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  1. IGN: Pureimp10 RP NAME: Azkar Ireheart CANDIDATE: Durorn Ireheart
  2. AULIC COURT OF THE KINGDOM OF HANSETI-RUSKA ve Krawn z. Helvets 22nd of Gronna & Droba | 355 E.S. Jovenaars Mr. Lukas Rakoczy (Presiding) Sir Sigmar Joren Baruch (Assistant) Mrs. Erika Vanir (Assistant) Prosecution Duke Matyas Baruch Defense Richard Victor Helvets (Defendant) Eleanora Mannox (Legal counsel) THE FOLLOWING CHARGES WERE BROUGHT AGAINST THE DEFENDANT; 402.01: An individual who intentionally kills another shall be guilty
  3. AULIC COURT OF THE KINGDOM OF HANSETI-RUSKA REVIEW ON THE LEGISLATIVE PROCESS OF REPEATING PROPOSALS 5th of Wzuvar & Byvca, 355 E.S. Jovenaars Sir Sigmar J. Baruch Ms. Reza B. Gynsburg Mr. Otto Wittenbach Mr. Lukas Rakoczy MAJORITY: Rakoczy, joined by Gynsburg CONCURRENCE: Wittenbach DISSENT: Baruch Exposition A multitude of acts are rejected at the behest of the Duma vote, as has been seen in recent years. The Josefian reforms have also brought a period of great change t
  4. "I vote aye." Father Thomas bowed his head to the Pontiff and took a seat.
  5. "An interesting question. I look forward to debating this with my fellow Jovenaar's," commented Lukas Rakoczy!
  6. "A true Haeseni patriot. I am proud to serve alongside Tarathiel in the Duma. May her family prosper and serve Haense faithfully," commented Lukas Rakoczy upon seeing the poster.
  7. "Actually they're talking about when he was kneed in the groin for no reason," commented Viktor, who witnessed the whole arrest!
  8. I wish for a face reveal from james2k please
  9. “Cope,” says former President of Oren Lukas Rakoczy, standing beside official portraits of former President Terrence May, former President Lauritz Christiansen, former President Konrad Stafyr, and former President Konstantin Wick.
  10. A letter bearing the seal of the Leader of the Opposition, Lukas Rakoczy arrives at Varoche Hall. “To my fellow Members of the House of Commons, A cabinet secretary as the leader of this body does not sit well with me. An unchecked cabinet member is how Edward Galbraith was able to effectively control the city government of Helena. The President must be an elected representative that is not affiliated with any other branch of government. As the Leader of the Opposition, it is my honor to nominate Edwin Winter for the position of President of Commons. Signed,
  11. The former President of Oren (vote Rakoczy 1786) woke up to a paper taped to his face and the sound of nails being hammered into his front door. He smiled, knowing what this meant. “Finally.”
  12. The former President of Oren (vote Rakoczy 1786) smiled at the announcement. “She was always kind. I have high hopes for her!”
  13. To the Supreme Court, This letter is penned by several former Members of the Commons of the 18th Imperial Diet, hereafter “the Respondents”, in response to the Request for Judicial Review published by Mr. Conrad Barclay, hereafter “the Appellant”, and shall herein demonstrate to the Supreme Court that the Second Lemonade Legal Reforms, hereafter “the Reforms”, present no constitutional issues. The Respondents respectfully reject the Appellant’s submission that the Reforms are in conflict with ORC604.02, providing that “the Imperial Diet’s functions and legislation, as a
  14. VOTE ON THE JUDICIARY SALARY AMENDMENT ACT AYE Rakoczy C. Barclay O. Barclay Wick Baruch Kortrevich Christiansen NAY Stahl-Elendil O’Rourke Bykov ABSTAIN Galbraith ABSENT Carrion Majority is achieved and the bill is passed.
  15. SITTING OF THE 18TH IMPERIAL DIET SUN’S SMILE, 1784 Present: Lukas Rakoczy; Jonah Stahl-Elendil; Conrad Barclay; George Galbraith; Padraig O’Rourke; Konstantin Wick; Sigmar Baruch; Juliyus Kortrevich; Angelika Bykov; Lauritz Christiansen. Absent: Osvald Barclay; Ostromir Carrion. Lukas Rakoczy: “This sitting of the 18th Imperial Diet is now in session.” ‎ Lukas Rakoczy: “Before we begin, Mr Leader.” ‎ Lukas Rakoczy: “I must report that the motion to remove article t
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