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Found 1 result

  1. PRIMA MINOR BULLA TYRIA FIRST MINOR BULL OF TYRIA | PRIMER BOU MENOR DE TÍRIA 158 SA Mattia Bishop Tyra TABLE OF CONTENTS ☨ ┏━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┓ Secció I. Opening Prayer | Pregària D'inici Secció II. The establishment of a seminary Secció III. Tyria’s Official Prayer Secció IV. Call to faith ┗━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┛ Secció I. Opening Prayer | Pregària D'inici It will be through God that we can endure all hardship, all suffering and woe. Pray to Him! “My Lord God! Abide by me,” And the good Lord will. He is our divine Father, give thanks in this, and know that with him you will be given strength to prevail always. Mattia Bishop Tyria Come my brothers and sisters! Let us pray together: Perfect God, I lift up my heart to you; Senyor perfecte, elevo el meu cor cap a tu; Keep me in your hand and protect me from all evils, Mantén-me a la teva mà i protegeix-me dels mals, For your grace alone will foil temptation, Només la teva gràcia frustrarà la temptació King of Kings, my Lord most High; Rei dels Reis, el meu Senyor més Al I will fear no foe with your blessed assurance No temré cap enemic, amb la teva beneïda assegurança En Déu confiem, Amen! Secció II. The Balian Seminary | El seminari de Balian It is with great happiness that I would like to announce the opening of St Lothar’s Seminary School, located just outside of Portoregne. We have new openings for Balianites, of all ages, who are interested in taking a life owed to God. Should you wish to inquire please send a message to Mattia Bishop Tyria, or find me in the Church of Holy Supernals. Secció III. Tyria’s Official Prayer | La pregària oficial de Tyria Though not a requirement for a diocese, I believe it is fitting to have our people bound together by a communal prayer. That is why I would like to offer my fellow Balianites the opportunity to submit a candidate for the official prayer of Tyria. It must be an original prayer of appropriate nature. If you wish to be credited, please don’t forget to sign your name. Secció IV. Call to Faith | Crida a la Fe Long has Tyria suffered the virtue of being the smallest diocese. It is no unknown truth that there are few clergymen under our banner. Anyone with an inkling of interest in a life of cloth are encouraged to reach out to their parish priest, such as Father Silas, or myself. Attending Mass, partaking in confession and regular prayer are further incentivised for the laity of blessed Balian. “11 So I find that you are strict in your arms, but lax in your prayers. But to pray is to gird the spirit. 12 The hand of GOD is the greatest weapon to bear, and His word is the paramount strategy.” Spirit 2:11-12 ☨ Infirmia sine fide Hultasuna sinetsiz Weakness without Faith https://discord.gg/7w7zSBm5
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