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  1. DrFong

    [AMA] Doing one of these again

    Do you have any tips for new players looking to get move involved and build a name for themselves? Thanks!
  2. DrFong

    Something to Think About

    Deep thoughts.
  3. DrFong

    I've Been Playing Here for 3 Days AMA

    It’s nice to see you too! Hope you are having fun! In adventure stories I love to see a character rise from nothing and become something great. The rougher the start the better. I like to see people building amazing things from nothing. Three wishes. Let’s see if I can fix the Universe. An end to suffering An end to boredom (infinite novelty) Freedom for the genie (good karma) I’m not sure about amusements. Perhaps that has run it’s course. I’m not sure about what my future holds. dwarf fellas are alright I guess, but I like the ladies better. winky face.
  4. DrFong

    7.0 Annoucement!

    Annoucement? I think you are missing an N in there somewhere.
  5. DrFong

    The Old Moss Garden Cemetery

    “So, you place your final burden on your hard pressed next of kin. Send the chamber pot back down the line to be filled up again.” The Old Moss Garden Cemetery Have you given any thought to choosing your eternal resting place? Who will look after your worldly body when your glorious spirit has moved on? Are other cemeteries too expensive and too packed with dead heroes? The Old Moss Garden Cemetery might be the place for you. Paperwork and final expenses can be a hassle. Why leave more work for your grieving loved ones? You will be surprised at how affordable and painless final-life-planning can be, when you have the proper support. The ones you leave behind will thank you. The kindly Monks of Moss Garden wish to relieve you of your final burden. Allow our full-time caretaker monks to ease the minds of your loved ones with their eternal care. It is a very simple process. A friendly monk will begin by measuring your worldly vessel. This is done to make sure that we get a perfect fit for your eternal resting place. The salesmonk will then show you a selection of burial plots, cremation options and funeral decoration packages. Options like full buffet or celebrity guests can also be added at this time. The services provided by the diligent Monks of Moss Garden do not end with your burial or cremation. Far from it! Your grave or funerary urn will be lovingly and respectfully maintained for all of eternity by the loyal Monks of Moss Garden. Bulk Discounts Has there been a plague or horrific bloody battle near your settlement? Need things cleaned up quickly? The discrete Monks of Moss Garden will be honored to take over the corpse handling for your city or village. Group and mass-grave discounts apply with very few questions asked. Subscription services are also available. Funerary Services Offered Corpse pickup available Bring out your dead! Full mortuary service (stuffing, embalming, make-up, soul weighing) Non-denominational funeral services Optional All-You-Can-Eat Buffet We apologize that we can no longer accept unsolicited bodies! OOC Notes ((OOC: This is our first pinky toe placed into the deep, deep lore lake that is LOTC. If we missed anything or made any lore mistakes please let us know and we can update the thread. We have a lot to learn and hope to get to know you and your characters.))
  6. DrFong

    Drivewriter Annoucement and Guide

    Great addition! Very useful to know! Thank you!
  7. DrFong

    I've Been Playing Here for 3 Days AMA

    My favorite campaigns were usually home brewed and always the ones that went off the rails in directions that weren't intended. I don't know about the "from" part, but yes I'm well known there. I was public relations staff for the last couple of years. Now I am beholden to no mortal and a free agent. I am ronin, a wandering samurai with no lord.
  8. DrFong

    I've Been Playing Here for 3 Days AMA

    Gooble gobble, gooble gobble!
  9. DrFong

    I've Been Playing Here for 3 Days AMA

    I've been reading about goblins and golems. I looked at a few of the different magicks. I was also reading up about the different cities and places. I am not afraid.
  10. DrFong

    I've Been Playing Here for 3 Days AMA

    Vitalis - Human dark priest Clarnad - Dwarven paladin lawful good Recently, I had fun converting the original Dr Fong character into a 5e character. My friends and I only get together a couple of times a year to play, but we all have characters and it's always a good time. Minecraft has taken over most of my roleplaying time these days.
  11. DrFong

    I've Been Playing Here for 3 Days AMA

    It has been a really solid experience so far. I have been whitelisted here for quite a while, but have never spent more than a couple of minutes here before a few days ago. It's very different from the server where I have been playing for the last five years. Its exciting to see all the different towns and keeps as I journey the road. I met a couple people in each town and they would explain to me all about their history and why I should come to live with them in their special piece of Atlas. I have been enjoying your wiki and reading old forum posts to get a feeling for things. One thing I am not used to is having the roleplay so spread out across the map. It's very interesting that people can go off on their own and start a roleplay location or town that grows into a piece of the lore one day. Things seem very player driver which is refreshing. I'm not sure how to bring this up, but while playing I get a message every few minutes about certain incidents that happened here. I'm glad the situation was solved, but as a new player it's a scary introduction to the server. That could probably be toned down. I have heard about this place for a long time. It's name uttered as a curse word. Where better to go than a place where you weren't allowed to play? You have been here forever. That alone has power. I respect things that are old and hang on to themselves. Like me. I'm not sure what I like the most yet. The chat system is smooth. I like all the different build styles. I like that people seem to be honest about problems and wanting to fix them. I don't think I hate anything yet. Oh wait! I hate when people come up to me and take no time to get to know me before offering me a free place to live. It seems really desperate and turns me off on living wherever it is. You must woo a Fong gently.
  12. A few things about me: I've been playing D&D since Red Box back in the 80's. I have over five years of Minecraft RP experience on another server. I've been playing here for three days, have had a couple of great adventures and am very much looking forward to getting to know you. I thought someone might be interested in my experiences coming onto the server blind and learning the ropes over the last few days. AMA