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Found 1 result

  1. Lair PRO MC Name: Islamadon Lair Name: feldersrock, or Lectors Lair Members: Islamadon, Prophet_Owyn, Boarlord, Iomedaean, Dargrind, Bewahrungs, Funtzu, __Heathman, wowj, friendlyguy83, Abeam1, Tasty_Cheesecake, PrivetTovarisch, Olaai, Jihadi_in_Pradi, Yuzoi, Shorsand, Aehmi, 7ixy, ArcaneChicken, Titanium430 Proposed Lair Locations (Highlight/draw at least three on the map): Currently, we are located on the region “feldersrock” on Tile 70. Originally we were granted land by Oren, but due to numerous civil wars and the intent to reorganize, the Rebel victors in Acre have decided to cut the Lectors loose in pursuit of Lairhood. Lair Lore (supply link to an existing creature or other lore if being used as basis for this lair) (1000 words minimum): The Lectorate of Owyn has been a consistently active organization of Human church RPers for more than a year now. The group has gained notoriety due to its investigations into darkspawn and development of Alchemy related lore. We possess Tawkin, Animii, Smoggers and Templarism- all of which are blended to make the Lector aesthetic. We primarily engage in philanthropy, in that we offer free replacement limbs and knowledge on server lore to those who come and ask us. I feel as if the ST already knows of the Lectors and already possess opinions on the group; thus, writing 1000 words is meaningless. I will provide lore posts, however. Lair Build and Infrastructure (photos required, give dimensions): Currently the Build is rather large for a Lair, but that is just the region we were given to encompass the mountain. I am not sure on the specific dimensions, but I believe it to be in the realm of 90x130 currently. The build is already implemented in the “feldersrock” region. Why can this group not fulfill their roleplay niche in an existing settlement or nation? (Give a detailed answer and examples of how this has not worked in the past.): We absolutely can thrive in a nation. As it stands, the Orenian remnant is condensing us and wishes to free us of our ties to them and other nations. I would prefer to not have to spend another 4 weeks building, or have them own the tile purely for our sake. If this is a deal-breaker, I understand. How does this lair add to the greater world around it? How will its existence benefit its roleplay group and the server at-large?: Lectors have been around since Luciensburg’s initial formation last year. I would say that our group has been key to revitalizing interest in Human Faith RP, and acting as the bridge for Human players to delve into deeper server lore. We’ve also been one of the most Lawful-Good organizations around, rivaled only by the Paladins. Though some have become disgruntled with our methodology and min-maxing, I argue that someone has to be a police officer and the whistleblower. If permitted this lair, we will exist as we have always existed.
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