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Found 7 results

  1. SUMMONS TO APPEAR BEFORE THE AULIC COURT KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM This Summons, issued on 10th of Tov and Yermey, 383 ES by Rha’kir and represented by Aldrik Baruch, Compels the Aulic Court to call upon Juliyus Kortrevich to appear before it and answer the following charges: 504.041: Where the dishonest or dishonourable conduct of one party leads to economic, reputational or physical harm to another party and such harm was a reasonably foreseeable consequence of their dishonest or dishonourable conduct, the offending party shall be obliged to pay damages to the injured party in an amount determined by the Court; Arisen from these circumstances: Recently, Lord Juliyus Kortrevich released a publication entitled ‘On the brain of the Kharajyr’, an inflammatory study alleging that the brains of Kharajyr are smaller than those of humans, and that Kharajyr are therefore inferior and less intelligent than them. As a result of this, there has been an increase in abuse against Kharajyr in the Kingdom, which has resulted in significant reputational harm to the plaintiff and other Kharajyr. As compensation for the harm committed, Rha’kir seeks up to 1000 mina in damages. I swear the contents of this Summons to be true and accurate to the best of my belief before Godan. Signed, Rha’kir chaos#7283 Aldrik Baruch, J.V. Pureimp10#4596
  2. VOL. 1 EDITION. 21 Baruch & Kortrevich Publishing Two Minas per Edition Available in Nauvmarian THE GOLDEN CROW CHRONICLES Karosgrad, Haense Tov and Yermey, 374 E.S. 7 pages Written by: Aldrik Baruch, Margot Roberts Published by: B&K Publishing Pg. 1 WAR OF THREE KINGDOMS: BATTLE OF OUTER ARENTANIA Outer Arentania, Almaris The Imperial Charge, 374 E.S. Outer Arentania is sparsely populated, save for a few farmers and hermits who live off the land. Yet this quiet, hilly field would become the site of the largest battle to be fought so far on Almaris. 4,000 soldiers of Norland marched into this field, led by their King and joined by the Ferrymen mercenaries, intent on invading the Imperial heartland to seek retribution for perceived wrongs. Instead of the open march into Imperial territory that they’d expected, they encountered 9,000 Imperials and men of Luciensburg, determined to halt their advance at the border of the Empire. From interviews with soldiers after the battle, our war correspondents learned that it was a “complete and total wipe”. According to Simon Pruvia, friend of our Duke Ruslan Baruch to whom he sends well wishes, the fight was over before it began. The main forces tied each other down in the center of the field while a large Imperial detachment flanked the Norland rear, causing panic and mass routing. Based on reports from the Imperial Ministry of War, the Empire suffered 1,000 casualties while Norland suffered close to 4,000. The consequences of this battle remain to be seen. Josephine Garner, a soldier from Luciensburg, anticipates that the Imperial-Luciensburg force will press on into Norland. Statements from the Emperor corroborate this prediction as well, who said “those who seek [Oren’s] downfall will be met with iron and defeat… A year from now, we take the fight to Our enemies.” The Norlander defeat at this battle was costly, and if this battle was any indication, this war will not go as they intended. We’ll continue to keep a close eye on the war and provide you with accurate information; going to the front lines so you don’t have to. Written by: Aldrik Baruch Pg. 2 WAR ON BANDITRY: THE ELVEN FRONT Karinah’siol, Haelun’or The city burns after a Ferrymen raid, 374 E.S. GCC received reports earlier this month about a raid on the Haelun’orian capital of Karinah’siol. Our journalists in that country confirmed that the city was being raided by soldiers of the Ferrymen mercenary company. They saw initial success in their raid, overpowering the High Elven garrison before they could organize a proper defense. Word of the raid quickly reached Elvenesse and Oren, both of whom rallied forces to purge the city of the raiders. The relief force was successful in their endeavor and relieved the city from its occupation. A few of the Ferrymen were captured in the aftermath, but GCC cannot, at this time, report on their whereabouts. We will assume, however, that they were interrogated and then executed after. At this point in time, the Haeseni Ambassador to Haelun’or declined to comment. This event raises many questions, as the Ferrymen have mainly conducted raids and other operations that they are paid for. Is this raid a return to their banditry roots, or is there a hidden enemy paying for these acts? Written by: Aldrik Baruch Pg. 3 ADVERTISEMENT “WE NEED YOU! ENLIST NOW!” Military District, Karosgrad The Haeseni Royal Army coat of arms Your Kingdom entices you to enlist yourself into the Haeseni Royal Army! Serve your liege lord through the light of God, May you defend your country at the side of your brethren and sistren. Enlist now where you may rise to the occasion and take up arms against the adversaries who seek to bombard the very walls we reside behind! Stand now and bring oneself to the commissioned officers of the HRA where you may bear the colors of Black & Gold and serve your homeland with the utmost amount of honor and prestige. “There is no greater honor than to don the black and gold, to fight for this great Kingdom.” - Lord Palatine Otto Sigmar, 1733 * Message Drew_doc#8125 over Discord for more information! * Paid for by the HRA Pg. 4 WAR ON BANDITRY THE IMPERIAL FRONT Providence, Oren A painting of the Providence skyline, 374 E.S. Besides the raid on Haelun’or, the Ferrymen have also conducted raids on the Imperial capital city of Providence. Interviews from witnesses and soldiers alike report that the Ferrymen were able to climb onto the roofs of the city, from where they shot down into crowds of civilians and soldiers. At this point, GCC can report that one child, Joseph d’Azor, was shot in the crossfire. Joseph d’Azor has since healed from his wound, and we at the GCC will pray for his health. Instead of an immediate fight, Lieutenant Heath Linnord of the ISA opted instead to negotiate with the raiders. The Ferrymen, in this negotiation, demanded a ‘pizza’, ten sets of armor, all the flags in the city replaced with that of the Ferrymen, a hat, and a singular orange. The Lieutenant later told us that he had no intention of meeting these demands, negotiating with the bandit only to provide time for more soldiers of the garrison to muster. The diversion worked, and nearly 2,000 garrison soldiers had rallied for the defense of the city. A few short hours later, the raiders were “dealt with”, per the Lieutenant. Linnord also made it clear to GCC reporters that he did not believe Norland had anything to do with this raid, and that this was the sole act of the Ferrymen. We at the GCC will investigate these claims, and provide more information to our readers! Written by: Aldrik Baruch Pg. 5 ADVERTISEMENT “BUY AN ADVERTISEMENT FOR A LOW LOW COST.” Are you a business owner in Haense? ...and are you looking for more business in your small firm? If so, worry not as the Golden Crow Chronicles offers low low prices for an advertisement in our yearly publishing! Seek the authors at B&K Publishing for more information regarding our pricing plans! * Message Pureimp10#4596 for more information! * Paid for by B&K Publishing Pg. 6 A THAWING WINTER Lord Speaker Igor Kort Earlier this year, His Majesty and Lord Speaker Igor Kort published the Winter Edict, establishing a set of parliamentary procedures to be followed by the Royal Duma and new powers for the Lord Speaker. Among these changes were ceremonial uniforms to be worn by peers and alderman when Duma is in session, as well as granting the Lord Speaker the ability to cast tie-breaking votes and the ability to create new election rules besides those inscribed in the Haurul Caezk. The edict in whole has received mixed opinions, though the most vocal appear to be negative. In particular, Prince Franz Leopold has issued a repudiation of the powers granted to the Lord Speaker by the Edict, arguing that it fundamentally contradicts the role of the Speaker, which is to mediate and moderate debate. He also argues that it overrides precedent established by the Aulic Court, that laws must be present in the Haurul Caezk in order to be binding and applicable. GCC has confirmed that Prince Franz has, in his capacity as Grand Maer of Karosgrad, submitted an advisory resolution to the Duma to overturn the two points he addressed in his repudiation. We will be following the vote closely, and the consequences thereof. Written by: Aldrik Baruch Pg. 7 HISTORICAL FIGURE OF THE YEAR Dame Alessa Grendock Alban, Haense A portrait of Dame Alessa Grendock, c. 1616 Alessa Grendock was a Haeseni soldier, architect, and renowned equestrian. She is most credited for breakthroughs in creating the Kovacevic horse breed, an elite stallion that was noted in battle as a superior breed in cavalry combat. Born in the City of St Karlsburg, she served as a royal equestrian and cavalry tactics logistician, aiding in the many battles throughout her tenure. She began her career under the service of House Kovachev and later commanded cavalry units with Crown Prince Otto Henrik (later King Otto I) during the military campaigns against Courlandic forces in the Great Northern War (154-157 E.S). Grendock rose to prominence during the reign of King Stefan, serving with distinction as a cavalry commander during the battles against the Santegian Rebellion and the Battle of Asaili in 170 E.S. She was also a skilled architect and known throughout the Haeseni guilds as a master craftsman. Grendock pioneered important architectural feats that greatly improved roads, bridges, and irrigation channels that yielded great harvest yields during the late Petrovic and Ottonian period. Her work as an equestrian, cavalry officer, and architect has garnered much needed attention for contributions during some of the tumultuous periods in Haeseni political and military history. Written by: Margot Roberts @Piov Editor's Note: In the Next Edition. War of Three Kingdoms War on Banditry A Thawing Winter, part 2 And more! This concludes Edition 21 of the The Golden Crow Chronicles, Edition 22 will be ready by the end of next year.
  3. VOL. 1 EDITION. 20 Baruch & Kortrevich Publishing Two Minas per Edition Available in Nauvmarian THE GOLDEN CROW CHRONICLES Karosgrad, Haense Msitza and Dargund, 373 E.S. 7 pages Written by: Aldrik Baruch Published by: B&K Publishing Pg. 1 HABEMUS PAPAM! High Pontiff Tylos I The Church of the Canon has a new Pontiff! Following the passing of the late Jude II, the Conclave of Cardinals gathered in Providence to proceed with the election of the successor of Sts. High Priests Evaristus I and Clement I. Two men presented themselves as candidates for the position: our very own Patriarch Alfred of Jorenus, and Metropolitan Gawain of Providentia. It seemed like any other Pontifical election, but unbeknownst to these men of the cloth, this one would be far from normal. After hours of deliberating, Vice-Chancellor Pelagius announced that Patriarch Alfred had won the election, four votes to two. However, a few Saint’s minutes later, he announced that there had been a miscount in the votes! Instead of a four-two majority, Patriarch Alfred had only managed a three-three tie with Metropolitan Gawain. This meant that the new Pontiff would be decided by the Diet of Bishops, an event which the Church has never seen before. As bishops and their aides prayed for wisdom in their vote, the Vice-Chancellor again announced that he had made another mistake in his recount, and that his initial tally was correct. Patriarch Alfred had won the election four-two, and was confirmed as the next High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon. We at the GCC offer our prayers of long life and wisdom to the new Pontiff, and pray that he will bring greatness to the Church! Written by: Aldrik Baruch Pg. 2 THE WAR CONTINUES: STANDOFF IN THE SNOW Elysium, Norland Duke Eugeo negotiates with Imperials, 372 E.S. It started with news of Imperials taking Norlanders hostage. It turned into two lines of soldiers preparing to fight. Despite how things were set up, this situation would not end in bloodshed. In a rare show of humanity during war, cooler heads and diplomacy prevailed where warfare normally would have. Duke Eugeo of Elysium was successfully able to negotiate the return of the hostage to Norland, and both groups of soldiers returned to their bases. The peace was not welcomed by all, however. Our GCC war correspondents caught up with some Norlanders after the standoff and interviewed them. Overall approval of the peaceful resolution was split 50-50 among them. One man we interviewed said he was disappointed he was unable to avenge the innocent women and children that had been slaughtered by Imperials at the start of the war. Another said he was glad there was no bloodshed, seeing it as a sign of civility and that peace was coming soon. As always, GCC will continue to pray for peace among humanity, but while this war rages on, you can count on us to provide you with accurate reporting. We’ll go to the frontline so you don’t have to. Written by: Aldrik Baruch Pg. 3 ADVERTISEMENT “HAESENI GOODS FOR HAESENI PEOPLE” Merchant Stall I, Karosgrad Maer Barbanov sitting next in front of Schattenburg Farmed Goods! Schattenburg Farmed Goods is one of the oldest stores in Karosgrad, established immediately after the arrival to Almaris in 349 ES by Prince Franz Leopold, Duke of Schattenburg. The store set out with the ambition to provide affordable food for all denizens of Karosgrad, and has since become the number one supplier of food. * Message garentoft#1980 over Discord for more information! * Paid for by Franz Barbanov Pg. 4 FAMILY FEUD Red Square, Karosgrad An artist’s rendition of the brawl, 373 E.S. An anonymous source has reported to the Golden Crow Chronicles that there was a brawl between Aleksandr var Ruthern and Harren var Ruthern earlier this year. Witness statements have corroborated this reporting, though no one seems to know what started the actual fight. Some claim that the dispute was over a trading of insults regarding Lady Rosalind, while others claim the insults were regarding Lord Aleksandr’s mamej. Punches were thrown, a lady was slapped, and more than a few egos were bruised. Whatever the cause, it seems that justice will not rest. When questioned by our reporters, Lady Justiciar Tatiana var Ruthern assured us that the Crown would press charges against those involved, including her own Royal Jurist. Let’s hope this family drama finds its end in the courtroom. Written by: Aldrik Baruch Pg. 5 ADVERTISEMENT “BETTER BIRD BARUCH!” A beautiful painting of Aldrik Baruch holding the Scales of Justice Do you find yourself ACCUSED of a crime you didn’t (or did) commit? Do you need someone to defend YOUR rights and liberty? Then you BETTER BIRD BARUCH! Aldrik Baruch runs the only law firm in town dedicated to protecting YOU! So for your next run in with the law, you BETTER BIRD BARUCH! For a limited time only, mention this advertisement and get 50% off your next defense! * Message Pureimp10#4596 for service! * Paid for by B&K Publishing Pg. 6 THE TOLLING BELLS High Pontiff Jude II The Golden Crow Chronicles joins the rest of the Canonist world in mourning and prayer for the soul of the late High Pontiff Jude II. Towards the latter years of his Pontificate, His Holiness served as a mediator and proponent of peace, desiring that all Canonists united against pagans, in spirit if not politically. Many people credit the Treaty of Karosgrad to the Pontiff’s efforts to keep peace between Haense and Oren. His Holiness also wrote the second volume of the Legenda Sanctorum, a compilation of the lives of all the saints in Canonism. We at the GCC will continue to support Canonist investigations to find His Holiness’ murderers, and will continue to pray for the Church in total. As we report this, the Conclave of Cardinals has convened to elect a new Pontiff. We pray that Godani will grant them the wisdom to choose the best man for the position, and that whoever they choose will lead the Church to new levels of greatness. Written by: Aldrik Baruch Pg. 7 HISTORICAL FIGURE OF THE YEAR King Marius I of Haense Marius Andrew of Barbanov Marius Andreas Carovus Primus “The Good, the Beautiful, the Exiled, the Young, Defender of the Faith, the Loyal Dog of the Empire” St. Karlsburg, Haense A portrait of King Marius I, c. 1606 Marius first succeeded to the throne as a babe, following his father’s abdication during the nation-wide scandal of the Deep Cold Uprising. His government was led by his uncle Karl Sigmar, who acted as Palatine and regent, and left the ultimate raising of the infant sovereign to his aunt Juliya. His uncle was unpopular with the restless nobility, and by Marius’ fourteenth nameday, and was quickly crowned king. As monarch, Marius suffered from a divided cabinet, split between the Sergeyists and the Andrivists, and Marius had difficulty in reaching bipartisan compromise between the two. Royalist powers were undermined by both factions at the time, and his officials were most of the time picked for nepotistic and political reasons rather than true talent. During this time, Marius did find success in pacifying rebellions following his father’s mess, including the Brawm Rebellion of 1600 and nativist revolts in the extreme northern regions of the kingdom. His policies of land reform struck well with the commoners, however left his nation in economic strain and unable to fully maintain the standing army of his predecessors. Marius was also a patron of the arts and culture, and sponsored numerous artists, including the young Jakob Madonvik. He opened the first theater, the Gilded Duke, and held the first Edmond Manston play outside of the imperial capital. His patronship included many, such as the author Blakton Alvitz, poet Alistair Wailer, and his famous painter aunts, princesses Juliya and Natalia. Karlsborg became a haven of Dumatic and proto-Biharist thinkers, encompassing the larger Sanoist movement sweeping the heartlands at the time. In the heartlands, the Coalition Wars destroyed imperial authority, and thanks to multiple diplomatic blunders, a southern coalition of forces declared war upon the State of Haense. The army under Stefan Bihar attempted to strike first, however, yet most fell at the disastrous Battle of Elba, where in only a few years Marius soon fled to exile and left to the realm in occupation. Marius lived out the rest of his life in exile, continuing to style himself as the King of Hanseti and Ruska. *Excerpted from ‘Haeseni People’ documentation <link> @Piov Editor's Note: In the Next Edition. Oren vs. Norland A Changing Kingdom Keeping up with the King And more! This concludes Edition 20 of the The Golden Crow Chronicles, Edition 21 will be ready by the end of next year.
  4. VOL. 1 EDITION. 19 Baruch & Kortrevich Publishing Two Minas per Publishing Available in Naumariav THE GOLDEN CROW CHRONICLES Karosgrad, Haense Vzmey and Hyff, 372 E.S. 7 pages Written by: Viktor Kortrevich, Karl Kortrevich, & Aldrik Baruch Published by: B&K Publishing Pg. 1 WAR BREAKS OUT: OREN COMMITS WAR CRIMES AFTER NORLAND PROTECTS CHURCH? Providence, Oren A portrait depicting the GCC ground crew interviewing Orenians, 372 E.S. War breaks out between the Kingdom of Norland and the ‘Holy’ Orenian Empire. After over a year of patience, the Kingdom of Norland finally quits giving time to Oren to answer their demands of a weregild after publicly ridiculing and embarrassing a Norlandic official by forcing him into a Church and demanding he kneel and pray to God, even though the Kingdom of Norland is of the Red Faith. After failing to respond and denying to comment, the Kingdom of Norland declared war in order to secure recompense for the embarrassment suffered by the Norland official at the hands of an Owynist-like mob. It is truly ironic that while Oren moves further away from Godan and tradition, openly declares progress and condones the sacrilege of interbreeding, yet they force a foreign man of different faith into a church to kneel and pray to a God that they don’t even honor themselves. So far the war has seen few casualties compared to that of the Rubern War and War of Two Emperors. Neither side has taken a clear advantage on the battlefield, despite the many missives that fly from the Orenian Office of Propaganda; our field officials reported multiple retreats on behalf of Oren and declared victories in which Oren lost only slightly less men than Norland. Just as the war started and the calls of Orenian zealots came out declaring this a Holy War, the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska was able to strike a bargain with the forces of Norland and Urguan in Greyspine. The Greyspine Convention, which Norland and Urguan agreed to, laid out that this was a war of secular interests and the Church would be saved from needless injury and attack, shutting down the Orenian priests who serve the Emperor more than Godan himself. Reports come out after the Greyspine Convention of the Imperial State Army brutally slaughtering the women and children of the Duchy of Elysium, just outside the capital of Varhelm. Many casualties were inflicted on the Orenian military as they retreated after securing a hostage, no other than the Duke of Elysium himself, forcing him to sign a document of secession, which was later rescinded. Ironic that the attempted victims, now turned villains, once claimed this to be a war of defending Canonism, yet they throw out their Canonist principles and attack the innocent, typical of Oren as they only act in the interest of Godan and Canonism when it suits them. The attack has seemingly failed to cow the fighting spirit of the duchy however. Interviews with citizens and soldiers alike showcase their courage and determination to continue the fight, regardless of the atrocity that was committed. In fact, most Norlanders seem to want a true and fair battle between armies instead of the minor skirmishes we’ve seen thus far. For now, the ball remains in Oren’s court. As the war continues to ravage on, we do hope Oren is reminded of their Canonist roots before it is so quickly forgotten once again, and that innocent blood is to be spared when it can be, although no doubt the insatiable bloodlust of the Imperial State Army for those who are merely bystanders will be hard to control, after all if you can’t beat the Northguard, you have to bring someone’s head home! Written by: Fr. Karl Kortrevich Pg. 2 WAR OF THREE KINGDOMS: BATTLE OF ELYSIUM Duchy of Elysium, Norland A portrait of the GCC war correspondent crew with survivors of the Battle of Elysium, 372 E.S. What started off a routine patrol for a Northguard unit would go on to become a night of bloodshed that none would soon forget. It was the early hours of Jula & Piov, when GCC first heard reports of clashes between an Orenian infantry contingent and a joint Northguard-Ranger unit. Anthony Basrid, one of the Orenian participants in this event, claimed that the Orenians were there to fix the dirt roads that lead into the heartland of Norland. On the other side, Alric Theonus, the captain of the Norlandic Crownsguard, claim they were spurred to action by reports of armed men on the roads whom they thought to be bandits. Whatever the reason, this small encounter soon grew into a full-scaled skirmish. Reports differ from either side, but GCC experts estimate that there were 2000 Norlanders against 1000 Orenians. Witness testimonies inform us that the fight was largely back-and-forth skirmishing, with the center of the fight shifting along the road to and from Elysium. Our GCC reporters managed to catch the tail-end of the fight, when they were shot upon by Orenians! For their safety, they were forced to retreat back into neutral territory until the fighting died down. There are, as of yet, no definitive casualty counts that we can report, though participants and witnesses alike agree that more Norlanders perished in the fighting than did Orenians. Our current estimate stands at about 900 dead or wounded Norlanders to 400 dead or wounded Orenians. Both sides have claimed victory in the fight, though GCC will officially label it as a draw. It is clear that morale will be a major determining factor in this war, yet this fight seems to have had very little impact on either side’s courage. Both Norland and Oren stand ready to continue the fight, and we anticipate more clashes in the future. We at the GCC will continue to pray for peace, but while this war rages on, you can always count on us for reliable and accurate reporting. We’ll go to the frontline so you don’t have to. Written by: Aldrik Baruch Pg. 3 ADVERTISEMENT “HAESENI GOODS FOR HAESENI PEOPLE” Merchant Stall I, Karosgrad Maer Barbanov sitting next in front of Schattenburg Farmed Goods! Schattenburg Farmed Goods is one of the oldest stores in Karosgrad, established immediately after the arrival to Almaris in 349 ES by Prince Franz Leopold, Duke of Schattenburg. The store set out with the ambition to provide affordable food for all denizens of Karosgrad, and has since become the number one supplier of food. * Message garentoft#1980 over Discord for more information! * Paid for by Franz Barbanov Pg. 4 ATTENLAND EXPEDITION: A NEW FRONTIER! Attenlund, Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska A portrait depicting the vast frontier of Attenland, 371 E.S. An expedition, ordered by His Royal Majesty King Heinrik II has been ongoing for several years now in the new frontier claimed by the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska; Attenlund. This newly commenced expedition includes an explorative host consisting the likes of; Ser Hildebrand Mondblume, Gwynevere Ameliya, Adrian Colborn, William Carolus, Fionn Castaway and Albrecht Mondblume. Their mission of course is to explore, map, and report back what this new frontier entails, from its beasts to its natural resources that may be invaluable to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Here at the Golden Crow, we wish the very best for these fine explorers and may they come back safely and with news that can help shape the future of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Written by: Viktor Kortrevich Pg. 5 ADVERTISEMENT “ALCOHOL DOESN’T GET YOU DRUNK. VALERIE KORTREVICH DOES!” Wailer Way I, Karosgrad A beautiful painting of the Crow’s Hearth Tavern in the center of New Reza Hold on, you there! Before you skim past this advertisement and read about the Haeseni Social Season, we urge you to take a stroll down to The Old Crow Stout Pub in the city-centre to respite in the rentable tavern rooms or celebrate with friends and family over a fine-brewed mug of Carrion Black. * Message in the Haense discord @Tavernkeep for service! * Paid for by B&K Publishing Pg. 6 HAESENI SOCIAL SEASON! Nikirala Palace, Karosgrad A portrait depicting the courting ritual of the Haeseni Social Season, 371 E.S. The Haeseni Social Season, hosted by the courts of Hanseti-Ruska, has brought forth many young male and female suitors looking for someone to court and romance. Many melees, balls, feasts, and jousts took place to entertain and encourage people to get together. The Lifstala was a major success, as both men and women alike came out in droves, all wearing their best attires, no doubt that those best dressed came from the House of Baruch, which rumor has it is where most of the Golden Crow Chronicles' funding runs off to these days! Those now in courting, betrothed, married, or now in relationships after the Social Season have the Chronicle’s best wishes for their future and we hope to cover many more of these captivating events while keeping a tentative eye on the anonymous author that is Duchess Doja Catherine. Written by: Karl Kortrevich Pg. 7 HISTORICAL FIGURE OF THE YEAR Lord Sigmar Joren Baruch Duke of Valwyck Lord Speaker of Haense Valwyck, Haense A portrait of Duke Sigmar Baruch, c. 1799 Sigmar Joren Baruch, born in 1709 to Jan Baruch and Lilliana Kortrevich, was the first Duke of Valwyck and longest serving Lord Speaker to date. Sigmar, with his brother Eirik, were born in the waning years of peace prior to the outbreak of the War of Two Emperors. When the war sparked, Sigmar’s father, Jan, forsook his oath to the Marian Retinue and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska as he sided with the Pertinaxi forces instead of the Haeseni-backed Marnan forces. This act left House Baruch without a patriarch, which ultimately forced Sigmar’s great-grandfather, Marius Karl Baruch to serve as acting regent until Sigmar came of age. Marius set up a regency council, consisting of Sigmar’s cousins Lord Lerald Vyronov and Lord Joren Baruch. Sigmar’s years under regency were rather inconsequential, mainly consisting of long tenured studies under the guidance of his great grandfather, Marius. Sigmar in his adolescent years fought with the Marnan forces and at the age of fourteen even executed his own mother who committed treason alongside her husband. Sigmar would take over the House of Baruch at the youthful age of fourteen as Count of Ayr, starting his tenure as patriarch as the War of Two Emperors came to a close. After the war, during the reconstruction of the Kingdom under King Andrik III, Sigmar was appointed as Lord Kastellan(Aulic Enovy) by his uncle Lord Lerald Vyronov, who was the Lord Palatine at the time. During this short tenure, Sigmar would work with vassals on repairing Haeseni infrastructure and familiarizing the Haeseni lords with one another. In 1732, Sigmar joined a committee, formed by Lord Speaker Konrad Stafyr, to reform the Royal Duma to best adapt to Haense in its most modern state. There, alongside Terrence May and Karl Vyronov he authored the Feudalist Manifesto, one of the two main benches of the Royal Duma at the time. Sigmar was a founding father of many of the Royal Duma reforms throughout the years and he constantly saw room for vital improvements. After a few years of service as Lord Kastellan and Leader of the Opposition after the ascension of Terrence May to Palatialship, Sigmar was appointed to the Aulic Office of Lord Speaker by King Andrik III after the appointment of Konrad Stafyr to the Aulic Office of Lord Palatine. There he would serve a tenure of twenty years, mainly throughout the Duma’s polarized and engaged past. Because of this service to the Crown, in addition to Sigmar’s success in cleansing his House from its dire straits reputation and growing it into a powerful noble family, King Andrik IV eventually awarded Sigmar with the elevated title of the Duchy of Valwyck in 1748. From 1733 to 1753, stretching across the reigns of two kings and two regents, Sigmar would serve as Lord Speaker until he tendered his resignation to Lord Regent Otto Sigmar, simultaneously abdicating to his son, Petyr Baruch. After a few years of retirement, Sigmar was called out of it by his son Petyr Baruch, who had risen to the rank of Lord Palatine, to reform the position of Aulic Envoy. He would serve a few years before passing on the position to his nephew, Emerich Baruch-Gant. After this, King Sigismund II would knight Sigmar and award him with the ranking of Hauchkossar in the first class of the Order of the Lily for his years of service throughout the years. In his later years, Sigmar would serve four terms in the Orenian House of Commons, two as a registered Everardine, a party which he was a founder of and two as a registered member of the Haeseni Independence Caucus. Subsequently, Sigmar would found alongside his son-in-law Viktor Kortrevich, Baruch & Kortrevich Publishing, there he would start co-authoring and publishing the renowned Golden Crow Chronicles; which is recognized as the most renowned newspaper in all of Arcas and Almaris. In the later years of Sigmar’s long life, he would serve as a Jovenaar in the Haeseni Independent Aulic Courts. Sigmar left a lifetime of literary works; The Feudalist Manifesto, a dozen of successful bills, eighteen editions of the Golden Crow Chronicles, political and philosophical essays relating to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, the founding of the Originalist Judicial philosophy, and plenty more. Sigmar would pass away in 1816 at the age of hundred-and-one. Sigmar’s legacy is his unquestioned patriotism, dignified statesmanship, and original political philosophies that molded the era of his generation. ((*Excerpted from the mind of Mr. Drew)) @Drew2_dude Editor's Note: In the Next Edition. Haeseni Season Attenlund Exploration Conflict Amongst Houses Oren vs. Norland This concludes Edition 19 of the The Golden Crow Chronicles, Edition 20 will be ready by the end of next year.
  5. ALDRIK BARUCH BETTER VOTE BARUCH Aldrik Baruch at a campaign rally, c. 370 E.S. YOU KNOW WHO HE IS, BUT IN CASE YOU DIDN’T... Aldrik Baruch is the founder and owner of Better Bird Baruch Co., the only organized law firm in Haense that specializes in handling all kinds of legal suits, ranging from criminal defense to civil litigation! Not only that, but Aldrik has passed MAJOR legal reforms through the Duma. Because of him, YOU now have an undeniable right to a lawyer. Because of him, YOUR justice system works even more in your favor. Aldrik is a man that believes in the rule of law, but he especially believes that the law should work for you. As your man in the Duma, Aldrik will continue the work he started during his first term, and continue to expand your rights in the Kingdom of Haense. WHAT ALDRIK WILL DO FOR YOU: 1. Continue to expand your legal protections to make sure you cannot be bullied by the law. 2. Champion the rights of the common people, to ensure that everyone can pursue their dreams in our fair Kingdom. 3. Reduce the price of housing to make living in Karosgrad affordable. Doing so will increase the population of our city, and increase overall happiness. 4. Increasing oversight on government spending, to make sure your tax money isn’t wasted. 5. Oppose efforts to radicalize Haeseni family values, and stay to Canonist beliefs.
  6. DECLARATION OF REGENCY, 370 ES Let it be known, Viscount Ramdir Amador has abdicated his position to his young son, Isaak Amador. The new Viscount, being under the age of majority at only two years old, entrusts the regency of the house to his grandfather, Lord Aldrik Baruch. Lord Aldrik shall be entrusted to speak with the authority of the viscount until Lord Isaak comes of age. Signed, The Honorable Isaak Amador, Viscount of Aurveldt Lord Aldrik Baruch, Regent of House Amador
  7. SUMMONS TO APPEAR BEFORE THE AULIC COURT KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM This Summons, issued on 10th of Vzmey and Hyff, 369 ES by Duke Ruslan Baruch and Knight Paramount Ser Alric Ruthern and represented by Aldrik Baruch, Compels the Aulic Court to call upon Surgeon General Aestenia Aevaris to appear before it and answer the following charges: 504.041: Where the dishonest or dishonourable conduct of one party leads to economic, reputational or physical harm to another party and such harm was a reasonably foreseeable consequence of their dishonest or dishonourable conduct, the offending party shall be obliged to pay damages to the injured party in an amount determined by the Court; Arisen from these circumstances: Duke Matyas Baruch was murdered in the streets of Karosgrad by an unknown assailant, and was taken to the hospital when he died. Instead of the body being returned to his family for a service and burial, it was burned without the family’s consent. This robbed them of an opportunity to give a proper farewell to the former Duke and Lord Justiciar. Ser Viktor was a Marian Knight appointed during the reign of Koeng Josef, and gave his life defending the city of Karosgrad during an attack by the Rimetrolls. Soon after his death, his body was stored in the city hospital’s morgue for safekeeping until the body could be returned to the Knight Paramount for a proper burial. Instead, the body was cremated by the hospital without the legal right to do so. Since there are two counts of the middling offense of vandalism that occurred here, House Baruch and the Knight Paramount seek up to 3,000 mina in damages, 1,500 for each count. I swear the contents of this Summons to be true and accurate to the best of my belief before Godan. Signed, Duke Ruslan Baruch Sarmadon#1404 Knight Paramount Ser Alric var Ruthern louis#1234 Aldrik Baruch, J.V. Pureimp10#4596
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