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Found 1 result

  1. https://imgur.com/eUVAHwd.png ☩ ☩ ☩ "Thus always to Tyrants." This statement has been made by those of all Aevos at some point and yet… Never since the downfall of the Orenian Empire has there been a greater tyrant than the TSAR of Haense. Whatever narrative has been spun to you of the War of the Coalition, you may disregard it. This was always a war of Imperial Ambition for the “Tyrant Twit of Terror, The Lord of Valdev, Aleksandr” (hate be upon his name.) Your peoples have been lied to, your Kings and Queens misled to believe it was the Van Aerts that would create an Empire. They were wrong. The crimes of the rotten festering pestilence that calls itself the “royal family” of Haense cannot be hidden from the light of GOD, and thus upon this last Saint’s day was it revealed that while attacking the Midden for supposed “treachery and collusion with Darkspawn” the Tsar Aleksandr (of whose children were assuredly birthed beyond Wedlock with a fisherman) did collude with the Archlich of foul name and intent. A spiritual aspect of Iblees and ANATHEMA. It is said that ANTI-GODAN would claim to be of the CHURCH and utilize it to destroy hope, love, and all good within the world. It has never been clearer who this ANTI-GODAN is than now. The APOCALYPSE draws ever nearer, and the MIDLANDS were the sacrifice needed to birth the DARKSPAWN EMPIRE. A BASTARD BORN BEYOND WEDLOCK, AN EMPIRE BORN OF TREACHERY. Thusly do we Knights of the Midden and troops loyal to the ONE TRUE CANONIST GOD declare this our intent: Freedom from the Tsardom of Haense and the clutches of the LICH LORD of HAENSE. Independence for the Midden from HAENSETI control, whether governed by an independent Midden State or of a Bishopric under the One Holy Church. That the Church is called to label ALEKSANDR II (hate be upon his name) as ANATHEMA from now until the end of his days (of which are numbered, for he shall be burned at the stake for his many crimes against GOD, COUNTRY, and HUMANITY). That the refugee Midden populace be permitted to return to their homes in the Midden and serve alongside their fellow Canonist States as the SWORD of the Canonist League. These demands shall be brought upon the Midlands however unwillingly the criminal royals of Haense shall oppose their just deposition from the realm of righteous men. “I always believed I would arrive to Valdev as a CONQUEROR, now I know it will be as LIBERATOR.” -Grand Marshal of the Burgundyist Host, SIR RADMIR MONTALT. Warclaim: REVOLUTION. Wargoal: FREEDOM.
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