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    Alloralla Daeondra, a rich high elf woman, one of the most extraordinary in her family, her father tremendously wealthy as to her mother as well. She was raised in the city Haelun’or, in fact, she is pretentiously well known in her district. She has a large family indeed with 8 brothers as she is the second eldest and the most favoured due to her intelligence and her wellbeing. Even though she has lots of luck on her side, she has a great amount of pressure from her family to be the very best, because of this she can as well be a little sullen. A nice girl but a bit bratty at times, she hates talking to low-class well beings, so therefore she has a challenging time making new friends. Unfortunately, as a young child her brothers would taunt and her and laugh at her, because of this, Alloralla would have very low self-esteem, she would often feel alone most of the time, her family does not believe or practice in any religion, for they believe in the invisible deity. Being the favourite child Alloralla would often receive a lot of things, therefore making her spoiled by her parents. Most of the time, Alloralla would be paranoid about being kidnapped because of her status, so she would often have someone by her side. The one thing Alloralla take favour in the most would be playing the harp in her garden, her sweet melodies will often impress her father and mother, as well as guests that come over to visit the house. Nowadays, she is a very busy girl, helping her father with his work as well as her mother too, she continues her life to be a well known rich high elf that works about in her days in the city of Sutica!
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