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Found 1 result

  1. ๐•ฟ๐–๐–Š ๐•ฎ๐–‘๐–Š๐–†๐–“๐–˜๐–Š [!] A missive is sent to the four corners of Almaris, as a humble paladin in training sits in his room, with only a single candle to illuminate the letter he was writing. โ€œAn Elven week ago, the Vigils of Light set out on a quest to rid the world of a blight that was left to fester far too long. On the far west side outside the walls of Elysium was a cave, the outside littered with gore and blood, and as a group of four Paladins went boldly into its depths, they were met with the sickening, rotten smell, and a foreboding presence. Vampires festered inside the cave, along with a pool of crimson blood: their altar. This cave was a place for them to harbor their curse, and let it spread to the rest of the Descendants of Almaris, The Vampire ilk tried their best to cease the cleansing of their pool of crimson ichor, but had fallen to the devoted paladins without any signs of mercy. But on that fateful night, a dear brother of mine was lost. A lone vampire with an alchemical explosive knocked him into a spike trap. Such unhonorable tactics should have been expected from the filthy creatures. Sadly, he sacrificed himself to save me, and as Vindicator Esmond Reede took my place in death and ascended to be with our Sunlit Lord to fight eternally against the foes of light; our group made sure that not a single one of these bloodsuckers would ever see the world outside this cursed cave again. A fury descended onto the cave from the three Paladins in mourning, as a holy burning fire met the remaining Vampires along with their pool of blood, no doubt where they were given this curse. It was fortuitous justice that it was Esmondโ€™s widow who lobbed the potion of fiery fury I had given her and she who rended the murdererโ€™s head from their shoulders. The cave we were in looped back around to the inside of an extremely large, old tree; that hollowed out tree was the perfect kindling to burn the Vampires and lock them into their inevitable ashen tomb forever. The inside of the tree lit up in flames in mere seconds, the remaining Vampires quickly consumed in a fire fueled by vengeance, rage, and honor. The cave was now cleansed, the spread of the plague of Vampirism snipped at one of its many roots, one avenue of corruption removed from the world. The now Trio left the cave with their fallen brother in arms as it filled with smoke, leaving the bodies of the creatures behind to burn with their cursed pool. All that was left is the burnt husk of the tree and the ashes of the vampires left behind. To any Vampyr that happens to be reading this, the ones that prey on the weak and innocent, who find joy in their sins, the ones that don't wish to be rid of the curse and instead find pleasure in it and the suffering of others, this is not just a warning, but also a promise; we will continue to snuff you out. The Light of the Sunlight Lord will shine down upon you, and when it does, I hope He is merciful and offers you a swift death, Because I will not be so kind.
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