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Found 1 result

  1. Lair PRO MC Name: Islamadon Lair Name: Ugokoyama 動山 Lair Members: Islamadon Gundam_Engineer Ronin_Champloo FunTzu Wowj ArcaneChicken Abeam1 JoanOfArc HeroOfDuLoc Proposed Lair Locations (Highlight/draw at least three on the map): Lair Lore (supply link to an existing creature or other lore if being used as basis for this lair) (1000 words minimum): Yong Ping was once a thriving land. Originating from humble origins, those Farfolk of Yong Ping dedicated their sweat and tears into carving out a home for their peoples at the furthest reach of the continent. A community was built, and through mandatory service and a dedication to their culture, they succeeded. This success was not to last. The founders of Yong Ping retreated from the spotlight, for they had completed their duty. Times were good, and as the saying goes, good times fostered weak men. Yong Ping traded its homogenous society for one of international interlink. The polity became more focused upon reaping taxes for the Li Ren hegemony than the maintaining of cultural works. Noodle bars were replaced by Nordlandic banks, and property was devoured by outlanders. Requirements for citizenship became null - if you could afford property, you were made equal. What once made Yong Ping distinct was now only represented in the architecture of its shacks rather than the spirit of its people. Too did the Darkspawn of the world seek to reap blood crop upon the population. As the state of Yong Ping grew weak, those nefarious actors found opportunity. Vampires and Mystics had infiltrated the government and plucked the strings of power. Civilization itself had become compromised as the citizens who remained were corrupted into serving venal masters. Great patriots began to fall one by one to the dark, and a shadow was cast over Yong Ping. The loss of cultural identity and the embrace of darkness doomed Yong Ping. Noble citizens began to emigrate, for the magic that once made it a home for the eastern Farfolk had faded into the wind. The grand city was wrought with decay and eventually ruined, its original population scattered across the continent in whatever miniscule niches they could carve. Two of these citizens chose the path of Virtue. The Oyashimans Kato Oijin and Dodaitose Danzen, who had become brothers, opted to serve the Creator as spoken of in the Holy Scrolls. Where others of Yong Ping were enveloped by darkness, they embraced the light. Through gainful service in the Lectorate, Oijin and Danzen mastered the alchemical arts and were marked with the blessing of the Aengul Malchediael. When the Lectorate opted to dissolve amicably, Danzen and Oijin took to the roads as wandering Ronin - the Rising Sun Templars. They used their aengulic blessing to enforce holy wrath upon wicked creatures; though their service to the Church had ended, their mission had not. Yet, the needs of their sired families fermented. Beyond the glories of war, the brothers found a need to provide a home for their descendants and those toiling away at the behest of gaijin governments. When the duo discovered that the ruins of Yong Ping had been taken over by a kaiju of interdimensional origins, both understood the path laid before them. Together they used their wits and skill to rally a host, and through combat worthy of song they slew the bold and blue beast GORIJACHAN. With Yong Ping’s clay liberated from the horrid kaiju, Danzen decided that now was the time to resettle. The concept of their civilization was simple. Oijin and Danzen would utilize the alchemical arts to enable their peoples to move their home freely, so that famine, drought or tsunami would never herald the doom of their tribe. Thus, he planned out and constructed MArt 138, “Ugokoyama 動山”. Such a technological marvel would be the ultimate testament towards Oyashiman ingenuity and cultural superiority - a symbol of a brighter future. Too did Oijin and Danzen agree upon the cause of Yong Ping’s destruction: the Darkspawn that were allowed to ferment. As a result, the lair of Ugokoyama would seek to house a dojo where Oyashimans could learn to become a samurai blessed with the power of Malchediael or an eastern monk who had specialized in Kani. Those who were competent, yet undesiring of these two boons, would instead find themselves employed in the Ugokoyama Corporation and could possibly find themselves being educated in the greater forms of alchemy. Lair Build and Infrastructure (photos required, give dimensions): Dimension: Approximately 50x50. The build itself is around 37 x 41. Why can this group not fulfill their roleplay niche in an existing settlement or nation? (Give a detailed answer and examples of how this has not worked in the past.): To be honest, it probably could exist very easily in Aaun. That said, the ST compilation of the MArt requested that a Lair Application be made for ease of paperwork as well as to provide a basic region for implementation. Further, one of the main points of this MArt and the overarching goal of the lair is to re-civilize the ruins of Yong Ping and eventually form a new settlement there known as Yopinawa. If it was anywhere other than the immediate Yong Ping area, I think the project and intent would lose a massive amount of SOUL. How does this lair add to the greater world around it? How will its existence benefit its roleplay group and the server at-large?: Ugokoyama would act as the first stepping stone of a potential Oyashiman cultural revival on the server. Ever since Yong Ping perished, there has been a lack of unified home for Eastern players. Given that most of the people involved in this project are working heavily behind the scenes to update and provide greater depth of lore for Oyashiman characters (Dingo sanctioned), this would also ferment a new take on Templarism and Kani as it would be given a Samurai and Eastern Dojo theme. Further, the Ugokoyama Smogger Corporation would provide a yakuza-flavor to the Smogger and Animii community, akin Araska from Cyberpunk, and thus would see plenty of interaction with those two feats. If the project gains interest, we would likely seek to upgrade to a settlement.
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