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  1. Bluee

    A new beginning

    If you need any help do not hesitate to contact me via the forums or send a message over Discord at Talavok#3594!
  2. Bluee

    Bluee's post-surgery AMA

    Thank you! First, my most destructive creature was the one I had played in @Aesopian’s final September Prince event. It was a giant shrimp titan and it ended up tearing down the entire front wall of the Dominion (or Gladewynn?) Then once it died, really finished off the way. Comebacks for the actor or the players? I’m going to assume you mean me and I don’t think I have any of note, I remember I was doing a parrot event and the people forgot parrots could fly or something, so in the end I ended up flying off because my wings nor legs were attacked at all. I have given away a few really good items. One of note is @Ajax’s Par’guul sword, which is a slayer-steel longsword adored with various parrot feathers and other things to make it cool and unique. From time to time it insults enemies in a parrot-like voice because why not, I’ve always thought it was a good weapon. I also had a merchant event where I gave out a lime-stained glass sword with the durability similar to iron, inspired heavily off of Oblivion’s glass weapons.
  3. Bluee

    Bluee's post-surgery AMA

    (somehow I missed your questions, mm) Thank you, I’m not dead or dying so that’s a success to me. My favorite book currently is Beasts Made of Night by Tochi Onyebuchi – but the whole LOTR trilogy also does it quite well for me. My favorite movie of all time is Monty Python and the Holy Grail but some of the other favorites include Pulp Fiction, Shrek & Shrek 2 (Yes, really), the whole Star Wars franchise and Ready Player One. I listen to mostly everything except country/christian and death metal, etc. I’m currently listening to my lofi playlist to help me calm down.
  4. Bluee

    Bluee's post-surgery AMA

    Hello Ajax. The reason I joined ET is because giving people satisfaction and a wholesome roleplay experience has always been a passion of mine in general. Becoming an ET gave me a plethora of amazing tools to make the roleplay experience of others seem surreal and it really allows me to be as creative as can be in a staff team. I have no idea at the moment, I know Story Team is pretty packed and applications are rolling in, but @FlamboyantNewEra stated that the ST wouldn’t be super limited so I’d talk to him. He’s still currently in the process of transferring all the current ET, WT, LT staff onto the new Story Team so I’d give it a couple weeks perhaps. Panda Express? Of course. Pandas? Yes, they are adorable. Pandabear_zombie? Yeah, he makes for a good friend. How did you know of this, Fireheart? I wouldn’t say favorite because I think all my managers are pretty sweet but you are good because you relate to my memes and you’re just a cool dude in general, you’re relaxed and never up-tight and you don’t see yourself as better than anyone else because you’re a manager, we have fun when we goof off and it makes me more delectable to work for you. I made sure to make it for him yesterday! And thank you very much, writing these replies is making me a bit nauseous and I got a plethora of needles in me so I think I’m going to take a nice nap after this, here is to hoping I breath well in my sleep because they are quite concerned about that in general. Thank you for the prayers. A favorite event, gosh.. I recently really enjoyed the bounty one I had preformed for a large group, it was very entertaining and the party in general were all very delightful roleplayers. I remember doing a clone one of which I really enjoyed as well. I’d honestly really love to do a big raid boss next map, nothing like September Prince where it’ll take months to kill the thing, just a simple one fight thing that people will bring siege weapons, etc. to kill a giant creature. I think that’d be a lot of fun to preform. @Porkgasm’s character, Bonehead, is always a pleasure since he roleplays the thing so well and at the same time makes it unique and fresh. I don’t really remember anything off of Atlas, tbh. Pie, all the way. I’m doing quite alright currently, suffering a bit but that was expected. Hoping to make a quick recovery. I hate needles so seeing so many in me is a pain but I’ll get through it, I reckon. Just imagine a giant loogie made of tissue hanging out in the back of your throat, yeah – it sucks as bad as it sounds.
  5. Hey guys, I’m posting an AMA because I need something to do when I’m hospitalized for a day so pick my brain apart! I’ll be answering all the questions after my surgery (Feb. 19th) and everything I get in that day, cheers!
  6. Bluee


    Changed Status to Accepted
  7. Bluee


    Hello thank you for working with me, I’d like to be the first one to say congratulations on being accepted, your application was superb! This is just the first step to having a fantastic and magical roleplay experience! If you need any further assistance, please - do not hesitate to contact me in-game (Bluee) on Discord (Talavok#3594) or via the forums. You can also join the New Player Discord for extra help if you so desire it.
  8. Bluee


    Changed Status to Pending
  9. Bluee


    Hello, thank you for submitting an application to our server, though your application is being put on pending because there is a few slight issues you need to change within the next 24 hours. Your definition of metagaming is incorrect. You can check out this link to assist you in getting the correct definition. Your definition of powergaming is incorrect. You can visit this link to further assist you on getting the correct definition. Your biography is too short, you need to provide a lengthy paragraph about your character’s backstory instead of just describing her personality. Atop of that, you need at least two lore references from our wiki in your biography, this could be the names of isles, cities, etc. Your skin does not fit our medieval fantasy environment, atop of that, it does not match the characteristics of a High Elf. I know it may be hard to find a skin but if you need further assistance on that, please message me. Once these changes have been made, you can comment here (on this post), shoot me a forum message or a Discord message (My Discord is listed below) If you need any further assistance, please - do not hesitate to contact me in-game (Bluee) on Discord (Talavok#3594) or via the forums. You can also join the New Player Discord for extra help!
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    Changed Status to Under Review
  11. Bluee

    The Darkness Within (Part 4)

    You have admit the writing in this four part series was pretty good. Maybe not the plot, but the word choice, grammar, and everything else was not bad at all, thanks for the read, Roost.
  12. Bluee


    Might be fun, but you know what might be more fun? Putting people in a stadium with different animals and watching them fight to the death.
  13. Your avatar reminds me of Total Drama Island, which was a pretty banger show.
  14. Title pretty much says it all, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, everyone deserves a little bit of love. Make sure to quote the above person so they see your compliment❤️
  15. Bluee

    is it sunnyside up egg or a fried egg

    from my understanding, they are the same thing source: went to two different restaurants, one time asked for sunny side up, the other time asked for fried egg – got the same thing both times.