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  1. reminder to drink water u heathens 

  2. or i mean we could just like purge on everybody under 18
  3. PvE events are lame.

  4. Bring the Media Team back, ****’s dry as a bone.

    1. Evonpire


      I mean that was supposed to be CT, but..... :^)

  5. Last video posted 7 months ago? Figures.

  6. Hope y’all have a good friday.

  7. Who removed my Creative Wizard tag?

    1. Vaynth


      I havent been staff in like over a year but sometimes they accidentally remove a tag when adding another one because they forget to shift+click.

    2. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      you’re inferior to me now

    3. Jenny_Bobbs
  8. What types of videos would you guys like to see return to the youtube?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Jenny_Bobbs


      Ye,  we'll bring these thoughts to the next CT meeting.

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      Make a higher quantity of videos of lesser quality.

    4. Milenkhov


      I’d like to see some raids and pvp ?

  9. To most, this came as a surprise and to some, a celebration is in order but either way, I think it’s time to move into the next chapter of my life and break free from these bonds. I’ve been here about three years, which isn’t a long time for some people who’ve been on this platform but I think it’s long enough to have sucked out all the joy LOTC has to offer for me. I’ve done everything I had hoped to accomplish when I joined LOTC. Made a successful trailer, joined the ET and hosted many events which were well perceived as many, successfully started and grew a hunters’ guild to be the largest on Arcas and I made tons of new friends along the way that have helped me in every way possible, it’s been great. But, since I’m graduating in just a week I think it’s time for me to move on to the next chapter of my life. I’m unsure when or if I’ll ever be back but it’s been a good one either way. Some of you will miss me, some of you will celebrate my leave but whichever person you are just know that you made this journey one to remember. All my supporters and critics, thank you. I wanted to keep this really brief but I think some shoutouts are in order either way. @Huntsmen – Thank you for being a wonderful guild to lead, you guys are the most loyal supporters I could’ve ever asked for. @Jenny_Bobbs – You’re a wonderful friend, cameraman and person in general. Keep in touch w/ me for sure. @TarreBear – Wow oh wow, you’re an excellent admin. Thank you for always being there to support me and the CT, you’re great. @Lyonharted™ – A great and supportive friend overall and you’ve always got my back. @MartinDaMartian and @PurpleMurfle for being the cutest couple around town. @ScreamingDingo for always being my biggest critic. @Telanir – For giving me a chance and always supporting me. @FlamboyantTyrant for forgetting my past and giving me a shot. @Treaty for putting me on the ET and making one of my great goals come true. @Fireheart for always being real with me and for giving me the chance to work on the Arcas trailer. @D4NNA – Teaching me Conjuration (and Garoll) and being always so nice. @DarkElfs – My partner in crime.. I think. Anyways – your roleplay is great. @KosherZombie – Gave me my first home when I came back to the server and always supported me wherever I went. @Everyone – Thank you for making this ride an enjoyable one for the end. I’m boutta head out now.
  10. Bluee

    The Huntsmen

    Accepted. Contact Headmaster Bell (Talavok#3594) to receive further instructions.
  11. A elvish man laughs at the concept of being ‘old’.
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