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  1. 4 emote spells rip fire evo as a combat magic, at least toss in a 3 emote one.
  2. MC Name: Hydranut MC name of those living with you: N/A Head of household: Ceruihnsil Asul'ailer Family/individuals staying: 1 Number of Children: 0 “If possible could accommodations be made to place me with other like-minded mali’thill in a larger residence.” -Ceruihnsil Asul'ailer
  3. MC Name: Hydra98 RP Name: Ceru’ihnsil Asul’ailer Link to creature lore(Wiki and Creature Index if applicable? https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Sky_Whale Screenshot Evidence(Of applying it to crystal and possibly knowledge):
  4. This is nifty lore addition, rip my soy boy mage that can’t wear this ?
  5. From a purely mechanical standpoint, this lore is a net negative to any mage that ends up taking it. Almost all players on the server are already ageless immortals without the drawbacks a scarred mage would have such as the ability to be pk’ed. If you’re going down the route of voidal mage ‘endgame’ type lore Jax did a pretty decent version a while back, so I would take a look at it.
  6. Yeah, Evark his masculinity is on the line, rewrite you 60 pages of lore to add in Darkstalkers, a variant of liches that are made for combat. Oh, wait you fused the two undead skeletal creatures together as they are practically the same, shame on you. -1
  7. Name: Khel Race: Elf Age: 200’s Discord#: Hydra#9812
  8. Where art thou Romeo?

  9. When you also watch Alpha Investments ?

  10. This is some top shelf lore but druids have two endgames already. Why the need for power creep when druids don't even have any natural predators and a full roster of powerful abilities. -1 for implementation(+5 for interesting lore)
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