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    question for the lore people

    Is that canon?
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    The Curonian Royal Academy

    Valor thinks it’s a bit racist to only allow humans.
  3. Name of your Charter: The Citadel Owner's Username: Bluee Owner's Roleplay Name: Headmaster Bell Location (XYZ): 473 49 2645 Tier applying for: T3
  4. “Then you shall take along the burdens and enemies the Druid nation possess, may you take caution with furthering your guild under a nation though – Your options are now limited and the Druids hide a dark present and past with their society, heed caution, Mr. Banebow, you’ve been warned. If you ever wish to have your guild free of political influence – You know where to contact me.” With sincere and kind regards, and to the future prosperity of your guild, signed: Headmaster Valor Bell, leader of the Huntsmen Brigade, owner of Eldar’seal Island
  5. “Allying with the druids will be the death of your guild.” Headmaster Bell remarks with a scoff, before speaking once more ”It amazes me that you are so blind to this issue, as allying with said druids will prevent you from achieving the purpose of your guild, of which was to hunt wild game, as I’m aware some of your members have signed up for such. Though, in despite of tragedy – know that I will catch your downfall.” Headmaster Bell, of the Huntsmen, would finish his missive to the guild leader, hoping he would consider his following offer: ”If you retract your retreat to the druids, I will provide you shelter and comfort on the island of Eldar’seal, of which I will let you freely hunt and fulfill the purpose of your guild, which is similar to ours. Write back when possible.” The end of the note was signed with a neatly put: Headmaster Bell, leader of the Huntsmen Brigade, owner of Eldar’Seal island ((Talavok#3594))
  6. Bluee

    My Poor Turtles

  7. Shimmander (Crus Salamandra) ________________________________________________________________________________________ The Shimmander, more properly named as the Shining Salamander, is a peculiar variation of salamander of which looks as if it was covered in pure gold, hence to it’s abbreviations ‘shimmer’ and ‘shining’. As it’s often mistaken for piece of gold. The creature’s origins spanning being directly unknown though it was discovered on the Isles of Arcas in 1705, by a group known as the Huntsmen. After years of intensive research and reporting, these are their findings. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Appearance: These amphibians are a very unique and different species to their counterparts. Their flesh seemingly made of gold (though it looks like gold it isn’t actually gold) as it shimmers effortlessly as any form of light comes in contact with it. The appearance looking like an array of golden glitter-like stars over a golden canvas, as some would describe. Atop of their appearance, their skin is rougher than other salamanders, often deflecting light blows from an iron dagger through any force above that would surely penetrate their thick stone-like skin. Habitat: The only known location that this amphibian has been located is in places where light doesn’t shine, such as any underground location (ex. caves). Though, the creature does tend to have a certain interest to any moisture, as it seems to gravitate to locations that include water. Size: Their size often varies drastically. Some researchers finding Shimmanders as small as 4.9 inches in length and others finding the rightfully named Giant Shimmanders, the longest recorded one getting up to a staggering 6.7 feet in length and weighing about the same as a small child (90 pounds). Size does not change with gender. Diet: Shimmanders are omnivores that will eat just about any, to mushrooms naturally grown on the cavern floor to small chunks of deer carcass, it seems the salamander has no care to what it’s ingesting, as long as it’s directly ingestible. A peculiar behavior with their diet is that they prefer to eat in darkness rather than it being bright. Though, they will eat in light under dire circumstances, it is clear that they prefer the blanket of night for feasting. Temperament: These creatures are generally passive, avoiding any outside creature besides their own kind though due to their unique and glimmering skin, this proves difficult to the mammal. This remains true regardless of size though it is known that Giant Shimmanders will generally become aggressive if you near or approach them, using their arsenal to deter you away from them. However, all Shimmanders tend to be aggressive when you near their eggs and/or children. Sounding a light and always echoey hiss towards you as a warning typically. During extreme conditions in which a supposed hostile target hasn’t backed off, they have the ability to spew an incredibly accurate spew of golden liquid in their efforts to temporarily blind their target buying them time to escape. Characteristics (Behavior, Reproduction, Gathering resources and food, etc): The shimmering and shy salamanders are generally nice towards creatures of their same variation, some researchers noting that they ‘play like a pack of wolf cubs would’. Though, an odd occurrence is their odd aggression towards other variations of salamanders, often hissing if another species comes anywhere near their general mass. It is noted that they do communicate, though it is unknown how they exactly do it, some researchers note ‘they flicker their skin and lash their tail at the ground when excited’. These creatures likely reproduce as normal, like other salamanders, in the same fashion though finding a lifetime mate is different for these amphibians. It has been speculated that the brighter and shinier a Shimmander is, the more attractive they are, this going both ways through male and female salamanders. Once a mate is found however, they instantly begin to reproduce, often producing only 10-50 eggs at a time, which is much less than other species of salamander. Once the two shimmanders mate for the first time, they are hereby mates for life and will do the same action 4-5 more times during their lifetime until they die. An interesting fact being once one Shimmander dies, their mate usually does the same just hours apart, speculated from grief. Unlike other species of salamanders, these shiny critters aren’t born with gills or lungs, instead they breathe through their skin. This allows them to the ability to breathe both above and below water. Which again, unlike most species of salamander, is why they lay their shiny eggs (of which look like gold nuggets) above ground, typically in a dark hole so predators can’t easily get to them. A Shimmander’s diet consists of basically anything edible they can get their slimy amphibian hands on which means finding food for them is an easy task and they never seem to have a scarcity of it. Though, their main foods consist of flora (such as mushrooms) that grow within caverns and bugs that dwell within the darkness as well as it doesn’t take much to fill up the creatures. The bigger ones tend to eat a larger serving of flora or, in the darkness of night, they will hunt if there is a scarcity of plant life around their nest. They do such a task in the night to conceal their shimmering skin, which makes them quite visible in daylight. These glimmering beasts usually rest during the daytime as they are quite the nocturnal mammal, their nests consists of whatever they can scavenge off the earthy ground, typically grass and other flora atop of their shiny commodities. There is no definite answer to a Shimmander’s lifespan although a rough estimate would be that they live up to roughly 25 years. Origin: These creatures are speculated to have been around ever since Arcas’ existence and theorized to have been a sign of good luck if you didn’t startle one. Other than that, not much is known about these rather docile creatures as no documentation has been found thus far. Weaknesses: As these creatures aren’t necessarily blind to daylight, they clearly have a lighting preference, sticking to mostly night time settings, it’s believed their vision is lesser in daylight though they have proven to navigate fine despite that property. Their lust for shiny objects has also proven to be a negative as they often ignore any bright signs of danger for anything that looks valuable and shiny. Atop of these, it’s not uncommon for baby Shimmanders to die during their early stages as if a greater predatory threat arises, the parent Shimmander would often take a few of her young and leave the rest to die as young Shimmander haven’t developed their protective adaptations. Summary: Shimmanders are a spectacular breed of salamander of which their skin glimmers like gold stars on a golden backdrop. The creatures are often docile though possessing abilities to defend themselves if needed. They are quite nocturnal, often settling in dark caverns preferably with moisture nearby. When they find a mate, they are with that same salamander for life. LT Approval Required? No. Redlines: Story team actor creature only. -Shimmanders are only slightly blinded by daylight though it makes enough of a difference for their blinding shot to be easily missed. -They may only perform a blinding shot once every Saint’s Day. -They can be tamed as a pet though it is impossible to fit them for any form of combat. -If separated from their mate, they will die within 7 Saint’s Days.
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    The Marian Fair of 1711

    MCName: Bluee Name: Headmaster Valor Bell Type of Ware: Exotic weaponry and beast parts
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    The Huntsmen

    Accepted. You’ve already been provided further instruction.
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    I actually made these first, Theldryn..
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    Commissions Open

    Do you do crests/logos?
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    Hello Sage! Welcome to LOTC. If you’re looking to learn about smithing, we have a mage in our guild that forges normally and with magic that would be willing to talk to you about that kind of stuff. Contact me on Discord if you’re interested, Talavok#3594
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    The Caliphate Hunting & Farming Guild

    Headmaster Bell sends a missive to the leader of the newly formed guild in regards to a possible alliance.