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  1. Thomas

    The Enchantry

    A bearded elf joins his jovial friend, chortling heartily.
  2. Thomas

    In with the New

    You're a good man. I never had personal problems with you and I always knew you had the right intentions. It just so happened we disagreed at times and even to this day I regret how much of a divide in our friendship it caused us. I hope, at the end of the day, you're happier now than you were. God speed, my friend.
  3. Thomas

    Lets Get It.

    Why would you die for me, padre? Marco? Let me be your hero baby, I could kiss away the pain. Can you do Yo-Yo tricks? If I proposed, what would you say? Wiggle wiggle?
  4. Thomas


    Just throwing in comment here. The Team was purged because half of them were massively misusing their permissions and failing to do their job. During that tenure, GMs were encouraged to speak out if they disagreed with the decisions made by the Leadership, and in fact while I stand by the necessity and the good it did to alter the team, we had more disagreements in the ways of opinions with the team that followed the purge. With that said, going about and completely reworking a team on a whim goes and makes for more troubles than it can solve, I can admit to that being a massive problem we faced. It should have been planned better and executed in a more efficient manner. In regards to the topic, this is just something that happens. People have differing opinions and it's very rare you're going to find unity within a team. This is a topic that has been raised for the past few years and it keeps popping up, but it doesn't appear to be changing. I was stumped with how to fix that while I was staff last time, and I imagine the staff are just as stumped now. It's a difficult problem to solve, but it does need to be solved.
  5. Thomas


    Can we not do this again?
  6. Thomas

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    Madman with a box. +1
  7. Honestly a legend, the dude know what's what and would serve wonderfully. +1
  8. Thomas

    [Pending]Tahmas's Lore Moderator Application

    Love you, sport.
  9. Thomas

    [Pending]Tahmas's Lore Moderator Application

    Trying to find it, though I'm pretty sure that the post was deleted by the Administration. I can PM you a link to t he Google Document if you like, though I'd prefer to not post it directly on the threat. It was likely deleted for a reason, I don't wanna get in trouble with the staff. I can private message it to you, though, I'm sure that should be alright.
  10. Thomas

    [Pending]Tahmas's Lore Moderator Application

    My strained relationship with the Administration at the time was nothing to do with the whole 'predator' situation. The accusation came about during the start of April, and I left the team around the start of June. The reason I was at odds with members of the Administration was due to my strained relationship with the Dev Team at the time, and a growing difficulty I was having with communicating with the Dev Director at the time. That, coupled with the fact that I had recently been given a promotion at my, admittedly, shitty job, I was really trying to focus on my work so I could actually make my dues and meet my rent payments each month. As for why there was no announcement for clarification, that was on me for not explaining my departure more extensively. After leaving the Administration, I was contacted by a few choice players who wanted to know more about my disagreements with the Development Team and the Administration during my tenure, hence why I made a 'callout' post on the Development Team which attracted a bit of attention. This was what got my Blacklisted from staff for a few months and left my relationship with the Administration and Development Team strained and pressed for another 6 months. Eventually I appealed and I'm hoping that we kind of cooled off from that. There was a large post regarding the 'predator' claims, and I did debunk everything with evidence and a full explanation. It just so happened that that explanation was completely disregarded by some people who just didn't want to listen to it. The fact that it has continued to be mentioned, even often as a joke, has been something that's caused a slight amount of irritation for me over the past year, and I actively do what I can to explain the situation as fully as I can. People just don't always listen.
  11. Thomas

    [Pending]Tahmas's Lore Moderator Application

    I believe I've already explained absolutely everything on the last post about this that came up, but I'll be fair and reply to this. You appear woefully misinformed. There was no predatory behaviour towards children, and I was not removed or forced to step down from the Administration. I willingly left because my IRL Job was picking up pace and I had to focus on my real life, that is why I took such a large break from the server. Regarding this 'predatory' behaviour, the individual you refer to was of Legal age in both States of Residence we were living in, and there was a 2 year age gap between us. Additionally, the 'logs' that were provided from the individual who 'leaked' them were taken severely out of context and should it be given an iota of thought, this would be plainly evident. When this whole ordeal went down and people began to throw around wild accusations, players from Lord of the Craft actively sought out members of my own family to 'tell them about' what had happened, wildly bending the truth when explaining it to them. The stories of the accuser's are inconsistent and invalid, and in fact my own family lawyer became involved with the situation by request of myself to evaluate whether or not I would be able to press a case against the accuser for blatant defamation and slander. The reason this proceeding never continued, was because I decided that the expense of court proceedings simply was not worth my time to deal with individuals who couldn't spare to grant a second of thought to the information they were being fed. If you genuinely believe that I am a 'predator', inform the authorities. Go ahead, I implore you to seek out the authorities. Predators are disgusting pieces of filth who do not deserve to be called human, and if you followed that same belief you would contact authorities to deal with that threat. If you need further information, or would like to escalate this further, I implore you to do what you genuinely believe is the right thing to do. I have nothing against anyone here who makes the accusation and dislikes me because they believe I am a predator, because that is the right attitude you should have to people who have been confirmed to be such. With that said, I just implore you to look into the situation a little further or escalate it to a level where actual justice can be brought against the accused should the accused actually be guilty. All being said, I thank you for taking the time to reply and I respect and understand your adamant stance against the idea of something so foul, though I must again reiterate that the whole situation was an attempt to slander and stain my name by a group of people who were displeased with my ideas amongst the Administration.
  12. What is your Minecraft Account Name? Tahmas Do you have a Discord account? Tahmas#8719 How long have you played on LotC? Since April 2015. How many hours per day/week are you available? I work 50 hours a week, sleep 6 hours a day. The rest of the time I am free. What lore do you hold the most experience with? Most if not all forms of Voidal Magic lore, frankly. All Magic intrigues me greatly; As a Dungeon Master for Dungeons and Dragons, magic has always been a large part of my campaigns and I've worked with it incredibly closely. I study Physics in real life, and working ways to tie magic close to reality is something I actively pursue. I've written, accepted, denied, and moderated many different forms of lore, but the magical community is one I am much more versed in than that of others. History and Science is something that intrigues me more than anything, and incorporating that into lore is something I actively find enjoyable. With that said, the only form of magic I am incredibly unfamiliar with is Druidic Magic. Voidal Magic is more or less 'my forte', and it's something I keep up to date with closely and bind myself into to it very closely. Storylines and events concerning magic are some of the greatest times I've had on Lord of the Craft, and I'd like to think I have a pretty strong grasp on what is, and what is not possible through magic. Do you have a solid grasp on the existing lore of our server? Would you be comfortable moderating it in-game? Oh, most definitely. I've been involved in the Lore and Event Teams on Lord of the Craft before, and actively roleplay among the Magical Community of both Voidal and Dark Magics, and am well versed in most forms of Lore on the server. I've held moderating positions before, and I'm comfortable and happy to do what I need to do in situations which present themselves. I've learned a lot in the past year, especially with moving to a new job where I actively run my own restaurant. It's helped me become a lot more adaptable and understanding to the actions of others, and my own, and how best to handle them. Give a Summary of any Staff/Lead positions you’ve held on any Minecraft Server in the past MassiveCraft: Game Manager Community Manager Administration Direction Lord of the Craft: Wiki Member - Joined the Wiki Team in February 2016 under Mitto and Croleo, and worked on updating as many templates and backbones as possible. Wiki Director - Became Director at the same time as Trial GM in March 2016, and worked closely with Croleo to update and work on assembling a team. Forum Moderator - Under various FM Directors, I helped moderate the forums even whilst at work, though I likely should have been focusing on my job... Magic Moderator - Whilst on the Magic Team, I mostly voted on upcoming lore projects and helped contribute to discussions under various LT Leads. Trial Game Moderator - I joined the GM Team under Pandann, and worked closely with Fireheart, Dizzy, Ski_King, and other GM Leads and Directors across my time. Game Moderator - After I passed my trial, I was a Game Moderator for one month before I became Manager. Game Manager - I stood as Game Manager for a few months, even going so far as practically leading the team whilst the Admins decided on a Lead. Game Director - I became the Director of the GM Team after a month of leading the team despite the position, and stood as Game Director until the end of my term on staff. Administrator - I was Administrator on Lord of the Craft for a little over half a year, and I acted mostly on moderation and handling moderation teams. I left the Administration a year-year and a half ago, though my leaving terms were not the greatest. After many months, I'd like to think I've repaired the relationship I spoiled with the Administrators, and would hope that I'd be granted the opportunity to put into practice the changes and betterment I've made to myself over the past year after feedback from the community. I have been on staff teams on other servers before, but nothing terribly notable. It's been a while since my last staff position on Lord of the Craft, and in the year and a half or so it's been I have learned a lot about myself and where I went wrong, and have been able to learn from and correct those issues. Have you ever receive a Magical Blacklist, if so, please link it No
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    LC would be a welcome addition.
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