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  1. [Daeva][CA] Itiireae

  2. [CA][Atronach]Luka_Shashva

  3. [Accepted] [Pending][Actor] Assassinofawsome

    This is an easy choice.
  4. Feedback: Voidal Magic v2

    Make a better teaching method where you come up with a better definition of connecting to the Void and how magic progresses, and clearly define that Tiers 1 - 5 can and can't actually do. Don't base Tiers solely on time, and instead make people go through a specific series of steps to reach those certain tiers. It could easily be done in one forum post, and would take an hour to write. Instead of capping Magic at the knees and taking away the creativity and diversity of the magic, simply make it more difficult to learn.
  5. The Anti Library Thesis

    "You're just mad 'cause I wouldn't let you blow up the books." An Artificer shrugs as he goes back to sorting through books.
  6. [✓] [Magic Rewrite] Transfiguration

    Good man.
  7. License Arcana

    ((OOC)) Mcname: Tahmas ((IC)) Your true name: Crumena Izalith/Synalli/Iyliar Age: I've lost count. About 100. Race: High Elf. Magics you have or aspire to have: Transfiguration, Celestialism, Telekinesis, Runesmithing, Shifting, Translocation, Cognatism, Displacement, Feeling, Golemancy, Atronach Forging. Do you agree to follow Codex Arcana?: Yeah
  8. [Cognatism] [MA] brain worms smh

  9. [Accepted] [Trial]LadyRebecca’s Armoire 2.0

    While I can't say I think this decision is best for your sleep and sanity, there is no single person I could give a higher recommendation. Rebecca was by and large one of the greatest GMs to serve on the team in terms of workload, consistency, competency, and willingness to adapt and learn. Given the circled bullshit about the 'exodus', I'm aware that this word doesn't mean much, but to even let this application set longer than a month is a mistake. I hope you know what you're done, Rebecca, and actually get some damn sleep. This server needs you, I'm sure you'll do just as great as you did before.
  10. [CA] [Ghost] Daniel's dead, too.

    For a moment I thought this was @Gladuos's Daniel, and I had gotten worried that someone had killed him before I had the chance to.
  11. I'm personally not a fan with the Defender Default cap going above the original 7 people. Even 7 people was a stretch for the cap, it was difficult to moderate and maintain even back then with a lower number. I personally think stepping towards a higher number cap is a mistake, though I understand the reasons behind it. Moderation should be cracking down on power-gaming both regular and magical in order to really help offset the balance and allow for such a high cap. Until then, though, I believe the number should be reduced. I think taking the question to the community would have been a better way of gauging just how they feel about the matter at hand before making the decision.
  12. [Mart] Aura Change

    gib one pl0x