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  1. So wait did I miss the transition event because no one put anything up on the forums like they promised to?

    1. Catarrh


      Well, you missed the initial thingy, but there'll be a couple days worth of transition rp apparently. 

      Edited by Catarrh
    2. Vamoose


      Main transition events are the duration of friday

  2. One must then consider the idea of thanium heat discharge being countered by thanium heat absorption, and the fact that if you hit a vest with thanium studs with a medium spell, all thanium in the general area would share the brunt of the mana influx, and then be quickly countered by the unaffected thanium's ability to absorb heat. In such then the more thanium studs, the harder it would be to over charge the thanium because the less the load each stud suffers, and the more studs there are to counter the heat. While a high level powerful spell may simply instantly convert the thanium into its
  3. So anyone know why we have heard nothing about the dungeon event so far? it was supposed to be almost a half hour ago

    1. DJSneeze


      Turns out it's only for a select few.

  4. So, they deleted ct, and didn't inform any of the folks who had shops there so I just lost most of my items I had just moved there from my old house temp. Plus the skill tomes I was selling..

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    2. Pandan


      They're probably still there, just.. buried. PM me when I'm IG.

    3. Gone


      Seriously? I had a shop there too... So now I'm without a shop and without the items? Why did we get no notice? Could have easily moved our stuff.



      they didn't tell me they ******* deleted it

  5. Did we all forget the rule on not using FT to raid?

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    2. oblivionsbane


      If five necromancers go into a town and take bread from a chest, are they raiding?

    3. Imam Faiz Kharadeen

      Imam Faiz Kharadeen

      No conflict happened at all during the time, staff couldn't even find any logs of hostility like dunamis harassing or calling pvp on anyone, they barley found any logs of them talking at all lmaooo.

    4. Flurgh


      Even the "victims" said themselves that there was no hostiltiy and they didn't interpret it as a raid.

  6. *A final note is posted* "Thaniums mind effecting traits are less like a neurotoxin and mor elike a drug where too much quickly becomes dangerous, resulting in the degradation of the mind of one who continues to consume it or inhale it. This would explain why non magic users such as myself who have undergone long term exposure but not ingested the material find themselves unaffected by anything other then a bone chilling cold, though again for mages the effects vary compared to non mages but also require exposure through inhalation, ingestion or a wound caused by a thanium blade. As such
  7. *The notices are reposted* To the parties posting above: 1: Items or minas are fine. 2: It is not a toxin, but ingestion seems to have effects as if it was one. Possibly due to the nature of thaniumm. 3: Its not an alloy, the shard of thanium is encased in gold to protect it and the wearer, reducing the chances of the material shattering, and insuring that even should it do so the dust and the smaller shards are still encased and do not reduce the effectiveness of the Thanium or the amount present. 4: Unless you have the authority to make such demands/threats I suggest one
  8. *The note is pinned around various cities* "For sale, one Thanium Studded Tunic recipe. This recipe would be of use to a highly skilled leather worker and requires the use of Crude Thanium and a blacksmith to make the Studs. If you wish to make an offer please do so by pinning your offer next to this notice. Due to the nature of this item no price is set and will be sold should an offer interest me. minas or should such not be the method one wishes to pay items are accepted. Offers of an artifact or relic will see a priority due to my interest in them for study." Signed- Tensha
  9. *Sitting in the Huntsman's Lodge, Tenshar goes over recent notices involving the various active bounties when he comes across the notice looking for crew for the Giant Squid hunt. He sighs, knowing he has plans that day and won't be able to assist them. He posts a small note next to the board.* "If you bring me a sample or such back I'll pay for the research material. 200 minas." ((Would go but got a wedding to go to on sat. In case I do get back home before 8pm, which is possible, I'll leave my app below)) Name: Tenshar Karkun Age: 167 Race: Half Elf Skills: Siege engineer, wit
  10. FYI if your found using weightless armor it is considered making use of a known glitch. I suspect with it becoming so public the gms will be taking more action on those using such.

    1. AGiantPie
    2. Supah?


      ^ Everyone uses it.

    3. Salvo


      Haha! No.

  11. OOC: Minecraft Username: Kanrath Skype: Kanrath001 Do you have a Teamspeak (Yes/No): Yes IC: Name: Samuel Delorn Race: Human Profession: None currently/Unemployed Skills: Redstone Desired Position: Bank Teller Do you understand that misleading Valiant and Balk, and or falsification of any information will lead to your immediate expulsion from the Bank and possible Death?:Yes
  12. "Anyone having such may find me at the Huntsman's Lodge at the frostbeard town. Bring what you wish to sell and a price, and if you have the name or names of those involved in bringing the beast down such would be appreciated as I intend to mark their names below where the item is displayed. ((I won't be setting up purchases over the forums, this is to help bring rp to the Lodge.))
  13. These disconnect/rollbacks are getting mighty frigin irritating. Log on, minute later server goes down again..like clockwork.

  14. So someone mind explaining who had the bright idea it was to nerf minas drops from 1 on averageho has to .1? We have argued over this since ageis and its always been the same result, put minas drops on mobs and set it between 1-5 with a rare higher drop..stop ignoring this fact..

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    2. seannie


      i want 100 minas for killing endermen again

    3. Galendar


      40 for pigmen was my job

    4. Kanrath


      You have to have both suppliers and purchasers, as is right now most people are just supplying. As of right now with .1 minas drops, which is 1/20th the price of a single loaf of bread, that wont change. Give it some time and a couple people will hoard the larger part of the minas changing hands, and the market will either die, or be forced to continue to lower prices or reduce supply greatly.

  15. Odd just got disconnected from the server and cant rejoin.

    1. CowsGoMoo


      Same here. Seems like something's going on with the server. :O

    2. Toxcat


      ikr wow what a coinkydink

    3. Kanrath


      Server also seems like its up, according to my screen, with 73 people, but it hasnt changed since I got disconnected.

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