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  1. A raven is sent to the above applicants. “Accepted, report to Reza for further instructions.”
  2. “Give us Father Lochlan!” says Otto @Herathus
  3. “Wait a second, wasn’t this guy born when Marius I was King of Haense? That was nearly 140 years ago! Shouldn’t he be dead by now?” says Otto
  4. For Whom the Bell Tolls Saint Rudolph’s Basilica in the city of Reza stood tall amongst the other buildings in the city. The city had grown quiet and dark as the residents prepared for the siege that was sure to come. In recent days however, the Church had kept their doors open and candles lit; the bells would ring and signal to the people to enter and pray, to keep their faith even in times of great suffering. But no bells rang today. Questions began to form in the minds of the people. Was there nothing to hope for? Had the church abandoned them? It wouldn’t be surprising, given the recent power grab by the priest Guy Haas. These questions and more plagued the thoughts of the citizens of Reza; yet none dared to enter the church and see for themselves what had happened. None, until a lone Prince Otto Sigmar entered the church to pray for the souls of his two recently killed brothers. It was then that a shadow caught the prince’s eye; a body lay sprawled out before the altar, that of Pontiff Everard V. No blood surrounded the holy man’s body, only a cluster of grapes. The man had suffocated to death, and no one had heard his gasping for breath or cry for help. Otto signed the Lorraine cross over himself and prayed for the man’s soul, which would surely ascend to the Seven Skies. The bells of the Cathedral would ring. REQUIESCAT IN PACE Holy Pontiff Thomas ‘Everard V’ Wick 1678 - 1720
  5. Otto sat on a bench just outside the lake to the east of the city of Reza, his nephew Kazimar seated at his side and a half empty bottle of Kovac White in his hand. His nephew’s eyes and face were still red from the tears he had shed for his uncles earlier that day. Otto however, being the stubborn man he is, had refused to sob and instead had chosen to drown his sorrows with liquor. He motioned outwards to the lake and surrounding woodlands with his free hand, never breaking his gaze with the horizon as he spoke to Kaz. “You know boy, while your father spent most of his hours being tutored, your uncles and I would run and play in those woods all day. We’d find old sticks and fight each other with them, pretending we were soldiers off at war, or we’d swim and nearly drown each other in the lake. Georgie was always the more careful one. He’d scream at us to be careful whenever Godfric and I fought in the lake. Perhaps that’s why he’d end up becoming regent. Godfric and I though, we didn’t care. We always wanted to do more, be out for longer, do more dangerous things, and it drove our father insane. We’d be out there all day, from sunrise to near midnight, until we were drenched in sweat and our guts hurt from laughing. And then we’d do it all over again the next day.” The man paused then, taking a long swig of his drink before continuing with his story. “My father always said we were inseparable when we were younger, yet here I am, still breathing while my brothers rest with the Saints above.” He shifted his gaze to look up at the sky then, his eyes beginning to well up with tears. “Save a spot for me, you rats.” He tilted his bottle to the ground, letting the drink pour out onto the ground below before weeping for the memories that could have been.
  6. go raptors

    1. Princeton


      Kyle Lowry’s the worst, if I see him complain to the refs again this game is going off

    2. Nectorist


      And goodbye Warriors >:D

    3. Heero


      whooo! yeah! go roy! yeah!

  7. the most fun warclaim ive ever had and most of that was from respawning and running in with fists
  8. “Damn who knew a nine year old could speak so well? And curse so much..” says Otto
  9. that was so much fun hahahaha

    1. Haseroth


      remember that time you kidnaped tyrone... yeah i guess ur the one running now..

  10. Did the staff actually remove the ban report or was it hidden

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    2. Fireheart


      It was moved to the proper sub-forum since it was misfiled by the OP.

    3. Pureimp10


      Why was it moved in the first place? There are plenty of public staff reports out that still visible to the public; what about this one caused it to be removed?

    4. Archbishop


      @FireheartSince when were staff reported REQUIRED to be posted anonymous though. 

  11. Otto signs his own name in much larger print next to Godfric’s
  12. Otto prepares the Corbish hordes to burn down the Herald’s offices. He would also slap his brother for being a pee pants IDIOT @NJBB
  13. Donating = longer ban, DO NOT DONATE

    1. Thornz


      I’d like to request a refund

    2. Dtrik


      Imagine being Aether VIP or Ender VIP and you get banned XD

    3. Sky


      I've got three, does this mean I'm screwed? 

  14. ((spoke to hanrahan via discord on my phone previously, did not have access to a computer to post my application until now, sorry for any confusion)) Nation: Russian Empire Leader’s History (Research your Monarch!) : Alexander had only ruled for a short four years since his father's assassination. An autocrat at heart, he believed with his entire being that the monarch was the state, and that the monarch's power should not be limited by advisors or other obstacles. This was why he had cancelled his father's original decree regarding advisory commissions. While he loved his father, he disagreed with a majority of his father's politics. While his father had been steering the country in a more liberal direction, Alexander believed in remaining true to Russian Orthodoxy, Nationality, and Autocracy. It was his hope to restore Russia to its former glory under the Empress Catherine or the Emperor Peter. Nation’s Recent History: The Empire's defeat in the Crimean war was nearly thirty years ago, but its effects still resonated to this day. Russia had seen how quick foreign powers were to intervene in their wars, and knew that allies would be needed in order to counteract the other great powers of the West. It was with this in mind that the League of Three Emperors had been formed, and it was Russia's intention to stay in it as long as possible. Despite occasional disputes with the Austrians over influence in the Balkans, the two German powers were an excellent buffer against the West, and a good fail-safe should there be another repeat of the 1850s. Now, with a new Emperor on the throne, Russia's primary goals were to build more warm water ports and railroads, and continue the industrialization of the nation. Discord: You already have it
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