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  1. People screeching about plagiarism are subversives who hate the server but try to guise it as caring for LOTC and/or other creators...

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      @itdontmattabig bro please learn to forgive Slorbin's sins, there is hope for him still as a valuable mind 🙏 

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      @ScubaDo not beg for forgiveness, especially on the behalf of another man. The ability to withhold forgiveness or bestow it is a great power, one which we must not let control us. We do not value forgiveness from a fiend like itdontmatta.

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      Do u noobs read ur posts before sending them wtf

  2. "Yeah! No Taxmen! It's about time our South-Eastern Neighbors learned of Du Locian Spirit!" proclaimed a vagrant living in the ruins of the Heart of Almaris. "Sleepy Ireheart, tax this!" he proclaimed as he belched out a guttural roar.
  3. Halflings should be a CA race Fishing GIF by Epicly Later'd

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      i wish (that they got legacy shelved)

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      most controversial thing you could have ever said


      yet you did

  4. looks genuinely fun, gives me vibes of an epic world
  5. LORE HELP II: THE HUMAN EMPIRE'S ORIGIN OOC: ABOUT THE EMPIRE When roleplaying in Lord of the Craft, you will undoubtedly encounter Nations. Lord of the Craft is unique in that anyone can make their own nation with enough support from other players. Politics in Lord of the Craft is a cornerstone of what makes this server engaging, because no other game can simulate the depth and interactivity that LOTC can provide. Historically, Mankind has housed the most ambitious of players and the concept of the “Orenian Empire” has affected the server in immeasurable ways. Some players dream of its restoration, others scorn it and wish that the idea would die. Non-Humans often band together to stand a chance against the vast Human hordes, and will even plot to prevent its reformation in the modern day. A decade ago in OOC time, Human players managed to unite the Human player base under a single Emperor and though it inevitably collapsed, the dream of Empire has never vanished. Since then, there have been at least 8 Empires claiming to be the rightful successors to the Imperial Title. Luckily for myself, Human Players have also historically been the greatest record keepers of all the races. If you are interested in politics and nation building, I highly recommend making a human character and exploring the depth of lore and history that the community has fostered over the past decade. EARLY HISTORY Horen, father of Humanity and one of the Four Brothers, created the first Human kingdom south of the Isthmus of Kramoroe on Aegis, where the ruins of the highest towers Aemon and Daemon lie. This was the city of OREN, the capital of the First Human Kingdom. Horen was killed as an old frail man against the immortal Krug who had pitied the weakness and curse of his brother. This brought about the fall of the first Human Kingdom at the hands of the Orcs. HAREN I Haren I, Horen’s “First Son”, wed an elf of the Wildewyn tribe, and resulted in the formation of the first half-half subrace, the Adunians. Haren thus became the first leader of the Adunic Tribes and was the first of the scattered Humans to resettle following the destruction of Oren, and allowed the Wildewyn elves to settle alongside him. Haren formed a tyrannical kingdom and dubbed it “The Kingdom of Alduun”. During the reign of the Adunians, true-blooded Humans suffered as they found themselves a marginal racial group without a nation nor culture. The Kingdom of Alduun, under Elendil the Exile, was eventually overthrown by the Human seneschal Saint Owyn Godwinson. Owyn was a descendant of Horen’s other son, Godwin, and was made a Saint for toppling the reign of Non-Human oppressors. When Owyn overthrew the Kingdom, he freed Mankind’s future from the control of the other races; this was the first peg of Pro-Humanism. Following Elendil's exile, the Adunians undertook an exodus to the North where they would remain. The third son of Horen, Joren, settled in the Valley of Jrent where Al’Khazar, a player-ran city in Aegis, would one day be. Over the centuries, the Horens of Jrent grew more and more powerful until they became the massive Kingdom of Oren. Al’Khazar was constructed by the Holy Saint King Daniel Horen. In this era, the Nobility possessed great power and laws which protected both them and their right to rule; the leaders were respected and there was a chain of the hierarchy. This all changed when Saint Daniel abdicated so that he might take a Holy Voyage to the North. Saint Daniel’s seneschal, Pampo Perea, seized power in a traitorous coup, marking the beginning of the First Age of Aegis and the conclusion of the Ancient Era. History beyond this point was forged by the players of Lord of the Craft. FALL OF NOBILITY The Holy Tongue of Flexio faded in favor of the Common Speech, degrading the poetic vernacular of Humanity. Historical Knowledge began to shrink and was slowly forgotten by the common man. The rights of the nobility faded, and the average peasant lost respect for their superiors; public mocking became commonplace within the domains of the Human lords. This led, ultimately, to the destruction of Authoritative Hierarchy and the self-respect of Oren. Too did the Dwarves erect colonies upon Orenian land, Pampo Perea asking nothing in return nor raising a finger to prevent it. The undead, at the command of the banished Iblees, besieged the living and the extent of the Kingdom of Oren shrunk massively due to this weakness. SHEFFIELD DISASTER Mankind’s situation was made worse when Edmund Sheffield seized the throne from the weakened Pereas. The defenders of Humanity became laughing stocks, and the Hansetic Teutonic Order sacked Al’Khazar with the aid of Non-Humans. The Sheffields lost a significant amount of Orenian land, and the peasantry began to resent them; Oren is hated and mocked, even by its own people. King Edmund cut ties with the Northern Settlements of Oren and many Northerners considered declaring independence. The situation is dire, and the Phoenix Revolution is sparked. Oren is taken from the Sheffields and split between the East and West with the Hansetic Peoples. Taurus the Half-Elf becomes King, yet suffers another defeat at the hands of the Teutonic Order and the Orkish Horde. RENATUS AND THE BIRTH OF EMPIRE When Aegis was destroyed, Humanity settled anew in the continent of Asulon. There, three human nations thrived within the greater Orenian sphere: Salvus, Renatus and Hanseti. Renatus, the inheritors of Al’Khazar, are attacked on all sides by the Hanseti, Salvus, the Orcs of Krugmar, Elves of Malinor and the Dwarves of Urguan. It is noted that during the aforementioned conflict with the Teutonic Order, the Dwarves had served as faithful allies, only to act with treachery. The people of Oren began to hate Taurus for being a weak King, for he had abandoned his post and placed a Regent amidst invasion. Oren also continued to hate themselves for failing so terribly. Then, came GODFREY. Godfrey, who was a direct descendent of The Saint King Daniel and Horen, seized the reins to the Kingdom of Renatus. He limited the rights of the peasantry to instill order, and granted greater noble privileges. A cult of personality formed about this new King, enabling organization not seen since before the time of Pampo Perea. Zealotry rebounded; atheists who denied the spirituality of Creatorism and heretics who had turned to unholy magic were executed in the streets. Faith was placed in God and King rather than the corruptible man. Renatus, under the rule of Godfrey, soon conquered the Human nations and solidified its power as the FIRST EMPIRE OF OREN. Nobles were once again granted land and power within this new dynasty, and serfs were ruled over. Oren found itself amidst a golden age, for its cultural revolution had revitalized the self-worth of Mankind. Despite the treachery of the past, Oren became a hub of many cultures and ideals. For a time, Mali’Valah (Elves who lived amongst Humans) lived peacefully and abided by the Human faiths and creeds. However, this is not to say that Mankind had forgotten what the other races had done. Dwarves retained a traitor’s mark, and the Teutons despised the Orks for being mutant in nature. Oren too set its hateful eyes upon the Elves of Malinor, for they had provided quarter to atheists and damnables. ATHEISTS AND ELVES It was always a matter of great confusion for Humanity that there would be those who denied the spiritual nature of the World. Many Elves were atheist, and many Elves were outspoken in their disdain for Oren’s faith. The Elves began to subvert the systems Godfrey had put in place, with many issues of respect arising from areas that held large Elven populations. Ildon, one such territory, rose in rebellion against the Empire and was swiftly crushed. The cause of this failed rebellion was determined to be a laxity in Human values; Ildon had begun to perceive Oren as a backwards, bigoted entity worthy of destruction. Yet, time proved the Orenians justified in their distrust of Elven-Kind. Elves and Adunians (who had returned from Exile) were flocking to Oren in droves, yet refused to abide by the laws of Godfrey. The Order of the White Rose gained great prominence in this era. They were a Holy Organization that hunted demons and rogue mages. Its leaders, the line of Chivay, had suffered great familial loss at the hands of Dark-Elves. The White Rose turned to slaughtering rebels and those who did not respect the nobility, the religion and the Imperial Order. It was believed that rampant peasant liberty would lead to chaos and destabilization, as had been seen with the Pereas and Sheffields. The most prominent of rebels were Elves, and thus hatred seeped into both the Order and the Empire. OOC: CONCLUSION Human RP, in its very early history, was shaped by a constant stream of other factions attempting to take advantage of a weak player base. In the early days of Aegis there was no great historical precedent for anything, and thus what later became the Orenian Empire was a reaction to the stresses of the era. The Empire of Oren became integral to Human RP because it symbolized the defiance against those who would put them under boot. The Empire is perceived as the Divinely entitled to Humanity, and those who can restore it are, in effect, living Saints. This era also explains why Humanity may be perceived as bigoted in a modern context. In the early days, Elves, Atheists, etc. would come to town and stir trouble simply for the sake of doing it. This caused Human Players to become resentful, and a stereotype to be formed about the “Edgy Elf”. As a result, Elves even to this day are often mocked in Human lands, and there exists a certain taboo in associating with them.
  6. LORE HELP I: BACKGROUND Due to the influx of TikTok immigrants, I have decided to provide a helpful hand as an LT. Admittedly, the current Lore System is rather complicated to navigate; thus, I will attempt to provide players, both old and new, a somewhat succinct summary and explanation of highly important Lore concepts that you are likely to encounter on a day to day basis. This said, please refrain from METAGAMING. I have provided a color key to help people navigate: RED = Avoid mentioning IRP unless you learn about it organically. This I am going to write for now. If people show interest in this mini-project, I would be more than willing to continue making new posts on requested topics. If people want to call me Reddit or a Dweeb that's fine too. I hope this can at least help ONE person who cannot be bothered to navigate the abhorrent wiki. What I write is Canon as far as I am aware and is a paraphrase, so do not if you are upset that a personal head canon is not mentioned or if I get a particular detail incorrect. ORIGINS [COGNITO HAZARD] The Creator is LOTC’s God-like entity, who is both simultaneously alive and dead. The Creator can best be described as “The Big Bang”, in that the creator quite literally exploded during the formation of the Material Plane. As a result, life itself is attached to a wacky concept known as “God Shards”. The Aengudaemons, who effectively act as LOTC’s pantheon of deities, are the largest of these God Shards. To put simply, Aengudaemons are manifestations of the deceased Creator, and embody certain aspects that we can relate to. Examples include Ruin, Courage, Order, Justice, Knowledge, ETC. It is a motivation of the more ambitious Aengudaemons to collect these souls for their God Shards, thus increasing their own power. By collecting all of the Shards, one can effectively become the Creator. The Material Plane is effectively an island in the greater LOTC cosmos and serves as the setting for 99.99% of the time you will be playing. It is the realm that the Aengudaemons strive to control or protect because it houses the unclaimed souls. Further, your character is known as a “Descendant”, which refers to a descendant of the Four Brothers. When a character permanently dies, their soul is ushered into the Soul Stream whereby eldritch entities will claim or devour their souls. Beyond the Material Plane there exists potentially countless other realities or domains, but none are of enough consequence to warrant their mention. What is important, however, is that there exists a seemingly infinite stretch of static-like energy between these realms. This expanse is known as the VOID, and it is an amalgamation of concept, magic and esoteric nonsense that is not worth truly delving into. The Void does not adhere to logic or laws, it is incomprehensible. Still, it is a source of infinite energy. By piercing through the membrane of creation known as the “Veil”, many mages are able to harness the power from the Void, or to create outright tears into it. THE FOUR BROTHERS In ancient times, there was a continent known as Aegis; it was the cradle of civilization. It was a land of peace and prosperity, and the races we see today were absent. All were of one tribe, and four brothers had carved for themselves their own domains. Despite the peace, the ambitious Aengudaemon of Ruin, IBLEES, ironically conspired to take over the material plane and rule it as his personal kingdom. To meet this goal and to subvert the watching eyes of his own siblings, Iblees took the form of a kind but all-powerful man. Iblees’ strategy was to prey upon the vices of the Brothers to gain their loyalty and to drive them away from Creator worship. To each he made a promise, and for this he was later given the title “The Deceiver”. Malin, father of Elves, was promised many children to populate and bring life to his empty forests. Urguan, father of Dwarves, was promised all the jewels and riches of the earth. Horen, father of Humanity, was promised immortality so that his people might live to see the fruits of their labor. Though three of the brothers had fallen to temptation, Krug, father of Orcs, saw through the lie and became wrathful. Honorbound, Krug challenged Iblees to combat so that he might put an end to the charade. It was then that Iblees revealed his true form, monstrous and wicked, and he opted for force rather than subterfuge. Krug was amply wounded in the charge against Iblees, his flesh warping into a vile and hideous green. The other Brothers, swayed by Krug’s heroism, aided in furious combat. Though this initial battle ended indecisively, the subsequent war against Iblees’ lasted three decades. The clans of the Four Brothers, caught in the crossfire of this cataclysmic war, suffered heavy casualties and the land itself was scarred by otherworldly powers. The War also caused the Brothers to drift apart as they fell further into vice; Malin sought the refuge of the woods to protect his people, Urguan focused on protecting his possessions, Horen suffered from internal strife and a question of his leadership and Krug resented those who had fallen to Iblees’ temptations. With each life lost, Iblees grew more indomitable. At the precipice of defeat, the surviving peoples of Aegis prayed, and the skies opened for Iblees’ scheme had finally been uncovered by his peers. In a show of force, the Aenguls aided the Four Brothers in combating Iblees a final time; some Aengudaemons even sacrificed their own freedom by binding themselves to the Four Brother’s Weapons. This is where the distinction of Aengul and Daemon can be made. To put simply, an Aengul is one who seeks to, in their own way, protect Creation and those which inhabit it. A Daemon is one who seeks to use creation for their own selfish endeavors. Selflessness versus Selfishness. Unfortunately, Iblees had become so powerful that he could no longer be slain. The Aengudaemons combined their power to instead BANISH him from the Material Plane. Iblees, in a final act of defiance, levied a curse upon the mortals who had defied him. The Sons of Malin were cursed with infertility; their forests would remain empty and hollow, and their lives just as so. The Sons of Urguan were cursed with greed and short stature; they were destined to always dig in the depths and to never be satisfied with what they had. The Sons of Horen were cursed with a shortened lifespan; none were able to bear witness to the generations beyond them. Lastly, the Sons of Krug were cursed with bloodlust; carnage and bloodshed was inevitable and they would be the cause. Ariel, Aengudaemon of Souls and Mistress of the Soul Stream, in turn gave “blessings” to the Four Brothers to offset their curse. The truth is, the Aengudaemons were powerless to reverse it and thus they gave to them consolation prizes which they (mostly) already possessed. Malin was given the “Sanctuary” of the Forests, Urguan the “Strength of Will”, and Krug “Honor” to offset his bloodlust. However, The curse levied onto Horen was so severe that Aeriel granted to Humanity access to a pocket realm within her domain dubbed “The Seven Skies”, a realm of happiness and peace for the deceased. No other descendant race is offered this in the greater cosmos. In the end, Aegis returned to a relative state of peace, the descendants of each Brother spreading out to the corners of the world to resettle. Though conflict would stir in the years to come, this marks the beginning of what I like to call the “Ancient Era”, a time that marks the true beginning for most Lord of the Craft cultures and serves as a period of background between the initial defeat of Iblees and the start of the server in Aegis.
  7. Saint Robert Rovin, Patron of Feasts, shakes his head from the Skies as he watches another petty line of Haense attempt and lay claim to his Family's title once more. Saint Robert remembers it clear as day when the Kingdom of Haense sought to steal the title the first time, because no less could have been expected from such ambitious and callous sons of RAEV.
  8. As long as people do 1 on 1 rp in their bedrooms the spirit exists (i for one like slaanesh)
  9. LATE POST: The Mina market absolutely needs to hinge itself upon the voting system. It provides LOTC with advertisement, no matter how small, and it is a consistent money source for new players / new personas. The more you vote the greater the reward, especially with regards to the secondary reward offers such as Soulstone Slots, Renames, ETC. As has been seen in the past, it doesn't matter how much voting provides - the market will scale based on the amount you earn per day. The problem with Mina is that, towards end map, it becomes so inflated that it becomes worthless. Further, the only reason one would need to farm Mina is to pay for pastes, tiles, bankers and other settlement related needs. The lone player has no use for Mina because it has no value to the individual merchant! Including more systems to acquire Mina will only cause it to inflate more, given that the current mina sinks benefit only governments rather than players. What LOTC really needs is a varied Mina Sink that can appeal to different types of players. IMO the best way to get rid of the influx of Mina is to offer rare materials and items in exchange for large sum of mina. Not only would this delete the excess Mina to stall inflation, but it would also directly tie Mina's worth to usable, lore-backed items. Further, this would enable more players to interact with the market because, as of current, those with valuable items want trades rather than Mina. By having a server-backed means of acquiring high demand resources, players can exchange mina for these goods, which can then either be traded or used directly. This would also provide a degree of player safety from being scammed and could even replace the terrible node system that we currently have (IK you bandits want conflict). Given that Mina inflation would be curbed, the rate of producing these rare items would be low given that 5k or so would be need to be spent with each purchase.
  10. TETSUGAWA 鉄川 CALLS TO THE OYASHI OF ALMARIS, By the grace of KAMISAMA, the honorable clans of Dodaitose and Kato have secured for our peoples fertile land to call home once again. The lessons of ruin brought by the Li Ren Tyrants of Yopinawa have been learnt, and it is the prime prerogative of Daimyō to prevent such an embarrassment from ever befalling our peoples again. In consideration of this, the Southern Bank of the River Guren has been settled and dubbed TETSUGAWA, or Iron River. Within these lands, our people have been afforded the right to erect a cultural domain whereby Oyashi customs shall take the forefront. Though nestled within the bosom of Aaun, the Tetsugawa Cultural Domain shall not be subject to gaijin rowdiness. It would bring great shame upon Oyashima to besmirch one’s benefactors or to abandon one’s allies in a time of conflict. The Samurai of Tetsugawa shall pledge their blades in the repelling of invaders or would-be upstarts who would seek to spread the curse of Ibleesian ambition into our lands. To those Oyashi who would come with the noble desire of reunification, they shall be treated as family. They shall be granted immediate citizenship, a free home and the possibility of discovering kinship with one of the pre-existing clans. Further, those who seek to become SAMURAI may undertake the Budō trials; those who succeed may be considered for the rank. At current, any who come shall be subject to only six concrete laws. 1. GAJIN MAY NOT OWN PROPERTY. 2. LI REN AND HOU-ZI ARE FORBIDDEN. 3. YOKAI OR EVIL SPIRITS ARE TO BE SLAIN. 4. ONLY SAMURAI AND KNIGHTS MAY WIELD SWORDS. 5. SAMURAI SHALL ACT AS JUDGE, JURY AND EXECUTIONER 6. ALL SHALL RESPECT THE HIGHER CLASSES AND THOSE OF SUPERIOR RANK. To locate Tetsugawa, one need only follow the Tori Gate Path which wraps about the Field of Swords Monument. Currently, Tetsugawa is in need of a Tavernkeep, A Smith, Merchants, Fishermen and any other skilled profession. Come Home Oyashi.
  11. I'm an elitist and I think this proposal has too much faith given to the average player. I used to be in the boat that lore should be accessible to everyone, and I encouraged the Lectors to spread alchemy as a result. While the Lectors existed I took tabs of the alchemy production on the server overall. I noticed that many players had achieved alchemy in a domino effect from us and were using our document system to mass produce it on the level that we were. We, in a sense, made alchemy TOO accessible. In the month of AUGUST 2022, I recorded each alchemy ST req every single day and made a total tally by the end of it. It is also worth noting that I informed the Lectors to avoid producing Blasting Potions and Tanglefoot themselves as to not spoil the sample. These were the results: TOTAL POTIONS THAT COULD BE USED IN CRP If you take a look at the chart, Blasting Potions and Tanglefoot were heavily produced to give players an edge on CRP. This was also pre-nerf, meaning that the Tanglefoot would've stopped people dead in their tracks and the Blasting Potions would've been AOE hammer hits every 2 emotes. If you take a look at the chart which focuses on the POTIONS THAT COULD BE USED IN CRP, Blasting Potions, Cockatrice Breath and Tanglefoot made up 50.7% of all potions. This means, definitively, more than half the potions being used in CRP were cancerous in nature to deal with. This was because they were the best potions to use in CRP, and the player base which now had a wide access to Alchemy opted to mass produce the potions that would give them an edge. Since then, my mentality has shifted to one of Gatekeeping. I think the average player, when left to their own devices, will seldom act for the betterment of the server and will instead do anything to get an edge over others. I too fall victim to this mentality often, knowing that I can be jumped by a random bandit if I am not prepared adequately for what cancerous lore they might throw at me. I think that enabling any player to get access to any CA, Magic , etc. will lead to disaster as they will find ways to abuse the spirit of the lore in favor of powering up like an anime. It is also worth mentioning that Lore itself is constantly being altered due to the actions of players as is. Amendments, Nerfs, Rewrites, etc. feel like a constant occurrence because players either want to buff themselves or the ST has to step in to remedy an oversight which led to lore-looping and/or power gaming. Our lore is fragile and player written, I dread to imagine what horrid deeds we'd be forced to deal with if anyone could do anything. This is not even to mention the stream of rewrites, additions and amendments being proposed by those who just dipped a toe in. In Runescape RP we reached a point of saturation, given that there were no applications whatsoever, where everyone was a max level Ancient Magic user who could spam Ice Barrage, had Dragon Weaponry (equivalent to Carb), Agile Leather Armor (for dodging and absorbing spells), Hand Cannons and some level of CA (OMG MAHJARRAT?). I don't want to see LOTC fall down the same rabbit hole. ALSO, on PKs, I don't think PKing makes one a better RPer or not. I don't think it's wrong for people to not want to PK given the time investment; they just want to have fun on the server and may have IRL commitments that make restarting every week a hassle. For the past decade I've run on personal PK clauses and have just now learned KLONING for le immortality. If we want to see more PKs, CAs shouldn't have immortality written into them and should instead have a catastrophic off-switch like every other bad guy. Where did the phylactery for Liches go? I'm not against heroes also having some critical weakness like this if they get a Holy Magic, but come on... Most CAs are Monsters!
  12. Du Loc didn't try for activity and kept it with 0 effort, why you all noobing?

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      @IslamadonWrong, actually. The average server count is about 100 - hence, you just need 1 person in your town on average. Or: 2 for 12 hours a day, 4 for 6 hours a day, 8 for 3 hours a day.

      If you don't have like a few guys rping in your place for a few hours a day you don't need a city.

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      Smart people can act dumb, but dumb people can't act smart.

  13. At how many years do you become an LOTC boomer?

  14. MC Name: Islamadon Discord: Islamadon#5453 Image: Description of Image: The Fiery Daimyo Owyn ... It is an Eastern Depiction of the 2nd Prophet of Mankind Dimensions: 1x1 and 2x2. I want both, since I am unsure which will look best.
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