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  1. To Presbyter Ileana, We shall pray for your swift recovery, as this recent influx of fanmail that We have received is too much for Us to handle alone. Return as soon as is possible. Pontifex Maximus, Everardus Sextus
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  3. To Father Trevor, Let Us set the record straight then: Owyn is a farfolk. Pontifex Maximus, Everardus Sextus
  4. To whoever wrote this, We hate this. Pontifex Maximus, Everardus Sextus
  5. To Father Stor, Thank you for your letter. If you wish to retrieve a copy, please issue a request to the Pontifical Librarian, Presbyter Ileana. We have not yet had a chance to deliver the Handbook of Sin to Father Clemens yet either. Pontifex Maximus, Everardus Sextus
  6. PONTIFICAL LETTER WRIT OF DISSOLUTION: OF THE SACRAMENT OF MATRIMONY Most Beloved Brethren, Health and Pontifical Benediction. We have issued many dissolutions during Our pontificate, yet each brings to Us the same amount of sorrow as the last. We truly believe in the holiness of Marriage, yet understand that there are circumstances in which unions are insupportable and cannot continue. Therefore, We hereby declare the union of Prince Andrik Nikolas and Princess Nikoleta Barbara, void, dissolved on grounds of the risk of harm to and endangerment of parties within the marriage. All children produced by the marriage shall remain legitimate before God's eyes. We do pray for each of the pair and hereby demand that each seek Our permit before entering any future unions. May God bless them. Dei gratia, Sanctitas, Papa Everardus Sextus ☩AD MAIOREM DEI GLORIAM☩ FOR THE GREATER GLORY OF GOD Fifteenth of Harren's Folly, 1855
  7. To Father Harold, Thank you for your letter. Our polos are Our favorite casual wear, and We would hate to lose them. We shall send an acolyte soon to collect them. Pontifex Maximus, Everardus Sextus
  8. ENCYCLICAL LETTER OFFICIUM AD DEUM DUTY TO GOD OF THE HIGH PONTIFF EVERARDUS SEXTUS Addressed to the Anathemata. A response to an open letter. HIS HOLINESS EVERARD VI, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Archbishop of Visigia, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, Missionary to Aeldin, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant of the Faithful and Vicar of GOD. “Their enemy is Vargengotz the Destroyer, who rules from his capital, which was the holiest city. And in his army are Vargengotz’s slaves, the tyrants and the treacherous, and his false servants, Justice, Glory, and Reward.” (Auspice 2:33-34) Everard VI, Pontiff not through usurpation but through ordination of God, to the Anathemata, not rulers but children at play. Breaking from the Church has never been a worthwhile venture for previous Emperors. Simply look to your namesake Philip I, who deposed High Pontiff Theodosius II only to be forced to commit suicide and detonate his own city, and his empire with it, a few years later. Look still to your own humiliation after your failed schism. You, who believed that We had organized a coalition, so wantonly and childishly attempted to take Our life with the Prince of Savoy and, upon your realization of your mistake, were forced to march through the streets of Karosgrad as waste and insults were thrown at you. We must congratulate you on your achievement! Never before has an Orenian ruler been humiliated in such a way! Rulers who claim to be as faithful to the Church as yourselves should know that it is written in Canon law: “An excommunicant prince who remains in this status for four consecutive years automatically becomes illicit, unless expressly provided for by the High Pontiff. Additionally, Canonists are obliged to make all virtuous efforts to reconvert him, or failing that, to overthrow him.” If you are not aware of this, then do not worry, for We shall teach you. This law was written during the Pontificate of James II, and approved by all the clergy of the time, Ourselves included, and is intended to ensure that Canonist rulers remain so. In case you are unsure what illicit means, let Us put it in clear terms so you may understand. Your four years have come and gone. Your coronation is annulled. You are Emperor and Empress no longer. As for who Leopold Alstion is, he is but one man who seeks to perform his Duty to God per the law of Our faith. Did you think to surprise Us with these letters of his? Leopold Alstion carries with him more faith and honor now than the both of you shall have in your lifetimes. May all Canonists follow his example. Continuing through your letter, yet again you have accused Us of organizing this coalition which has delivered a great thrashing upon you, and yet again Our hands were clean of it. When will you learn your lesson, children? We tire of having to explain it to you. You declared war. You lost the war. Your Crownlands were lost and your men died as a result. We have prayed for the souls of the men you have killed, including that of Philip Aurelian. Have you no shame or sorrow for your deeds? To murder one’s own father, or father-in-law in the case of Anastasia, to send innocent men to die in a war that was not needed requires a heart full of malice and greed. No house built upon murder and deceit shall last; God shall see it fall, as God sees all sinners brought to justice. Let all be as God wills it. Pontifex Maximus, Everardus Sextus
  9. PONTIFICAL LETTER WRIT OF ANNULMENT: OF THE SACRAMENT OF MATRIMONY Most Beloved Brethren, Health and Pontifical Benediction. We write this declaration from Our most Holy Office with sorrow to hear of the dismantling of a union which has lasted many years. Marriage remains one of humanity’s holiest sacraments, inspired through the example of the Exalted Horen and Saint Julia. Yet, after close investigation and discussion, We have come to the conclusion that this union cannot continue. Therefore, We hereby declare the union of Count Vladrick Kortrevich and Lady Margot Baruch, void, annulled on the grounds of their marriage being unconsummated and of marital abandonment, with the spouses not having even spoken to each other for many years. We do pray for each of the pair and hereby demand that each seek Our permit before entering any future unions. May God bless them. Dei gratia, Sanctitas, Papa Everardus Sextus ☩AD MAIOREM DEI GLORIAM☩ FOR THE GREATER GLORY OF GOD Tenth of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1855
  10. Everard sighs upon reading the letter, but gets to work writing letters and arranging meetings.
  11. "We do not control the inner workings of coalitions. There is no one to blame for the war other than the ones who declared it," commented Everard.
  12. STATEMENT FROM THE HOLY SEE OF THE HIGH PONTIFF EVERARDUS SEXTUS Addressed to the Bishops, Priests, Deacons, and the Laymen of the Church of the Canon. On Recent Events. Most Beloved Brethren, Health and Pontifical Benediction. This evening, while officiating a wedding in the Basilica of the Argentate Star, Our person was attacked by three assassins intent on sending us on Our final journey to the Seven Skies. These assassins broke near every sacred command by GOD while doing so. They attacked Us on consecrated ground, in a church, disrupting a sacrament, and using dark magicks. Thankfully, the assassins left Us with only minor wounds. However, neither ourselves, Our secretariat, or other priests in attendance would be standing alive here today without the quick action and defense of the citizens of the Holy Orenian Empire and the soldiers of the Imperial State Army. We wish to bestow our heartfelt thanks to these people who risked their lives for Our person and Our fellow clerics. We know that you, faithful Canonists in Oren, have never forsaken the Holy Mother Church. Nor, too, has the Church forsaken you. We promise that We will never abandon the faithful citizens of the Empire, just as we will never cease attempting to mend the divide between the Crown and the Laurel. Those who attempt to divide us shall fail, for We shall not be cowed into silence by threats of death. In honor of the defense of Our person, the clergy, and the Basilica, we wish to bestow upon Sir Jarad Vuillerian membership within the Order of the Black Sepulchre, an association of Holy Knights made up of laymen who have demonstrated exceptional service to the church. Its name derives from the ashen urns carried by wandering templars of yore. There is no greater honor for a layman of the Canon, and we are joyful to be able to give this honor to Sir Jarad, in recognition of his deeds on this day. We cannot continue without mentioning Father Juliet, who We had ordained just earlier this Saint’s Day. Their willingness to push Us out of the way of the attacker’s arrows, and to take the shot intended for Us, is but one of many acts of bravery that kept Us alive. May Father Juliet serve as an example for all Canonists, not just priests, through her selflessness in the face of great adversity. We would also honor Baron Otto Morovar of Haense, one of the first men who, literally, jumped to their feet to rescue Us from Our attackers. We know not what would have happened had he, nor any of Our other defenders, not been present at the time of the attack. It is in times like these that Our true friends make themselves known. Two people who were once separated by war have united in defense of Us and the faith. We shall continue to pray for all of Canondom, and thank all who have wished Us well during these times. May God bless you all. Pontifex Maximus, Everardus Sextus
  13. "She was a very nice person from what I could see of her. It's a shame," says Isaak Amador.
  14. To Presbyter Ileana, Blessed be God now and forever, Amen. It brings us much grief to hear of the pains you have undergone during your time in Providence. A people who once would have shown you every respect under Philip II and Archchancellor Josephine now spit at and attack you. We have spent many nights thinking of how best to handle the situation you find yourself in. We are reminded of something that Our teacher, Archbishop Benedict, taught Us when We were but a simple priest: "The shepherd does not flee when the wolves approach his flock. No, instead he readies his crook, and defends his flock with all his might." We often call Ourselves and Our clergy shepherds, caring for their human flock and guiding them to the Seven Skies. While Our just excommunication of the Emperor and Empress have cause members of that flock to insult and degrade Us, We cannot but feel pain and sorrow when you experience the same. Therefore We shall accept your request for reassignment and transfer you out of Providence to Albarosa, to assist Francis Cardinal Albarosa in tending to his flock. We look forward to seeing the good work you shall perform, and shall pray for your success and well-being. God's loyal and humble servant, His Holiness Everard VI, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon
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