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Found 1 result

  1. PRIDE OVER PEACE: ON THE PEACE SUMMIT OF 164 SA I U D I C E M A C C E D I T Issued by the GRAND COVENANT In the year of 164 SA People of Middelan, It is with regret that the War for the Heartlands is fated to continue. Know that upon this day, the Duke of Adria convened with the sovereigns of the Grand Covenant within the Haeseni capital of Valdev in order to determine whether the war could be ended in a manner both peaceful and sustainable for the future peace of Man. This did not transpire. The Grand Covenant has affirmed at length that it does not seek the arbitrary annihilation of all Veletzian nor Adrian citizens. Your death is not desired. Your death is not necessary. The Covenant began its march in order to exact judgement against the state that rules over you, and that which has led you astray down this path of folly and tragedy. This war began because of grievous crimes committed by your lieges -- this much is confessed by the Duke of Adria in his Provisions of Ducal Austerity. However, by way of clarity, we recount them once more as follows: 1. That the League of Veletz wilfully conspired with the vanquished House of Stassion to murder King Edmund of Aaun - God keep his soul - whilst the United Kingdom of Aaun stood as allies to the League; 2. That the League of Veletz, without provocation, kidnapped Queen Sybille of Balian prior to her coronation and whilst she was heavy with child; 3. That the League of Veletz compelled Queen Renilde of Petra to withdraw her Commonwealth from the Cannonist League under duress whilst the Commonwealth of Petra stood as allies to the League; 4. That the League of Veletz invaded the city of Vallagne with a view to capturing the young Queen Catherine of Petra due to her diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Haense; 5. That the League of Veletz ignored the commandments of High Pontiff Sixtus VI in the 23rd Golden Bull of Jorenus; 6. That the League of Veletz desecrated holy ground, namely through the burning of a consecrated church in the Commonwealth of the Petra; 7. That the League of Veletz conducted armed attacks upon holy ground and captured High Pontiff Sixtus VI; 8. That the League of Veletz gave land and sanctuary to marauders who regularly pillaged the lands of the Grand Covenant long before its formation, namely the Ferrymen led by the Elf Vyllaenen. That you no longer call yourself the ‘League of Veletz’ means nothing. As Adria preceded Veletz, so too did it succeed it. The Duke of Adria is not a redeeming rogue who defied the callous acts propagated by the Veletz before or during this war - the banners of Adria stood firmly astride their liege when all the crimes enumerated above were committed. It matters not if you did protest these acts, for just as a bandit might question the conduct of his crew, his own guilt is not mitigated if he still assists in cutting a wayfarer’s throat. These crimes are not mere stains left by your predecessor; they are scars which you helped carve. They are scars which many of your Siege Tribunal, chief among your Tribune of Civic Defense, helped carve. Thus, ask yourself - how could the Covenant ever accept that you are not one and the same as the League of Veletz? The question before the Grand Covenant today was whether the Duke of Adria and his Siege Tribunal could be trusted to aid in ensuring that the Middelan institutions never again spawned a conflict of this magnitude. Based on all described above, the Duke failed in this task. The only solution apparent to the Grand Covenant, therefore, was the dissolution of the Adrian-Veletzian state. The Duke of Adria was compelled to see reason and to do so bloodlessly, so that you - the people of Middelan - would be free from war to resettle wherever on the continent you wished, with the Kingdom of Numendil namely being a loud voice in offering hospitality and swearing upon themselves their goal of fair treatment - as all Covenant nations vowed. This was refused - the sovereignty, legacy, and name of an Adrian-Veletzian state took priority over all else such as the lives of Middelan people for the Duke of Adria. He has hence decided to value his pride over peace. Having failed to demonstrate why he, as one complicit to all crimes of Veletz, could be trusted to maintain the peace of Man, he affirmed that there could be no independent and sovereign Veletzian-Adrian state tolerated. He has therefore condemned the War to continue. We issue this missive not only as memorandum of the ill-fated peace convention held on this day, but as warning to the people of Middelan: Your deaths are not sought, nor are they necessary. Flee the crumbling remains of your liege’s folley, and be granted amnesty in any Covenant lands. From the Duke of Adria, to the Captain-General of Veletz, to the Duke of Adria once more; your lords have led you down this path, and brought you only ruin. They do not deserve your blades. Winburgh is fated to fall. B U T Y O U A R E N O T
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