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    Henry’s past is shrouded in mystery, coming from a far-off village in the corner of the known realm. Living his childhood on a farm, he’s no stranger to hard work and tough times, but the monotonous lifestyle ended up chasing him away to greener pastures and taller cities. Once he found himself capable enough to wield a blade, he left his farming life behind and roamed the land doing odd jobs to sustain his travel and learn about the world. Henry is very superstitious, primarily due to a lack of study and understanding of natural phenomena of the world. As such, he’s cultivated some peculiar habits like lining his sleeping quarter’s door with salt or consulting his cards in the futile attempt to predict his future. Ending up in Ves, he spent some time mingling with the locals before the the catastrophe hit and the Duchy's capital burnt to the ground. Helping out those less fortunate than him to escape the inferno, he followed the fleeing masses and managed to escape the chaos.
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