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  3. Pureimp10

    1100 A.D. Medieval Age (RP)

    Kingdom of France Leader: King Philip I Population: 11 million Religion: Roman Catholicism The winter season had passed, and the time for war had come. 20,000 men marched from Paris and at their head rode Prince Louis. The King had ordered his son to ride West and unite the Frankish people under one banner, something that had not been done since the time of the great Charlemagne. The first target of the Prince's army would be the Angevin city of Tours. Immediately after reaching the city, the Prince would order the encirclement of the city, as well as the digging of trenches and construction of siege equipment. Once the siege equipment was finished, the bombardment of the city walls would begin. If the city could not be starved out by Winter, then the overwhelming numbers of the Frankish force would be used in an assault. ((mod)) Construction of the fleet continues. Spy work continues.
  4. Pureimp10

    1100 A.D. Medieval Age (RP)

    Kingdom of France Leader: King Philip I Population: 11 million Religion: Roman Catholicism Guyenne and Toulouse and bent the knee peacefully, yet those pestilent Northern counties had refused to submit. Henry would have none of it. He had only raised 15,000 men before, and they never saw combat. This time, he would bring 5,000 of those men back (3,500 infantry and 1,500 knights), and raise an additional 15,000, calling all of these banners to Paris, but only after winter passes. The men had been training for nearly a year now, and they were ready. Military aside, Henry decided it was beyond time that he shifted his attention to focus on more domestic issues. France was a growing country, arguably one of the strongest and richest in the world, and it is her duty to spread culture and set standards for the rest of the Christian world. As such, construction work would begin on new Cathedrals in Paris, Angers, and Toulouse. Monks and Nuns would be welcomed into the cities, hoping to improve the Church's favor with the Kingdom and to further improve the standards of education for the nobility of the country. ((mod)) A letter is sent to the King of Norway, demanding that he halt his raiding immediately. A copy of this letter would also be sent to the Pope. ((mod)) The letter from Gelre is received, and Henry sends his own reply. ((will PM)) Construction of the fleet continues ((mod)) Training of the unraised levies continues, as well as some spy work ((mod))
  5. Pureimp10

    1100 A.D. Medieval Age (RP)

    Kingdom of France Leader: King Philip I Population: 11 million Religion: Roman Catholicism The surrender from the Count of Toulouse's son would be accepted, and the French armies would be instructed to make their way into the city of Toulouse to keep the peace. Similar offers would be given sent to the remaining independent Counts and Dukes, namely Blois, Anjou, Britanny, and Guyenne. While separate the Frankish peoples were vulnerable to exterior threats, but united they were strong. ((mod)) The news of the death of William II would make its way to Philip's court, and he knew what came next in these situations. Soon enough, envoys from the French court would make their way to Normandy and others. Training of the levies would continue, with Philip hoping to complete basic training by the summer of the next year. ((mod)) Construction of the Great French Fleet also continues, with lumberjacks and woodworkers along the coast working day in and day out to put out the cogs and galleys the King ordered. ((mod)) Spy work continues. ((mod))
  6. the update we've been waiting for

  7. Pureimp10

    1100 A.D. Medieval Age (RP)

    Kingdom of France Leader: King Philip I Population: 11 million Religion: Roman Catholicism With too many troubles at home and his growing age, for Philip to personally embark on a Crusade would leave France vulnerable. Despite this, Philip would send 1,000 infantry levies and 500 knights to assist. Along with this, 12,000 infantry and 3,000 knights would be called up and sent to the southern border with Toulouse under the command of Philip’s son Prince Louis, who was a renowned warrior and skilled commander. For far too long had they remained independent, largely due to the faults of his predecessors. He would not continue their legacy of failure. A letter would be sent to the count, reading: "To the false ruler of Toulouse, I have but a few demands. Surrender your army and lands and swear fealty to me. Fail to do so, and my armies shall do it for you. You have until the Spring to respond.” ((MOD)) Construction of ships continue. ((MOD)) Other secret work continues. ((MOD))
  8. Pureimp10

    1100 A.D. Medieval Age (RP)

    Kingdom of France Leader: King Philip I Population: 11 million Religion: Roman Catholicism The 48 year old Philip sat idly in his throne, overlooking his gathered courtiers who quietly chatted amongst themselves. He raised his hand and summoned the scribe to him as he quietly ordered the man to start writing. Shortly after, emissaries would be sent to the King of Bohemia, the Duke of Normandy, the Count of Blois, the Duke of Anjou, and the Duke of Wassenberg ((will be sent in PMs)). In addition, all the lords of the realm would be instructed to begin training their levies, to better their combat effectiveness. Trade had gone uncontested between Normandy, the Empire, and the Spanish nations to the south, which left the King with plenty of money to spend. Harbor cities and ports around the coast of France would be instructed to begin immediate construction of a fleet of 100 galleys and cogs ((mod for how many turns)). Letters with his own seal would be sent to the Pope, affirming the Franco-Papal alliance that had lasted for centuries. Besides just letters though, the King would order for scouts to continuously watch the northern border with Normandy as news of a troop buildup came to him. His spymaster would also have some duties ((will PM mod)).
  9. Pureimp10


    Country/Tribe: Kingdom of France Leader: King Philip I Population: 11 million Brief History: It had only been 34 years since his former Duke took that forsaken island across the channel, and only 23 since he'd made peace with that man after he attempted to take French land. Philip had been excommunicated twice, married to the woman he had kept a secret for many years. He had fought in many wars, taken the Vexin and the city of Bourges to add to the royal demesne. He had reigned for many years and now he grew old, yet his time on GOD's Earth was not done, and there was still much work to be done. A crusade for the Holy Land, the Holy Roman Empire to his East and the English to the North. Now more than ever, Philip must be vigilant and keep his wits about him if he wishes to see France prosper. Discord: You have it
  10. Pureimp10


    France reserve, will post later
  11. Pureimp10

    [Accepted] [Trial]TarreBear's GM App!

    Super helpful, committed, kind, and responsible. Its an obvious choice +1
  12. Pureimp10

    [Denied]Disheartened's GM Application

    One of the nicest people I know, responsible, and smart. No excuse if she isnt accepted +1
  13. Pureimp10

    An Olive Branch, 1655

    "Anything but the mace, please...." says a scared Geralt !
  14. Pureimp10

    Royal Army of Hanseti-Ruska

    Accepted, report to Markev for further instructions.
  15. Pureimp10

    [✓] Appeal for harassment

    Yea I dont know why this was seen as a harassment ban. I never intended for chaotikal to get banned, just wanted to spook him by having a GM warn him, but next time I'll make that clearer