many young elves were planning to help guard the Citadel by joining the Mali’Fenn. When asked by her peers what she wanted to do, she never answered, thinking of herself following her parents footsteps. However, seeing how enthused the others were, she decided to imagine life as a warrior, or assassin. Having dived into her academics instead of her social life, she decided to research on the military’s history, and what happens inside the forces instead of talking to her teachers or classmates; she spent hours reading how Lomal experimented on Aelthos to achieve maehr’sae hiylun’ehya (complete purity), the exclusion from their kinfolk. How the struggling new race survived after breaking through the walls of the Silver City and fleeing to the far North. Wyrvun’s status as saviour of the race, Aelthos II. By the time she turned 15, she had read up on the history she hadn’t learned before in school, and knew the laws of her people and the hierarchy of power inside and out. She joined the military with flying colours intellectually, but her physical strength was severely lacking due to her family never being involved in the military. It took another decade of training with many different weapons before she discovered her love of axes, no matter what shape or form. By the time she was 30, she took on a more open lifestyle, hanging around the other guards and members of the Mali’Fenn, and became a specialist in dual-wielded axes and one handed tomahawks after bulking up a bit more than the normal female warrior. She is still socially awkward, prefers reading/researching to experiencing or asking, and lives away from her parents in her own apartment. By 42, she has become skilled enough to even use large axes at the speed of a one handed sword, is completely independant and only visiting her parents sometimes to do their chores and cook for them, is respected due to her position as a polite, humbled guard of the city, and very righteous about the political and religious ideals she protects.
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