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Found 1 result

  1. SHOULD DAWN COME: ON THE RECONCILIATION OF ADRIA I U D I C E M A C C E D I T Issued by the GRAND COVENANT In the year of 164 SA Duke of Adria, We congratulate you on your ascension as sovereign of the remaining midlands, and on your dissolution of the League of Veletz. While the Covenant readily welcomes a world in which a polity that has wrought war and tyranny upon Aevos is a thing of the past, it is prudent - should you aspire to walk the path of peace - that the nature of our cause is understood. For while you have proclaimed we are no longer your enemy, you remain ours. This is not because of your blood, your House, nor your heritage. No -- it is because of your deeds. For you, Duke of Adria, have stood as our enemy upon the shattered bulwarks of Breakwater; your standard flew from the ruined ramparts of Brasca; your kinsfolk triumphed upon the field of Westmark, and perished on the sands of Hippo’s Gorge; you donned your colours amidst the rain of stone at Stassion; and your blade was raised on the burnt hoardings of Drusco. The sovereign realms of the Covenant collectively bore their arms to avenge grievous acts of war committed against them. We therefore beseech you, Duke of Adria, to realise that your lone words do not wash your hands of the blood of martyred Edmund; your words do not hide the steel brandished against the Queens of Petra; your words do not undo the kidnapping of the Queen of Balian whilst she was a princess heavy with child; your words do not expunge the Darkspawn harboured within your halls; and your words do not douse the flames of the marauders sicced upon our lands long before this war erupted. Your reconciliation was pleaded not in the wake of any of these atrocities, but in the face of absolute defeat. That you held firm to the course charted by your disparaged Captain-General is the very definition of conscious complicity, as is true for those who now compose your tribunal. Disavow yourself of the notion that the destruction of Veletz, Adria – or whichever name you abide by is sought for destruction’s sake. The Covenant marches for two reasons: The first of these is to render judgement unto those who propagated these crimes, which is measured only by justice -- a murderer on the gallows cannot undo his crimes through his lone plea. The second of these is to dismantle the midlander institutions from which these acts of war were birthed for the peace of all mankind, an objective that the Covenant was forced to pursue through force after the demands of His Holiness were unabashedly rejected prior to the outbreak of war. If it is peace you seek, it will not be brought by crocodile tears. You shall be permitted to come before us to seek a resolution, but know that the forces of the Covenant will not tarry in their march to see this war through should your words prove to be but wind. Two months prior to the coming battle, and the worth of your words shall be measured. By your will or ours, judgement still comes.
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