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  1. Crumena writes his name in permanent marker. "No going back now."
  2. A Transcended being stood on the ascended land mass, peering down over the land below. "The peasants have become angry at the rich." he stated, brow piqued as his hands slipped into his pockets, "Woe befalls the Arcadians, woe upon the gilded and intricate pillars of quartz and gold." Despite his words, auric energy began to coil around his digits with intention set to talk to the Khazadmar on his right, "We knew this was coming, we knew they'd grow tired of their inferior state. This discord has gone on for too long, we have to depart from this field of detriment." "Is the shield stable, Crumena?" The Dwed would reply. "It'll hold. - Contact Zahrer, I'll begin the carvings." With that, he set off towards the edge of the city.
  3. accept him or I depex you.
  4. Accepted.
  5. Re-accepted. Lore was misunderstood, PK never happened.
  6. Accepted.
  7. Re-accepted. Lore was misunderstood, PK never happened.
  8. FOR F*** SAKE
  9. Chaopic is my favourite. I like this kid, @arockstar28
  10. Which Shader Pack do you use?
  11. S-Senpaii Like this was hard.