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Found 1 result

  1. Soft_and_Wet

    [✗] Divine Scoundrels

    http://community.wizards.com/sites/mtgcommunity/files/styles/large/public/thief.png?itok=b_2ywxLu The divine scoundrels are the agents of an unnamed Aenguldaemon. Through the use of sacred rituals a scoundrel can bond with another deity magic user and siphon their power. Throught the bond the scoundrel can harness the other deities boons. Original Connection to the Aenguldaemon The ritual involves being brought to specific locations within the realm, that is blessed by the unnamed Aenguldaemon. These areas typically are made ornately, adorned with many jewels and gold. These areas can be made through the magic of the deity, or already exist within the world.. It is limited to one per continent. These areas are able to be accessed by any one that holds the power of the Aenguldaemon. It is unable to be blocked off through means other than the Aenguldaemon. http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20121220114251/elderscrolls/images/4/49/Elder_Knowledge_-_Dwarven_Machine.jpg For the ritual that involves binding someone to the Aenguldaemon is quite simple. It is simply being brought to the location by a practitioner of the art. The capsule located within the middle of the chamber opens, for the person to lay inside of it. The capsule would then activate if the Aenguldaemon deems them worthy of receiving the blessing. A strange energy would flow towards the person, lighting all gems within the room until it eventually surrounds the capsule. The person would slowly pick up a glow, eventually leading to their eyes. Their eyes would appear to glow a silver hue. This silver glow also happens whenever they are performing a stolen magic. The person would then be knocked out cold due to the raw surge of energy that they had received, unconscious for a full elven day. If they are killed during this time period the blessing is wiped. To bind another deity user they are also encased in the capsule almost in the exact same ritual that was used to connect the scoundrel to the unamed Aenguldeamon. The Aenguldaemon is tasked with creating the power tap for the scoundrel(purple tube in diagram), the tap allows for a constant flow of energy. Then the scoundrel must tether the tap to himself or a trinket to the tap so that the energy can flow from the cleric to the scoundrel. The amount of power that can be funneled from the Tap is determined by the Tiers of both the deity users(Better details in the graph below.) . Once the scoundrels tether has been established as a price for the deity setting up the tap the deity takes a small share of the power to use for its own purposes. The scoundrels tether also has a visible component as it takes the form of a tattoo, the tattoo takes the shape of a glyph that is a symbol of the deity. After the process the deity practitioner will feel weaker than they normally would be because a percentage of their power is being siphoned, this is more than reason enough for the practitioner to seek out the scoundrel to restore themselves to full strength. ms-paint diagram, made by yours truly The tether is temporary and will dissipate after a certain amount of time. The scoundrel has two options when deciding to bind the deity users cleric. Either bind the tether to himself or to a trinket each have their strengths and weaknesses. Binding the tether to yourself If the tether is bound to the scoundrel it suffers no penalties to its Total tier. The downsides of having it bound to yourself is the Deity will be alerted the moment after the ceremony is complete with the scoundrels name and aliases and a description of what you look like however your location is unknown to the deity. Binding the tether to a trinket If the tether is bound to a trinket it suffers a penalty of ½ the Total tier rounded up. The trinket makes up for the lack of power by allowing the scoundrel to anonymous to the deity. The deattunement process is a simplistic ritual that allows for deity practitioners to stop the scoundrel from siphoning their magic. By marking the scoundrel in the same place the deity user was marked this stops the connection of the scoundrel to the practitioner entirely. However if the scoundrel decided to bind the connection to a trinket the practitioner must simple destroy the object that the scoundrel has bound it to, the object is most commonly found on the scoundrels person. The scoundrel could be deattuned through less favorable techniques such as the practitioner getting deattuned himself or even the (Permanent)death of the practitioner the scoundrel had connected to. The unnamed Aenguldaemon provides the means for its practitioners to siphon the power of other deities agents. However the unnamed deity has a price for its services taking a share of the power siphoned as it allows its agents to use the lion's share of the energy. The reasoning for the deity to have agents of its own is simply to harvest energy from the other Aenguldaemons. Why the deity needs said energy is unknown, but every day it grows slightly more powerful as its harvesters grow more numerous. Throught events more information about the deity's might become clearer such as its reasoning for stockpiling energy. The scoundrels intuition is heightened after taking part in the ritual allowing him instinctively understand things from extrapolating information from everything available . The scoundrels intuition is that gut feeling that lets him know to turn left to get out of the maze instead of right or even guessing the amount of jelly beans in a jar with surprising accuracy. The Scoundrels Intuition is what allows a scoundrel to somewhat effectively use the boons of a deity without actually having learned it from the official channels. As time goes on the scoundrels instincts evolve giving the scoundrel a much better grasp of the magic that he has siphoned. After mastering their intuition they have a great enough understanding of how to use the boon as a practitioner of the deity. Tier 1 The practitioner has just been gifted his Scoundrels Intuition and has just begun to understand the complexities of his gift. The effectiveness of the deity's magic is severely limited as the has just barely developed his intuition. Tier 3 The scoundrel has become adept with using the magic of other deities. His newfound power allows him to be half as competent as the person he is siphoning from. Tier 5 The practitioner has just reached the pinnacle of the magic being able to match a master of another deities magic with his own stolen version of it. He suffers no penalties to using another deities magic Strengths -The ability to use deity boons after siphoning from the connection -The scoundrel has a heightened intuition Weaknesses -The deity of the magic will be told of the siphoning, depending on if the scoundrel uses a trinket or not name and face will be given to the deity. - The user takes on the weaknesses of the magic. -The tether withers after certain amount of time -The practitioner can lose a specific siphoned magic by the users of the other magic. -Their ability is only as strong as the ability of the person that they stole it from. -The connection is lost if the character PK’s or loses his own connection -They lack the ability to connect to the void efficiently (Since it is deity magic voidal connections are frowned upon) Due to the temporary nature of this magic it has made it slightly more difficult to make a concrete way to make this MAT friendly. The scoundrel that has tethered someone will write an app very similar to a student app and then the victim will sign off that it did happen and then will oocly learn the magic so they don't end up powergaming the magic Honorable mentions: Javawizard for theory crafting Shamejax for helping write and consolidating the idea Hesh For being resident lore badass