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  1. [ARCANISM][ST] Szezket

    Yeah sure I'll oversee
  2. [Fixed]CEX Creature Slot

    Not sure if this has been made aware of yet, but I asked Z3m0s and he told me to report it here. Following the announcement about the Extended Character Cards and information dropped about the Hunger/Drowning Immunity that certain Creatures get, I figured I'd go ahead and update my Character Card to see if Archons benefited from the change. When I linked my CA with the following Command '/cex creature <link> Archon', it stated that the change was complete. However when I checked my Extended Card to see the change, I noticed the following: It lists the Creature as a Culture instead. Additionally, I do not have Hunger/Drowning Immunity whilst still, according to Z3m0s, retaining the underling Spectre race. I am unsure if Archons are even supposed to have this as it is, so I figured I'd include it in the bug report just in case. Here is a GIF just to show the text output in chat.
  3. Erythian Stars: Adduces Of Afar

    So this is where you've been? - Excellent work as always, I like this.
  4. New Character Ideas

    This is brilliant, thank you.
  5. New Character Ideas

    try a shade
  6. Here we go again. Benbo's LT application.

    Honestly one of the most creative and genuine people I've ever met. Benbo was and will definitely prove to be an incredible asset and resource to the LT. I couldn't support anyone else all the while Benbo remains unaccepted. +1
  7. Beardmancy

    Gotta catch 'em all.
  8. Beardmancy

    Beardmancy's back, baby!
  9. Tahmas' MT Application

    A couple of weeks now. I understand that that is not very long, and I do not really expect this to get accepted right away as it is. I just figured I would apply now anyway. Just a small comment, not going to put down your response or anything as I totally respect and appreciate the opinion and comment. I just want to touch on the bias of magic really quickly as I feel like there has been some confusion. I do not personally believe or have intended to show any kind of bias against different branches of Magic. Magic is my main area of interest on this server and frankly always has been. I've been immensely interested in all different types of Magic. Shamanism is no exception, and have enjoyed all of the Roleplay I've had with people who wield the magic. As for Arcadia and the floating Island, I wasn't actually involved in establishing the city or in any of the Roleplay involving keeping it afloat. I joined Arcadia well after it was established. As for powergaming, I do not believe I've ever powergamed on Lord of the Craft and in fact I actively undergame to prevent such from occurring. I do apologise if there was any confusion, and if you have anything to prove to the contrary please feel free to present it and I will be sure to correct myself.
  10. Tahmas' MT Application

    Completely understandable. I'll try and make it clear that I have absolutely no aspirations to find myself in a GM or Administrative position again. In fact, I've requested a self-blacklist on those positions to try and ensure and allow the community to see that I've no intention of holding any position other than MT or LT.
  11. MC name: Tahmas Character's name: Crumena Character’s age: Probably about 110. Character’s Race: Archon Link to your accepted magic application: What magic(s) do you desire to teach?: Runesmithing Summarize the Lore of this Magic: The art of Runesmithing has always been a vague and difficult to understand Art, it’s origins lost to time with it’s Lords of yore all but written into stone as historical legend. As it is understood currently, the Art of Runesmithing revolves around the usage of a specially bound set of tools which your Character must find themselves linked to their Artistry through a hidden and secret ritual. As each day passes, the Runesmith utilises their art through the carving of specific symbols, or runes, into a surface of choice. This acts a conduit for the magic within, and can be channeled to destroy, manipulate or even create various elements at will, with the addition of various special runes which can, for instance, amplify one’s voice or, if willing, compel another to speak the truth. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: With an idled tapping of his digit against the flat face of the Anvil, The Artificer drew his empurpled gaze across towards the student. The embers from the forge on his right occasionally bubbled and popped at the heat from the molten as the acolyte stepped forward with tools in hand. “Put your tools down.” The Transcended spoke with knitted brows, “I thought I was to carve runes, no?” “No. Not today.” He turned on his heel and raised his own hands, a set of tools which hung by his sides flew from his belt and snap up against his palm. “Grab a pen and paper, and watch closely.” The Artificer wasted no time, no second cast aside as the chisel was set to the stone, the hammer soon striking it’s base into the smoothed stone. With each strike, his hand tilted in a new direction, detailing and engraving a specific symbol down into the surface. Occasionally he’d peer over towards the pupil’s paper to keep track. “You’re not even drawing.” He scoffed, “I didn’t know you wanted me to..” With a roll of his eyes, his purple, metallic and glowing digit extended to tap the paper before finishing off the rune. “Copy that exactly, we will start carving next time.” “What does it do?” Once more, the Student questioned. Despite the rising boredom coursing through the body of The Artificer, the hammer was gently tapped to the surface of the rune. Seconds later, water would begin to spout outwards from the now activated rune, before the deactivation came with a secondary tap. Crumena then left the pupil in awe, hoping he’d complete the allotted task. Do you have a Teacher App you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope
  12. Tahmas' MT Application

    I've not been Staff since April/May 2017.