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  1. Lukas Rakoczy flipped through his Imperial Medicine book from his House of Commons days, commenting on the Princess' naïve remark. "It takes only 5-10 seconds of strangulation by a normal man for a human to be rendered unconscious, and under five minutes for that same person to die. Surely these times would be reduced significantly if the Knight Paramount had the strength of an olog, as they claimed. Therefore it carries that the claimed minute and a half of strangulation would have rendered the victim unconscious if not dead, yet they were able to walk away from the office with n
  2. "It gladdens me to see you finally standing up for something, my lady," commented Jedediah the simple farmer.
  3. Full Name of Man - Ser Zodd Calliban Date of Birth of Man - 1688 FA Name of Woman - Chirr Calliban-Sintel Date of Birth of Woman - 1411 FA Location of Ceremony - St. Henrik's Basilica Date of Ceremony (Year) - 8 SA Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Archbishop Yaromir of Henrikev
  4. Aldrik Baruch of the esteemed Better Bird Baruch prepares for the trial!
  5. AULIC COURT OF THE KINGDOM OF HANSETI-RUSKA ve Krawn z. Sarkozy 19th of Wzuvar & Byvca | 367 E.S. Jovenaars Mr. Lukas Rakoczy (Presiding) Mr. Lauritz Frederik Jensen (Assistant) Lady Annika Anistasija Vyronov (Assistant) Prosecution Margrave Maric var Ruthern Defense Irene Sarkozy (Defendant) THE FOLLOWING CHARGES WERE BROUGHT AGAINST THE DEFENDANT; 402.01: An individual who intentionally kills another shall be guilty of the severe offen
  6. "I'll have to keep an eye out on this one....she has the potential to ruin all my hard work!" commented Mat You
  7. "FINALLY SOMEONE GETS IT!" a dead King Otto II shouted!
  8. IGN: CrafterPro96 Character Name: Aldrik Baruch Age: 36 Place of Residence / Street Address: Duchy of Valwyck Position: (Alderman or Maer) Alderman BETTER BIRD BARUCH
  9. A DEN OF THIEVES The Haeseni Royal Army barracks burn as angels flee from the scene. C. 366 ES I must say, I have been disappointed thus far by what I have seen in Karosgrad. I had heard it said that Haense is a Kingdom of God, filled with honorable people and fair justice. Instead, I find it crawling with oppression and corruption, brought about by a tyrannical king who cares little for his people and only for his own self. What was meant to be a house of prayer and justice has been made a den of thieves, and the God that sent me will suffer this mockery no l
  10. Name: William Age: 19 Username: Pureimp10
  11. RENDER UNTO CAESAR THAT WHICH IS CAESAR’S The city of Karosgrad on fire, c. 365 ES Some of you may know me, yet others may not, so I will gladly introduce myself to you. I bear the name Matthieu, and you ought to respect it. I am not a violent man but rather a simple businessman, one that does not enjoy losing. After all, who does? For those of you who haven’t heard of me, I am rather new to Karosgrad. Most of my business is in the cities of Providence and the underealms of Urguan, places where I’ve done quite well for myself. Of course, no one there knows me eithe
  12. Aldrik Baruch prepares to defend the rights of the individual in court! Matthew continues to sell his product, uncowed by the Justiciar's threats!
  13. Aldrik Baruch starts organizing files related to Hearsay, anticipating a great trial!
  14. BETTER BIRD BARUCH Aldrik Baruch valiantly defending his clients at trial, c. 359 ES Are YOU a wrongfully accused Haeseni subject? Do you need an AFFORDABLE, and OUTSTANDING legal defense? Then look no further than ALDRIK BARUCH, attorney at law! Not only does Aldrik have actual courtroom experience, he has won every case that he’s led the defense in. Just read these reviews from happy customers! “Yeah I did it, but I got away with it didn’t I? He got me off.” - Be
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