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  1. @Mojoit’s been a while, still interested?
  2. bro its literally in my profile card but its Aloon#2452 gotcha!
  3. New player here o/ Thinking of opening up commissions but haven’t drawn digitally in a while, using these for examples open for 3 requests! (one char per player pls) first come first serve
  4. Alooni


    Born youngest in a Hanseti family in Reza, Mikhail constantly lived within the shadows of his two older brothers, where both were well-known warriors. His parents resented him due to his weak physique and poor swordsmanship skills, left him no love to spare, but only scoldings. His mother often told him, “Being a warrior for the People is the greatest honour you can recieve.” But Mikhail didn’t like it at all, he preferred reading books and stories. Whenever he’s alone at night, he’d often indulge within the scenarios and history depicted in whatever literature pieces he could find around the house. His favourite pieces were about The Troubles. Since no one knew what was going to happen to the futures of humanity, multiple tales of false speculations were documented. They humoured Mikhail to read further into the night, giving him fatigue the next day. Due to his lack of sleep, his preformance worsened in duels, making his father even more disappointed and angry. Just the night before his 19th birthday, Mikhail was kicked out of home along with his belongings. Taking this as a sign of adventure, he took what little he could carry and started stealing food and the likes. Eventually the entire city got sick and tired of this thief running around stealing bread and fish and threatened to kill him. He was, luckily, able to outrun the angry mob of fishermen, farmers and store owners and hid out of their sight. As his adrenaline rush died down, his began to wonder what his next moves will be.
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