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  1. ((MC Name: christmanism)) Name: Arduil Miravaris Vote 1: Luthien Maeyr'onn Vote 2: Luthien Maeyr'onn maehr'sae hiylun'ehya
  2. spindle.. lore.. plus one!! v interesting lore v cool :)
  3. A reclusive neighbour peered through his blinds to behold the all-encompassing flame.
  4. Do you roleplay with music and if yes what music do u normally listen to
  5. freja has gained sentience 

  6. Eyes snapped open, Faux breath was called upon. She was dead and alive; a walking Deity amongst cattle. Netzhal was reduced to a quivering pile of bloodless gore.
  7. Across fields of green wandered a shovel-bearing woman. She, upon spying the census of Aaun hung in it's capital, was met by a great deal of confusion. "What the **** is a tile_93?"
  8. they wont know what hit 'em
  9. It sat, deep below the ground on a throne of dilapidated stone That dimly lit hall cast to the silence of death was shattered by a clamouring toll of an infernal bell. The Lord of death; the King of the Barrows, was gripped by the horror it commanded. It shrieked, and through the quiet halls a sickening symphony played.
  10. can it be a redline im an exception and i can have an anime girl fw wife (otherwise nice lore)
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