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  1. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  2. Amendments/Additions implemented into main lore post. Thank you for your submission. Moving to correct subforum to prevent redundancy and clutter.
  3. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  4. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  5. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  6. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  7. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  8. It's good that the Mods are attempting to uphold forum standards to make sure it's quality over "R" posting (I hate these, you didn't have anything important to say in the first place!), but I can't help but feel as if the spirit of the enforcement does not revolve around the pursuit of quality. To me, and I emphasize I'm not trying to go at anyone's throats, the way in which this has been enforced previously comes across as two adults attempting to impose their moderation authority onto a bunch of teenagers and college kids. It doesn't seem so beneficial as it does making a vendetta to put oneself in the spotlight and impose control over the forums. From my experience, most people who receive the snarky one-liners are making snarky one-liners themselves, and who end their posts with their character twirling a dagger or something in their private room. How, unless through anonymity or vague-posting, are people meant to respond to this kind of forum reply? By the logic of moderation, any attempt to do so legitimately cannot be done - it's Metagame. Are we meant to wait for the Blues to clean it up? Further, in the event that posts are indeed always IC and can be responded to regardless of reasonable presence, do I not hold the right to walk over to them in-game and rip their tongue out? It is my opinion that whatever you put out on the forums should be fair game to respond to in any way one sees fit. We do not moderate the number of words, hostile intent and so on in-game. I understand it is a false equivalence to equate the forums to the in-game server, but the forums are meant to be an extension of the in-game world whereby people can see law posts and character threads. If people didn't want others to respond, why are they even making a thread or reply in the first place? A solution to not receiving feedback would be allowing for OPs to lock their own threads off the bat. To conclude - begging the rules as law doesn't address the spirit of those rules. Being a pedantic enforcer of rules which deter player enjoyment (and indeed - a good portion of the players thinks this is annoying) only means that Mods themselves are deterring player enjoyment. As long as no one is causing harm through doxing, posting IP grabbers, slur-spewing, ETC. I don't see a need to be so tight-fisted about the forums. They've always been sassy.
  9. As a merchant "RPer" who had eclipsed Urguan's National Treasury, I can say with pure confidence that my wealth was earned not through roleplay but by letting my stall passively sell vouchers. I did not Roleplay in the slightest. Merchant RPers are fake. Let me buy wacky items late at night again.
  10. Dante de Denesle shivers, fearing he may yet be found out to be a Hirano.
  11. We're long due for a Great Hero Alliance.

    1. Panashea


      I'm doing my part!

  12. A samurai meditates beneath gently rustling Sakura pedals. He reflects a great cultural disparity, in how the Lubba had yet to realize that a Samurai’s envoy was his trusted sword. Too does the Samurai ponder why their king need be groveled to, when his sworn deputies were already both aware of and responsible for the transgressions of the Lurinite. They do not truly see, he ponders with format-less thoughts.
  13. Whilst looking through Kato Eren's many unsold paintings, Danzen randomly finds his eyes besetting upon a depiction of the event - a scene so terrifying that it had burned into the memory of the poor, simple-minded Samurai . . .
  14. @Sander Oyashima Lore-Writers recently went back to Oyashima and clarified things that were strange and odd. For instance, Oyashima meaning "Eight Great Islands" yet being part of the greater continent. We fixed these problems recently and basically with the consent of Esterlen, Dingo, Jules (co-Author of Oyashima Culture Post) we revamped the area a bit to be consistent. We also fleshed out the islands. If you would like to rework your map, simply Bump Oyashima north of the Cathant Peninsula into the Shattered Sea, and carve a bit south to make a little bay. Current Zoomed in Oyashima map.
  15. [!] A Letter is delivered Post-Haste . . . Rex Kybal’Akaal "The Ram"; I, Ugokoyama Danzen, shall be issuing the reply on behalf of my greater country. The reasoning for this perceived slight by an underling of your defensive ally is simple: The Oni involved are my Brethren, my Wings and my Responsibility. This in no way implies that I shall prostrate myself nor sell out my Clansmen nor the country of Nor-Velyth. In fact, it is the contrary. As it stands in FACT, not fiction, three oathed and binded members of the Ugokoyama Clan had ventured to the sandy capital of the Orkish Horde with the intent of training in preparation for their fight against the Nether-Olog. Once arrived, they had come across a friend of the Oyashi people being beset upon by a lonesome Uruk - Brevias. Not one to allow a friend to be accosted without righteous action, they had intervened and engaged in a KLOMP. Amidst this battle a Short Honorary attempted to intervene himself, and screeched "RAID, RAID RAIIIIID!" In response, the Oni rightly beat him up for being stupid - for it was not a raid, and this short-man was simply squealing untruths. After the Uruk Brevias was defeated, in honor and in friendship both my Clansmen and the Uruk enjoyed a steak dinner as FRIENDS. And so closed the Nether-Gate, and the Heavenly-Gate opened. This heavenly peace did not last long, due to an attempt by further Uruks to accost, enslave and murder - again - Friends of the Oyashi. These friends were Atemu-Ta and his Sister, who subsequently took her own life in defiance of imposed bondage. The Righteous Oni - Bound by the Code of Budo - would not stand for this. Such is the tenet of CHŪGI, and to step away after seeing such a distasteful scene would have besmirched their character so DEEPLY that they would have been better off joining her with ritual suicide. It was then that the ring-leader of this Orkish altercation proclaimed "SLAY THEM ALL". This is a query indeed, for the implications of your proclamation imply that it were the Oyashi - In a MILITARY capacity - had engaged in an unprovoked attack upon the Horde. As the story plays out, it appears that it was in fact your own brothers, in a military capacity, who sentenced ours to DEATH. Then again, perhaps they were not deputized with such a power. In response to the sentencing, the Ugokoyama-Oni opted to FIGHT, lest they willingly extend their necks as sacrificial cattle to be slain by beings of fragile Ego. Indeed, a further Klomp ensued, and the wrathful gang of Uruk began to vanish one after the other, though some were certainly slain. The most perplexing factoid of all of this is - following the altercation - it is reported that my Oni and your People embraced in a brotherly embrace, and of no ill-omen and friendship. It is now evident, after the fact, that there was quite handful of survivors from this ignoble Oyashi Aggression! Indeed, survivors so clairvoyant that they had managed to peer through their tears, bow before the Honorable Rex, and whine with such high pitch that they would now invoke WAR between our two peoples, when the righteous KLOMP had already settled the affair. This matter has weighed upon my mind, and in contemplation I had comissioned the Samurai - Kato Eren - to paint me a depiction of the event so that I may remember the day that an Uruk need grovel before his Rex to seek vengeance for a fight he rightly lost. In consequence, should your Country TRULY persist in the belief that the acts of the Ugokoyama Oni were without honor to the point where the Iron Horde would now exist in a state of war with the Nor'Velyth people, I offer this remedy: A duel between Ugokoyama Bata and the Ringleader, whose name betrays me. Regardless of the outcome, the matter shall be settled and no more tears shall be shed from either side. UGOKOYAMA DANZEN
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