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  1. I’d like to request mod support to gain back my lost items. Have attached the screenshot, had to cut off the edges to make it under 500kb.
  2. OOC Username: AlffiePyxxel Discord (example#0000): alffie#1683 Timezone: CET Roleplay Name: Jorah Buckwell Age: 27 Race: Human Desired Role: Raeden
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    Jorah Buckwell was born son of a hedge-knight knighted by a petty highlander nobleman. His mother died when he was 2 years old, he barely remembers her face now. His father raised him to be a gamekeeper for the aforementioned highlander baron, but Jorah never like taking the lives of innocent animals in a “regulated” forest, while more dangerous creatures are lurking behind every shrubbery this side of Arcas. He loved his father for all that he taught him, but throughout his childhood, he continuously disobeyed him, to practice sword-fighting, instead of politics and frequently skipped lectures to hunt for petty “monsters” in reality these were often just rats, he enhanced with his imagination to be huge man-eating beasts. This gave him all the confidence to make him just a bit more arrogant than skilled in his trade. When his father died, he actually did serve as gamekeeper for the baron’s son (for the baron had died in an accident in the meantime), but that arrangement didn’t last long. When he came across a self-proclaimed “monster hunter” in the tavern one evening at the ripe young age of 19, he had to learn more about the man. He was in luck. The baron hired the monster hunter to clear out a particularly nasty part of the bogs under his keep. Jorah decided to ask if he could help out and he was again in luck, because the man accepted his help. Together the two quickly slew the beast of the bogs. After this he set out to roam the lands, as he’d had enough of the barony of his childhood. He took jobs around nearby villages, though they were mostly just critters. One of these pest control events ended up giving him a nice scar to remember the bastards by, right over his left eye all the way up to his ear. During the war of two emperors he mostly laid low in order to keep his ability to protect the common folk from the more pressing matters (from his point of view at least) the beasts of Arcas. He never really concerned himself with politics anyway, he was a most practical man. If whichever emperor is left will pay for his services, then he is fine with their leadership. In the brief period of peace between that war and the Three-month war he found more business than ever before as most able-bodied man fought and got at least injured in the fighting. This was his time to shine and he began by screwing it up royally, as he accepted a contract from a lord that took him a year to complete and paid about a months worth afterwards, and by that time the really good opportunities had passed. Anyhow he didn’t let this break his enthusiasm and continued serving whichever lord paid or accommodated him. In the Three-month war however he was much more active. Working for emperor John VII who he’d got to know through a contract he took on a bear that was terrorizing a local village, he was keen to yell his insults over the battlements at the very least.
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