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Found 1 result

  1. TROLL FEVER “Be careful near that troll corpse lad, dont want to get that Troll Fever.” ____________________________________________________________ Explanation Troll Fever (also known as Brain Rot) is a disease contracted from, as the name suggests, trolls. It is a viral fever that puts the victims state of mind and being to a primal and primitive state akin to the dumb beings known as trolls and their descendants, ologs. Troll fever is contracted via blood and or troll snot and saliva. Signs and Symptoms The length of time to exposure to the virus and the development of symptoms is between a year to five after contact. Symptoms usually begin with a quickly agitated temper and a slur of speech. These symptoms overtime progress to a sensitivity to light, memory loss, agitation of clothing, grunts, hand movements replacing speech, the loss of lliteration and concentration. None of which are set in any chronological order. The individual contracted with Troll Fever falls to an ‘uncultured’ state, where they lose their self being and forget who they are. Their past culture may reflect on their actions but not to any significant or identifying form. This causes a loss of grooming, hygiene and self worth. ____________________________________________________________ Though those contracted with Troll Fever lose much of their past culture, it does not mean that it's impossible to learn a new one. When a group of people with the virus come together, they can perform wonders of primitive art and cultural ideals, commonly worshiping nature or unnatural phenomena such as magic. These experiences are commonly painted or written on stones due to the short memory of those contracted with the troll fever. REDLINES -Troll fever causes the loss of any sexual or romantical need and want. -Troll fever does not improve ones strength -Troll fever can be cured by the transformation to a CA, for e.g tawkins, corcitura -Troll fever causes the loss of complicated knowledge such as advanced MA's and FA's (Alchemy, Voidal Magic, Main Shamanism). -Those with Troll Fever can learn simple MA's and FA's such as Housemagery and Haruspexy -Troll fever requires OOC agreement to be passed on to a character -Not all symptoms mentioned are contracted, this is to allow a freeform character to be made without much restrictions.
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