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  1. Thanks for the help, ill fix it!
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    Hodar Yrguen is a highlander human born in the city of Dunharrow. His name is a tribute from his mother to his father Hodarot, a brave man that died of the injuries received in the destruction of Vjorhelm. Hodar is pretty creative and dream about becoming one of the greatest builders of all time. After the death of his mother, he was forced to work as a farmer to survive and stopped studying about building. After a while, he decided abandon the farm and started traveling the world to study more about building and architecture. Hodar is very good at archery due to his father´s brother, Morrow, a skillfull archer from Helena guards that thought him the art of archery when he was a child in the summers of Dunharrow. Hodar have a large botanic knowledge gained in his time as a farmer and is afraid of magic power.
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