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Found 4 results

  1. (An advertisement posted towards the bottom of the notice board at your favorite watering hole) Are you exhausted by your ordinary, slow-moving, everyday life? Looking for a new hobby and an exciting way to spend your time and money? Do you have a need for speed? Welcome to the Babblebrook Railmeister's Club! We're a motley crew of minecart enthusiasts, drawn together by our love of the rails and the rush of high-speed minecart racing. What started as an efficient way for Halflings to move grain to the coast, was quickly co-opted by thrill-seeking Musin youth who took to riding the empty grain carts just "to see how fast they could go". This dangerous pastime was later formalized into the Babblebrook Railmeister’s Club. But we're more than just a club; we're a family, bonded by our shared love of minecarts and the freedom of the rails. As a member of the Babblebrook Railmeister's Club, enjoy these exciting amenities: Customize and decorate your own minecart to reflect your unique personality and style. Add souped up wheels and imported goose-grease. Experiment in our minecart garage and clubhouse. Participate in high-speed races and challenges on the area’s meticulously crafted minecart tracks. Explore the stunning landscapes and hidden gems around Babblebrook and Dunwen from the comfort of your individual minecart. Travel on group outings for a chance to ride some of the best minecart tracks (industrial and otherwise) in Aevos. The Babblebrook Railmeister's Club is seeking brave and adventurous souls from all races to join our minecart enthusiast club. Whether you're a seasoned rail veteran or a newcomer looking for your first big thrill, there's a place for you among the Railmeisters! All aboard for the ride of a lifetime!
  2. I come to you today with a most delicious proposition – an opportunity to partake in a grand culinary adventure unlike any other. The Musin of Babblebrook are embarking on a quest to bake the most colossal berry pie the world has ever seen! Imagine, a pie so vast it could feed an entire kingdom! Picture it brimming with the juiciest, most succulent berries known to man and mouse alike. Each morsel a symphony of flavor, each bite a culinary journey. It will be a pie fit for kings and commoners alike! But we Musin cannot accomplish this feat alone. We will require an abundance of berries – so many berries – to bring our dream pie to fruition. Will you heed the call? Will you join us in making history? Bring forth your finest berries and deliver them to Babblebrook Village near Dunwen. Let us band together and create a pie for the ages – a pie that will be whispered about in taverns and town squares for generations to come! When you next visit Babblebrook Village, view the future site of the great pie (currently only a vast empty pie pan).
  3. -=♦=- The sun rose slowly, as if it wasn't sure it was worth all the effort. Another day had dawned within the Shire, and for Patches, the King of the Musin and founder of Babblebrook, this was a good thing. Today of all days seemed go move very slowly for the young king. the soft rays of dawn flowed over the mossy roofed houses, as some would say, like golden syrup, and sparkled upon the waters of the sea like a myriad of gems. With a cup of honeyed tea in one small hand, and a book in the other, Patches stepped outside to witness his latest achievement. He had built the beginnings of something wonderful for his fellow Musin. He had turned Babblebrook from a sleepy little village into a Castle Town! King Patches cleared his throat as he approached the fountain, whereupon a statue dedicated to Musin the Brave stood inspiring all of his heroism. It was there, when he spoke. "Friends, Family, Countrymice, prick up your ears! Today is a special day, as Babblebrook is officially a Castle Town. This means more houses and new opportunities for Musin kind! Please check out the new land we have acquired and let me know of anything you wish to see built." Pleased with his little speech, The King of the Musin strolled towards the new area of Babblebrook, sipping his Morning tea.
  4. (Anyone traveling near Babblebrook Village would smell a salty, savory smell rising from vents in the deep underground. Following one's nose would eventually lead to a colorful flyer pasted near the entrance of the underground.) "Welcome to Mush-Burger Palace! We are a new Musin-owned business in Babblebrook Village. We make food for the masses to fill the hungry bellies of our growing Musin community deep inside Babblebrook Village." "We serve our famous “Mush-Burger”, a 100% fungus-based meat alternative patty served with all the fixings. We have our favorite mush-soup hot and ready 24 hours a day. All of our products are mush-based and contain no cruelty-causing meats, cheeses or sauces." "We stand proudly by our “Wee Eat Free” policy. Simply stand next to our measuring tape to prove your wee-ness and enjoy your next meal for free!" "We are now hiring for our Winter Internship Program. You will learn all the ins and outs of the fast-paced fast-food business. By the end of the Program, you will be ready to go out and start your own Mush-Burger franchise." Thanks for reading! Li'l Knave - Mushburger Shift Coordinator
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