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  1. LilUber


    Sure thing, it’s now “Lil_Uber”. Sorry about that, haha. I actually told my friends I’d be surprised a server with this theme didn’t get the reference. Can’t wait to get started! Take your time the server seems big.
  2. LilUber


    I’ve made the requested changes! My character suffers from severe cataracts and has trouble seeing at times.
  3. LilUber


    Being a lone wanderer in the harsh lifestyle he lived within, the goblin once had abnormal tusks which broke during a banditery raid he had went through with at a younger age. Having parents who were disgusting and became infertile — incapable of bearing more children — they were slain right in front of him as the goblin cowarded under planks of wood. The village of goblins filled with huts were raided at his childhood, the poor lifestyle of a goblin bringing no luxury to his life. Continuing growth within the wilderness as he ventured out and continued his illegal and scummy work. The upringing formed a harsh image on the other descendant races, taking numerous challenges and forming a mindset compiled of primal instincts for survival. Detouring around the social normities of the goblin race was easier to catch on; compromised with harsh fealty, thievery and murderous galore. His commitments and loyalty served the one treasure — the gold he got at the end of the day. Little challenges were nothing for the small goblin, using his more greater mindset to calculate arithmetically. A rare occurance of emotions make stride for greater things. He protected his resources well for himself during his times alongside the road, capable of fortifying and lurking whilst waiting for the time to strike. His views of the Empire of Man broke his moral due to their powerful rallies along the rode between the roads of Haense, Curon and Renatus. So, he moved to a spot closer to the Druidic Order, straying close to the vile Orcish Land. One weakness of the goblin is he has cataracts that slightly blind him.
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