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  1. An Explorator smirks something akin to a goose behind his fake metal face. Like that goose, he honked with a lisp as he said: "HAH! To think a '''noble''' would make a rating shystem so shimilar yet inferior to my grand SHIVILITY SHCALE! It sheems I have to publish my findingsh before shomeone providesh an inadequate asheshment!"
  2. As a Templar with a TA, I can say that finding a Templar capable of teaching you is rare and difficult even if you were a prime candidate... I recommend doing courageous and lawful good things IRP to get noticed by the people who could make you a Templar. Just asking around in OOC and not putting in any of the sweat wont yield great results.
  3. FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, Pasting a build by hand via Litematica + LC is a real pain. It's easy to suggest this, but it neglects terraforming. Although it may be faster than getting the materials by hand, a nation's builders would essentially be constructing the build twice. I'd recommend just giving people a due date for their proposed builds and not worry about spoling the new map. If they still have work to do - tough toenails - they can use the limited LC. People just want to have fun when new maps release, so forcing them to do chores just reduces fun. As for roads, I never really felt that they played a huge difference aside from travel time. Naturally, the towns that are placed on the main highway will experience more traffic than those who are off to the side and five thousand blocks away. This can be mitigated through fast travel and ferries, and bandits can instead focus on other methods of villainy than stopping travelers. Fast travel isn't ideal, but it would be the fairest method of equal navigation.
  4. [!] A monthly log is delivered via the Eastfleet Postal Service. Destination: the Temple Fortress of Ard'Kharyll. Gaekrin was a long ways off, and many Oyashiman smugglers would have to be bribed with Almarian scrimshaws to ensure that it was delivered safely and without hassle from Imperial Customs. Despite this, the man who dispatched his yearly missive remained hopeful, for GOD favors His servants. ARCH LECTOR'S LOG: MENSIS SOLARIUS, 1876. The forces of darkness, as of recent, desire nothing more than to snuff the flame from our Flaming Covenant. We're becoming too high profile, and the dregs that we find in the murky streets of this continent drag upon our spirits. Morale ever sinks, yet we're required to keep hope that these people will choose the paved and blessed path rather than the cracks within the shade. As it stands, the Flaming Covenant Cohort has suffered another casualty. Brother Ioannes Temesch, of noble blood and nobler ideals, has embarked upon a great journey to the Skies. He came to us in youth, to seek a life that held greater meaning than carving the buttered thighs of turkeys within Orenian banquets. He never believed in superstition; nether, he outright denied the existence of the beasts we've slain. It was admirable, for he retained a blissful ignorance about the world and became immune to its negativity. Rather, he chose to instead helm a family and to grow bushels of wheat ; a simple yet respectful life, in addition to all the troubles that came with it. For all that Brother Temesch was, he was a loving individual who wanted the best for those in his life. I regret that I was never able to tell him that I valued his opinion greatly, because so few were able to make me check my own ideals as he did. May Brother Temesch find solace in the skies, for he is now able to reunite with those he cared for most. I recommend the immediate provision of additional bodies to the Third Mission. In particular, I seek to repurpose the aimless Explorators that tinker about in the South-West. Under my supervision, they might find greater purpose. DEUS MAGNUS, Arch-Lector Dante de Denesle
  5. I'm going to be self denying this because, upon reflection, I think I could do far better making an Alchemy Pack that addressed the different types of curses separately and in a more flavorful way. The original hope for this piece was to provide a remedy to common afflictions we encounter but I've come to agree over the course of a couple days that a cure-all is weak and could be better. Will go back to the drawing board with this one...
  6. This is an interesting concept, but I'm unsure what lingering blessings can be applied onto people if they're not already Paladins [Templars can't even spread their blessings beyond 10 emotes with a banner]. My personal take on Alchemy is that it is worldly and thus would be neutral to both Dark and Holy magics. ALSO, I updated the original post. I added a further symbol cost, and clarified that this potion would theoretically ONLY work on Minor Hexes, Cursed Idols, Shaman Hexes that affect emotion/personality or a Phantom's Geistreach. The intent of this potion was to enable non-Paladins to deal with baby curses that might linger and really affect nothing IRP aside from the way a character interacts. I was hoping that a priest character would use this and start screaming "BEGONE DEMON" as they flashed a bible.
  7. Do not take that response personally, as it was a rebuke to Smoothie's statement that only Paladins should be able to purify things because they act in accordance to their God (which I stated is sometimes not the case). I did not mention Templars because they lack the ability to purge. I understand that the Paladin community has made efforts to fix this, and it's why I sought to propose this as a way of helping the work load, key words being "inconvenience him" when describing how we have to summon you. So, I apologize if that came across as offensive. Otherwise, I appreciate the feedback. I agree that the cost should be more, and that Alchemy shouldn't be as potent as Paladin magic. How would you recommend this potion(s) be nerfed, with regards to ability? I myself was contemplating Kunuck's suggestion but feel as if requiring Rakir/Ectoplasm/Life Force etc. would be anti-archetypal to those wanting to cure a curse... At that point, you'd be required to sacrifice cats to cure a Naz curse. Ultimately, this post is a draft.
  8. I for one welcome the return of button and fence spam, thanks tech team Edit: I also welcome slab lips Edit 2: I also, also welcome the return of slab/stair walls and pvp funnels
  9. Malflame is NOT affected by this potion [in redlines]. I would agree normally Kujo with regards to separating into multiple potions- and was thinking about that; I ultimately figured that there are too few regents with Aether signed symbols that would make sense for unique recipes. Perhaps I could modify the base so that instead of using aurum flakes, it could use something else... Unfortunately, alot of modern Darkspawn don't have tangible weaknesses akin to aurum that would serve as a good reference. I would say alot of curses are underpowered as is- frankly, I can't even think of much curses that attack the soul so terribly. A list for EVERYTHING this would effect may become redundant should lore adapt in the future. I would prefer to keep it simple and straight forward, but I'm not against spending the time trying to pluck specific curses from each evil lore page. With regards to Naz, people can already throw their cursed relic in a fire pit and wait 3 days for a cure - this potion would just speed it up if they actively seek help or want to learn a recipe. I do agree with your take on Paladin barriers existing due to tiers though, and will brainstorm ways to make this potion a bit more complex to make. Ultimately though, Paladins do approximately 3-5 emotes to cure someone and run off; this would at minimum take 4 per the creation process, followed by sick rp. Addressing the take on Muritor being specific - I would argue that this is a bit different because Corcs are a borderline transformative CA whereas this would just make your bad luck and suicidal thoughts go away. Since we can't sprinkle holy water on people, this is the next best thing IMO.
  10. Between Paladins that date vampires and others who commission Rokodra from Azdrazi, I would hardly say that Paladins necessitate an adherance to their own code and deity to be potent. Muritor's Elixir is an alchemy potion that has set a precedent for curing curses that affect the soul. Most curses, to my knowledge, do not linger beyond CRP anyhow. This potion does not heal you, and would simply kick out any lingering curse that a person might suffer from. You touch a curse again, you get cursed again. Even the Necromantic diseases I described say that they can be cured with alchemy and simple "homeopathic" treatments that can be as simple as rubbing sage on a wound. I would argue that there is no such thing as "consequence" for curses currently anyhow since anyone can just walk to the vale or Urguan for an hour until a Paladin comes and help you. A good question since this will inevitably come up. Muritor's Elixir set the precedent for curing a curse of the soul, and this potion would not simply a drink or vitamin supplement. Its base necessitates Liquid Mana, which is magical, and utilizes Aurum (this effects Ectoplasm and has been a long time weakness to spooks until it got nerfed). Another ST precedent that has been set is that an influx of Mana can disrupt magic, including that of the soul (Null Arcana can temporarily stun Sorvians). The symbols required are all Aether signed which, as described by the lore page, "covers features that attribute to odd and mythical properties." I can understand the dislike towards it being able to cure soul afflictions since it's more esoteric than simply having a rash.
  11. I utilized Dargrind as a point of reference for the hex aspect and whether it should even be referenced; he said that it should not affect contact hexes but should affect soul hexes since the spirit of the piece of is to dislodge Paladin monopoly on curse purging. Figured Malflame was more esoteric in that it was akin to a genuine wound of the soul rather than a curse. Ultimately, though, I see your point. Will confer with others again for that minor revision.
  12. [T3] ST. CAIUS’ SHIELD [RARE] BACKGROUND Due to the need to combat the ever increasing influx of curses within their community, Lector Alchemists conceptualized and developed St. Caius’ Shield as a means to provide an alternative and practical method for remedying supernatural afflictions. RECIPE BASE: Liquid Mana + Shredded Gold Leaf Aether | Purity [x3] Aether | Vigour [x3] Aether | Clarity [x3] Aether | Peace [x2] CREATION One must first shred up a leaf of aurum, and add it thoroughly to a measure of liquid essence. Once the base is prepared, the Alchemist must add a measure of three “Aether | Purity” symbols, mix thoroughly, and allow it to rest for the duration of a narrative day. This will cause the mixture to become a dull orange, regardless of the liquid mana’s original hue. Now that hue of orange, the Alchemist must then mix three “Aether | Clarity” symbols into the concoction at a simmering low heat. This will brighten the mixture considerably, altering its hue to that of gold. Lastly, the Alchemist will add a measure of two “Aether | Peace” symbols and allow the mixture to bask in the light of the sun from dawn until dusk. By the end, the golden liquid would begin to refract with a radiant sparkle. Once the potion is fabricated, it may be combined with sawdust to make incense, wax to create a candle or other aesthetic tools that would facilitate the burning the of the potion. For example, one could even utilize a lamp burner or a censer. EFFECTS When set ablaze, this golden elixir's fumes would aid a descendant in purging the effects of Minor Hexes, Cursed Idols, Shaman Hexes that affect Personality/Emotion, and phantom Possession/Gheistreach. Saint Caius’ Shield’s slow-burn effects necessitate a build up of approximately one narrative hour or [10] emotes in order to become potent and will encompass an area of 3x3 blocks. The consumer, should they suffer from these maladies, would begin to sweat furiously as they develop symptoms of the “Westerlandic Flu”; this includes a high fever, nausea and a frailness as their body is placed in a state of immunal fight for the duration of that hour. REDLINES St. Caius’ Shield will ONLY combat the effects of Cursed Idols [Naztherak] and Minor Hexes [Mysticism], Shamanist Hexes that affect Personality/Emotion, and Posession/Geistreach by Phantoms. St. Caius’ Shield is a cure, not a vaccine. This is to say that this cure resets an individual to “zero”, and will not protect them from further cursing. St. Caius’ Shield will NOT affect the curse of the Corcitură, soul-burn inflicted by Malflame and nor will it affect the traits of Cursed Children. St. Caius' Shield will not mend the warping of a soul from a curse tethered to a CA of any type. This is to say that if a CA requires a blackmarking of their soul to be made or operate, this potion will NOT counteract their own corruption. St. Caius’ Shield will NOT overpower a curse inflicted by contact or proximity should the consumer retain said contact or proximity. This is to say that although curses may be remedied, the user will only be cured so long as they do not remain under the influence of an object or substance. St. Caius’ Shield’s “Westerlandic Flu” will NOT take effect on those who are not experiencing the malady of a curse or necromantic disease. This means that one cannot use this potion to induce fever or frailness in others as a means of poisoning. St. Caius’s Shield’s “Westerlandic Flu” will cause an individual to become too weak to fight adequately, becoming significantly weaker and sickly. This is to say that one should not powergame through the illness if consumed during combat. Although this potion is intended to be burned when combined with other substances, the substance itself is not easily combustible and requires an implement. This potion is a T3 potion and its recipe is considered RARE knowledge. This potion's effects may be determined by the presiding ET in an event setting, should a custom curse be implemented. This potion requires ST approval. [OOC] PURPOSE In recent weeks the Lector player group has encountered numerous cursed individuals who were unable to be helped despite their requests. It forced us to send for Valannor’s paladin constantly which not only delayed RP but inconvenienced him. With regards to the potion itself, I took inspiration from the curse purging precedent of Muritor Elixir and the ability for alchemy to thwart ghostly abilities in Sigismund’s Candles. Likewise, Spoon’s recent Null Arcana addition utilized Liquid Mana to disrupt magic, which I think can be made consistent here. I also added “Necromantic Diseases” as an ailment that can be cured since Necromancy lore mentions alchemical or homeopathic cures but does not specify which would do the job. Further, while reading and transcribing cursed items into the Lore Pixel Project, I realized that Paladins truly maintain a monopoly on curse purging on this server. Templars lack this capability and there are currently no Clerics or Ascended to aid in this capacity either. I believe that this addition would allow other player bases, including ones who engage in spook RP, to remedy curses without relying on Paladins. CHANGELOG - Added Redline: St. Caius' Shield will not mend the warping of a soul from a curse tethered to a CA of any type. This is to say that if a CA requires a blackmarking of their soul to be made or operate, this potion will NOT counteract their own corruption. - St. Caius’ Shield will ONLY combat the effects of Cursed Idols [Naztherak] and Minor Hexes [Mysticism], Shamanist Hexes that affect Personality/Emotion, and Posession/Geistreach by Phantoms. - Added Redline: This potion's effects may be determined by the presiding ET in an event setting, should a custom curse be implemented. - Added a requirement of "Aether | Vigour x3" [32 Redstone] to the recipe. - This recipe now requires ST approval. - Modified the description to reflect the redlines. - Added Redline: Although this potion is intended to be burned when combined with other substances, the substance itself is not easily combustible and requires an implement. - Modified the creation and description to include a combination with flammable implements in order to cause the potion to release potent fumes rather than requiring bodily consumption.
  13. "BY OWYN, we require the Holy Knights for this one..." comments a Lector as he reflects upon old wives' tales.
  14. "Voidal constructs requiring oversight? How profane, they should just be illegal!" comments a Lector.
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