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 Lore Submission Info Hub

If you wish to submit lore, please read the following. It will cover what you need to follow and how the lore voting process works. 


Lore Submission Guides

You can find information on each type of lore submission, along with its required formatting, in the links below. Please note if you do not follow the guidelines and/or formatting, your lore will be held from review.


Informational Threads

The following threads are threads that apply to multiple types of pieces. Please read them as necessary as they provide incredibly insightful feedback into how ST looks at lore, why that is, and what you should consider in regards to your own writing. 

General Criteria
Ability Types - Utilized for defining which types of abilities you may be using and what to consider.
Ability Components - Formatting for abilities and defining what parts you should consider and include for abilities.
Combat/Summoned Pets & Mounts - What to look for when defining pet-related CRP.
Guides - What the purpose of guides are, and how they simplify your lore.
CA Race Groupings - How to categorize and detail your CA in accordance with others.
Special Lore Locations/Artifacts - What to consider with lore-specific artifacts or constructed areas in mind.
Default Magic Progression - Standardized magic progression.

Explanation Topics
Connection & Disconnection - How should these topics play a part in your lore, how does the ST view them?
Lore Structures & Environment Warping - What should you include and consider when writing structures or lore areas in your lore?
The Glass Cannon Mentality - How is power given drawbacks?
Boons & Banes - How is Cost V.S. Benefit of your lore at large? 
The Lore Web - How does all lore interact or play with one another?
Lore Variants - What is the difference between a different style of roleplay and an alternative magic?
Techlock & Magi-Tech - What are the bounds of Techlock & Magitech and why do they exist? What do the ST look for in new submissions?
Healing - Why is healing so rare, and how can I make it work?
Bad Lore - What makes bad lore?
Power Sources - What fuels my magic? What forms the foundational basis of it, and what should I consider?


General Information
Story Team Resources - Here's some information on lore processes (Loremags, Amendments, Additions) aswell as Story Discord.
Story Team Oversight - A general transparency thread on how Story Team upkeeps, reviews, and enforces lore.


Magic Submissions

If you want to submit a new magic to LotC, you need to read the following:


Creature "CA" Submissions

The following submission types are made for racial/creature submissions:



Alchemy and Further Alchemy Submissions

If you want to submit a new alchemy/further alchemy piece to LotC, you need to read the following:

World Lore Submissions

The following submission types are made for world lore oriented submissions:


The Lore Process

In the spoiler you can find the process for submitting lore and how lore is handled/reviewed.



Submitting Lore - 1

Once you’ve read the submission guide(s) and other necessary resources left above and write up your lore, you will be able to submit it. Please only submit pieces which are completed unless you are looking for additional feedback. If you are still working on the post, mark is as "WIP" or it will be reviewed.


Waiting - 2

After you submit your lore, it will be open for people to comment on for a period of time. As this happens, your lore will also be slotted into a queue for the next available lore review. Each lore review contains 4-6 pieces and takes roughly 9 days to complete.


Lore Review - 3

Once your piece is selected for the next lore review, it will be marked on the Accepted-Stuff sheet accordingly. 


After the lore is voted on, you will receive a verdict. This verdict will either be Accepted, Implemented, Pending, or Denied.

Accepted - The piece has been accepted with no issues. 

Implemented - In the case your lore is an amendment or an addition, we will submit this to let you know it has been applied to the main lore.

Pending - You will receive a changelist in DMs on Discord or The Forums regarding what needs to be fixed. While negotiable, anything you wish to discuss must be brought up with the manager delivering the verdict.

Denied - Your lore was denied, and you will be sent reasons as to why.


Acceptance - 4

Once your lore is accepted, it will be looked over to see if a guide is required. If you are submitting a magic, creature, or something else that is playable, you will likely need to write a guide (also covered in the aforementioned lore sub guides). Whether or not you need a guide will be told to you by the person who accepts your lore. 


Activity Trial - 5

If you submit the guide and it is approved, your lore will then be placed on an activity trial. This lasts 3-6 months and is entirely a background observation by ST Management to see how well spread the lore is, and how it performs in practice. There is no notification of the deadline end. 


Maintenance - 6

Once your activity trial has ended, your lore enters a period of continued maintenance where it is checked up on periodically by ST to make sure the lore is still functioning properly and active. This period lasts indefinitely. 


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