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  1. The fiery-haired Monk nods chefly. “Can’t wait to cook..”
  2. Through trials and tribulations, the Concord of Llyria remains as stalwart and steady as it always has. With its roots firmly pressed into the soil below, her branches grow to shelter the errant scholars of the world who seek homage in a place of knowledge and magical well-ness. With so many having fled from our home with the threat of war, we seek to reach out to embrace those who willingly return. It has been deemed so by the Office of the Princess of Compassion, and the Echelon of Oversight, that the denizenship system shall be revisited and wiped clean This system requires that information is provided to the government for documentation purposes, and will act as confirmation of your citizenship in the Concord. Rights of the People Life: The Denizens of Llyria are guaranteed the right to life. No person may willingly initiate physical force against another person unless it is an act of self-defence, or permitted under the law. Liberty: The Denizens of Llyria are guaranteed the right to liberty. No person may be silenced in their utterances or publications unless such utterances or publications are proven to be misleading, or false, are leaking confidential intergovernmental information, or are targeted harassment degrading the prestige of a particular individual. Property: The Denizens of Llyria are guaranteed the right of property. No person’s private property shall be infringed upon unless done so by a member of the guard operating with a warrant. Happiness: The Denizens of Llyria are guaranteed the right to happiness. No person may infringe upon another’s right to the pursuit of happiness so long as such a pursuit adheres to the laws and regulations of The Concord, and does not infringe upon the rights of others. Trial: The Denizens of Llyria are guaranteed the right to a trial. No person may infringe upon this right, which may be invoked at such a time when one is accused of committing a crime. Submit your citizenship below: https://forms.gle/bQi6dW8NHpVJHBKM7
  3. Formed on the 11th of Amber Cold, 1728, The Omeryn Constabulary was drafted and created by the reigning Empyrion, Ithrendas Regis, following the outcry of abuse and corruption within the ranks of the previous and now fallen Traceless Order. Despite their oaths, the Traceless failed in their task to keep the people and the city safe. For a great while, and by the absence of the reigning throne, the city was a lawless and hostile state open and willing to permit the treacherous and foul. It was upon the return that the Empyrion declared and instituted the Constabulary to ensure that their home was kept free of poison and crime. It is thus that the Prince of Endurance, and the Prince of Rationality, stand united and in arms to keep the Concord safe and from harm. With Vigilance watching over the Judicial sector, and Endurance maintaining the Constabulary, the Arm of the Law is once more enforced and the city is protected once again. The Omeryn Constabulary is bound and dedicated to ensuring that crime and justice are served, utilising the arts of de-escalation and management to keep people safe and secure. No longer shall a guard of our great home levy arms against its denizens and will stand as benevolent protectors of the people of the Concord. Prince of Endurance Set in place by the Princely Court, the Prince of Endurance is the personification of the Ohric Perfection of the strong and the stalwart. It is the responsibility of the Prince to ensure the Constabulary is running with efficacy and acting as the go-to for any concerns and qualms any may have concerning the order or any who dwell within. Secretary of Endurance The de-facto head of the Constabulary, the Chief Constable, the Secretary bound to the Prince of Endurance is the one individual who commands complete and total respect and authority over the Constabulary. They are in charge of the day to day running, recruitment, training, and management of the Constabulary and it’s structure. Sergeant An experienced and well-respected Constable of the Omeryn Constabulary, the Sergeant class are considered to be well versed and competent in their duties and the law and are promoted to a position which distinguishes them above the rest. With this promotion, however, the once Constable is expected to aid the Secretary in training and management of the Constabulary. Constable A stalwart protector, an individual whose will is just as mighty as the arm that delivers justice. A Constable is the basic and typical member of the Constabulary and is rigorously vetted and trained in the ways of de-escalation, and defensive combat. To join the Omeryn Constabulary, you must meet these minimum requirements: You must be a citizen of the Concord of Llyria above the age of twenty-one. You must have no currently unspent criminal convictions or any convictions spent within the past six years. You must be mentally capable and able to pass a simple numeracy and literacy test. You must be physically capable and able to pass a simple entrance exam. You must not practice or be born of practices considered evil or maleficent. With this in mind, the Omeryn Constabulary are currently seeking recruits. If you wish to be interviewed and meet the criteria of recruitment, please submit the following application to be reviewed by the Secretary, or that of the Prince of Endurance. Name: Age: Race: Residence: Do you consent to a simple mental and physical aptitude test? Do you have any currently unspent criminal convictions? Have you, in the last six years, been charged with any crime?
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  5. Thomas


    Unfortunately, at this time this application has been denied for the following reasons: You failed to make the necessary changes within the 24 hour deadline. You may reapply immediately, however please ensure that any previously suggested corrections have been made. You may contact me with any concerns of questions through Discord at Tahmas#0117.
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    Unfortunately, at this time your application has been placed on pending for the following reason(s): Hey there! As much as I love your enthusiasm and dedication to integrating the world of the brilliant mind of Andrzej Sapkowski, unfortunately the Witcher world is not compliant with our lore. Unfortunately, your definition of Meta-gaming and Power-gaming are incorrect. Please refer to the links I’ve included below to take a better look. Once you’re confident with your descriptions, come back and edit the post to include a description in your own words. Dragons are not a common, or even ever seen Creature on Lord of the Craft. While I love the idea of a character hellbent on revenge for the monstrous acts committed against his village, Dragons and other such Legendary Creatures are prohibited. You must include two pieces of server lore in your character description. You can find information on server lore in the links below. Kaer Morhen, as said above, is not a location on Lord of the Craft. Cat-like eyes are also not possible, these will unfortunately need to change. While the lore of Andrzej Sapkowski is not permitted, your skin is still awesome and is still welcome to use! Please make the above corrections, and contact me on Discord at Tahmas#0117 once having made these fixes so I may re-review your application. You only have 24 Hours to make the requested changes before this application is denied. You do not need to post a new application to make these fixes, you can simply edit this current application. If you have any questions about how to make these corrections, please contact me on Discord. Additionally, you are welcome to join our New Player Discord if you haven’t done so already as to meet with the existing community and staff members. Useful Links: New Player Guide Wiki Forums Settlements Arcas Powergaming and Metagaming
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  9. Magnus accompanies Duncan, eyes rolling as he set off to ensure his student didn’t die.
  10. Remember to join the Omeryn Constabulary today! 

  11. “Doesn’t mean we can’t party.” answers Ithrendas Regis.
  12. Passing of Caelum’s Watch Festival, circa 1729 [!] An advertisement would be posted to all major and minor settlements of the land, reading as follows. “The Concord of Llyria invites you all to the festival of the Passing of Caelum’s Watch, which honours prowess, mighty warriors, and grand competitions. The festival will be held The Grand Harvest, 1729, where all those may come to participate in the festivities.” There will be tournaments, a drinking competition, fried food for sale, free t-shirts, fireworks, a dunk tank, and more. The winners of each of the tournaments and competitions will receive 1,000 Minas, second place receiving 500, and third receiving 250. Fireworks will be launched at the end of the festival to commemorate the closing. Halfway through the festival, there will be a brief moment of silence for the passing of the faithful Cardinal Omeryn, where we will gather around his memorial and offer flowers. Pre-event, individuals are welcome to approach a member of the Princely Court to purchase a temporary allotment to set up a shop during the festivities. Should you wish to sell your wares and make use of the advertised space for the duration of the romping evening the night is bound to be, get in contact with your nearest Steward or Event Coordinator! [!] A map would be attached to the flyer. “Located just west of Sutica and Aegrothond’s shores, there Llyria is a short five or six minute run from the Cloud Temple. If you struggle with following the map, here are some hopefully helpful directions.” Date: August 17th, 2019 Location: The Concord of Llyria Time: 9 PM EST / 8 PM CST
  13. Thomas


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  14. Thomas


    I am happy to welcome you to wander the lands of Arcas! If you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to contact my via the Forums, or via Discord at Tahmas#0117 If you wish to learn how the server works in a little more depth, please make use of our New Player Guide! Additionally, you are encouraged to join our New Player Discord to meet our current players and to ask our Community Team Members any questions you might have. Upon your arrival into the server, you should be greeted by a Monk of the Wilven Sanctuary at the Cloud Temple. They will help guide you on your journey and lead you where you need to go.
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