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  1. Yeah but once you’ve made your first ever human or elf etc you can just make them again without the need of an application using the in game commands. With CA’s you have to make a new app every single character you make, regardless if you’ve made 1 or 5 of them before.
  2. I mean speaking from experience, not all furries can be like that tbh, but some of them can be so I understand what you mean. It does seem to mainly be the Kha that have this issue though. But sometimes Furries just prefer to play beastmen because it's not just the cliche. Human, elf, Dwarf, Orc, races seen in like... nearly every single fantasy RPG setting.
  3. I think either the way CA's for races like Musin, Kha and Hou-zi need a remake or something because a lot of it makes no sense or puts people off. I'll admit the Musin CA's are nice because I can see that there's another Musin player being played
  4. That just sounds like an issue with the people deciding to meme rp. Not the race itself. Pretty sure Meme RP isn't allowed in any race, yet why limit certain races to a CA to limit meme RP when anyone can just do it.
  5. +1 Being the owner of the Musin town and having people come to me needing help with Musin CA's almost daily makes me wonder why we even need it. half of it is just N/A and it just makes bringing new people in confusing to some.
  6. King Patches of Babblebrook rubbed his eyes and sighed as he read the message. "I did state I didn't want any violence in the shire and to cease the petty squabbling... Both sides didn't stop and it escalated... I'm glad injuries were tended too but as my mother used to say... don't throw stones in glass houses." The King of the Musin took a sip of his honeyed tea and crossed his leg upon his throne. "If the hostility on both sides stopped when I requested it to, then I'm sure no injuries would have been sustained. I'm not angry at those present... just disappointed that the peaceful land of the Shire is so beset by danger and violence."
  7. Within the castle town of Babblebrook, Patches: King of the Musin, sat upon his moss cushioned throne reading the missive, his hand upon his fuzzy chin. "Lightners and Darkners aye? This world has always been tainted by darkness... it's no surprise that once again another land has a plethora of monsters and evil dwelling amongst us... Just like Almaris I suppose." Giving a sigh he placed the missive upon the arm rest of his throne, turning his tired gaze out of the colourful stained glass window. "At least what I have built brings me hope for my kind in these uncertain times..."
  8. Been playing a lot of Final Fantsy XV and now I Got an urge gather a group of Musin all themed after a specific rpg class and run around adventuring together. 🐭👑

  9. Patches the King of the Musin looked at the invitation whilst sat upon his moss cushioned throne. He read through it for a moment and hummed to himself. "Quite a long way to travel up a mountain... would be quite the adventure! I'll be sure to see I can attend..." The mouse monarch looked out of the colourful stain glass window of his throne room, his thoughts turning to other matters.
  10. -=♦=- The sun rose slowly, as if it wasn't sure it was worth all the effort. Another day had dawned within the Shire, and for Patches, the King of the Musin and founder of Babblebrook, this was a good thing. Today of all days seemed go move very slowly for the young king. the soft rays of dawn flowed over the mossy roofed houses, as some would say, like golden syrup, and sparkled upon the waters of the sea like a myriad of gems. With a cup of honeyed tea in one small hand, and a book in the other, Patches stepped outside to witness his latest achievement. He had built the beginnings of something wonderful for his fellow Musin. He had turned Babblebrook from a sleepy little village into a Castle Town! King Patches cleared his throat as he approached the fountain, whereupon a statue dedicated to Musin the Brave stood inspiring all of his heroism. It was there, when he spoke. "Friends, Family, Countrymice, prick up your ears! Today is a special day, as Babblebrook is officially a Castle Town. This means more houses and new opportunities for Musin kind! Please check out the new land we have acquired and let me know of anything you wish to see built." Pleased with his little speech, The King of the Musin strolled towards the new area of Babblebrook, sipping his Morning tea.
  11. Time for another day of Musin fun! 🐁👑

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      Now this is peak

  12. Ur castle town wall looks good !!

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      Zanael Moonstrider

      Aw thank you!


  13. Built my first Castle Town wall. Feels good! 🐁👑

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      All according to the great plan

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      Zanael Moonstrider

      The Greaaaat Plan


  14. King Patches of Babblebrook put down his morning cup of tea and smiled as one of his squires handed him the invitation. His little eyes sparkled with joy as he read on with excitement. "I do enjoy a party! I best tell all the others!" Hopping off his chair, he rushed out towards the town square, invitation in hand.
  15. The Musin King: Patches, let out a sigh of relief as he was relayed the news by one of his people during his morning breakfast. Raising his little arms above his head, he joyously shouted. "Finally peace! I can go and explore and visit new cities once more! What a grand day." Smiling he lowered his arms and continued with his breakfast of apples, blueberries and oats.
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