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    Imry Unruvus was born and raised in the dark elven district of Velunor. As Imry’s parents were victims of a tragic drowning accident, his uncle “Fevror” had to step in to take care of the still very young Imry. Fevror was a blacksmith, so throughout the years of Imry growing up, he learnt the skills of the blacksmith. After years of working together in the shop, one day Fevror weren’t coming back to the shop after going out for their new supplier. Imry, finding this unsettling, decided to go out and start looking for him. Knowing where the new mysterious supplier was holding, Imry decided to check them out first. Getting closer to the destination, Imry suddenly felt a sudden impact of the back of his head and his vision went black. Waking up again, he found himself in an unfamiliar area and barely remembering his name. A big fragment of memories lost, Imry now have to face a new world looking for his old memories..
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