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  1. Cognatism Lore Contents Introduction Explanation Abilities New Changes Learning/Progression Time for Abilities Pros and Cons Introduction “These thoughts are not my own. The Void has shifted, and through a connection I have yet to describe, the voices have entered my mind. Voices unakin, random and chaotic in nature, sprung from the black.” - Crumena Izalith “Odd. In meditation, I’ve heard the voice of an old friend. He uttered to me as I thought and spoke, ‘Wanderer’ It said. Could Errant return? Our voices mingled and our thoughts cluttered, like old times indeed.” - Avenel of Wyleid Cognatism-- the art of self proficiency has taken a turn, the spectator mind vanishing from sight as the void quaked and tumbled. All previous Cognats would hear the voice of an otherworldly another in their cranium, confused and curious by the arrival of a new voice-- the two will perhaps form a relationship, or discard another. Explanation The Spectator mind is replaced with the Horror. Cognatism has all of its original abilities with a few additions. The Horror will, at first, want to test you, spamming information into your mind in a mania inducing trial, to quell the Horror’s wrath before the trials would be to do its task. Because of this change, anyone who has illusion or mental magic is able to learn Abilities Due to the connection between the Cognat and the Horror, certain abilities may be harnessed through a developed relationship with the Voidal Horror. Symbiotic Minds Scrambling Due to the simple fact of having two minds working in tandem with one another, there is a constant output of voices and factors which make the mind of a Cognat a difficult place to walk. Signals and thoughts are being sent back and forth at a constant rate through the connection to the Voidal Horror, which, should a Mental Mage attempt to penetrate the mind, will offer nothing but scrambled thoughts. ((A Master or Adept Mental Mage will be able to enter the mind with some difficulty, yet any unconscious Cognat can be entered through with ease by a novice.)) Redirection While a Cognat’s mind is not impossible to penetrate, thanks to the connection with the Horror they are able to hold a second layer of defense. Should a Mental Mage hiccup the process of invasion, their attempts will succeed in getting into the mind… Of the Horror. It is possible, should the Mental Mage incorrectly connect with the user, to accidentally slip into the mind of the Horror. This acts as a counter-attack to the Mental Mage, and can often lead to the Horror toying and attacking back at the Mental Mage. Storing Information Notes Due to the nature of the curiosity of Voidal Horrors, the connection between the Horror’s mind and the mind of the Cognat is a near permanent feature, with the Horror listening and noting every piece of information that it is fed. The Horror maintains these “notes” and can offer them back to the user upon request. Memory Conversion Through a similar method, the Horror will assist the user in converting the short-term memories the Cognat has into long-term ones, and using the connection between the two minds to enhance the storage capacity of the user. Visual Aid Visual aid itself is very broad, but the best way to explain it would be the horror helping the Cognat see things they normally wouldn’t with the hope of assisting them. It is very free-form, but here are some examples: 3D Models Through the use of the Horror, the user of Cognatism can call upon and utilise a visual aid through their own sight. Visible only to the user, a full, and complete three-dimensional model of an object can be constructed to aid the Cognat in his or her tasks. Calculations Due to the innate abilities the Horror possesses, the constant connection to the being will allow the mind to operate at a higher level, and calculate various operations in a much short time. This is done by creating a visualisation of the operations. This, however, will only aid someone who is able to work out calculation normally, as the connection does not increase your intelligence. Another use of this is the ability to project a visual aid such as a ruler to measure an object. Data Projection To aid the user, a complete projection of data is shown to the user through a visual rendition of a table. Much alike all visual aids, this process is only visible to the Cognat, and will simply offer a list of various properties and data that the Cognat, or Horror, already has available in regards to the objects. This can include numbers and other information regarding the object, such as weight, height and contents should the Cognat already know them. Hyper-thought By the Horror and Cognat’s will, they will be able to actively think at the same time, and raise the curtain from one realm to another-- allowing the minds to be closer to one another. This state is known as Hyper-thought, when both minds are in complete synergy: This allows for incredibly powerful illusions on the self, as well as increase the processing of information and the potential of figuring out of said information. This ability is not usable in combat; however, in the research and problem solving spectrum, this is a boon. With this, the ability to have a revelation is possible. Mental Aid/Inducing Mental Aid Due to the nature of the Horrors note taking, the constant connection between the user and the other mind allows for easy sharing of information between the user and it’s Horror. Being able to bring forth previously stored data on the fly, the Horror uses it’s connection to aid the memory of the user, and allow for the user to utilise previously forgotten information to adequately handle and or approach a situation. Inducing While connected, the user has the ability to call upon the assistance of the Horror, and request the creation of scents, sounds, feelings or any other sensory experience. Though largely used for intellectuals purposes, this serves as "self-illusion." This could be used to calm one down, or place someone in a focal trance/berserker’s rage. Revelations Following the stages of Hyper-Thought, an inducement of ‘Revelations’ are possible through prolonged and intense synergy with the Horror’s mind. A Revelation is a sudden realisation of imaginative proportions. The Revelation the Cognat can receive can be anything, from coming to the understanding that they left the Bread to go stale, or a solution to an engineering problem. The Revelations can even be so powerful as to analyse patterns and make predictions for Future World Events, or aid in the users understanding of the Void. There can, however, be horrible side effects or failures resulting from this attempted connection. Due to the nature of the process, one must bring the mind of the user and the Horror closer together in a state of hyper-flux, and should one make even the slightest mistake, the two minds may coincide with one another, which can cause the user to suffer prolonged fatigue, muscle and mental pain, and even short-to-long term mania. ((Revelations must be pre-approved by the LT, and may even require Administrative approval. One may also use this in conjunction with the ET to aid in their plotline)) Enchanting Ability to imbue the Cognats abilities onto the object. [Note, artificial minds are no longer accepted]. To enchant, one must obviously have the knowledge of Enchanting. To do so, one must be a Transfigurationist, and must understand just how to Enchant an object before they attempt to do so. Expanding Ritual A magic ritual that employs arcane coupling/circles. The Cognat pulls upon mana from the participant(s) of the ritual, and feeds the horror, asking for it to reach into the minds of the others, allowing the Cognat to portray what they wish to the minds of others. This is mainly used for a teacher wishing to teach their student, beckoning their horror to make a pathway for another horror to enter the apprentice’s mind, however… a mass revelation is not unheard of. New changes Uses a Voidal Horror to process and induce. Interested in knowledge, willing to listen for information as well as bring its thoughts upon you. (Voidal Feat, now able to work with illusions and mental magic to a certain extent. You will be required to go into a trance like state before communicating with the Horror.) Also Cognitism now spelled Cognatism because that makes more sense. Cognat - Cognitism = no. Due to the nature of sped up processing of information, a Magic will take half a month less than usual to Master. While a Magic would normally take six months to Master for someone without, a Cognat will be able to Master an art in five and a half months. Learning/Progression To learn this magic, one must first acquire a 'Horror Stone' which is frequently in circulation. If you'd like to know more or the location of these stones, feel free to contact the Lore Holders. The mage must first connect to the void with the Horror Stone through meditation. From there, the mage will have to connect, mayhaps in a way that is unlike usual connection, and accidentally find the Horror’s conscious. This phenomenon causes the minds to connect with one another, and then the initial process begins. The first few days are difficult, the minds throw information back and forth, perverting thoughts best unperverted. The beginning can be considered mania inducing to weaker minds. After those few days, the Horror and mind will calm, the horror ceasing its chatter lest called upon. Due to the nature of a Voidal Horror, the beginning weeks of the connection will be difficult for the Cognat. While the Horror will allow and aid the user in their tasks, the Horror may use this time to analyse and ‘test’ the Cognat by vaguely meeting the request given, and offering ‘side-effects’ to the user such as unexpected actions which afflict the senses, or simply taking the request too literal. As time goes on, the relation with the Horror builds up, allowing them age to do the abilities without harm of oneself (Ideally, two months to be able to do all abilities without much harm on the psyche). The innate knowledge the Horror grants without giving the side-effects are: Symbiotic Minds, Storing Info A few days after the minds calming down (or mind trial): Mental Aid and Visual Aid. Week after: Inducing. Three weeks after: Hyper-Thought A month after: Revelations, and expanding ritual. An alternative way of learning are comprised of two options: Learning from a teacher who will ask their horror (after four months of being a Cognat) to ask another horror it is aware of to settle inside the mind of the student, OR to make the initial mind trial two days less, the Horror may ask for something to be gained, and within a day-- they will link with the mind of the Mage, calmly and soundly. NOTE: Although this magic is a Voidal Feat, it may not be self taught without the acquisition of a Horror Stone. Please contact the Lore-Writers before writing your app so they can give you the green-light. Time for abilities: This talks about abilities and how long it takes. Some of them are practically instant, while others will require more time, given one is asking the Horror to assist in certain articles which would require more effort on their end. Storing Info: Instant/Inherent, requires no connection. Memory Conversion: Requires a little bit of time for the Horror to transfer the information to one’s long-term, requires one emote. Symbiotic Minds: Inherent Visual Aid: Requires the Horror to take the time to project the information to your person, takes two emotes. Inducing: Having the Horror induce mental feeling and thought into you takes time: 3-4 emotes, with a ten emote duration (though this increases by one, as one gets higher in the field, meaning the max will be fifteen). Hyper-thought: The synergy of minds requires meditation, and cannot be used in combat-- the thing with this is be reasonable, generally this should take six or so emotes. Revelation: Requires one to go into Hyper thought first, 10 emotes total (including the Hyper thought. Bare in mind, a member of the LM, ET, and MAT will have to approve said revelation). Expanding Ritual: Same as a circle, plus an additional few emotes to share the information. Enchanting: Be reasonable. As long as you do it in the time frame of the standard enchanting process, you’re fine. Pros and Cons Pros: Cognatism is now more accessible A new Dynamic to Cognatism Cons: Very little combat value Potential of mania, induced by the Horror should one not build the relationship. Potential of having to do something for the Horror so that the initial mind-trial will cease earlier. Mania induced if the Cognat fails the revelation. Redlines One must always communicate with the appropriate team, be they ET, MAT or LT, when wishing to use Revelations. Cognatism does not make you smarter. It simply permits you to utilise more aspects to allow you more fluid self and mental RP. Having Cognatism does not make your connection to the Void suddenly stronger, and you do not have a constant connection. Instead, one has a constant mental connection to a Voidal Horror. The mental connection to the Voidal Horror can be disrupted, through warding or sudden disconnect in successful the event of a Mental Mages attack being successful. The Cognat’s mind is not impenetrable, there will always be leaks into their scattered mind, especially when they are unconscious. By no means is the horror your friend. Think of this like a mutual relationship between a knowledge leech and a human being (though the leech could be fond of you). By giving it knowledge, the leech spits out some knowledge to you. However, there is always the growing chance of mania from the horror. In fact, the first few trials are very much mania inducing. The Horror cannot have any physical manifestation on the world, it only remains with the person. Written by: Tahmas, knghtArtorias Original Lore by: Ptah, rewrites by ski_king3 ((To clarify. Cognatism and Mental Magic have not merged, this is simply the rewrite for the previous magic to make it more interesting, and hopefully provide the magic with a little more umph on it's own.) On the topic of the Horror: The Voidal Horror is not always communicating with you. This isn't like a Shade Parasite who constantly whispers in your ear. Instead, imagine it like an audio connection. The Horror has it's speakers on, but it's muted his Mic. The Horror will always be able to hear you, and you may speak with it, though it will not be constantly chatting in your ear. The Horror may occasionally speak up and request something of you, though most of the time it will remain silent and simply listen and note down the information you are taking in.
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