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Found 26 results

  1. Halfling meme page 2.0

    This is going to get spicy real fast
  2. The Art Warehouse - cllosed

    The Art Warehouse Hello! I'm opening a temporary art shop that's going to open and close sporadically. There's a limit to the amount of reqs I take at a time, so after a few (I'll specify below as it might differ in each openings) reqs, I'll close it down for a while. Signs of it opening is me commenting below that I'm willing to take reqs again. so follow my thread and fund me damn you!! Please note that I may refuse your req due to me believing that It's not something I'd be capable of doing. This is rare and probably will only occur if your character has primarily bestial features. The style of Art I offer change with each opening. This is due to me deciding how much time I have and how much effort I'm willing to spend I don't take reserves and will ignore reqs that come after the limit of reqs i'm willing to take that week. You can place *reserve on a comment spot, but commission reqs on it is ultimately ignored and you need to update your post in the new opening. Example of my works: Prices / Art offered this week 3/15/2018 3.5k Minas SHADED bust. Only ONE spot Available 1.5k Minas UPPERBODY flatshading THREE/FOUR spots Available I'm taking a limit of 4 Reqs for now. May open again soon if I feel like it. Only one of those reqs can be the shaded bust. Request Form: IGN: Character Name: Character Race: What kind of Art wanted: Details regarding the character: (Poses, Expression, weapons etc) Reference Picture: (Pictures showing how their face looks like is greatly appreciated: Discord ID: (I prefer talking through discord) Please pay after I'm done. xoxoxo Commissions completed:
  3. Aries's Art Shoppe

    ~Aries’s Art Shoppe~ “I like trees!” I’m starting up commissions and currently have four open slots! If you’re interested, add me on Discord or get in touch with me via the server; PM me your request! MC main username: RalphGiezer MC alt username: Rimzey Discord username: RalphGiezer#8302 ~Prices~ Head bust portrait: $8.00 (firm price) Head bust emotion chart: $10.00 (price may vary/fluctuate depending on the amount of emotes drawn) Full body portrait: $15.00 (firm price) I may be accepting art trades soon, but as of now I’ll only be accepting payments for my artwork ~Current Openings~ Slot 1: (empty) Slot 2: (empty) Slot 3: (empty) Slot 4: (empty) DISCLAIMERS: My policy with payments is typically pay first, then I’ll begin drawing. Though I will accept minor NSFW requests (ex: nude bust/body portrait with censorship, couples PDA, minor gore, etc.), I will not draw anything that goes beyond those guidelines! This includes any forms of self inflicting harm, violence, gore, full blown nudity, etc! ~Samples~ Bust emote chart: https://imgur.com/a/OMmRR Bust portrait: https://imgur.com/a/n1iE3 Full body portrait: https://imgur.com/a/jQOET
  4. Art or something

    I dunno Art or Something 2018 [1/3/2018] Newest --> Oldest 2018 stuff or stuff that turned out ok Flat shading Shaded stuff Work in progress / Sketches lol
  5. The Long Awaited Art Shop

    It has come once more, Cornivore is opening his shop once more for the players who want cheap, and amazing art. Each piece you want made, will only cost you a small amount of minas, ranging from 25-100 minas, depending on what Cornivore will draw. If you would like to get one made, all you have to do is comment down below, or send me a Personal Message on Discord or the Forums. Thank you, I will give you some Examples to allow you to view the masterpieces.
  6. "A SAFER, RICHER, AND STRONGER MARKEV!" The shout echoed across Markev's Red Square like a thunderclap just moments after the bells of Saint Otto and Karl's Cathedral tolled noon. The voice immediately ensnared the curious eyes of citizens meandering through the streets, and curious murmurs rippled throughout the city's bustling thoroughfare as a crowd slowly gathered. It was on the stands overlooking the square that the speaker stood, whom was a pale-faced man with a fine blue-silk overcoat and pale blue eyes, and it was he who the people began to gather before with skeptically-arched brows and anticipating stares. Silence slowly befell the Red Square, but for an occasional wind whistling through the streets, until finally, the man spoke once more. "A safer, richer and stronger Markev," he repeated in a lofty voice, ice-blue eyes scanning the growing crowd. "That is what I will give you. A Markev where no good man, woman nor child need fear spectral warriors to the south nor raiders to the north. A Markev where businesses are privileged to trade within our walls and honoured to service our people. A Markev that can not be toppled by neither sword, spell nor treachery -- a Markev that will be remembered a hundred generations from now as a pinnacle of Haensetian power. A safer, richer and stronger Markev. This is what I will give you." The man paused, surprised that he already found himself out of breath. He briefly scanned the crowd, and soon regretted it; a lump formed in his throat as he met their silent faces. Sucking in a breath, he braced himself, and spoke once more. "We have no shortage of threats to our lives and families. To the south, an army of spectral warriors march, while we face raiders from the north. How can we expect mothers to sleep at night when they fear that their children won't live to see next the next harvest? How can soldiers sleep in their tents knowing that specters may raze their homes and raiders may ravish their wives? As Maer, with your blessing and support, I will cooperate with the steadfast patriots of our Royal Army to construct beacons, outposts and fortifications to the north, south, east and west of Markev to ensure that no army can pass unopposed, and no raiders can pass unnoticed. The land between these forts and Markev will see frequent patrols of good Haensetian men to ensure that this land will be safe for families to farm, work, build and rear their families. I will personally provide the materials and finance to see these forts cast shadows upon those who would do harm to our realm, and I trust in our soldiers to provide the patriotism and valour to man these forts. A safer Markev; this is what I will give you!" "Our city already floods with enterprise, but there is yet higher we can climb; there are more entrepreneurs we can inspire to seek their fortune in Haense, more workers to be employed, and enhanced services to be provided for the betterment of our city. As owner of the White Cross Company and all its subsidiaries, I will personally pay for stalls for my sub-companies from cities such as Senntisten to set up here in Markev for free to provide more jobs, goods and services to our citizenry, while I will see other companies petitioned to establish branches here in Markev. With this economic growth and our population growing exponentially, it will one of my first priorities in office to see that available housing grows to match our growing populace. Cottages will dapple our scenic landscape, with room for farms to feed and rear a family, while only lying just a short walk from our city gates, while I will see good working Haensetian men employed to build these farms and cottages. My cooperation with the Salisbury bureaucracy will yield a fair tax system that will favour neither rich nor poor, but the common Haensetian, and this tax will go to finance our city and pay our soldiers. A safer Markev; this is what I will give you!" "I pray you note that our strength as a people and city is drawn not only from our exalted army, but our culture and society. I am of the belief, like many of you, that this city bleeds from a lack of clear laws, and I promise that this, I will remedy! I promise to work with the newly-appointed State Minister to bring to you a fair code of civil law that will protect you at home, much like the shield of Haensetian patriotism protects you in the wastelands in the shadow the ice wall to the south! I hope to see a strong judiciary appointed with learned judges, tainted by neither coin nor power, but guided by the vision of a Markev where laws are as strong as steel. But it is not only our laws that require nourishment, but our culture. We, as a people, have seen many homes, from St. Karlsburg, to Alban, and now here, on a new uncharted continent, but we must not forget our culture and traditions that make us who we are -- that make us Haensetians. As Maer, I will bring to you frequent festivals and feasts in celebration of our people, our culture, and our traditions. It is through a nurtured society and culture that our spirit, our community, will become unbreakable. A stronger Markev; this is what I will give you!" His throat ached from shouting now, and his heart beat like a war-drum, but he found that almost exhilarating as he gripped the banister of the stand so hard that his knuckles turned white. "A safer, richer and stronger Markev! I am Ruslan Amador, and THIS IS WHAT I WILL GIVE YOU" "VOTE RUSLAN AMADOR, FOR A SAFER, RICHER AND STRONGER MARKEV!"
  7. Dooms Art Bazaar

    Come one come all to DOOMS Art Bazaar -==- OPEN -==- Welcome to Dooms art Bazaar where you, the reader, can acquire me finest wears from across my hard-drive for your character. If you are curious to the prices, here they are Listed below -==- PRICES -==- Headshot Price - $5 Bust Price - $10 Fullbody Character - $15 Desktop Background of your character - $35 Extra for character is $10 in desktop -==- EXAMPLES -==- Art Examples https://imgur.com/a/9HPeg SLOTS AVAILABLE 3/5 If you wish to commission, send a DM
  8. Ms paint art 3

    I'll keep this short, sweet, n' simple, folks. I make ms paint art, when I'm bored. Bad, ms paint art, I might add. Horrible, purposely bad. So, occasionally, once in a blue moon, I'll make a thread like this, where people can request for me to draw their character or etc, in horrendous MS paint fashion, in the comments. If you do, a few things: Keep it simple, i may be a god of art but i am not a miracle worker. Please supply art/pic of the skin as reference for what you wish done. And finally, nothing NSFW or stupid. I don't charge for this garbage, obviously. The payment is having something to do and work on for someone to maybe get a laugh at. Enjoy.
  9. HELLO a bandit stole all of my money so I need to make some coin I'm doing black and white, lineart sketches of your character as if they were on a playing card! Example: So, there's a portrait of your character (profile or face-on or whatever), just head and hair, copied and mirrored, on a playing card template. Then, there's the name of their card - Joker, Queen of Spades, King of Hearts, 10 of Clubs, Ace, etc. And optionally, their name going down the side. This is the level of quality you can expect on each one (although tbqh my effort level varies). 500 mina each. Low low price. Im broke please help Send the mina to Cave_Creature's bank account ORDER FORM: Character name (optional): Face description, detailed, or picture reference: Playing card number/suit: Desired pose:
  10. Media Staff - December Update Log

    Welcome to our first monthly Media-Staff Update! By doing this monthly update we want to summarize all the work we did over the past month, all the new members we got and any additional information we got for you, such as new projects, some contests and far more! So feel free to skip to the specific subcategory or just read the whole newspost! Since the Media-Staff was recreated last month we received several applications for all kind of positions within the Media-Staff, as such we would like to introduce you to all of the new Members that joined the Team over the past month! Trials Mhmm….seems like we didn’t got any trials? Well, that is true! We had a few trial-members around over the past month, each of them were given a specific project they had to finish in time and I am really happy to announce that all Trial-Members passed their trial and are instead listed down as official members by now! Contributors Following the short intro towards the trials we are happy to announce the new contributor members of the Media-Staff: @Jallentime is one of our older Voice-Actor, often being the male-voice in our videos, such as the High-Elf Video. He is also fairly good at mimicking the voice of Kermit, the Frog...Strange, isn’t it? @EternalSaturn even despite being a male is known as one of our female-sounding Voice-Actors, being able to reach a really high voice range, allowing us to play with all kind of ideas in regards to voice-acting. @Jollybee ...what should I say....Well, maybe that her art is awesome? Because it surely is! Jolly does most of our artwork and animations, such as the gifs for contests, but also for newsposts, such as the Krugsmas-Newspost. And trust me...she is really good at it! @TorkoalTom is one of our three main editors, often assisting us with the creation of banners, but also newsposts! As such she is often helping with documentation work and less video-editing like our other editors do, however, we really appreciate her work and that she saves @Ragnio from drowning in paperwork. @Jake the Dog is our second editor, creating awesome videos for us! He is also one of the most random people we’ve met so far...but he has some awesome ideas and can actually turn his ideas in working projects. As such we are really happy to got him around! @Jerome Jonsaeus was one of the few members of our team that already got some experiences with YouTube, uploading private videos since some months, often including LOTC-related topics. As such he is also one of our funsters, always trying to joke around and to make us laugh...and he does that really often! @Fitermon is our third Voice-Actor, often helping us with lore-related videos, but also by giving us general ideas of what we could do to make the server more attractive to players. He is also able to create a really deep voice, which will be heard in many of our future content! @SaviourMeme is our latest addition to our team, being the third of our main editors! He is able to make some fairly interesting videos, often containing a lot of lore-related informations. Over the past month we, as Media-Staff, tried to create as much content as possible, ranging from videos, to contests, tournaments, newspost and even some events together with our beloved Event-Team! As such here is a summary of all of the content we released over the past month: Newsposts Announcement of Atlas and the Release Date Atlas Trailer and Screenshot Competition Atlas Q&A Stream Krugsmas Announcement Videos Atlas Trailer High-Elf Introduction Video Goodbye Axios-Video In addition to those things we worked a lot on graphical updates for the other Staff-Teams, such as the Application-Team or Forum-Team, and submitted several new headers, logos and sliders to the different Staff-Teams. We are also trying to update graphics on the wiki and get a standardized Header-Font running, so that you aren’t being spammed by several different Fonts from each team. While the Media-Staff worked on a lot in the background we also held a nice screenshot-contests, allowing players to submit their best screenshots, while following a specific rule. The winners were Harrison and Farryn, submitting two amazing screenshots, while following the given rules. Harrison’s Entry Farryn’s Entry While this update post is mostly showing off all the work we did we also want to give you guys some glimpse on our upcoming content! While we try to create as much media content as possible we are always trying to focus on one specific project, which is interesting for the playerbase and which will attract new players to the server. Most often this is done through videos, such as trailers or the introduction videos of races, allowing us to focus on such aspects more easily. As such, yes, we are trying to get more active on YouTube, but also other websites, such as PMC and twitter and are hoping to attract new players and maybe interest older players to get more active again! The Media-Staff is hoping that you had some wonderful holidays and that you will have a great new year!
  11. An art dump? by Lotte (updated 5/1/18)

    since im dabbling in this hell hole again... why not post some art of the past year... i will put newest things as the first thing in the spoiler below remembered that i actually did some concept art stuff for plants for rp? but never actually did anything with them
  12. Atlas Trailer - Holiday Competition

    The rays of sunlight are raining down from the clouded sky, covering the land in a field of golden light. Birds start to chirp again, an unfamiliar sound after all those battles and the screaming of the soldiers. It appears if a new era is about to start soon. As such we wanted to announce the release of the Atlas-Trailer, giving you the first inview into the upcoming world! Since we released the official date of the grand opening of Atlas we received many questions about how Atlas will look like and we decided to create a Trailer to give you a first look upon the mysterious lands of Atlas. Since the builders started a work Atlas transformed from a rather blank area into a wonderful scenery, one that holds far too many secrets to count and far too many areas to show you. However, we tried to show you our favourite ones and we hope you will love them as much as we do. The lands of Atlas posses fruitful lands full of opportunity, all sprawled into different biomes for all the creatures needs. The bitter blizzards whip through the frosted mountains, the heated rays beam against the grains of the dusted deserts - though such lands that offer much opportunity can also be done so by you! The media team would proudly like to present, the official Atlas Trailer! (Art by @Jollybee) In the Media Staff, we encourage creativity, so we bring you a christmas screenshot competition which will start today, and end on the 20th of December. However we will be adding a twist and giving you an outline of what you are required to include. We will ask you to include “The Golden Ratio”, or the “Rule of Thirds” depending on what you screenshot. You may do any area, and you may edit your photo to give it a higher saturation and brightness. Winners will be announced on Christmas Day! To submit these, simply send a private message to @Rella101 on the forums. Prizes First Place: An animated pixel art of your character holding a trophy, and your picture submitted to the twitter. Second place: A non animated pixel art of your character holding a trophy. General rules Do follow the general idea of the Rule of Thirds, or the Golden Ratio. Do not center your focal point. You may submit multiple photos. You do minor photo edits. You may not use text or the LOTC logo. You may not use screenshots from other servers. You may use any texture pack, and shaders you wish. Example of "The Golden Ratio" Example of "The Rule of Thirds"
  13. IGN(s): AwakenMyLove Age: 19 Timezone: PST - Pacific Standard Time Discord: Final#1122 What map did you join during?: Anthos Do you have access to a microphone?: Of course. Average daily playing time?: A couple hours a day. Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: Media Team: For however long it lasted for the first incarnation. I was also there when we had players developing their own media teams. Application Team Manager(1.5Y?): I was an AT Manager under the leadership of Tau, Fireheart, and Harrison, I think? Event Team Manager(8M): Freema and Arockstar were the leads. Global Moderator(2Y?): I don't remember who the leads were, I was too busy on getting **** done. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I'm about to roast ya'll. When did it become okay for Lord of the Craft to become a toxic community? This isn't a case of a liberal seeking 'safe spaces'. This is common courtesy to improve the reputation of a server that has it's legacy being tarnished with it's recent generation(s) of players. Back when I was a Game Moderator (It was actually, 'Global Moderator' at the time) someone couldn't just blatantly troll roleplay, and openly say racial or homophobic slurs. They'd get promptly kicked or banned. Don't get me wrong; I get it. The internet is a culture, and often a hive-mind. Experiences that people receive from the internet are often brought onto Lord of the Craft. This shouldn't be the case. We used to have a standard to uphold, now we don't. Players should know to leave their baggage at the door when they come to this server. Or maybe I'm wrong and SpaceOfAids is starting to push his liberal agenda onto me. Remember #CancerIsntTheAnswer Really though. I'm a veteran when it comes to Game Moderation. I'd be a valuable asset to the current GM-Team. I witnessed, and participated in the transition from Vailor to Axios, so I know just how heavy things get when the server changes maps. My hands have been in the development of the ET, AT, and GM Handbooks. (whether or not those editions are still in use, I'm unsure) So when **** hits the fan from Axios to Atlas, you should count on me to be there to help get things moving again. Finally, I'll fill your diversity quota. I'm a Straight Black Male. Very few of us exist on this server thanks to the efforts of @fighting evil by moonlight aka Chihiros Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: I've never been denied. I'm just that good. Anything else you want to tell us?: Tythus LTD. is on my resume: Clearly, I have a good sense of humor.
  14. [Denied] HurferDurfer ReApp ET [Actor]

    Minecraft Name: HurferDurferDiscord: the same famTime-zone: Whatever Oklahoma isDo you, or have you held, any other staff positions: NoWhere do you grab inspiration from: I read a whole lot, play games you know, Elder Scrolls, RTS's, stuff most people play.What are your current list of characters, and are you willing to sacrifice any: I play Coltaine all the time, have my dwarf Hurf Ironabs, an elf named Iparth, and ya given the right scenario id be willing to sacrifice them.What race, or group, do your events best cater to: Honestly anyone dude.What do you believe are the key factors for a successful event: Giving people a sense of accomplishment at the end of an event. Scaling is also an issue, I wouldnt want people getting frustrated because so much is going on, many emotes getting put out at once, either doing small groups, larger groups with more et to help, or do managable waves of PvE mobs.What strengths would you bring to the team: Ive played creatures before, ive been involved in many events fighting creatures, ive been in the magic community for several years and like to think id be able to rp such things out in an event.Why do you want to be part of the team: I want to step up to the plate, try to make people enjoy some quality rp, want to help move other events along and help out if others need more than one actor. I want to try and help with the bounty board, I want people to have a sense that the world is full of all sorts of creatures going bump in the woods.Create three distinct event scenarios based on the servers lore that you would organize: Event 1: Scene, a bustling coastal village, a band of intrepid adventurers wander down a sandy beach strand when some strange craft appears further down, the group makes their way to the vessel to see several goblins scurrying about, seemingly in the process of fixing the contraption, upon seeing your group, they all squeal in relief, rushing over and talking in a hurried manner. "You need to help us! We need to go back and get the Cap'n!" they'd all talk over themselves, tugging on you and your companions trying to take you to the strange enclosed construct. Curious you'd go along, following the goblins into a hatch, you ask how does this contraption work and they would tell you its a submersible, able to drift in the depths of the ocean. As the party settles in and the submarine of sorts sets off, the goblins tell you their strange tale. "We was floatin along like normal, scourin the briney bottom for sunken wrecks, seeing if we could find some chest of mina or summat, when the cap found an underwater cave! He ordered us so of course we went, and to our surprise we were able to find a pocket of air in there! dry caverns under the sea if you can believe! The Cap, being the curious sort he is disembarked, wantin to wander the cavern , we stayed at this here boat of sorts, but something wasnt right. We heard the Cap screamin a long way off and well uh, we arnt the bravest sort so we lit outta there fast, but you are gonna help us get him back right!" The group, being enterprising heroes of course agree to help, the submarine eventually making it to the aforementioned cave. Disembarking they see signs of a struggle, scuffs on the cave floor, blood splatters leading further in. The group wanders in search of the wayward captain when the come across a pair of men battering each other, identical in every way you would like be confused. As one spots your group he screams and points at the other "Help me! He's a skin changin freak!" the other man , growls out, flinging Captain 1 off, "Dont listen to that one, he's trying to escape this cave!". You're group is tasked with choosing who to believe and who to kill, choosing the right one, you and the party wound the the creature, it flees into the caves and you split off to find it. Using the lack of cohesion the skin changer changes into one of your group members, and tries to lie and manipulate the members of the party, again you are tasked with who to believe and who not to, the risk being in you dont want to hurt your party members, but want to stop the creature from getting to the submersible and escaping to the world above. Event 2: You are approached by a hooded thief sort of man, asking if you have heard the recent rumors of a ruin being found nearby, he'd then ask if you and a party of others would like to investigate these ruins, maybe steal some baubles before anyone else can get to them. You acquire a group, the prospecting thief then leads you to the ruins. The party enters the ruins, the place would seem benign at first, they proceed steadily into the ruins, encountering minor traps, small pit falls, tripwires, parkouring, requiring the group to keep aware of their surroundings and problem solve to avoid unwanted risks. As the group makes it to the rumored treasure trove, the sly thief having tailed at the back of the party during this venture would then offer to take the lead, taking point as they enter the treasure room, which contains only a few items of note, he'd deftly ****** the few items and bolt for a doorway in the rear of the room, laughing at the party left behind , setting in motion a series of traps resulting in the crumbling of the ruins, flooding rooms, collapsing ceilings, the party being spurred to flee as fast as they can or be buried alive, upon reaching the exit and getting free of the ruins, they'd encounter the thief outside, snared by a trap he himself set off in his haste, leaving the the group with the moral dilemma of killing him in retribution, or taking the items he took and leaving him to his devices. Event 3: A wizards tower appears on the outskirts to your local town, a board posted out front invites any and all to come inside at there own risk. Assembling a party you would enter the tower, amazed by the scale you are greeted with a maze, wandering around you would her growls and gurgles throughout the maze, you are not alone it seems. With nary a warning you are beset by the Mad Wizards minions being made up of PvE waves of mobs. Fight your way through or fall by the wayside, passing through twisted rooms, furniture on the ceiling, solve puzzles, a room with several doors, all but one leading to ruin likely involving redstone. During this the Wizard waits at the apex of the tower, throwing echoing taunts spurring you on, maniac laughter, they'd come across rooms where specific skills are needed to move on, perhaps a wall of roots blocks a path needing a druid to handle it, you may come across a sentry you'd need to fool with sensory illusion, or mayhaps you'll need an expert archer to shoot a button in an inaccessible place. The idea being it will take people from different walks of RP life to get through the towers challenges, have members of separate groups interact and work together that wouldn't usually RP together. As you approach the tower top to confront the Wizard, the Wizard would close off the entry behind the group , commencing a fight after light hearted banter, preforming various mageries the group may be hard pressed to win, though having worked together as a cohesive unit they could use the surrounding to their advantage, The Druid may have some nearby potted plants grow and entangle, the archer may bring down a chandelier from above, so on and so forth, upon defeating the wizard the body would burst in a colorful display, leaving the adventurers to take whatever objects were left behind, and making for what they think is the exit, upon taking it they would appear outside at the base of the tower. The tower itself disappearing behind them, going on to reappear elsewhere in the world to be replayed by other characters.How long do you plan to be able to work on the team: A while, thats a loaded question, I dont know what life will throw at me in the future.Tell me a joke: Im an adult that plays minecraft. PD wont stop me this time
  15. Hi! I'm Nummy! Hello! I am alive, and I've decided to bring some of my art here! Most of these are commissions Ive done for others, some are for fun! I thought I would share some of the lotc fun! New Stuff: Older stuff: Before you ask, yes Commission are open! amaryia.deviantart.com ^Info here Im having to make a list! Commission slots: 1. Squirtgun 2. Tsuyose 3. --- 4. huge ass Guild wars piece. 5. 6.
  16. Free Art

    my PC is busted and I can't do any digital art or finish my current commissions (I don't even know if I can recover my PSDs). I still need art to do though so please drop your character descriptions and reference images below please and thank you. I do not promise I will do them I just kinda pick things that look cool and fun to draw and sometimes draw them idk i need something to do. Examples: https://www.instagram.com/gillyfishiesv/ https://www.artstation.com/gillyfishies https://gilly-fishies.deviantart.com/
  17. Hello, denizens of Axios. I need two skins made; 1k per request. If the skinner would like to discuss a higher payment, I'd be open to that depending on how difficult they prove. The skins only need to be the outifts- I don't need a head for them. Anywho, here are my two requests. 1. My first request is an armor set based off these two images. [1] [2] All I need made is the version of the skin with the helmet- I can remove the helmet and put the other head on it myself. This is likely the most difficult of the two requests, so if needed I can certainly pay a bit more. 2. My second request is a piece of pretty basic casual clothing based on this image. [1] Again, I only need the head. You can leave the color of the skin blank too and I can do that edit myself. I believe this skin only really needs 1k for it, but talk to me if it caused you any major difficulties. My Discord is Conspirator_#3881. Post on this topic and send me a PM on discord if you'd like to do one of my requests. Thanks you guys! (forgot to put this in original post, but send over some examples of ya work too c:)
  18. Art Stuff [Slots Open!]

    Art Stuff! Guess who’s broke again! I'm currently only doing busts, or something like them. If you're interested in something else, PM me and we'll see if I can arrange something. Examples of my work are bellow For now, I will not accept mina until next map rolls around. Although items, paypal, or art/skins is fair game. Shoot me a PM if you're interested! Slots 1: Open 2: Open 3: Open 4: Open 5: Open To Pay Asimulum EternalSaturn Completed Requests
  19. Anadude's skins

    I'm back with my not so great skins, yay. PAYMENT: Outfits (no head) will be 600 mina whilst full skins will settle at 800 mina. I can also be bribed with nice rp items so lol. Previous works: LIST: 1. DustyDune 2. Reserved by z3m0s 3. Calabreeni 4. Areln FORM: Username: Outfit or Fullbody: Ref: Description: Proof Of Payment: (Optional) Item of bribery: (Optional) Cute birb: @Sug digs it.
  20. [Denied]yekim7 GM app

    Minecraft name/s: (List the username of your main, and any alternate accounts) yekim7 only -- Age: (Your age in whole years. Must be at least 14.) 19 Timezone: (State your Timezone. Ex: GMT-6) GMT +0 Discord: (You will need Discord to be in the chats and for interviews.) Yekim#2518 What is your availability: (Tell us how many hours you can spend on the server daily, and between what times.) Varies from day to day but I’m off uni and have lots of free hours. Tell us an issue you currently experience on the server: (If you’re experiencing problems on the server at this current time, please state what they are.) There are lots of people that aren’t nice to others and constantly seem to take digs at others due to their clique. I have made an effort to be pleasant for quite some time now because I don’t like the reputation as a funny troll I gained due to my past actions. How do you feel individual GMs should present themselves personally and collectively as a team?: (In your personal opinion, how should GMs communicate with the Playerbase, how should they act?) I believe that the GMs should present themselves on a similar level to how players communicate with each other as in the past one of the main problems with staff team in the past was that a large part of the team thought they were better than normal members due to their badge. What are your finest and worst traits?: (Shoot for two or three of each. This part is to have you analyse yourself.) I would say my finest qualities include my sense of humour and ability to resolve tough problems, skills I learnt during my role as a customer service advisor ;) Why are you the best candidate for the Game Team?: (Convince us on why you are the person we want within the Game Team) I’ve been on this server a long time and have seen many GMs, Admins etc. come and go. I know what the player wants from their staff team and know where others have gone wrong. Furthermore I can type 80 words per minute.
  21. [✗] Vocomancy (- Art of the Undead)

    (Due to my previous lore submission being denied because of certain spells being "overpowered", I have decided to make very minor alterations to the spell list in order to see to it that this somewhat new lore submission is acceptable. PLEASE NOTE: This is literally First Generation Necromancy, but just under a different name. I had to name it 'Vocomancy' in order to prevent the confusion regarding Second Generation Necromancy and First Generation Necromancy. Hopefully, this will shed more understanding to the 'but it's like Necromancy' replies.) The Nether's Boon It is known that the Dark Arts are seen as repulsive in the eyes of many. It causes some to writhe with hatred or spit at the surface by simply having a name of a grotesque magic be uttered into their ears. It breeds conflict if one were to publicly mention their support of it, a man who was once tranquil may even lose their sincere state of mind if they were to stand before a proponent of the Dark Arts. Even the most content among men will find their lust tempting them to tap into such prohibited practices. Shades, necromancers and those alike have all been tempted through either weak minded thoughts, pursuits of power, or reasons that they themselves don’t know. The Dark Arts were passed down from the loathed Iblees to mortal men, spreading from troubled minds to pure souls, evolving and advancing one step further when one generates an interdicted spell. With each passing year, magic from the minds of the ill grow stronger and newfangled arts sprawl from the minds of the great and the unhealthily curious. Yet, as the more fiendish side of the Descendant races continue to expand their wicked arts, some older arts tend to die. These old arts were buried among other arts void of practitioners. Even the eldest Art that had greatly influenced other taboo practices was a victim of this cycle. However, there do exist minds so curious, that they seek to traverse back to the source that sparked this domino effect, for reasons that may grant them fine power, additional wisdom, and prime knowledge. ------------------ The Undead were a malignant group. They had utilised the great and substantial powers of their figurative father, Iblees. They brought twisted horrors into the mortal realm with little consideration of the consequences. Repercussions were null to them as long as they pleased the entity of the hand that fed them. Each Undead carried out individual tasks in an endeavour to please the Defiler. None, bar a certain few, had disappointed their leader. The Undead shared havoc with the Descendants when they were nearing the end of their reign, this led to the amounted peak of their conclusion. In a march towards the Druid’s Grove, the remaining Undead and The Deific Shadow tossed aside the druids that made themselves present in an attempt to defend their once pure terrain. With struggle and livid determination, the Undead managed to infiltrate the Father Tree. Within the grand organism, a manifested Iblees conjured the Axe of Krug into his midst and had it meet the body of Lillith Winterleaf. This divine instrument which met sinful hands, soon came into contact with the Aspect Stone. Once the distinctive weapon having connected with the special stone, the object promptly crumbled before the might of Iblees. Though the Undead did leave their mark of grotesque taint upon the Druid’s Grove, it came with the cost of their once admirable power. Fortunately for the descendants, what they knew as baleful agents of Iblees, all eroded back to their petty mortal forms. The loyal servants of the Betrayer had lost all memory of their ignoble drudgery. Though, two individuals were free from this downside -- two of Iblees’ highest soldiers. Joseph and the ***** Sprat had been gifted the boon of recalling vague occurrences during their unlife. Within the foundations of the soul of the accursed ex-Prophet, lay a very delicate correspondence to him and the infernal underworld known as the “Nether”. The frail Elf was quite oblivious to his relationship with the hellish plane, an indirect link to the infernal regions lurked in cryptic regions of Joseph’s knowledge. For weeks, Joseph had been riddled with despondency thanks to his peer’s death. In his state of dejection, he went to hiding in a location that was not known much to the public. In the noiseless vicinity, Joseph scratched at the walls of mystery for weeks in attempt to fathom what ghastly soot-stained his soul. Incoherent exasperation filled his mind. However, he eventually came to the realisation that such emotions were developing fissures in the highway that led him to his objective. He concluded that he must commit himself to days free of distraction emotions in order to dissect what clutched at the core of his being. Meditating, pondering and theorizing consumed most of his days -- Fortunately, his efforts bred results. This watery relationship he had with the Nether soon evolved into something viscous, something that held density but did not easily remain in Joseph’s grasp. Akin to an unannounced bolt of lightning, during his meditation, Joseph had witnessed a virtually indescribable region of the Nether. The murky, twisted environs that filled his eyesight were essentially unidentifiable. The diabolical and distorted landscape broadened Joseph’s cognitive horizons. The visions brought nostalgia to him, both longing and joy befell him. However, before he could completely relish in what his patience delivered, a boundless amount of memories flooded the entrance to his mind. The mass experiences that all occurred in a rapid succession within his mind was far too overwhelming for him to handle. Similar to a household being loaded with copious amounts water, some portions of those memories remained (despite being unwelcomed), while other portions were forced to exit the construction that was Joseph’s psyche. With this bizarre happening, he was quickly broken down into a comatose state. Unexpectedly, after regaining his sense of self, he had garnered the ability to fully recall his nefarious doings from his time as an Undead grunt, to a Zealot and finally to a short lived Prophet of Iblees. The isolated Elf was practically reborn in mind and soul, an ever-burning and eccentric sensation flickered in many areas of his form. Fiendish knowledge which was lost to him, found its way back to the ex-Undead. Despite his efforts, he still wasn’t satisfied due to the fact there existed no confirmation of the deity he still remained devout to being present. Regardless of discovering his newfound prowess, he was still concerned for the confirmation of Iblees being existent. He had wasted time wondering whether if his deity had been deceased or vanquished from his own realm; for he could comprehend a connection to the Nether, but not Iblees himself. Joseph was brought to a perplexed state, he wanted to serve what provided him a purpose. Yet, the alienated Elf was not sure if the Defiler would even approve of his actions of tampering with the Nether. With his concrete link to the hellish underworld, he tried to delve further into the ominous realm. His mind was beating about in its place as he continued to expand his eccentric endeavour. He desired to locate the whereabouts of his praised and fallen Daemon. But, with his limited connection, he was only able to pick on Iblees’ existence on a metaphysical level. Though, that was he assumed to be Iblees due to the immense and overwhelming clutch that held a vague yet wicked grip Joseph’s limited mind. Visibly, he couldn’t notice him. But on a level of abstract comprehension, he was capable of pinpointing his existence. And beyond the Defiler’s existence, Joseph gathered information of other entities that were inhabiting the Nether -- weaker, yet still sturdy beings. The grim vibe these underlings of the Nether set a familiar taste to Joseph’s buds of thought, their souls were stagnant in the the unholy grounds of the Nether, the nigh-spectral lifeforms were seemingly untampered with. After being worn and well aware of multiple existences in the Nether, he grew satisfied with this experience to take note of and promptly he cut his tether to the underworld. It was until the next day, the Elf was approached by another entity that was ethereal, it was far too familiar. No mistake was open to be made. There was something he had felt before, which had clutched at his mind, it bore the power to pluck away at the strings that held his mind together. However, this recognisable, antagonistic force did not do such things. Instead, it spoke. A misanthropic weight clung to these words which fell upon the Elf’s befuddled mind. The voice that resonated in his head was none other than the being which Joseph had proudly served. The voice, that resounded throughout Joseph’s mind held such an iron hand that it pinned down the bewildered Elf in place. No external forces prevented Joseph from trying to move, it was merely the voice of malignant influence that weighed him down. The words that were spoken left acidic spittle of turpitude that seeped through the confines of Joseph’s mind, it instructed him to submit to this force. Be one with it. Accept it. Understand it. Any form of resistance Joseph tried to put up was crushed by the words that carried such an unchallenged strength to them. Not only the words of great influence affect his mind, but it chipped away at the foundations of his soul. The soul of the man, who drowned in the abysmal waters of consternation, was being dislodged. Joseph no longer owned what made him ‘pure’, such an invaluable possession now belonged to The Defiler. The renewal of a forgotten art. This reformation of first generation necromancy has finally stepped foot into land for a second time. The unholy practices under the name of The Betrayer has spawned to offer wicked events in the mortal realm. The art, while considered an ungodly force from such a great being, does not leave its user without any harrowing consequences. While bearing the name “first generation necromancy”, one would expect it to carry a propensity for having more power than Second Generation Necromancy. However, that is not truly the case. Second Generation Necromancy and First Generation Necromancy may seem similar in some aspects, but the pair do share very different ways of functioning. The Summoning/Connection process. 1. The Vocomancer summons taint from the Nether (through the proper channels) to open the Nexus. 2. The Vocomancer then enters the domain of Iblees, utilising their link to Iblees as aid to garner their required tools from the Nether (essentially taint). 3. After mustering enough taint required from The Betrayer, the Vocomancer then makes use of the The Betrayer’s boon in order to bring forth something of their desire within their own power. 4. The Vocomancer will then release whatever power they have manifested into the mortal realm, as a product of Iblees. 5. Once the product of taint is released, the Vocomancer is free to do as they please with their spawn or creation. However, the user must bear in mind they do not have complete, direct control over their ethereal entities; for unlike SGN, the minions of Vocomancy are not a product of life force which is from the user’s self, but a product of the Nether -- a realm which is constructed by Iblees. Mechanics: The magic’s ability is to summon most products of taint from the underworld. Imagine the performance of Vocomancy as a blind person painting. The FG Necromancer doesn’t understand what exactly they are doing or how, just as a blind person cannot see what they are painting and are unaware of what they are producing, however they know they are doing it and are given instructions on what to do. These instructions come from Iblees himself, functioning as a pseudo-canvas and Taint functions as the ‘paint’. When the user is done with their ‘painting’, they can finally bring it into their for all to see Additionally, a Vocomancer can prepare rituals for Iblees’ gain. The source of the hand that feeds them cannot go unrewarded for what marvelous strength it provides. By arranging a ritual, an unfortunate soul can be sacrificed for Iblees’ benefit. A ritual can be prepped in any desired location of a Vocomancer. If an individual is slain as a result of the ritual process, then it is up to the player of the victim to decide whether their death is to be a PK or not. If a perma-kill occurs, then their soul is to successfully be set in the hands of Iblees. This magic consists of a blend of spells from the three branches of the Undead, the Devourer branch, the Obliterator branch and the Blighter branch. The user will be capable of spawning beings from the Underworld, make use of Iblees’ wrath in the form of bolts being hailed from the sky, manipulate deathly miasma and flames from the Nether and soothe the wounds of others. Unlike before, this style of Vocomancy does not entirely focus on the utter, senseless destruction of the Descendants. Because of this, there now exists only two branches: The Priests of Iblees and The Soldiers of Iblees. The Priests of Iblees are the ones that bear the potential to alter the opinions of those who originally loathed the Daemon thanks to their given prowess. They are mostly provided with the spells from the Undead’s Blighter branch. They are gifted with mending the wounds of those who are tainted, or fall under the definition of ‘tainted’. They are capable of manifesting miasma and summoning only a fair amount of entities from the Nether. They are not fighters. Akin to the Blighter Branch, they only exist to wile others into finding trust and keeping trust in Iblees. The Soldiers of Iblees are those who possess formidable strength, they are examples of Iblees’ prowess. They may not be capable of swaying others into following Iblees so easily, unlike the Priests of Iblees, but with their strength alone they are able to give others a taste of what happens if one were to oppose Iblees. They are capable of summoning a fearful number of beings or a fearful being from the Nether. They are gifted with casting dreadful lightning from the sky and are able to produce vehement flames from the Nether which consume the life of opposers. Similar to the Obliterator branch and Devourer branch, they only exist to display Iblees’ power, fending off any who are seen as adversaries and protecting those who are seen as allies. ‘Taint’ Mending (Exclusive to the Priests of Iblees): The Priests of Iblees are granted this altered and watered-down Blighter branch spell, which was originally used in order to keep the forces of Iblees alive. Now, such a spell exists to not only benefit Iblees' wounded acolytes, those who are 'tainted' as well can fall under the effects of this modified Blighter branch spell. Additionally, no agent of Iblees would be able to effectively convince others to follow the will of their overseer, without being able to display that their deity now has but a tinge of being capable of lending aid in the most efficient form. Individuals who are ‘tainted’ are the only ones who can mended by this spell. In order for a Priest to execute this spell, they must make contact or be extremely close to making contact with the being of ‘taint’ they wish to aid. A viscous liquid that resembles the ichor of Iblees will be formulated from a Priest’s hand, if the ichor meets the desired target of the Priest, then the rich ‘blood’ of Iblees will alter its form to match the original lost body parts of the victim that bears 'taint'. If a hand of a tainted being were to be lost, then the ichor of Iblees will function in a sentient manner once it comes into contact with the severed hand. The liquid will try to imitate what the lost limb once was, it will firstly assume the shape of the lost portions of the hand in its liquid form, then it will begin to alter its substance to resemble that of flesh. This will require the priest to continue producing more of Iblees' ichor until the hand has fully recovered. If a tainted individual were to be harmed by Holy Fire, then consuming the ichor will be most suited, as it is taint given form. The victim of lost taint will not be promptly rejuvenated, but the speed at which they recover their taint will be heightened. Additionally, ruptured interal organs cannot be mended by this spell, poison and other deadly toxins cannot be removed the system of a tainted being and mental impairments cannot be repaired. Those healed will be left with slightly grotesque welts and minor bruises that will recover over time, this indicates that Iblees is not the one to be especially relied on for aiding those incompetent enough to end up hurt and all those that are lent his aid will also experience his affliction. However, much like oil meeting water, the ichor will simply run off the body of an injured victim who is free of 'taint', refusing to blend with the pure being. An example of those who fit the definition of ‘taint’ goes as follows: Wraiths Dread Knights Wights Those who have certain noteworthy intent that may appease The Betrayer Necromancers Ghouls (Please note, this is merely an example of what kinds of individuals can be mended. Those who actually bear any form of actual taint, can fall under the effect of this spell.) At tier 1, a Priest of Iblees will only be capable of healing extremely minor cuts. Up to tier 5, a Priest will be capable of recovering a lost hand. Nether Spawns (Usable by both sects): Nether spawns are beastly fiends which reside within the Nether. They are very frequently abnormal or misshapen creatures, never the same as the last and, unlike any other summoning magic, cannot be controlled. Nether spawns are quite literally Taint given form. They are ravenous, unruly, and mad monstrosities that raze and ravage. But just as the other effects of Vocomancy, they do not harm those which are tainted or that which is comprised of Taint just as it does not harm them. They are blind to their summoner and spawned brethren, only seeing them as other products of the Nether. They do not outright harm their ‘allies’ but are definitely not ones to be careful either. Their eldritch bodies are their weapons and what which isn’t corrupted by Taint is their target. Novices who decide to spawn horrific entities from the Nether will only be able to bring forth something as insignificant as an inchworm or insect, unlike a novice Second Generation Necromancer, who can raise something larger such as a dead rat. (A 'tier 5' Vocomancer user can summon a maximum of 4-6 humanoid beings or one large abomination of flesh from the Nether, whereas a 'tier 5' SGN user can raise 12 humanoid beings. A Vocomancer user can summon beings on a whim, whereas a SGN user will have to kill the living to actually garner 12 corpses. This is why a Vocomancer can summon less than a SGN user, for the sake of fairness.) Additionally, much like a Conjuration user summoning a Primordial, both Priests and Soldiers of Iblees can bring forth creatures that bear properties of the Nether. A standard summon of a creature from the Nether might be maintaining decayed flesh and nothing more. However, advanced acolytes of Iblees can go further than just mere flesh sustaining their creatures. They can be capable of having their summons bear 'flesh' of any compatible material from the Nether (this excludes lava though, for it is far too powerful for a summoner to bring forth into the mortal plane). This will of course, be more of a demanding spell for Iblees' acolytes. For example, beings of netherrack can be set ablaze by any fire present that makes contact with their skin, though due to the properties of netherrack, the creatures made of this hellish material are bound to be more fragile than their flesh ridden counterparts. Beings that bear the properties of soulsand become harder to slay, yet their destructive prowess is not as intimidating as beings of netherrack or actual creatures of flesh. It is worth noting that Priests of Iblees can only summon a maximum of 4 humanoid entities from the Nether, while Soldiers of Iblees can summon a maximum of 6 (The larger the body, the smaller the number. The smaller the body, the higher the number). The numbers become lessened if they were to produce organisms that hold properties of the Nether's materials. The cast time of this spell is akin to the time it takes for a conjuration user to summon an entity from the Void, roughly 3-6 emotes will be required for a satisfactory spell attempt. Nether’s Flame (Exclusive to the Soldiers of Iblees) Similar to that of a pyromancer, the flames created from the sheer hatred of Iblees alone are channelled towards the user. It is up to the user to decide where they redirect this embodiment of The Defiler’s loathing towards. The flames that are spawned from Iblees act in a way which can be considered Holy Fire’s polar opposite. Instead of seeking to eviscerate taint like its counterpart, the flames from the Nether ignore such things and instead aim to use its own tainted properties in order to devour the lifeforce of a victim’s body. The flames will persist until its target is utterly void of lifeforce. It can only ‘burn’ organic matter, which causes decay and emits a substance akin to smoke due to the evisceration of lifeforce. Once it comes into contact with nonorganic material, nothing occurs. The 'oxygen' of Iblees' hellfire is life, nonorganic material does not provide that, therefore the flames are most likely bound to ignore inanimate objects and/or vanish if it does not meet its 'oxygen'. Depending on the limb the flames have taken a liking to consuming the life force from, the skin is likely to blacken to the point where it resembles an ebony black pigment. The afflicted limb may be rendered briefly disabled if the victim were to survive a continued assault of the hellfire, for the life force from the victim has been forcibly eviscerated. However, due to Iblees being weakened, the flames function differently from how they once they did. The flames from the underworld are no longer vehement as they once were, now they burn away the life force of entities with a weaker force and no longer spread like wildfire, they cannot challenge the likes of Holy fire, and it is far easier for an individual affected by the flames to pass the ebony fire to another entity (be it fauna or flora), in order to avoid further damage. Additionally, Healing from Clerics/Paladins/Ascended etc... can undo the damage. The cast time for this spell is similar to that of a Fire Evocation spell. Roughly 3-5 emotes are needed for a satisfactory spell execution. Iblees’ Lightning (Exclusive to the Soldiers of Iblees) Bolts come down from a baleful sky once an agent of Iblees makes use of this spell. When a Soldier of Iblees calls forth for the clouds to gather, the once uncontaminated sky becomes populated with a mass of opaque, ebony clouds. Compared to the rest of the tools at a Necromancer’s disposal, this spell is fairly simple. If successful, a small array of bolts will descend towards the surface they are directed to, leaving behind a mark that indicates the ire of The Betrayer. Due to the Defiler himself having lost a portion of his destructive potential, he is no longer able to direct his grim lightning towards the flesh of Descendants exclusively. They are now naturally attracted to the likes other fauna, much like how natural lightning is attracted to the likes of metal. For example, casting this spell while in the centre of a forest will make it difficult to actually strike a single, desired target, especially if one's target is a Descendant who happens to be within said forest. 3-5 emotes will be required to execute a satisfactory spell. Miasma (Exclusive to the Priests of Iblees): Miasma is a thick, cloudy haze of lime green and black mists. Its foggy consistency makes it nearly opaque, the miasma acts like a harming smokescreen and therefore cannot be controlled, only directed. It is mostly fatal when inhaled, but can also be damaging if it makes contact with skin. It of course, saps life force, the rate at which it consumes life force is determined by how much miasma is coating the victim. It varies from being nearly useless to causing its victim to simply be uncomfortable at ‘tier 1’. Though, with more practice over time, the cloud of miasma will be capable of causing immense pain, minor paralysis, and bleaches the skin and scars with causing ulcers and blisters. (This will not be as powerful as Undead Miasma, it will be akin to a necromancer’s drain, without any benefit to user. It travels at a steady, moderate speed; it can be considered somewhat sluggish. It is not fast nor too slow. It can only reach a maximum of roughly 3-3.5 metres) This spell should be treated much like a Necromancer's drain. 3-5 emotes will be required to execute a miasma spell properly. Soul displacement (Usable by both sects): Through aptly manipulating taint and the link to the nether, a user becomes capable of generating a ritual to further Iblees’ goal and his prowess. This will require the aid of other Vocomancers that are also adequate in performing this spell. If enough space is present, the user will be formulating a crooked shape of abnormal proportions with an outline bearing a lime-green pigment tainted with hues of ebony black. The area surrounded by the peculiar shape will, over time, have its appearance be distorted to represent the likes of the Nether. Sand and its delicate texture will turn to malformed soul sand, wood will have its appearance altered to look much like obsidian, dirt and grass will have its aspects degraded to netherrack and so forth. It is much like tearing a vicinity of the Nether itself into the mortal realm, the specific vicinity is a place where only Iblees can act. If someone, a sacrifice, were placed within this corrupting shape, their souls will be ripped from their being by The Defiler himself, soon relocating itself in the hands of Iblees. If Iblees does not obtain a sacrifice within a certain period of time, the Vocomancer is at risk of having their connection with Iblees severed. OOC consent is required before such acts are carried out. The victim must be comatose/immobile. Approximately 7-12 emotes will be required to make a satisfactory execution of this spell. Sever (Usable by both sects): Severing is the act of a master Vocomancer severing the connection of a Vocomancer to the The Betrayer. In a similar act of Shade magic, only a skilled tutor may disconnect ineffective soldiers of Iblees. Through the approval of The Betrayer himself, the experienced Vocomancer is capable of disconnecting those who prove to not aid anyone. Roughly 4-7 emotes will be required in order to execute this spell. A Vocomancer's (expected) endgame: A Vocomancer must adhere to Iblees’ code of conduct. He is the one supplying them with his power in the end and therefore as a cult to an aengudaemon they must serve their master with the intent to achieve his goal for him. Ater Caelum is Iblees’ end goal, meaning Vocomancers are merely pawns for Iblees to fulfill his goals. One who betrays the efforts of Iblees will be an marked an enemy, be it a Vocomancer user, a cleric, or an everyday commoner, they will perish under the name of Iblees. In addition, a Vocomancer must seek to provide Iblees with another power so that they can achieve their forms they once had when the Defiler was truly formidabble (this does not mean that Iblees is required to reach antag-power levels again) Note: This is a deity magic, of Iblees, properties of Undead magic (first generation necromancy) exist within proper reason. Drawbacks - Vocomancers will lose their previously acquired magics after progressing two tiers into their magic. - Much like other dark arts, Vocomancers are prone to being eviscerated by the likes of Holy magic. However, due to Vocomancy being powered by Iblees himself - the personification of taint - they will suffer and experience much greater pain, especially more than a Shade normally would, when coming into contact with Holy magic. Vocomancers may even become paralyzed after a few seconds of exposure to Holy fire. - Vocomancy is bound to render the user more fragile than most magics that currently exist, since they are sustaining power given to them by a dreadful deity whose magic is nothing but taint. This may fuel the lusts for Vocomancers wanting to obtain their (previous) skeletal form, in order to no longer bear with the issues of maintaining their weakly mortal flesh. Red Lines - As it is known, taint does not affect tainted beings. This means that Nether spawns and spells alike will not harm tainted entities such as Wraiths, Dread Knights, Shades, etc... However, Nether spawns can be commanded directly by their summoners to harm specific individuals. - Exceeding the limit and/or size of nether spawns is powergaming, even if it were to occur in-character, the user will most likely be under a mass of stress. - Vocomancers are tainted (extremely tained, even), they must react properly when coming into contact with holy magic. The player of a Vocomancer mustn't treat Holy Fire lightly, since it will eat away at their tainted being as if it were nothing. - The one rule that applies to all magic also applies to this magic, if someone were to significantly interrupt a Vocomancer during the preparation of their spell, then the manifestation of their spell will come to an abrupt end. Ater Caelum - Iblees’ Endgoal "This is the name for Iblees’ end game goal. “Ultimate Goal: Iblees wants to overthrow the Aenguls and Daemons. He wants to corrupt, rule over, and bend them to his will. The mortals are just in the way. Iblees wants to become the Arch-Soul, the Prime God over the Archdaemons and Archaenguls. Essentially he wants to become the Creator and all powerful by making all the Archaenguls and Archdaemons underneath him. Iblees believes it's what the gods do; they want to be stronger than the rest around them so they can be safe above others. Divine survivability. And as Archdaemon of Ruin, this appeals to his desire for ruination. To dissolve the established order (or lack therein) of aengudaemons with their own will and their own purpose. Iblees would degrade this and bring them all under himself. But, note, Iblees is the ‘villain’ of our tale and is likely to never succeed in this goal, albeit it is possible should we wish for some form of lore-wipe where numerous things disappear or change. This being his take on the truth, Iblees wants to become the Creator / Arch-Soul / Prime God to ensure his own success but the implications of that are far from what most other aengudaemons believe, thus their frequent opposing standing. Should this come to be and all the Aenguls and Daemons are under Iblees, there would be no cataclysm or apocalypse for all existence. He doesn’t want the death of everyone and thing, he wants power to have his way, and his way once in that position would be rather peaceful. There’d be no inter-deity squabbles, no fighting divine factions. He’d probably leave the mortal beings alone entirely, likely moving away to make his own mortals with his own interpretation. Iblees intends on achieving the throne by persuading fellow deities, beginning with relatively smaller ones he can manage to turn alone, via corruption." Iblees would sit down with them one-on-one and have a lengthy discussion. "This discussion would be over the matters of how their kind always have a struggle amongst one another that leads to chaos and damage; Iblees means to make one final fight to end them all to instill everlasting order (truly primal chaos, Iblees would just be a bullying superpower) among the gods (if he is to keep them to begin with. Iblees may want to wipe the slate clean than have to deal with those who once opposed him) by any means necessary..." "Corruption is used in the sense that they are turning to Iblees’ side and we are the ones (mortals too) who paint Iblees as evil and vile. As for those who utterly oppose Iblees and say that they will never join his cause, they will meet enslavement or eternal banishment.” (Source: Old Vocomancy lore)
  22. [Updated 1/15/18] Gilly's Art Thread

    Since everyone seems to be becoming Keem I may as well too. Newset > Oldest.
  23. (7/4/17) A Cow's Art Dump

    ~*A Cow's Art Dump*~ Tumblr _____________________________________________________________________________________ So, here's a dump of my drawings, ranging from late 2011 (when I first joined LotC, and first started drawing more), til now, 2016 2017 2018. Most recent drawings: Riverboat Dark Elf Woman (Winter 2018) Close up to face and B/W values: Current WIP-- Pictal (Winter 2017) Cowboy Study (Fall 2017) Elrich (Fall, 2017) Dom (Fall, 2017) And here's the rest of it: Art Dump:
  24. The Bards' Guild

    The Bards’ Guild “Quill supra laminae” “Trees are amongst us: some of nations, some of families, and some of.. nature. In common, they all blossom and fruit and shed and rest. They house creatures, of some sort, and sanguine nectar in the core of their well intent. For the nation, their coffers be the nectar. For the family, it be their blood. For the nature, its nectar is pure. The branches reach out, in our dear trees. The nation has its guilds and groups, with the family its ancestry, and the tree? Mere sticks. The fruit.. is where our trees diverge. One willow may weep its bitter ichor, and another sycamore its sour cherries. Yet, as of late, nations have bore little fruit of culture. The families refuse to let what fruit their branches hold fall. And nature? Well, it’s not apples this be writ for. Nay, friends. It be our culture. We are all of the same thicket.. and, as nature, in want of growth. Yet, there has been little fertile ground for our nimble tendrils to reach out and embrace Enlightenment! That very light which not only will see joy through, but our existence in itself. For too long has the darkness blighted the people: short wonder it has only been the glint of a crown’s ruby, or a blade’s gleam that had caught their attention.” It is our livelihood, and pleasure, as Bards of Enlightenment, to reach our branches further - enough to bask in the glory of open day, beyond what has been a dark age. It be Sol, and its nightly friends, which direct our path - by the faith of Urguan we reside within. The parallel shared is so close, it is more simpler to see us Bards as one to the Dwarves. Do not mistake this for blind loyalty, however. Us Bards only have our Curator as our superior: not even the King of the Urguan may dictate what is writ of them, or anyone, or anything - for that matter. It is the constitution we embody, and which allows us our rights - of arts, be they dramatic or fine, and literature. Music completes a ‘trinity’ of activity the Bards are expected to partake and progress upon. It is oft one strand of this trinity which a typical Bard would specialise upon (Arts, literature, or music). It is our Curator who assigns our overall vision, which Titania Hawksong currently holds the septum for. The route for Enlightenment is open for all, who reside in our realm. The Intelligentsia of Vailor, us Bards are not just the orators of tales and opera, but of the people themselves. To whom it may concern, the guild means to accept those well-versed in the ways of the nation they serve under, and those who abide by its laws. Thus, may their knowledge be prodded, in addition to receiving a collation of their general profile. The Intelligentsia are distinguished as a group of their own, for reason - of merit and respect - and this calls for individuals capable of being the greatest thinkers and visionaries Vailor has seen. ============================================== Deliver, by bird or otherwise, the following credentials and responses: those accepted will receive response from either the Co-Curator or the Curator themselves. If ye may not even wish to do this, how may ye muster the burdens of entire novels or play productions.. or even a single great work of sculpting? ============================================== Application If you'd rather do this in-game, please PM Ayevia. I) Name (in brackets, include ign): II) Race: III) Place of Origin: IV) Intention of desired strand, of the trinity (Arts, Literature, Music) for specialism: V) Reasoning in becoming of the Bards: VI) Potential projects you may aspire to do: ============================================== To those who have shown the will to become Bards, it is not only the velvet pouch of Mina they are to expect - but to be among the first to witness and pursue what wars have been fought for, and empires risen and fallen. The peace of a book. The joy of a tale. The advancement of a nation. You are now of the masons of culture, pride and Enlightenment.. and chisel away at governments, people and mortar all the same. From all three of them emerge great works, and it is your name bound in the scrolls of history (which even you writ!) which is the greatest reward for what service you will have. ============================================== THE MAP TO THE BARDS' GUILD Do not forget: Quill supra laminae.
  25. The Gentlemen's Club Got too many minas and don't know how to spend them, or not enough minas and looking for a good place to waste them away on tea, exotic dancers, music, fine wines and scotch, Then the Gentlemen's Club is for you! The establishment is located in the Felsen town square, quite a fancy abode that will attract your eye in an instant, we provide many different services for both members and non members, however, with membership of this fine Club come many perks that I am legally obliged to not mention to the public, however, some of the perks that I can list from said membership are; Half price on drinks! Ever wished to, well, not spend that many minas on a rather costly drink, with our refined and rather classy membership you'll have deals on all drinks sold so your thirst can be sated with fine wines at even finer prices! Or mayhaps you've come from a lengthy trip away to a foreign land with rather brutish and unwashed maidens, well, fret not, with membership all of our dancers will offer their services to you at half the price, no more blue balls due to a lack of minas! The others are under a certain secrecy for various reasons, however, we guarantee here at the Gentlemen's club that they do not underwhelm! What we Offer Aside from what was stated before, we are an estabishment where those from all sides of the land can settle down and live like nobles while they're pockets aren't yet empty, however though, the actual noblemen and women may have a tad better time than those unfortunate paupers that roll on in. At the Gentlemen's club we hire entertainers of all sorts, poets for those wanting an enlightened mind, bards for the jolly chaps and chaplets wanting for the tapping of their feet and swinging of their hips, as well as dancers from all sides of the land, as exotic as one could ask for, or as common, every ser and maiden to their own, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Cigars given out complimentary to frequenters of the rather fine establishment. Jobs At the Gentlemen's club we look for individuals of many talents, mostly simple such as being waiters, or guards, but nonetheless we embrace diversity! We have several jobs available to the public while certain ones are only available to certain others through different means. All occupations we offer require certain critereas to acsertain, as will be stated upon said jobs. Serving As a servant, or glamourised waiter you shall be required to dress in a stylish manner, smart shoes, shirt and at the very least a waistcoat or corset, we may let people of all sorts in from pauper to noble but we shall not allow workers to dress as lowly riff raff! We offer several positions from managerial to simple servant, as stated. Courtesan/Bachelour The common waiters and waitresses of the establishment, being called upon by patrons and sating any needs they require, serving beverages, dancing, passing messages along to other patrons and some such, chaps and chaplets of this job are required to mostly listen and talk when asked to talk. Bottom *****/ The Mother This job is a managerial role, undertaking this job requires you to mind over the waiters and waitresses of the club, making sure they dress in a proper manner, don't cause trouble among the patrons, do not squabble with one another, however, are also tasked with making sure the servants are treated well by the patrons and that they're needs are fulfilled, usually taken on by the owner of the club or one of the more trusted guards, however, can be taken on by anyone. Entertainers This fine establishments employs those of many different talents and arts, entertainers of all sorts, the jobs listed bellow aren't the only types of entertainers we employ, however are the bulk of our entertainers. Dancer A man or women talented in the art of dance, seated on small stages to show of their illustrious talents. Bard A chap or chaplet with a skill with any such instruments, lute, flute, violent and any such others that give off a rather harmoneous melancolly. Poet Men and women with an art for ryhming certain lyrics together in order to make a rather lovely tune. Jester Jesters simply tell jokes and act in a rather silly manner, causing laughter and orderly ruckus all about. Guards Bouncer Usually lowly grunts and meatheads that know their way around a simple enough weapon, only necessity needed is to be willing to throw common riff raff out and stop fights. The Daddy The man, or even woman that looks over the bouncers, making sure they do their duties, and otherwise acting as a normal bouncer. Pay Servers- Half of what you make from patrons. Entertainers- Set amount of minas per performance for the Jester, bard, poet, however, for dancers when working in an unnorganised manner may keep half of what they make from patrons. Guards- Paid when seen fit, if seen doing their job properly and depending on how long they work for. Membership Membership in this fine establishment is, at this time, 100 minas as a standard one off payment, however, depending on the amount of people already members and others wishing to be members, this price may differ and vary in price and amount of time needed to pay. Though, membership can also be achieved through services done for the Club, such as being a continuous investor of minas, goods, workers and so on. The perks that come with membership that can be mentioned publicly are half price on drinks and dances, other perks provided for being a member of this fine establishment are a tad secretive, however, very much worth the minas and trouble. Dress Code Being a fine establishment such as we are, we do not allow casual wear, any and all will be denied entry at the door if they attempt to enter wearing anything other than smart clothes, a good example being smart shoes, smart breeches, smart shirt, or in the case of gentle-ladies, a smart shoes and a rather lovely dress. Application OOC MC name: Skype: Timezone: RP Name: Age: Race: Gender: Job applying for: Any interesting skills?: Any reason you wish to work at this fine establishment?: (( not a brothel. ))