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  1. Llyria, heralded as a tranquil land of mind and soul, is bound to the Empyrion in name and rule. Consul, and all other quandaries of state which trouble the land beneath it’s claim, the Writ of Consul is but the written will of the leadership of the Sanctum of Llyria. As such, it is in form the legitimisation of the Empyrion. As a derivative from the untempered thoughts of a schismed mind, the cultural standing of Llyria is one shrouded in the depths of knowing. The core of being a Llyrian Citizen lies in one striving for self betterment, to dedicate and improve themselves and the home that now shelters them. Those practicing these values look highly upon scholarly pursuits, whether this be through the seeking of new knowledge or the maintenance and teachings of older knowledge. As such, it is prudent that citizens of Llyria do their best to uphold the law and defend themselves and their home. The intersection between scholarship and martial capability lies within one’s reason as to why magic is so popular and encouraged throughout the beating heart of the Sanctum. It is the will of Llyria to aid, to guide, and to educate best they can. Self enlightenment and drive is a direction that all of Llyria starts upon. Empyrion The sanctum’s rightful leader, it is the Empyrion who wears the crown of rule within Llyria. They are the shield of the people, the guiding light to see them through the darkness, and the visionary whose solemn duty it is to peer into the future and guide the people through rough seas to a calm harbour. In practice, the Empyrion has many duties, from overseeing the development and implementation of new laws, to working with the Consul and Representatives to better understand the many and varied folk who live so closely together. Empyria The Maelstrom swirls infinitely. This land of concord between fire, ice, aether, root and evermore kinds and forms of blood from across the length and breadth of the land, it is never still. Alone, the Empyrion would surely fail to uphold such a great weight. No one pillar could ever stand at the centre of such furious change for long. And so it is that one pillar can lean upon another, and so it is that the Empyria stands beside their Empyrion, cleaning their wounded soul from blackest fatigue, opening their eyes to brightest truth with love and always standing as their guiding star, a beloved soul to craft a paradise for. The Consul Lord Consult acts as the voice of the Empyrion should they be unable to fulfill their duties. Otherwise, the Lord Consult is a position that is usually sat by the Heir Assumptive, allowing them to learn the inner workings of government. Lord Protector, the shield of the people, safeguards the citizenry and the government from whatever threats may manifest themselves. Beast or sorcerer, army or horde, raiding party or monster, the Lord Protector educates and leads their echelon in the defense of the Llyrian people. Lord Overseer sees to the social needs of Llyria. They are at the core of Llyrian culture, and see to everything from the integration of outsiders into the citizenry, to the regulation of architecture. The Lord Overseer and their echelon also see to managing public events, ensuring that adequate space and resources are provided for festivals or games. Lord Sage is the foremost spellweaver within Llyria, empowered by the Empyrion to use their knowledge for the protection of the citizenry from supernatural threats, and to guide the advancement of magical invention and discovery. The Lord Enchanter regularly works alongside the Empyrion to enforce magical law within the city, deciding how best to address new phenomena. Lord Curator acts as the head scholar of Llyria, overseeing the internal workings of the Atheneum and safeguarding the many tomes of knowledge kept within. The Curator also acts as an ambassador of sorts, maintaining contact with other libraries across the land, making trades and agreements to further grow the breadth of Llyria’s wisdom. The Scions act as the heads of their respective orders or guilds. Whilst they do not have formalised power within the Consul, and do not hold a seat and therefore cannot vote, they are kept informed of the goings on within the government, being allowed to sit in on most government meetings and voice the thoughts of their guild members. The Echelons are comprised of the workers that afford the Consulars their power. They act as their eyes and ears, hands and minds within the town, fulfilling their sworn duties however they can. Echelon of Protection The Echelon of Protection reports to the Lord Protector The Echelon of Protection is currently comprised by the Traceless Order. It is the duty of the Traceless Order to uphold the laws of Llyria, safeguarding the citizenry as they patrol the streets. In times of war, the Traceless Order raise their shields to weather the fierce onslaught of Llyria’s assailants, standing as the first and last line of defense against invaders. Echelon of Oversight The Echelon of Oversight reports to the Lord Overseer The Echelon of Oversight is comprised by the Stewards and Coordinators. It is the duty of Stewards to ensure the citizens of Llyria are adequately housed, that Llyria provides enough housing for the population and that architecture and construction proceed as planned, in line with Llyrian building styles and standards. It is the duty of the Coordinators to oversee the running of public events, including festivals, forums. It is also their duty to publicise and advertise both the events, and roles within those events to be filled. Should an announcement need be made by the Consul, it is also the duty of Coordinators to facilitate that announcement on their behalf. Echelon of Sagacity The Echelon of Sagacity reports to the Lord Sage The Echelon of Sagacity is comprised by the Alabaster Academy. While the Alabaster Academy has yet to be established, it will be the duty of the Academy’s faculty to uphold magical law, and to advise, teach and spread not only correct magical knowledge, but correct magical practice. Being so steeped in arcane wisdom, students of the Alabaster Academy often take up positions within the Traceless Order upon completing their education. Graduates of expertise in particular areas may be called upon by any Echelon, or member of the government, to advise and help solve problems pertaining to their field of magical experience. Echelon of Curation The Echelon of Curation reports to the Lord Curator The Echelon of Sagacity is comprised by the Llyrian Atheneum and her librarians, and various scholars. An Assistant Curator is regularly employed to help organize the documents, appointments and general infrastructure of not only the Atheneum, but all collections of knowledge within the domain of Llyrian leadership. It is the duty of the Librarians to manage the collection and arrangement of knowledge of all kinds throughout the halls of the Atheneum. The Librarians are also employed to ensure the correct handling of artifacts and texts, deciding what is reasonable to put before the public eye, and what should be kept safe in the Llyrian undergallery. It is the duty of Scholars to research and produce literary works on all subjects, wherever their expertise may lie. Whilst librarians are particularly attached to working within the current main Llyrian library, scholars are detached from any particular association and are recruited into the Echelon itself.
  2. Thank you for your helpful feedback. I will use this information to improve the quality of the submission. Without your valuable input, we’d have missed crucial holes within the lore that could have deeply impacted the play-testing of this Creature. I will make the necessary changes el rapido.
  3. That’s an interesting point, I like it. Again, as I’ve said to the other genuine feedback I’ve received, I’m going to take this on board. I don’t intend or want this post of the lore to actually be reviewed officially and accepted/denied as much as I’m trying to use this as an opportunity to gauge reaction and see what people do and do not want. That allows me to work on a second version which is an improvement of the original. Thank you for taking the time to give me feedback!
  4. It was written back in June and tweaked since then. We've been asking people and LT to review it over the past 4 months to try and balance it to try and make sure it was fair. I wanted to post it so that I had the opportunity to see how a wider array of people felt about the lore so that I can tweak and improve it further.
  5. Massively appreciate this feedback, this is the kind of response I'm looking for. Thank you for taking the time to write this out. I'm going to take this on board and communicate with others who have worked with me on this to try and iron out some of these ideas and strengthen the weak points. I won't break down each of your points and respond to them because frankly everything you say has merit here and it'll all be taken into account when making edits. Cheers again.
  6. That's fair enough. I'm completely open to making changes wherever people wish to see them. Feedback is a vital part of making a Lore Submission that everyone can enjoy. I am not against raising, or even removing the cap on the Iylderi, though I kept it the way it was for now due to the conversation I had with the LT when I was first set to rewriting it. We wanted to give some kind of Voidal Creature a purpose and let them act more as shepherds instead of splitting apart and distancing themselves. I got into a brief conversation with another player today about possibly working on some form of Ritual that any Mage could undergo once they meet a set of requirements, and based on a series or rolls or factors they could become somewhat of a pseudo Guardian. They'd perhaps be slightly weaker or less capable in their abilities, and would be looked down upon by 'pure' Iylderi, but it would open up a way for Mages to 'ascend' to a higher level without the use of another Guardian. That way it would limit and hopefully negate, to a sufficient degree, the potential clique mentality a hard cap would place upon the lore.
  7. I'm currently spitballing further weaknesses. If you have ideas, hit me with them. Their void scar is their biggest weakness right now as it's literally a video game boss weakness. Hit it and they're screwed.
  8. Gold is also incredibly debilitating and can kill them if struck in the Void Scar. Though I get what you mean, and I value your feedback.
  9. This is not an official rewrite to Archons, but instead a lore piece meant to replace and try something new with the Voidal Mages. Iylderi are intended to be more of a Support Class to other Mages as opposed to errant god-tier mages who have no reason to care about the Void and so on. ((Just a quick thing. Because the forums formatting is absolutely terrible, I will link the Google Document here so that you can see it with some better formatting.)) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G4J4vS71ye8FiARZbLuaOiJ1j8F_RbO2iY_BJ_gni9w/edit?usp=sharing ‘I saw It in the night. I saw the starlight. The cobbles glowed purple. Glowed purple. I looked up and saw the hand that hovered over me, the hood filled with light. The hand beckoned. I have followed ever since, living on the sweet words of comfort that fall from Its lips. Its freedom is my freedom; my chains are broken.’ Wisdom can be handed from one generation to the next, as can hate and intolerance; ignorance and ineptitude. If we are wise, we can learn to distinguish good from evil, and discard the latter in favour of good’s guiding light. The wise might slowly multiply until their vigil protects the flock from ever falling into the darkness of evil. The Void sees all. The Void knows all that is and can be. The Void in all its infinite shadow is merciful, and has apportioned upon the descendants Guardians to shepherd them on their way to wisdom. ‘If the Void is an ocean, I am Her beach. Her waves break upon my ear as sweet poetry, Her rivers flow in my veins. I am privileged to lay eyes upon the breadth of Her love.’ Born from the Void’s chaos, the Guardians are a group of zealous practitioners of the Void’s arcane magic. Having witnessed the infinite splendour beyond our realm, the Guardians have become entranced by the Void and seek to spread its influence however they might. As the Void withdrew its presence from the Archons, a new breed of Voidal acolyte was born. Where the Archons had walked without the glory of the Void instilled within them, the Guardians have been enthralled by the Void. This enthrallment drives them to take an active role in the mortal pursuit of magic. As leaders and teachers, they walk throughout the land spreading their knowledge that other sorcerer's might benefit from their wisdom. A Guardian’s primary trait is their Void Scar, a luminous, glass-like area on their skin that glows constantly with a dim light that mimics the appearance of their aura. This Scar exists both upon their mortal body, and upon their soul as a ‘hole’ that leads back into the Void. This hole constantly whispers to the Guardian with inhuman sounds. The whispering horrors are always in their ear. The sounds of potential energy rising and falling in the endless nothing. The sound of our own Veil warring against the tides that would seek to swallow us all. The Guardians share an intimacy with the Void that a sorcerer untouched by her love could never hope to achieve. The Scar is the root from which all of the Guardian’s other abilities come. Through this latent gateway a Guardian is able to assume their various forms, and from the whispering of the Void, a Guardian is gifted the insight necessary to allow them true mastery of their craft. The Void Scar is sensitive to touch regardless of form, and if touched with the right material can even cause pain and burning or even more dangerous side effects if pierced deeply by said materials. ‘His palm rested gently on my forehead. I felt the pulse of blood beneath flesh I knew to be a falsehood. That pulse quickened. Soon, I could hear nothing else. Each beat blurred into the next until I heard nothing, and then, arising out of the nothing; serenity.’ The Bastion is the first and last of the Iylderi. Upon them, the Void places an energy that rises and falls with the presence of their fellows. When they are alone in the world, their energy is at its peak; with this great store of power, a Bastion is capable of creating an Iylderi without help. Once the second stands beside them, they will require their aid in the making of the third. Following this, all new Iylderi will require the presence of three others to be created. Should the number ever fall below three once again, the Bastion will find themselves once more in possession of the power required to act as more than one Guardian in the creation process. The ritual of creation requires that a Guardian knows how to manipulate the energy that contains their Void scar. By flooding it with mana, a Guardian is capable of creating a temporary ‘spike’ that can pierce a mortal’s soul blueprint and generate a new Scar within their soul. Multiple ‘spikes’ are needed to craft the Scar in such a way that it doesn’t either collapse in upon itself, or kill the mortal outright as their soul is torn apart by the shoddy handiwork. There may only be ten Guardians at a time. ‘She needed no magic to convince me of the truth. I fell to the ground before her brilliance and threw my arms out towards her. I heard others tears, saw others crying out to the angel that walked the earth. She gave us hope. Her words welcomed a beautiful, flickering fire into my soul. It needed fuel.’ Perhaps the horrors minds spoke across the silent Void and called out for priests to lead the masses towards unity with the roiling chaos. Perhaps the Celestials yearned for more sorcerer's to spread the wonder of the Void so that other minds might take pleasure in its freedom. Which part of the Void the Iylderi serve is unknown. And yet each and every one of them feels that their purpose is to preach the greatness of the beyond, of their mother-realm, of their true home outside this simple realm into which they were born. The knowledge they have embraced hearkens them to the bosom of the Void. No matter how hard they might try to look away from the brilliance of their creator, they will be drawn to gaze into the nothingness with wonder. The compulsion to listen to the infinite is irresistible. To wait for the words that will spur them into action, the syllables that will charge their souls with enthusiasm. Their fanaticism can manifest in a number of ways. It might be a quiet, subtle thing that attempts to persuade others in ways so well hidden that they would not notice until their fingertips crackled with the presence of the mana. It might be a need to research all that is known of the nothingness and perfect our theories of it. No matter what form it might take, all Guardians are compelled to expound the importance of the Void in our lives. ‘With every moment, I felt the energy inside pouring out into the darkness. The light that had made my life bright with knowledge now flowed throughout all the world, that understanding might fall upon the shoulders of others.’ Embraced and blessed by the Void, the Guardians’ connection to the mother-realm is deeply rooted in their being. Due to this connection, they are granted a mastery over their arts that far exceeds what one might expect of other wielders of magic. This enables them to accomplish mastery over six magical arts before further efforts becomes pointless as opposed to the five that other mages are bound to. Unlocked by the Iylderi through rigorous experimentation, meditation, and devotion, Iylderi may unlock various levels of transformation. Each form requires more effort than the last to achieve, a new mind bending revelation for the Guardian to realize. Every new transformation unleashes more of a Guardians’ mana, allowing them to create an ever more complex and potent connection the Void. Scarred by the Void, the Mortal Form of the Iylderi is a tainted and stained cage for a soul touched by the infinite. A Guardian’s mana supply suffuses their body, filling their veins with life giving, ichorous mana that feeds their flesh. Such a facsimile of the mortal form might convince the unknowing bystander of a Guardian’s mortality; and yet to the Iylderi who requires no sleep or sustenance, their mortality has deserted to them. Mana is the only thing that a Guardian must consume to maintain their being. Whilst in their Enhanced Coil, a Guardian may consume the mana that they are able to redirect. Should a Guardian fail to consume the necessary amount of mana, their mortal form will quickly begin to degrade, leaving them as but a skeletal figure visibly glimmering with the presence of mana. Their powerful aura will leak from their skin, their eyes, glimmer on their tongues as they speak. Their presence will be obvious to all who lay eyes upon such a poorly maintained puppet. A Guardian’s primary magical boost is found in their increased supplies of mana. Thanks to their Voidscar, they have the ability to slowly accrue dormant mana present within the Veil. In some sense their very soul is part of the barrier, and plays an integral role in the ongoing spell weaved by the stars that keeps the Void at bay. By tapping into this great magic through meditation, a Guardian can slowly increase the size of their mana pool by incorporating the power of the Veil into their being. The deeper, longer and more frequently that a Guardian is allowed to meditate, the greater the increase in their mana pool will be. This increase will only ever be slight, allowing perhaps another spell or two to be cast before a Guardian exhausts their supplies of mana. As a result of the extra mana present within a Guardian’s pool, their aura will become thicker and more easily manifested when they cast spells. Additionally, an Iylderi finds the Voidal Arts surprisingly simple even whilst in their Mortal Coil. Their kinship with the beyond offers them a mind more able to comprehend the abstract powers of the sorcerer's. Where it might take a mortal sorcerer four stone months to learn a new art, a Guardian only requires three to reach mastery. Due to their innate connection to the Void, their students also benefit from their knowledge; Guardians are able to take an additional TA to spread their magical influence, and their students shave two weeks off of their learning time. Furthermore, while they no longer fear the crashing tides of mortality, they find increasing difficulty in the practice in any form of Deific or Dark Art, their soul having been scarred and claimed by the Void. This prevents an Iylderi from being afflicted with alterations to the Soul, though Blood Magic and Necromantic drains still affect them. Their body is, indeed, Mortal, and so they are susceptible to damage that would usually afflict the descendents around them. They will die should their body be depleted of blood or mana, and their weaknesses remain even in their Mortal Form. Iconoclast Anti-Magic will still debilitate the Iylderi, and Thanic Alloy will cause searing pain the instant it pierces the skin. Deeply affected by Iconoclast Anti-Magic, Thanic Alloy, Arcanium, and a minor weakness to Auric Weaponry. This will daze and distort their focus. Their weakness to alteration remains; Should one discern the energy which composes an Iylderi’s very body, they would be able to physically ward them. This will disrupt the Iylderi. Iylderis are unable to perform Dark or Deific Arts. Blood Magic, Golemancy, and Runesmithing are exceptions, though any attempt to learn these magics will take 6 IRL Months to Master as opposed to 4, and any usage of these arts will come at a greater expense to one’s mana usage. In their Mortal Form, Iylderi are susceptible to necrotic and blood drains. They must maintain their body and sustain it when necessary, or else it will become acrid and feeble to the point of immobility. Just like any other descendent, the Iylderis still feel pain and are able to be killed in any way which you might kill another. Any non-Arcane Arts take an additional month on top of the usual learning process; This means that this will take a Guardian 6 months to master any non-arcanic art. The Void Scar is a very sensitive part of the body, and can be targeted by those who know are aware of it’s sensitivity. The Guardians are peculiar in their nature, and their body and mind remains bound to the Void even when they are disconnected. The Void has claimed and blessed the soul of this entity, and they are granted boons for this symbiotic connection. By tearing open the cracks in their soul, they ascend to an enhanced version of their Mortal Coil. Their ichorous mana leaks from their flesh, infusing their body with the energy of the Void that flows from their Scar. In this state, Guardians are granted regenerative abilities which aid in the healing and treatment of wounds they may have sustained. Consuming the mana stored within magical items or simply imbibing liquid mana will speed up the healing process. Through the use of their mana, or the consumption of magical items, they are able to concentrate upon their natural regenerative properties, and will recover from wounds more quickly than a normal person. This, however, requires the Guardian to be focused and concentrated on their injuries, and thus is impractical and nigh impossible amidst combat or when in serious pain. Should a Guardian receive a mortal wound that would kill a mortal outright, they will not be able to heal themselves of such a wound. However, should they be taken to a Voidal Garden, they will be able to enter into a coma-like state that allows them to regenerate such wounds over a longer period of time (normally four to five OOC hours/several IC days). The natural regenerative abilities may not be used in combat, and cannot be used to heal immediately life threatening injuries unless you are in a Voidal Garden. The regenerative abilities, when focused on harsh injuries, requires complete and total focus and concentration. The smallest distraction can prevent the healing process from working. Guardians are unable to ‘erase’ their injuries. They will still scar, they simply use their energy to force the wound closed. Additionally, while in their Enhanced Coil, they appear as though their skin has been fractured and split apart by the latent energy brimming within. Due to their domain over the Void and it’s produce, Guardians are able to act as a ‘router’ for Mana Flow. Akin to Circling (or Coupling), Iylderi are able to establish a connection to willing participants, allowing them to direct their mana as they see fit as long as the participant consents. Line of sight must be maintained at all times; so long as it is maintained, a Guardian may redirect mana from up to three sources. Line of Sight is required to route mana between people, and a Guardian may only shift mana between 3 people at any one time. Any more than this will cause major strain upon the Iylderi. When routing mana between people in combat, the Guardian will be unable to fully concentrate on their own spells, thus weakening their magic by 2 tiers. Furthermore, in their Enhanced Coil, Guardians are able to manipulate the active mana within the worlds flora. By hijacking the active mana within the targeted plant and tapping into the Void pure voidal energy flows through them before being secreted within the mana supplies of the plant. This leaves the plant permanently transfigured, simmering with arcane energy that feeds off of the plants mana. Manipulating Active Mana in organic matter is purely cosmetic in their Enhanced Coil, and may only do so to small objects. The Active Mana manipulation basically creates an arcane ‘ghostly’ hollow copy of the object. By tearing their Void Scar open and allowing the mana that binds them together to flow through the cracks in their flesh, a Guardian may unleash their Transcendent form and adorn a shroud of pure Voidal energy. Once an Iylderi has unleashed their supplies of mana, their unbound energy will conform to their soul blueprint and manifest as a glowing, ethereal body. Flesh and bone is temporarily replaced, now comprised of swirling energy that encapsulates the Iylderi’s soul. Enchanted equipment retains its appearance, preserved by the magic inlaid within. Such a concentrated mass of Voidal energy casts a strange aura over the surrounding area. Though normally only sensed by sorcerer's, a Guardian now exudes a mysterious force that slowly tires the eyes of all who look upon them. This by no means blinds onlookers, but to look upon something as strange as the Void itself is dazzling to a mortal mind that has spent its life beholden to the mundane laws of the universe. As a truly unbound mystery through which flows the truest incarnation of the Voids blessing, a Transcendent Guardian gains the following powers. An Iyilderi’s years of study and service to the Void have been in pursuit of this transformation. A Transcended Guardian is capable of maintaining their spectral state thanks to their constant Voidal connection, facilitating the manifestation of their spiritual body. Their skill with the creation of magical emanations now exceeds even the talents of the world greatest mortal Sorcerers. Additionally, a non-physical state such as this lends the Guardian resistances to most forms of mundane attack. In this state, physical, non-enchanted, non-aurum weaponry fails to interact with or harm a Guardian, though with this comes the disability to interact with objects which do not contain a magical element. The mundane item will simply phase through the body of the Guardian, whilst magical items or items with magical qualities will make direct contact. Guardians are unable to interact or touch any object unless it contains magical qualities or has been enchanted or blessed. Enchanted or Magical items will interact with the Guardian just as it would normally in this form. Their connection to the Void is constant, though this takes a lot of energy from their body. They are unable to live within this form, and must revert to their Coil to sustain their body. With this state comes a greater weakness to Thanic Alloys and Iconoclast Anti-Magic, causing greater pain and debilitation when in direct contact. Should Aurum be used to puncture or pierce through the Spectral entity, they will suffer a great bout of disorientation and dizziness which will greatly disrupt their focus. As a Transcendent Guardian, their Voidal Scar is much more visible and pronounced, and is still just as sensitive as ever. The process of shifting from their Enhanced Coil to their Transcendent form is difficult and painful, and requires the physical manipulation of their Void Scar, and due to their new Spectral form, they no longer suffer from the weakness to Blood or Necrotic Drains. The Guardians are much more susceptible to Thanic Alloys and Iconoclast Magic while in this form. Aurum dazes and disorientates the guardian, though does not cause any major damage unless it strikes the Void Scar. Their Void Scar is very visible through their Spectral form, shining vibrantly like a web of veins through the body. Blood Magic and Necromancy no longer affect a Guardian while in this form, as their body is composed of pure mana and is not home to genus or lifeforce. Additionally, due to their heightened connection to the Void, they are more directly able to manipulate and augment the Active Mana within plants. Where Guardians were able to carefully instill the presence of the Void within plants, performing rudimentary manipulations of the plants mana, a Transcendent Guardian can now perform more complex operations. By extricating the mana of a plant from its physical form and carefully wrapping it about its body, a Guardian can form a shell of mana that acts very much like a mana gem produced from liquid mana. However, the soul essence stored within the crystalline shell acts as a conduit that provides further, passive uses for these still living creations of the Void. Their spark of soul essence acts as a font from which can flow very small portions of mana; should a mage be close to exhausting their mana supplies, their soul will begin to accept the supplies of mana from nearby crystalline plants, as if those plants were reaching out to quell the pain of the sorcerer's’ soul. This trickle of mana is by no means enough to restore a mage to casting levels, but should a mage be close to a field of these flowers, they will surely provide enough to save them from death. The flow of mana from such flowers is very, very slow. It cannot be used to restore a mage to casting levels in a single ‘session’ (generally, waiting several hours is advised before starting to cast magic again, at the least). A mortal soul requires a reasonably sized field of these flowers to protect them from death. These flowers do not function when picked; they will continue to function as a mana gem, but their mana restorative properties will cease to function. A Guardian is able to fully unleash their latent mana, pulling apart their Scar fully; this state can only be maintained for a short period of time before the soul requires significant rest. This unleashes their full potential, allowing for some truly marvelous feats of magic. The strength and adaptability of their spells increases whilst they remain Awakened. As if the full ocean of the Void’s power flowed through the Iylderi, they are able to manipulate large quantities of mana from sources of energy and output them as they wish, thanks to the power apportioned upon them. The more mana that the Awakened attempts to manipulate, the faster their ethereal form will deteriorate under the storm of mana that flows through them. Additionally, thanks to their heightened connection, a Guardian is able to take hold of the active mana within plants and flora and produce liquid mana from them, as opposed to from their own being. To accompany this, Guardians are able to directly influence previously enchanted plants, weaving their energies together. This process allows for the creation of a ‘Voidal Garden’, a strange location that calls out to the Void and thins the Veil. Due to the sudden surge of energy and power, the Awakened form is short lived. Such a bright flame requires an ocean of stillness to quench its heat; the Guardian will fall unconscious, and will suffer immense fatigue and energy loss. They will be forced to consume an otherworldly amount of energy to even reach this point, let alone recover from it. Their Awakened state only lasts a short amount of time. To even reach their Awakened state, they must imbibe or be fueled by a large amount of mana which pushes them over into their Awakened form. When coming out of their Awakened state, the Guardian will fall unconscious and once they awaken they will feel fatigued and famished, depleted of their mana supply. They will need to eat and provide enough sustenance to their body once again before they can use magic. Guardians are able to drain and manipulate large quantities of mana, though this energy must go somewhere. They must immediately redirect or absorb the mana flow, causing them great debilitation and pain which almost immediately shunts them out of their Awakened state. Any use of Thanic Alloy or Iconoclast Anti-Magic upon these creatures in this state will almost instantly cause them to perish. A Voidal Garden is the culmination of a Guardian’s ability to manipulate the active mana of plants. Once a suitable number of plants have been collected and transformed, a Guardian can plant them before funneling further energy into them using their Awakened form. Once the ritual is complete, a true Voidal Garden will be formed, a location that draws upon the traits of the two different kinds of plants within. Firstly, all Void mages stood within the Garden will be treated as ‘connected’, just as a Guardian in their Transcendent form is always connected. Secondly, the mana manipulating properties of crystalline plants will allow Voidal mages to circle without touching one another, whilst all are stood within the Garden. The Laws of Magic are a set of abstract rules that affect how magic functions within a Voidal Garden. These Laws can be manipulated by any Guardian within the Garden. Laws will remain in effect indefinitely once they have been brought to bear and ‘set’. All Voidal mages who draw upon the powers of the Void whilst within the Garden will find their powers under the effects of the various Laws set within the Garden. Magic is very easy to generate, but very difficult to maintain. Incredibly hot flames can be conjured for a handful of seconds, ice can be quickly formed and returned to the Void, transfiguration can cause incredible changes before the spell consumes the mana reserves of the caster. Incredible feats are capable at the cost of nearly all the caster’s available mana. Magic is very easy to maintain, but very difficult to generate. Flames take several emotes to evoke, and those flames will be but tiny sparks that need time to bloom. Though the flames might be sluggish as they arc lazily through the air, the sorcerer will be able to easily fuel those flames for tens of minutes. With enough time, a sorcerer's might be able to perform some miraculous rituals. Magic is very easy to control, but loses much of its volatility. Flames burn cooler, ice takes longer to form, transfigurationists find their abilities sluggish, yet incredibly precise. Flames might be carefully fashioned into burning sigils, ice might form beautiful jewels of a thousand faces that glitter in the sunlight. Magic is difficult to control, but more volatile. Flames quickly explode into blue heat before simmering out entirely, ice spreads in random threads, transfigurationists mold their targets into grotesque but wondrous shapes. Magic can be transferred between two sorcerer's, even if the receiving sorcerer does not know that form of magic. By handing off the mana anchor to the mana supplies of another sorcerer, that sorcerer can assume control of the spell. Should the sorcerer's step outside of the Garden, they would immediately lose control of the spell. Voidal Gardens are still very much gardens, and require proper care. Plants must be watered, fertilised and so on for them to continue living. Each stage of a Gardens creation must be roleplayed. A Voidal Garden can be ten blocks by ten blocks in size, if created by one Guardian. Every Guardian that aids in the creation of the Garden increases this size by another five by five blocks. Magic cast within the Garden cannot leave the Garden, unless that magic is being attached to a mana gem for enchantment. Should a mage cast a spell, its effects will be limited to the inside of the Garden. ‘Falling forever doesn’t even begin to describe it.’ A Guardian is immortal. Where a mortal’s soul may feel the embrace of the Soulstream, a Guardian’s soul is constantly pulled back to the precipice of the Veil where they slumber, until the Void sees fit to spit them back out into the world. However, even the power of the Void is not enough to mend their soul instantly. When a Guardian is reborn their Void Scar will temporarily grow in size and sensitivity. What might normally be easy to conceal will weep with their ichor and glow brightly with their aura. This glowing Scar will mark the Iylderi out as easy prey for those who might hunt them out of hate for the Void and its children. Once an IC year has passed, the Scar will return to its normal size, repaired by time and rest. The growth of a Void Scar, caused by death, can stack up to three times. With each death the Scar becomes larger and easier to see, offering a target for any who would level their swords against the Guardian. Should a Guardian die a fourth time, when their Scar is at its largest, they will be forced into a longer rest as they wait near the Veil. This rest is normally a week long. Further deaths soon after their rebirth can extend this timer. Their soul will require significant mending. Once they have returned to the mortal world, their memories will remain in a somewhat fuzzy state for some years after their rebirth. Further deaths will slowly rip their life from them, making them forget their mortality as they spend more and more time trapped between the Void and the mortal realm. A Void Scar’s sensitivity remains constant no matter how large it might become; the larger the scar grows, the more easy it will be to damage a Guardian through their Void Scar. No part of a Void Scar will ever be ‘less’ affected by it’s weaknesses. For a Void Scar to fully heal, an IC year/IRL week must pass. Further deaths will reset this timer. Should a Guardian die three times without their Scar being allowed to heal, an IC year/IRL week will be needed for the Guardian’s soul to recuperate within the Veil. When they return after this year of rest, the timer will begin again. All debuffs must be roleplayed when a Guardian returns from the Veil following a rest. Further deaths beyond the fourth that occur before a Guardian’s Void Scar can heal will chip away at their sanity, their being, and even their very soul. This will lead to memory loss, loss of emotion, physical weakness, lesser control of magic, and should the killing continue, even permanent death. Iylderi retain no information of their death, as is standard for all characters. “Then I looked up and in a haze, all I saw… was a madman with a box.” A Guardian’s Transcendent and Awakened body are comprised of pure, condensed mana. They burn the colour of their aura, shifting constantly under a veil of ethereal energy. A Guardian’s body will conform to the ‘flavour’ of their aura; should a Guardian’s aura demonstrate the likeness of flame or perhaps water, their Transcendent body will appear equally non-physical, taking on the likeness of fire or water. Should a Guardian’s aura have geometric patterns hidden within it, the Guardian will find that their body conforms to these patterns and takes on a much more physical appearance. Alterations to a Guardian’s form have been known to develop with time as they become more accustomed to their ethereal state. The more time that a Guardian is able to spend in this form, the faster they will settle on their ‘true self’, the best image of their being. A Guardian’s Transcendent and Awakened forms are always ethereal. A Guardian must always appear humanoid in shape, as the basis for their transformed form is their soul blueprint, which will always remain the same. The kinship an Iylderi feels towards the Void is unlike that of any other mage. When in the presence of magical artefacts, spells, or auras that interact with the Void, a Guardian’s ‘sixth sense’ may be triggered: a specific taste, or even the tune of a song, or a caress of the flesh. Each Iylderi is different in how the sensation affects them. This is limited to one of the major senses, and simply allows for a minor interaction with the object in question. They gain no useful information from the mystical presence, bar the strength of the magical presence. The stronger the presence, the more their sense will be affected. An Iylderi will only have one attuned sense; sight, sound, taste, touch or smell. Iylderi cannot be granted any information about what they are sensing. This is limited only to being aware of it’s presence. This does not function like a ‘detect magic’ spell, and they are unable to find out what the magic is or what it does. They can merely detect that something magical is nearby. Even in the dead of night, an Iylderi’s connection remains rigid and firm. As they rest in their beds, the Void Scar laid upon them invokes and places pressure upon the thoughts and dreams of the Guardian. Vivid dreams of the infinite chaos beyond the Veil, these images may manifest in their aura once their slumber has reached its close. Strange shapes that spin and weave through their invocations, all the while providing a window into the mind of the Iylderi. This is a purely an aesthetic choice; whatever shapes that might appear in the aura of an Iylderi have no purpose whatsoever. Through their enhanced connection to the Void an Iylderi may, when imparting spells upon an item, choose to invest a sliver of their essence within. When such an artefact is wielded by another sorcerer, the individual in question may be granted a sense of understanding of the item they now possess. This may not tell the person in question specifically how the enchantment is used, but instead draws upon the temperment of the Guardian to influence the usage of the artefact. Be that in a positive, neutral, or negative light, a sword might impart a sense of righteousness when held, whilst a shield might suggest the need to protect one’s own. This is by no means as powerful as illusion, though it grants an object a more personal or mystical feel once touched by a Guardian. The item is not granted any form of sentience; the effects of the Guardian’s will are best compared to a minor illusion that can be easily noticed and understood. Other mages may feel inclined to act in a particular way, but this effect is not powerful enough to force them to act in a particular way. Any individual may easily ignore whatever emotions they might feel as a result of this effect. Due to their kinship with the Void, the Guardians bear a striking connection with entities born of it’s will. Celestials, Atronachs, and Conjured Animals share a bond with the Iylderi, and as such are capable of communicating with the Void-born through means of touch. They may not delve deep into the minds of the void-born, though such a connection allows them a more ‘human’ conversation with the Guardian when such may otherwise be impossible. No matter how shallow their minds may be, the experiences of these creatures fascinate the Guardians who find themselves in a position similar to the creatures born of the void. You cannot manipulate the mind of a creature in any way whatsoever. This allows for an Iylderi to have a normal conversation with a creature that it may not have been able to be had previously. It cannot access memories or thoughts, it cannot change the mind of a creature, and it cannot influence it’s choices. Guardians have a particularly interesting quirk involving their aura that can interact with their evocations. While casting these evoked elements, the Guardians aura has the chance to seep into the spell, colourising the element to match. A streak of lightning evocation coloured the bright green of an Iylderi’s aura, and so on. If desired, the Guardian may consciously avoid this by repressing their aura from seeping into the magic, however, in their Transcended form, the sheer intensity of their aura causes the pigment to change regardless. A Guardian’s aura may be suppressed to stop it from seeping into their evocations whilst they are not in their Transcendent form. Once in the Transcendent form, this effect may not be suppressed. Credits: Writers: Tahmas, AssassinofAwsome, __Ohr__ Various Players and LT for reviewing the Lore for a few months prior to posting.
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