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  1. I have Fix my mistakes. and Hope did them better this time.
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    Nolan Shane, Hails from Atlas in (1643-Present), The city he lived in was call Carolustadit, Capital City of The Empire of Man where he was raised. He was born as Heartlander one of human race where he an too survive, Hunt, and become Strong, At young age it wasn’t easy for Nolan to get along with other kids like himself, he’d try to be nice and go long with whoever he called a friend, Years past by and Nolan was 15 years old now, He left Aerial city to go hunt and survive because he knew if he stay in one city he wouldn't learn more about himself or how other’s feel about him, But Most of all he want to become stronger. Couple of years past and Nolan was 22 years old now, He is still learning more about the World, He has been to other races like Dwarves, Elves and even couple of Orcs on his journey, But He still doesn't know what his purpose is in life but he does know one thing and that is to survive.
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