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  1. AngelMC__


    Fine hang on. Primora Jungle and The forest of Adrallan
  2. AngelMC__


    Mentioned Spiders silk and “The game of kings”
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    I've done what you asked.
  4. Hello! I was wondering how long ,on average,it takes to approved/review an application. Lots of love Angel
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    Monica was born in the urban habitation of the Heartlanders. She lived with her parents, Danielle and Manuel and her sister Elizabeth. She never felt like she fit in with the other humans as she was never like the other women. Her sister was always a girly girl. Prancing around in cotton dresses that her older sister made for her.. raising her pinkie and sipping tea rather than downing it. Her sister longed for a life of royalty and after their parents died, Monica promised she’d get that life. However...Monica was the complete opposite. She would gladly prance around in pants rather than a skirt. Of course, many ladies tried to get her to wear corsets which..resulted in kicks and screams. She would screech to high hell until they let her be. They eventually left her alone and she was even allowed to train as she was a very good swordswoman. This was very odd as only men got battle training and women were taught domestics. However, despite this, she was always well educated as this was the Heartlanders way. She still loves her sister but has her jobs and whatnot. Her sister currently works as a maid in the large houses as Monica became a traveler. They meet up from time to time however most of the time they spend alone. Most of that alone time is spent playing betted games such as the game of kings or Chess as its more commonly know. Elizabeth, however, spends most of her time spinning spiders silk for wealthier merchants to sell. It's a tedious job but pays well. You're probably wondering why and how their beloved parents passed? Their father,Manuel, was an explorer who loved going to places that people dared not go. One such place led to his downfall. The Primora Jungle,teaming with creatures, was a place that not even the bravest explorers go. However Manuel was different. He took on the challenge however didn't make it. People say he was mauled by a beast but no one is sure. Their mother,Danielle, worked for a wealthy mage who sent her into The forest of Adrallan to retrieve a mushroom that would strengthen himself and his alchemy. Unfortunately...as soon as she entered the maze of trees...she was never seen again.
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