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  1. To most, this came as a surprise and to some, a celebration is in order but either way, I think it’s time to move into the next chapter of my life and break free from these bonds. I’ve been here about three years, which isn’t a long time for some people who’ve been on this platform but I think it’s long enough to have sucked out all the joy LOTC has to offer for me. I’ve done everything I had hoped to accomplish when I joined LOTC. Made a successful trailer, joined the ET and hosted many events which were well perceived as many, successfully started and grew a hunters’ guild to be the largest on Arcas and I made tons of new friends along the way that have helped me in every way possible, it’s been great. But, since I’m graduating in just a week I think it’s time for me to move on to the next chapter of my life. I’m unsure when or if I’ll ever be back but it’s been a good one either way. Some of you will miss me, some of you will celebrate my leave but whichever person you are just know that you made this journey one to remember. All my supporters and critics, thank you. I wanted to keep this really brief but I think some shoutouts are in order either way. @Huntsmen – Thank you for being a wonderful guild to lead, you guys are the most loyal supporters I could’ve ever asked for. @Jenny_Bobbs – You’re a wonderful friend, cameraman and person in general. Keep in touch w/ me for sure. @TarreBear – Wow oh wow, you’re an excellent admin. Thank you for always being there to support me and the CT, you’re great. @Lyonharted™ – A great and supportive friend overall and you’ve always got my back. @MartinDaMartian and @PurpleMurfle for being the cutest couple around town. @ScreamingDingo for always being my biggest critic. @Telanir – For giving me a chance and always supporting me. @FlamboyantTyrant for forgetting my past and giving me a shot. @Treaty for putting me on the ET and making one of my great goals come true. @Fireheart for always being real with me and for giving me the chance to work on the Arcas trailer. @D4NNA – Teaching me Conjuration (and Garoll) and being always so nice. @DarkElfs – My partner in crime.. I think. Anyways – your roleplay is great. @KosherZombie – Gave me my first home when I came back to the server and always supported me wherever I went. @Everyone – Thank you for making this ride an enjoyable one for the end. I’m boutta head out now.
  2. Bluee

    The Huntsmen

    Accepted. Contact Headmaster Bell (Talavok#3594) to receive further instructions.
  3. A elvish man laughs at the concept of being ‘old’.
  4. [ ! ] Several posters are plastered throughout every major city and minor settlement by one of Toriel Maddison’s esteemed servants boasting of a new shop that has arisen near Cloud Temple, calling all adventurers that wield Toriel Tokens to come and spend them, at long last. NOTICE: This shop doesn’t accept mina, instead - a special currency known as a ‘Toriel Token’ obtained by doing bounties for and by Toriel Maddison. “Come one, come all to Toriel’s Token Emporium!” Item list found here, specialty items not listed - come in the shop and see what’s available. Mystical items from far off lands, useful and required everyday objects, deadly weapons to cut down any foe or perhaps a simple toy for the children? Toriel’s Token Emporium has it all, to those whom bare the right currency. Attached to the paper is a separate list, boasting all the items the shop sells for tokens. From everything to iron ingots to fuel your war campaign, to a simple dinner to feed the family another day. Perhaps colorful dyes be more your taste or a lovely musical tune to spice up your date? From comfy wool to deadly weapons, we sell it all here at Toriel’s Token Emporium! So what’re you waiting for? Come on in and take a look, perhaps you’ll be enticed to do a bounty or thrice. DIRECTIONS: Starting from Cloud Temple, head down King’s Road and take the first left from Cloud Temple, head down that way - up the steep pathed hill followed by a dense tunnel before you reach a two-way path. From there, head left and continue down the road until you see a large building on the right-hand side. (x 413, y 56, z -307) No refunds (Any item suggestions comment down below)
  5. Well.. about that-
  6. Bluee


    Changed Status to Pending
  7. Bluee


    Changed Status to Under Review Hello Knox213! My name is Bluee and I’ll be the one reviewing your application. To start off, your application looks great – and though it’s near perfection, there’s still a few things that need fixing: Your character cannot start in a pre-existing family, such as the Bell family unless given permission by the current head of the family as there currently is one. Please provide proper proof of the head of the family allowing you permission to be a Bell. You must provide two pieces of server lore from our wiki, listed here. This could be something simple like a city name or Isle name. Please adjust this, you currently have one – which is the mentioning of Atlas. There are a few things wrong with your Interesting Facts. First of all, there has to be at least one negative fact – all three seem to be either positive or neutral. Secondly, you cannot start off as ‘head’ of the Bell family as that name already exists. Please adjust this. Well, that’s it. It may seem like a lot but I believe in you! If you need any help whatsoever please do not hesitate to contact me either by forum messages or via Discord at Talavok#3594. You can also join the New Player Discord to get further assistance. Please let me know when the application is correct by either leaving a comment or sending me a message with any of the above listed means of contact.
  8. Bluee

    The Huntsmen

    Accepted. Contact Headmaster Bell (Talavok#3594) to receive further instructions.
  9. Tikka stood there - fearless in spirit, blood calm. He had fought many beasts before, he had no reason to fear what came ahead. A few moments into battle. Intrepid Tikka lunged fourth, showing unflinching behavior in his stride atop the Pterodactyl he slashed fourth with relentless intent, digging his blade fourth into the rider - whom of which retalited, slashing deep into the brave Tikka’s stomach though the incessant Halfling presued. . . . They fell through the air, topping each other in a chance to break the fall though, with Tikka wounded, the rider gained advantage. A gruesome noise sounded. Tikka and rider unmoving, the dazed Pterodactyl finished the job sending a hurling ball of flame and destruction directly into rider and Tikka akin, their bodies succumbed to flame as Tikka’s spirit was sent to Goa and his legacy set in stone. Time seemed to stop. Moments of silence followed, the collecting of what remained of Tikka’s desecrated body and the quiet walk home. A process of mourning. His memory will forever live on within the Huntsmen, his legacy will be carried onwards. “Oki-oki” The words seemed to echo into infinity, as he faded to Goa’s grasp.
  10. Bluee


    This would be something to talk to either @FlamboyantTyrant or @ScreamingDingo about, our new event manager.
  11. why is monster hunter music so good

    1. D4NNA


      Bluee, bro... if you have a switch you definetely need to get Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.


       These are the official and ‘unofficial’ themes of MhgenU Poster monsters.

  12. this is a planned feature, ps
  13. Bluee

    News of Arcas!

    didn’t talk about haelun’or and their acid pits, -1
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