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  1. An aged Lector neatly folds the essay upon his desk and files it with great organizational prowess. He then utters a structured, multi-paragraph tirade for none to hear, perhaps as a mental projection to the heavens above... "So many words, yet a meaningless message. It is admitted that Azdromoth had been corrupted by the Deceiver. To willfully serve a master who would seek ruin in exchange for magical, draconic powers is no better than any X*nite. In feigned despair they wonder why Mankind has rejected them, yet explain why such has to be so. The sons of Horen can not afford to pact with he who had cursed them, lest the lessons of the Brothers be forgotten. If one was so penitent and disappointed, they would have condemned and abandoned their wretched master long ago. The servants of the Dragon slither into the nations of Men because control ensures their survival. With domination, the flames of their egos are stoked because accepting any less would be an admittance of inferiority to mortal men. Asioth preaches freedom yet invites tyranny by entities who cannot be touched by mortal hands. The X*nites only grow in strength BECAUSE your kind will not leave this realm be. What use is a 'Holy' mage in a world where iniquitous beings do not reside? Do not feign kinship with mortal men when you have rejected your own humanity; WE DO NOT NEED YOU."
  2. SEREMVS * DELENDA * EST AN OPEN LETTER TO THE HIGH PONTIFF YOUR HOLINESS; Throughout history, we of Horen’s blood have been tasked with the greatest trial of the descendant tribes. Where Eldar may observe the flow of time as a keen observer, we Men may only reference it through the monuments of our forefathers. Our bodies are enfeebled with each passing day, and our strength is inconsequential. It is nothing less than a miracle that our people have not succumbed to the wretched beasts of our world. We persist. We persist because Men welcome the challenge of the curse. Our lives are measured by the ambitions we possess and the merit by which we conquer adversity. The shortness of our lives forces us to seize the day, and to join our brother Man in the pursuit of a common goal. At Humanity’s best, we are united. As it stands, however, we are divided. Divided by rite, geography and politicks. It is in this division that ignoble scavengers have begun to stalk the splintered pack. They loom in the shadows and lick their chops in wait. With our backs turned and at greatest risk of the assassin’s plunge, they strike. They strike with cold and apathetic malice. To they, Humanity is not the legacy of our blood nor the depth of our character; rather, we have been reduced to dinner. In recent months, the good citizens of the Harvest Confederacy have been under siege at the behest of drab barbarians. Amidst the shadow hours they arrived in their hunting bands, rattling of bone and ice. They take limbs as a form of cursed retribution for their heresiarch’s faith. They reap lives as the farmer reaps his crop. They dine on the succulence of once lively bones and belch crassly in delight, for they had made their victim suffer. They are of Serheim, a would-be Xionist polity that scars the Urguani coast with immeasurable iniquity. They have declared GOD dead, and have seen it fit to justify their monstrous ascendence through a faux “defense” of mortalkind. Ironically, these mortals are the same they cannibalize. This is a clear violation of the Epistle to the Magi and of basic integrity. Serheim must be destroyed, and we Lectors have done our best to see an end to it. We have rallied with the Harvest Lords and patrolled the countryside endlessly in pursuit of these villains. We have tracked the few foolish enough to reveal their face and have dispatched them with prejudice befitting the Men of Anthos. Those who have not retreated to their depths have skittered to new lands, furthering the spread of sin. There is much more to be done. We thus invite the Holy Church of Canon, and our fellow Human lords, to join us in our CRUSADE. The ruins of Serheim must be quarried brick by brick, and devoted to the Saintly Caius. We must enslave their immortal witches for the creation of iced creme. We must ensure that none are ever so bold as to hunt Men again, lest they find themselves in the T’s indifferent embrace. After we raze Serheim, we must raze all bastions of the Deceiver. Those fugitive and absconded wretches must be hunted, tested and exterminated. The surest way to determine if one is a servant of Iblees is to cut a suspect deeply into their supple flesh with a blade of Aurum; salt the wound. Further, one must be willing to bludgeon a suspect to determine as to whether their flesh will crack as ice. Should any adverse results be detected, termination is preferred. It was the Prophet Owyn who freed our peoples from the tyranny of the Unrepentant. It was the Prophet Godfrey who punished the would-be Slavers. Such actions mimicked can only be blessed. DEUS LUX MEA EST, Arch-Lector Dante of Denesle
  3. MC Name: Islamadon Discord: Islamadon#5453 Image: Description of Image: Aelia the Tinkerer; It depicts a Seraphim flexing as encouragement for other engineers. Dimensions: 1x1
  4. bring back villager npcs

  5. bring back villager npcs

    1. wowj


      i miss them

  6. MC Name: Islamadon Discord: Islamadon#5453 Image: Description of Image: Pact of the Luciensburg Three Dimensions: 2 Wide, 1 High
  7. Lair PRO MC Name: Islamadon Lair Name: feldersrock, or Lectors Lair Members: Islamadon, Prophet_Owyn, Boarlord, Iomedaean, Dargrind, Bewahrungs, Funtzu, __Heathman, wowj, friendlyguy83, Abeam1, Tasty_Cheesecake, PrivetTovarisch, Olaai, Jihadi_in_Pradi, Yuzoi, Shorsand, Aehmi, 7ixy, ArcaneChicken, Titanium430 Proposed Lair Locations (Highlight/draw at least three on the map): Currently, we are located on the region “feldersrock” on Tile 70. Originally we were granted land by Oren, but due to numerous civil wars and the intent to reorganize, the Rebel victors in Acre have decided to cut the Lectors loose in pursuit of Lairhood. Lair Lore (supply link to an existing creature or other lore if being used as basis for this lair) (1000 words minimum): The Lectorate of Owyn has been a consistently active organization of Human church RPers for more than a year now. The group has gained notoriety due to its investigations into darkspawn and development of Alchemy related lore. We possess Tawkin, Animii, Smoggers and Templarism- all of which are blended to make the Lector aesthetic. We primarily engage in philanthropy, in that we offer free replacement limbs and knowledge on server lore to those who come and ask us. I feel as if the ST already knows of the Lectors and already possess opinions on the group; thus, writing 1000 words is meaningless. I will provide lore posts, however. Lair Build and Infrastructure (photos required, give dimensions): Currently the Build is rather large for a Lair, but that is just the region we were given to encompass the mountain. I am not sure on the specific dimensions, but I believe it to be in the realm of 90x130 currently. The build is already implemented in the “feldersrock” region. Why can this group not fulfill their roleplay niche in an existing settlement or nation? (Give a detailed answer and examples of how this has not worked in the past.): We absolutely can thrive in a nation. As it stands, the Orenian remnant is condensing us and wishes to free us of our ties to them and other nations. I would prefer to not have to spend another 4 weeks building, or have them own the tile purely for our sake. If this is a deal-breaker, I understand. How does this lair add to the greater world around it? How will its existence benefit its roleplay group and the server at-large?: Lectors have been around since Luciensburg’s initial formation last year. I would say that our group has been key to revitalizing interest in Human Faith RP, and acting as the bridge for Human players to delve into deeper server lore. We’ve also been one of the most Lawful-Good organizations around, rivaled only by the Paladins. Though some have become disgruntled with our methodology and min-maxing, I argue that someone has to be a police officer and the whistleblower. If permitted this lair, we will exist as we have always existed.
  8. birchlets be malding over oakbros
  9. "Why do they drive down the property value by bringing anothah' war here?! I ahm so tired of human infighting. Please stop. Work towards reconciliation... Work towards a bettah' Humanity." comments an old and grumpy Lector.
  10. t. Savoyard goon I don't want to be in Urguan and see the Orks and Elves within render distance, conflicting with build style. I want to be in URGUAN.
  11. What matters more to a map is how it is laid out, not it's size. I personally found Athera dreadful since you could take 4 steps and be at the next city; it ruined emersion and felt that there was nowhere to breathe and live. I am an Anthos shill in that the map was decently sized, but the roads and environment provided natural corridors for RP hubs. For instance, I thought that Kralta was perfectly placed because it was at a fork where you could either go above ground to Abresi or use the chasm pathway to potentially avoid other players. It was very memorable and gave an illusion that the map was larger than it was. I also liked how the mountains, albeit steep, had lengthy and wide valleys where people could set up. The mountains also provided a natural wall to indicate borders - as it stands now, mountains are just oppressive and expansive. The biomes were also endearing in that they were simple yet effective; you didn't have 1/5th of the map devoted to cheese holes. The reality of biomes is that bad builders will always grief them. On paper, having custom rock formations and terraforming is neat but it will be difficult to repair should someone build Polaris 2.0. All we objectively need is a nice sandy desert for orcs (jungles suck!), a good amount of GOOD elven trees, MM-styled Human terrain, fat and snowy mountains for Dwarves and some aesthetic cold wastes. We DO NOT need Jungles or Fire Biomes. I actually like swamps - Axio's Tahn swamp was very cool. Also, build an event zone! Something pertaining to World Lore and will give an excuse for people to go venture and get bodied by bored ST. I think Ando kind of flopped because it was too Voidal rather than something anyone could bite their teeth into. Make it like the glowing sea or something and use that new deep dark biome.
  12. If anyone is interested in designing a battle-nun skin, I am in the market for purchasing. I don't need it shaded.

    1. AnimeWolf0080


      shoot me a message, Free of charge for the lectors <3

    2. Kornazkarumm


      I bet Titanium would be down to make a skimpy nun outfit

  13. This it ain't it, Chief. This post is just adding fuel to hatred and it's sickening. You should know better. Not only are you mocking those genuinely affected by poor behavior on the server, but you yourself are adding to their trauma by encouraging bullying. The ST are not lazy and I'm sick and tired of people like you perpetuating this behavior. Ingratitude and impatience won't help anyone. We're volunteers and we're players too- we want to have fun. We don't serve at your leisure, Werew0lf. You and the others can wait to get your minecraft sword signed. "Oh, just resign if you don't want to work" - listen, my role on ST is the only thing that gives me purpose and I just can't quit it without quitting LOTC altogether, I just can't do it.
  14. I don't think there's ever been CRP on that scale on LOTC outside of events because the playerbase lacks the constitution for it. 50 v 50 CRP fights were done on Runescape RP rather frequently - all warclaims were done in CRP and it lasted upwards 12 hours. Best way to handle it is to break it up into small parties that compete in CRP for sections of buildings. You are correct though, in saying that calling CRP is a troll. Staff brought this upon themselves by removing the raid cap in the rules; this would have prevented the 30 v 40 sessions you're describing in the first place.
  15. Why do people want every conflict to be a world war?

    1. rukio


      Why does administration feel the need to cripple every group that causes global conflict? 

    2. The King Of The Moon

      The King Of The Moon

      Without wanting to sound like a jaded boomer it's genuinely because most players today don't remember a time prior to Pax Orenia when it took half of the entire server to beat the other half.

      It's been the norm for about 5 years now that if there's a war you 'need' to rally 3 other nations to back you up, because the other guy is going to do the same thing. Staff have tried to clamp down on this with stricter rules on the roles of allies and mercenaries but ultimately that just leads to alting and throwaway goon personas meeting the bare minimum to attend warclaims. 

      I remember being a noob in the pre Duke's War days and just stumbling on 30v30 or sometimes even 10v10 fights between random Oren vassals or Iron Uzg clans duking it out over a patch of land, and it made the world feel much more lively. Nowadays though any fight short of 100v100 is just treated as a raid by staff, adding to a player perception that small warclaims 'aren't worth it', especially when they give your enemy time to carry out the aforementioned international rallying cries.

    3. wolfdwg


      4 hours ago, The King Of The Moon said:

      I remember being a noob in the pre Duke's War days and just stumbling on 30v30 or sometimes even 10v10 fights between random Oren vassals

       Duke's war became world war with foreign ally's helping Savoy(Oren), ultimately changed the outcome of the war in my opinion.

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