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Lore & Magic

Lore and Magic Rules

These rules are the main rules set into place for utilizing accepted lore on the server. “Loopholing” or other attempts to skirt by the rules or abuse due to a rule missing will not be excusable. If you believe you have discovered a loophole, you can report it to the ST and we will patch it. Those found abusing it will be punished.

  1. Just because you have access to a lore piece OOCly does not mean your character has that information in-game. Do not RP having lore knowledge on something you have not been taught about in roleplay.

  2. One must adhere to the existing lore, any attempts to powergame or lorebreak is against the rules.

  3. Any lore roleplayed must have approved lore or a guide to back it up. If it is not written down in the lore or a guide, it is not valid.

  4. You may approach Story Team management or the Story Team admin if you have qualms with a Story Team member’s ruling. Alternatively, you can fill out an anonymous staff report found here: Click me.

  5. If you wish to submit lore, you must adhere to the following: Click me.

  6. If one wishes to post a guide to a lore piece, they must first have it verified by the ST.

Lore and Magic Usage

  1.  A player must wait one week after joining the server to apply for a lore application.
    1. Characters under sixteen may not learn any feat/magic or become a creature, unless explicitly specified in the relevant lore.
  2. A Magic Application (MA) or Feat Application (FA), or in some cases a Creature Application (CA) is required to use magic, perform a feat, create/utilize advanced alchemy on a character, or play a creature.

    1. Unless stated otherwise, a MA, FA, or CA requires a teacher or creator to vouch on the application.

  3. Lore Applications are unique to one's character and do not apply to the entire account or other characters of the player.

    1. Lore Applications may not be used across Minecraft accounts even if they are on the same character. If you wish to transfer a Lore Application to another account (to be used exclusively on that account), contact the Story Team.

    2. When a character is peram-killed, the player must notify the Story Team so the old application can be removed.

  4. Each character has 5 Magic Slots. MAs and CAs generally take up one slot, though this may vary. Details can be found in the "Magic Explanation" section of each lore piece. FAs do not take up magic slots. 

    1. Some magics and creatures are incompatible with one another and may not be used or held upon the same character. This is outlined within the lore for at least one of the magics, and must be followed regardless of slot availability.

  5. Crafting lore items must adhere to existing lore. Magical Artifacts must be created for any magical item that slightly bends currently accepted lore. It must have been created using lore-abiding techniques/magics, though the end result may be different.

    1. To use an item from a lore piece (ex. alchemy potions, player-signed items, story-signed items, etc), you must have a mechanical representation of the item in your inventory. If the item is consumable, it must be mechanically destroyed/consumed immediately upon use in roleplay. 

  6. By making a lore application (magic/creature/etc.), you are declaring that you are willing to adhere to the lore of what is being applied for, including any PK clauses or other types of clauses dictated in the lore. This overrides the main server rules in regards to the 7 day policy.

  7. If a player is dissatisfied with some aspect of a transformative creature or magic, they may revert their character back to the state they were before being made into the creature/picking up the magic.

    1. The player has a two week period to decide if they want to do this or not, starting from when their application is accepted.

    2. The player will lose any and all information gathered regarding the creature/magic during the two weeks, including its users, should they revert.

    3. Should the player have recorded information prior to reverting or give out information regarding the creature/magic that was previously unknown (e.g. ousting another player’s character as a creature/magic user), they lose the right to revert.

    4. Under certain circumstances, a character may have their CA/MA revoked and all effects of it reverted at discretion of Story Management. This may be used by request when a lore piece is soon to be shelved, inactive, or due to other OOC circumstances. Further, the character may suffer memory loss, though this will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

    5. When a CA/MA is shelved, characters retain all knowledge and information, but lose the abilities and effects of the CA/MA. Minor aesthetic or mental side-effects may be retained, though one should consult with Story Management. Such effects may not be passed on.

  8. Details concerning the tech-lock can be found here (https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/1367-techlock/). This covers what metals may be used for smithing or invention, what poisons, medicines, and treatments are permitted armaments, specific ranged weaponry, the status of steam power, redstone, transportation methods, and creating advanced devices or contraptions, including with magic (magi-tech)

Teaching/Spreading CAs

  1.  Unless otherwise specified in the lorepiece, one may not teach any magic without an accepted Teacher Application for said magic. This Teacher Application is specific to the character, and does not apply to the entire account of the player. Likewise, many CAs may not be openly created, but require an in-character creator, who in certain cases will also need a TA
  1. If you want to spread lore that is locked behind an application, you must adhere to the following:
    1. You must wait until Tier 5 (unless otherwise stated in lore) before posting a Teacher Application for a magic or creature.

    2. You must wait at least 3 months (unless otherwise stated in lore) before posting a Teacher Application for a feat.

    3. Your character must be capable of spreading the CA if you wish to do so, whether it be advancing to a specific type of creature with the capability of doing so or being taught a ritual to spread it.

    4. One may learn magic, for select magics (see: Self Teaching), which fall under the umbrella of "OOC Oversight". With this, a student and teacher must still roleplay connection to the magic, and the student is required to self-roleplay lessons to see progression in the magic. OOC Oversight requires permission from the teacher to perform, and aswell, must be marked on the student's Magic Application.

  2. A character may only hold 4 TAs at a time. Feat TAs do not count towards this limit.

  3. For each TA that a character holds, they may teach three students the magic simultaneously. They must keep the student until they reach Tier 4 in the magic, and any required rituals are complete. The teacher should be actively involved in teaching roleplay. If a student is dropped, they must find another teacher to continue learning the magic until they reach Tier 4. Any remaining spells or rituals once a student reaches Tier 4 can be taught to them by anyone Tier 4-5 in the magic with the knowledge.

    1. There must be valid roleplay to drop a student. This roleplay must be verified by a member of the Story Lore sect, and the student must be informed. In rare cases, OOC reasons will be considered, but must be approved by Story Management prior to dropping the student.

    2. Although a student is tied to a specific TA, students may have lessons from anyone possessing a TA in said magic.

  4. A character may have ‘teach only’ magics, for which they no longer practice the magic, but may still teach it. These count towards the 4 teaching slots.

    1. For magics in which one can hold an accepted Teaching Application, but is not required to have a Magic Application (see: Self Teaching), the player who holds the Teaching Application may put themselves on their own app as a student by contacting the ST. Then, they may progress through their magic at an accelerated pace, each tier taking half as long as typical (rounding down if instances apply.) Self-roleplayed lessons are unrequired to progress.
      (Example of rounding: from 7 days Tier 1 -> Tier 2, rather than "3.5", the player would instead simply do 3 days.). 

Breaking Lore

  1. The Lorebreaking Protocol can be found here: click me. The following are the primary examples of what will lead to punishments under the Lore System:

    1.  Any normal rulebreaking (powergaming, metagaming, trolling, harassment, etc.) utilizing lore elements may lead to an infraction. Substantial evidence or Repeated instances may lead to having a lore application revoked. In extreme circumstances this may lead to a temporary or indefinite blacklist.

    2. Powergaming, metagaming, or roleplaying unapproved lore will result in infraction.

    3. Roleplaying magic/creatures/feats incorrectly due to ignorance or simply not understanding the lore is not a valid defense for an infraction.

    4. The above is not a comprehensive list. Other behaviour which may constitute a lorebreaking infraction will be reviewed by Story Management.

  2. Lore punishments are account-bound, and affect all the player’s characters, including characters on alternate Minecraft accounts. 

  3. Any member of the Story Team may be approached if there is any concern of lorebreaking. Screenshots and other forms of proof are appreciated, but due to log searching capabilities, it is not required. Instead, we need a timeframe for when to search the logs of the person(s) potentially breaking lore.

  4. OOC Lore Trading is not permitted. This may include teaching for OOC benefits, teaching with no prior roleplay, OOCly sharing locations of lore or event sites, or other in-character actions related to lore that do not stem from authentic roleplay. This is not a comprehensive list, and any infractions will be reviewed by Story Management.

  5. Lore infractions, blacklists, etc, may be accompanied by punishments from the Moderation team as well, they are not mutually exclusive.

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