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  1. “Maybe the Morsgrad Mold does more harm than we had thought, old friend. It appears the Morsgradese have lost their ability to count,” said Otto after reading the letter to Terrence May! @Piov
  2. Full Name of Man - Alaric Leopold Stafyr Date of Birth of Man - 1735 Name of Woman - Aleksandra Mariya Barbanov-Alimar Date of Birth of Woman – 1735 Location of Ceremony - Basilica of the Fifty Virgins Date of Ceremony (Year) - 1751 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Cardinal Boniface
  3. As was showcased on the forums an hour or two ago, I made the mistake of calling axelu a “dumb *****”. Why did I do it? Because I was angry that someone I once considered a friend would turn and make a post against the community that he was a part of and one that I’ve worked extremely hard to preserve and make a welcoming place for new players and veteran players alike. This post especially talks to me; I’ve failed recently to be respectful to my peers and for that I’m sincerely sorry. I can only hope to be better in the future, and hope that you, eddy, and others in the Haense community are ready to call me out whenever I sink too low.
  4. RP Name: Otto Sigmar MC Username: Pureimp10 Discord: Pureimp10#4596 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Haense Why Do You Wish To Come?: IC: It was Haense’s leader at the time, Karl Barbanov, that killed the Wyrm that destroyed Athera. It’d be nice for my character, who is a descendant of Karl, to go back and see what his ancestor did. OOC: Athera was one of the first maps that I actually got to explore and take part in when I was younger. It’s where I met most of my friends that I still hang out with today, and I would love to revisit many of the old places we would RP in. What Skills Can You Bring?: Fighting, knowledge of history, scavenger for food and survival skills
  5. Otto Sigmar nods in agreement with the missive, remembering the good old days of his youth..
  6. The REAL Baron of Kraken’s Watch, Britannus Vanir shook his head in disappointment as he responded to Sergei. “I guess they were right, you really can’t kill off all the cockroaches.”
  7. Pureimp10


    “A true Alimar, one of honor and common morals. If only her pathetic excuses of a father and brother were more like her,” says Otto upon hearing of his niece’s words from a messenger, as he prepared for the second assault of Reza.
  8. Otto simply remembers the man being cut down by Ser Roderick of the Marian Retinue while his ruberni allies desperately tried, and failed, to save him!
  9. Otto would laugh and cheer at their successful defense, fondly remembering the Ruberni man that he threw from the walls into the trench below and the orc that drowned before him within Lake Milena.
  10. Otto Sigmar signs the Lorraine Cross, silently thanking GOD for delivering the Empress from the hands of evil men.
  11. Declaration of Disinheritance 11th of Owyn’s Light 1743 | Vzmey and Hyff 296 ES “Give not, yield not” By decree of the Grand Prince of Muldav, let it be known that the Alimar-Ruberni line of Prince Vladrick Hieromar, previously the Black Prince of Rubern, and his first born son, Marius Stiboricz, and their descendants shall be disavowed and disinherited in perpetuity from the House of Alimar, under the treasonous and disdainful acts committed against the Crown of Hanseti-Ruska, for the obstruction of law and order, and for the subversion of his oath of fealty to the North. They henceforth shall be stripped of all titles, honorifics, and claims thus previously bestowed upon him within the House of Alimar. Iv Joveo Ehr, 1743 Signed, His Highness, Prince Otto Sigmar Barbanov-Alimar, Grand Prince of Muldav, Lord Marshal of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska
  12. “That’d explain why you read it.” says Otto
  13. BATTLE OF HANGMAN’S BRIDGE The day had begun with the death of an individual scout, an outrider that had been caught away from his force. It was then that the horns of the pagan AIS army sounded, and battle lines were quickly drawn across the fields near Hangman’s Bridge. As soldiers said their prayers, familiar faces lined the front line: Tiberius and Otto of Haense, John II of Ruswick, Ser Baerin Furnival of the Imperial State Army. Soon enough, arrows flew, shields were splintered, and the battle was fully underway. The Haeseni countryside echoed with the sound of swords clanging, as dents formed in the armor of the pagan AIS army. The valiant soldiers of Oren and Ruswick did not falter in their charge, raining strike after strike upon the faltering ranks of Morsgrad. The few who tried to resist were run down, offered no mercy - all that pagan invaders deserve. Skilled swordsman gathered many kills for themselves, men like Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich, Dirty Don Juan took the lives of five Morsgradese each. Fueled by their earlier victory at Suffonia, though considered a desperate one by a Morsgradese man named ‘Flemius’, the lines of pagans failed to withstand the onslaught of the proud fighters, finding themselves unable to offer much resistance, if any. Soon, the battlefield was littered with the bodies of pagans, their bodies floating face down in the river. Poking around the battlefield, those allied with Oren failed to find any of their allies, with every body found yet another Morsgradese casualty. Ave Oren. Ave Haense.
  14. heard milenkhov got killed

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  15. Boris Johanson smiles as his candidate announces his campaign!
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