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  1. Aladar Bell signs his name with practiced precision in brilliant blue ink.
  2. I would love to get a waist up, blended picture for my character Aladar. How would I send you a picture of his skin?
  3. [!] Aladar dips his feather pen in fresh ink before signing his name on the paper: Aladar Veric
  4. Please answer the following questions to help us better track down the cause of a particular bug: **MC Names of all involved** Everyone trying to join the LOTC discord **Description** No one can get into the LOTC discord server because the /verify command won’t work. **Date of occurrence** Since the map change or before **In game specifications** I have tried on both personas, as have many other people. **Steps to Reproduce** 1. Log into LOTC 2. Type /verify **Expected Behavior** It should give a code to enter into the LOTC discord server. **Actual Behavior** A message appears that the command isn't recognized. **Additional Information** This has been a problem for some time, and no one has fixed it yet. **Error Message** “This command isn't recognized” (Or something very similar)
  5. NORMAL APPLICATION : IGN: Odium174 Name: Aladar Viathrian Occupation: Smith Experience in Occupation: 40 years Anything Te shu needs to know: No Age: 15
  6. *These Posters hang through out Haelun’or* Mages Wanted! This is a poster from an eager scholar that wishes to learn the intricacies of magic. I would greatly wish to learn under a mage accomplished is Arcasnism, Mental Magic, or Transfiguration. Please contact me, Aladar Viathrian (Odium174) if you would do me the honor of teaching me.
  7. APPLICATION for RANGERS of the WILD OoC Information Minecraft Username: Odium174 Discord Username: RugRatRew#8956 Skype Username: RugRatRew (I am never really active on Skype) Nickname Preferred: Username Real-Life Age: 15 Preferred Pronoun(s): He/him Activity Level: 1-2 hours on weekdays 4-5 on weekends Main Character or Secondary Character?: Main RP Sample As Applying Persona: ”Well this is what you ordered” He continues hammering out the sword on the anvil in front of him, not turning around. ”If you don’t like it, take it up with the lead smith, my father.” He finally turns around to look at the belligerent man. The man was gone, and all he left was a note detailing the Rangers, to whom he apparently belonged. IC Information Character’s Full Name: Aladar Viathran Current and/or Former Titles Held: N/A Notable Connections Within a Nation or Other Organization: N/A Race: High Elf Sub-Race: N/A Sex & Gender: Male Birth Year/Current Age: 1650/53 Birthplace: Haelun’or Desired Rank: Ranger Envoy Training Known: Swordsmanship; linguistics; smithing Training Desired/Needed: Arcanism; Archery Character's For Wishing to Join the RotW: “I enquire about joining for the purpose of keeping balance in Atlas, and to explore the great land that the Rangers protect. "By signing this document, you agree to the by-laws above and any the Ranger-Master and Ranger-Captains deem worthy of adding. You agree to relinquish your former station if it conflicts with Ranger tenets, and swear to uphold to balance of peace and nature in our world." Yes, I do. Signed, Aladar Viathras
  8. [[OOC]] IGN: Odium174 Discord [Optional]: RugRatRew#8956 [[IC]] Name: Aladar Viathrian Race: High Elf Age: 53 School(s) and Certifications applying to: Master’s Certification of Magical Ability in the Arcane; Associate’s Certification of Thought in Voidal Theory Magics known prior: None Are you interested in teaching, should you complete a degree?: Yes Do you accept the rules and regulations of the Eternal College and of Fi’halen?: Yes
  9. I have three things to say 1) This is incredibly amazing and detailed and solid to a T. 2) How long did that take to write? I mean Homer at this point would be telling you to slow down 😀. 3) Major +1
  10. I heard that the leadership is changing and will be active again soon.
  11. Initiate Application MC name: Odium174 Character Name: Aladar Viathas Discord (Optional): RugRatRew#8956 Race: High Elven Age: 52 Do you know any magic currently?: No Which subject do you plan to learn?: Fire Evo. (and others as they become available to learn). Do you swear to abide by the rules of the academy?: Yes.
  12. IGN: Sir_Fluffy_ IRP name and race: Aladar Viathas, Adunian DISCORD or if you are willing to get it: I will msg it to you What rank would you be aiming for?: Either Bodyguard or Hitman (trader possibly if I get training in smithing).
  13. All cultural value went down the drain when they surrendered to Oren and abandoned the dwarves.
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