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  1. Odium174

    Admin Update

    This is just another variant of what the players have heard for years. “We don’t have enough solid evidence to ban them so even though multiple witnesses and tons of evidence have popped up, we will do nothing.” I have tried for a very long time to see the management’s side of things because there are tons of people out there that hate them and would be more than happy to spread lies and false information. But at this point, I am done. I have heard it straight from the horse’s lips, you will not do anything unless you are backed into a corner of players holding metaphorical torches and pitchforks. It is utter nonsense that you can’t/won’t do anything about these accusations. You run the server with impunity, you can do almost anything you want. Especially because of the backlash this is receiving, I would expect something drastic to be done. If the players don’t feel satisfied that they are in a safe community that respects and cares about them they will leave, and when they leave they will take many people with them. Everyone is exhausted by the lightly-veiled placations that you dole out every time someone in management has a spontaneous growth of a conscience and decides to tell us what the **** is going on. We should not have to hear about things like a pedophile in the Administration through a post that prefaces it’s point with: “Simply put, we do not trust Telanir to quietly handle this report and take the required action. After previously sharing private reports immediately with those in question, the inefficient review of other recent incidents that have been brought to Telanir’s attention (underage solicitation of ERP, manipulation, grooming, etc), the questionable verdicts he issued for each of them and the overall incredibly slow and ineffective action that the administration takes that allow these people free reign on the server for weeks...”. But the worst offence that I can think of is that in response to this and other posts, that gained so much backing so quickly that you were forced to address the problem (if in a horribly weak way), is that you follow up saying “While making a public thread for the rep/to try and rally a mob may seem appealing, all it’s going to do is annoy us as you try and rush potentially complex matters. Those that keep trying to do this will receive hefty warnings.”It took you about a half an hour to issue a redaction. But honestly, from what I have seen recently, I doubt that would have every happened if the post wasn’t absolutely flooded with comments condemning it. To put it simply, I am disgusted with the actions of management. I think almost everyone is. And I think you should be disgusted with yourselves for the inaction, apathy, and utter disregard you display when dealing with indescribably delicate and important matters like these.
  2. Accepted! Contact myself (Odium#8956) or another Harbinger for information about the interview.
  3. Accepted! Contact myself (Odium#8956) or another Harbinger for information about the interview.
  4. OOC Information MC IGN: Odium174 Discord: Odium#8956 Timezone: EST RP Information Persona Name: Aladar Bell Race: High Elf Gender: Male Age: 403 Desired Role: Researcher (Chemistry)
  5. Accepted! Contact myself (Odium#8956) or another Harbinger for information about the interview.
  6. Accepted! Contact myself (Odium#8956) or another Harbinger for information about the interview.
  7. Accepted! Contact myself (Odium#8956) or another Harbinger for information about the interview.
  8. Accepted! Contact myself (Odium#8956) or another Harbinger for information about the interview.
  9. Accepted! Contact myself (Odium#8956) or another Harbinger for information about the interview. Hi! Please add the numbers behind your discord name so we know who you are! (Example: Odium#8956)
  10. Odium174

    The Huntsmen

    Please go re-apply on the new post if you still wish to join! (This is the new post) I would also again like to ask for this topic to be closed!
  11. History ‘The word ‘Vizmak’ has no real meaning in any language. A neutral word which has no ties to any culture, creed, race, nor nation. As monster hunters, this fits us perfectly. To not let the ties of politics, religion, race, or culture get in the way of what we have to do. From aberrations to zar’kiel, whatever creatures cause issue in the realm are our quarry. Our duty is not one of heroes, we simply manage the realm of its monsters to make it a safer place for all of mortalkind.’- A quote taken from the original Vismak Handbook. The Vismak Brigade is from where the Huntsmen descend, and from there, the Brotherhood of Beastarii came. The Brotherhood has two primary purposes. The first and original purpose is a focus on the research, and elimination, of various dangerous, and mystical creatures that roam the realm. The second purpose is mercenary work. As skilled monster hunters, the Brotherhood turned their talents from the sole hunting of monsters, to the inclusion of descendants. For a price. Purpose The Brotherhood will take on mercenary and hunting work in places from the tallest mountains to the lowest valleys. As such, the members are expected to be able to handle themselves in a multitude of situations. The Brotherhood is available for contracts ranging from protecting caravans, to fighting wars; from killing harpies, to fighting dragons and everything in between. Prices will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Factors include (but are not limited to): the difficulty of the job, the client’s relationship to the guild, the number of personnel needed, the length of the job, other complications. To contact the guild and/or ask for their assistance, speak to one of the council members (listed below). Roles These roles denote how you will spend your time within the Brotherhood. This specialization can be based on your current skill set, or on the skill set, you want to improve. These can be mixed and matched to suit your character. Raedens: The most common role taken up by members of the guild, they are primarily trained to hunt different types of monsters, battle descendants, and take on other threats. Raedens are the first into combat and take on the greatest risks during operations. Outside of being combat efficient (whether it is in the form of physical prowess), they are expected to have the mental capacity to be able to improvise and adapt to different combat scenarios. Magnus: The magic users of the guild, these are members already trained in the art. People in this sect have no obligation to teach, and those without magic should not apply to this role. Outside of combat, these members are trusted to use their gifts responsibly, a failure to do so may result in disciplinary action. Medics: These entities will be trained in the arts of healing and anything medical including the knowledge of making medicine. They will be trained in-depth on how to treat (to the best of their current ability) broken bones, scrapes, gashes, poison, and other injuries or ailments. Amiables: Those in the guild that wish to remain out of the fighting. These are the scholars, smiths, carpenters, and anyone else who wishes to be a part of the Brotherhood but does not take up, or want to take up a sword. These are the support staff to the guild, making technological advances and battle plans for the guild are just some of their possible duties. Rankings This is the denotation of all of the ranks in the Brotherhood is set here from highest to lowest. Most ranks do not give power over the lessers. Harbinger’s form the leading council and the Vismak help them with their duties. Every rank beside those are merely denotations of skill. Grand Harbinger: The leader of the Harbinger council, this is the official leader of the Brotherhood. In the council, the Grand Harbinger is the tiebreaker, if the other members of the council are at an impasse, it is his decision. Currently, there is no Grand Harbinger, as the current one (Tarin Loyola) has gone missing. Until such a time that he is found to be dead or alive, the position will remain vacant. Harbinger: Forming the council that runs the Brotherhood, the Harbingers are the pinnacle of skill and strength and are models for the less able of the guild. There are usually four people in this position, giving the council an odd number (including the Grand Harbinger). Currently, there are three, Aladar Bell (Odium174; Odium#8956), Kayalo Hammerforge-Vulnear (DarkElfs; DarkElfs#1259), and Erebus Tartarus (Jenny_Bobbs; Jenny_Bobbs#0001). Any of them should be able to help you with things concerning the Brotherhood. Vismak: Second to the Harbingers, the Vismak help them with their duties, and in emergencies lead the others of the guild into battle. A Vismak’s job is to advise the Harbingers and to keep the troops in line while the Harbingers are busy. This job would likely be a stepping stone to the Harbinger council, and as such, most of the Brotherhood will never hold this rank. These are the people who should be contacted if none of the Harbingers can be reached. Veteran: These are experienced warriors who have been with the Brotherhood for some time. Though they are not officers, their opinions are highly respected, and their advice should be heeded by the Trainees especially. These warriors tend to be the first in line for a fight, and they survive fights more often as well. They will be considered to help with training and recruitment, especially if the Harbingers and Vismak are unavailable. Adept: This is the most common rank of warriors within the Brotherhood. Adepts have shown they have skills at least to a degree. As the bulk of the guild, they will be the most common members to see on jobs. To be promoted farther, Adepts should volunteer for jobs, and help newer members get settled within the guild. As competent members, they have full access to the guild facilities. Trainee: These are new members of the guild, or those with a complete lack of ability. The majority of the time, this position will only be held for a short period before advancing to the rank of adept. These members should look for chances to prove themselves, whether through jobs, hunts, or training. These members have access to guild halls, but not storage beyond their personal chest. This rank may be passed over for experienced fighters at the discretion of the council). Prospect: These are prospective members, as they are not a true part of the brotherhood, they do not have access to the guild halls. They must be accompanied by a veteran or higher to enter the halls, and they must be supervised while inside. The prospects must interview with a Harbinger (or Vismak if there are no Harbingers available) to gain entry to the guild. After the interview, they will either be rejected, or they will be inducted into the Brotherhood as a trainee. Recruitment The Huntsmen are open to all genders and races. You can find a Harbinger in-game, or fill out the application below to join. Application OOC Username: Discord (example#0000): Timezone Roleplay Name: Age: Race: Desired Role: Credit to Odium174; MartinDaMartian; DarkElfs; Jenny_Bobbs; And everyone else who helped! (And credit to the artists of the beautiful pictures)
  12. Application ((Mc Name)): Odium174 ((Rp)) Name: Aladar Bell Are you currently a mage: Nope When is the best time to contact you for an interview((Discord)): I am around almost every night from 6-8 EST, but weekends are preferable!
  13. Odium174

    Dé Lorién, Inc

    ((OOC)) Name: Odium174 Age: 15 Country: USA ((IRP)) Name: Aladar Bell Facility: Smithing Race: Elf What project for the capability test: Longsword
  14. The biggest problem with banditry is that “Minas or die” is no longer the exception, it’s the norm. Bandit Rp is not inherently bad, it is the players that partake in it that make it bad, and I don’t solely mean the instigators. But there are plenty of stories of horrible sports that meta and cheat everywhere in the server. So whenever I hear the ‘Don’t blame the bandits, they just forced horrible RP because they were worried that they might be attacked’ I get annoyed. The rest of the people on the server would sound crazy if they used that excuse, ‘Hey, I only X-rayed because I assume that the other shopowners will and I need iron’. This entire post is a tangent, but I can only really see two options for how to fix banditry without removing a large part of the server. 1) Go back to Villany Applications. Everybody disliked them but they were there for a purpose, and while they did cripple a large part of the server for many characters, they assured quality control. (Though it would probably be much better received if it was limited to solely banditry, or road banditry). 2) Eliminate the ‘Minas’ portion of ‘Minas or die’. If you say something like: you are not allowed to actually steal from the people you bandit. People will complain that it ruins the whole point of banditry, but if their only purpose is snatching pixels, nobody wants to do bandit RP with them anyways. If there is no profit to be earned, the only bandits will be ones that do it for their character’s personality’s sake. This also fixes the meta complaining from the bandits because if the robbed party has nothing to really lose from the encounter, they won’t bother assembling a meta strike team. For once, I agree with all of the naysayers that inevitably find all of my posts, these aren’t perfect. They probably incur problems I can’t even fathom, but it is the best that I got. Edit: I could go on for pages about what I think is wrong with the way bandit rp is currently, but I figure that all of my extensive points will be brought up by others and I shouldn’t bother repeating them and wasting everyone’s time.
  15. Withdrawing lesser punishments is just going to lead to all or nothing moderating. This means that either someone will get blasted with an unfair ruling, or the wronged party is going to walk away angry. By saying you want everyone to talk out their problems you are just turning the GM team into group psychiatrists without the degrees or paychecks. And as hard as it is to get a free GM now, telling them to sit and talk it out for a half an hour is going to make it so much worse. Even now, I notice that some GMs that show up to an issue with the “Look, it isn’t that big a deal stop complaining and wasting my time” attitude. If they have to talk five angry people into a ‘hug-it-out’ moment, they will be far less likely to help people, or even apply for the team. And I am not trying to just slam the GMs, that would be stupid and unhelpful. What I am trying to do is point out is that they have a very hard job to do, and that they get just as put out as the rpers involved at sometimes. When the deep, dark part of my brain hears “no repercussions” it does it’s self a little happy dance then starts plotting everyone's downfall. By promising no repercussions if you nod your head a smile really big when the moderator is looking, you are just asking for people to ignore the rules intentionally and then just apologize and flee with their new pixels. Long story short, it seems like this is well-intentioned but will end in many of the same issues being brought up next update.
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