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    Aliyard Carcimor scoffs and laughs at the false information acquired, and continues doing literally anything other than worrying over this.
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    do you need me to give you **** to do because this is gross
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    Hexe is a pain in the ******* ass and an idiot for applying, but he's a good lad and would do a good job.
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    A brilliant man with brilliant values, and a cute smile.
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    I suppose. That makes my students: - Raven (Transfiguration) - Iselryn (Transfiguration) - Nemir (Arcane Evocation) Just to ensure everything is up to date.
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    If only the Izalith knew what had become of his blood-bound kin, then truly what remained of his heart would crumble to dust. Instead, Crumena wandered the streets of the Dominion with a heavy sense of hope that one day she'd return home.
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    Fantastic job, Paleo, glad you aren't leaving us.
  12. What is your Minecraft Account Name?: Tahmas How long have you played on LotC?: I joined in 2015, and played for a short amount of time. So while it has been 3 years since I first logged on, it's only been the past 2 years that I've actively played. How many hours per day/week are you available?: 4-11 GMT on Weekdays, almost always on weekends and holidays unless I have prior plans which will be announce beforehand. I do work some evenings from time to time but I'll still be available on Discord. Have you read and do you thoroughly understand Magic Lore?: Yeah. What Magic Lore do you hold the most experience with?: I have a fairly vast knowledge on all Voidal Magic along with Voidal Creatures, and understanding on Cognatism, Runesmithing, Golemancy. Shades, Daeva, and Blood Magic. I could provide a list if you wish. Write about a magic-related topic that you find interesting (e.g. How mental barriers work): I'm going to need to copy and paste my answer from my last MT application as it still applies: While it would be very easy to state Cognatism as my favourite magic related topic, I'd have to go with simply how free-form and flowing Magic itself is in regards to the Void, it's horrors and every other aspect. Transfiguration has always been my favourite magic, simply due to how related to science it is. I, in real life, aim to become a Physics Teacher in the future and due to my fascination with science and all things concerning, I find myself attached to how Transmutation works in practice. To learn and understand how an object works, what it is, what it does and each and every property in order to manipulate that object. One must research the object, test upon it to determine it's melting point, at what point it alters into a gas, a solid or a liquid. The Alterationist must will and focus upon the object, and alter the properties of the object at his or her will to be as you wish it to be. It works by 'simply' by having extensive knowledge on particular materials and, whilst connecting to the void, visualising the object within the void through your connection and altering the material using the extensive knowledge possessed to project and alter the material before you as long as it continues to abide the laws of physics, and follows the rules of equivalent exchange. It's versatility and use in practical situations has always been a prized favourite of mine and it's an art that my character uses daily. Utility magic is the best kind of magic, and Transfiguration is the culmination of just genius concept tuned into a medium for people to use. Give a Summary of any Staff/Lead positions you’ve held on any Minecraft Server in the past: Wiki Team Member Wiki Team Leader Forum Moderator Trial Game Moderator Game Moderator Game Manager Administrator Do you have a Discord account?: Tahmas#8719 Have you ever receive a Magical Blacklist, if so, please link it: Nope. As an aside, I wanted to touch on the question from the Lore Team Application: Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team? While there isn't anyone I do not explicitly get along with, I'm aware that in the past and in my stint as an Administrator I'm aware I upset a few people with decisions or ways that I've acted. I wanted to formally apologise for that. I can be quite a hotheaded person from time to time, and I'm aware that that can cause poor opinion. I'm sorry to any and all that I've pissed off in the past and I would personally like to put that behind us and try and move forward to help benefit the Magic Lore on the server, and the server in general. As I said in the application before the forum was cleaned up, I've been back from a break for a while now and it's been nearly a year since I was staff. It's given me time to have a completely new perspective on things.
  13. Shut up you Daeva Edgelord.
  14. While I heavily appreciate and am pleased to see that someone enjoys my lore enough to try and take it in a new direction and explore more possibilities, I have to say that I disapprove of this addition. I have many reasons for this, and I'll go into them as follows: Cognatism in and of itself is a 'Self Roleplaying Magic'. It is supposed to be purely developmental and internal, and provide no benefits to combat outside of enchanting capabilities. This is made this way because we felt that there were too many combat orientated magics and wanted one that was purely designed to function and enhance the individual's and those within the vicinity of the Cognat's roleplaying experience with Magic. It is a staple of Scholarly pursuits and should remain that way. Months ago, I attempted to write and submit an addition to Cognatism known as 'The Mind of the Horror' which expands upon the nature of the Horror, the interactions one has with the Horror, and a Prismal Loop that essentially allows for a character driven story which can be written and posted on the forums for Character Development in the same vein as the new Arcane Displacement/Shunting lore. The reason that this was denied was because Cognatism, in a nutshell, is way too large to even really be considered a feat. Cognatism should, for all intents and purposes, be a full-slot magic. The only reason this is not the case was due to the fact that no one wanted Cognatism as they focused more on SoyBoy Magical Nutbags who had all kinds of devastating combat magic as opposed to those which enhanced the roleplaying experience. We settled on keeping Cognatism a slot because that is where it will shine best and people will actually take up the Art due to it not taking one of their precious slots. Any form of addition will certainly bump it up in power and force it to become a slot magic once again. After reading over the Lore, and having a conversation with someone who cares about Cognatism and the way that is is roleplayed, we came to the conclusion that if this Lore was to be submitted or accepted, that instead it should be an addition or post-feat to Arcane Displacement/Shunting. Should the new submission by Zarsies (Bae) get accepted, this could act as an additional feat which requires Displacement/Shunting as a prerequisite to acquire. Both act in forms of altered dimensions, one from a very individual character driven standpoint and one from a combat one. As I said before, Cognatism is a very internal magic. Not just in the ways of Self-Roleplaying, but in the way that it interacts with the world. Cognatism is supposed to be an enhancement and aid to the mind of a character, not to their magical or physical capabilities. The Horror never actually teaches the Cognat something, it simply soaks the information in response for an optimised mental state. The Horror does not, and will never really care about the Cognat enough to actually give them more command over spells or the void in this way because they can simply find someone else to feed them that knowledge. Horrors are not like the Shade Parasite, and they do not die if their 'host' dies. They live on, and are able to select another to establish a connection with. As I said before, to see that someone cares about my lore enough to make an addition is warming and I appreciate that, however this lore does not fit into what Cognatism was, is, or should be. For that reason, I am against this addition and believe that it should, as suggested above, be it's own individual feat unrelated to Voidal Horrors, or instead be involved with Arcane Displacement/Shunting. If you really wish to work on an update to Cognatism or an addition which provides nothing too extensive to bump it from it's shaky ground as a feat to a full-slot magic, then feel free to contact me and I will gladly work with you on such. TL;DR, this is not what Cognatism is about, and should not have any kind of combat advantage. -1