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Found 77 results

  1. babyluxx

    Lacies music.

    “SHEET MUSIC” Lacie Lyons This isn't the ‘actual music’, this is what Lacie is envisioning. This is what she hears inside her brain, the textures of instruments. Synths aren't actually synths, they're written as strings. The drums are written as orchestral drum sections, but this is just what she hears when she's composing the music.100 Percent original songs. Written, recorded, and produced by my roommate and I. I play doublebass, he plays violin, we both play piano. this is inspired by a roleplay experience in lotc. Est-ce une erreur https://www.indiesound.com/index.php?a=track&id=84564 Journey to Helena, First movement. https://www.indiesound.com/index.php?a=track&id=84565
  2. This form is for any requests for character art! How this works: 1: First, send me a request on discord. My account name is StarrGazer#5601 2: I will send you a sketch of what I could do. If you like what you see, we can decide on a commission that you’d pay once I finish the piece. Note: I will charge a modest fee for art that I make. If you don’t like the art though, I won’t require that you pay. I like to keep the commission cheap but any donations are greatly accepted (as I am saving up for a better drawing tablet). I will do my best to get to everyone who would like to request and would like to make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience! Thanks!
  3. Name: Lysander Elme Race: Human Age: 20 years old Gender: Male Physical Description: Lysander wears a long robe in a dark blue color, adorned with three broaches. He wears it to hide his boney and scrawny body from others. He has long blonde hair, which is usually really messy, but he has it stuffed in the hood of his robe ususally, since he is a bit embarrassed about his hair. Under his robe he wears baggy brown pants, a beige shirt and brown suspenders with a belt. His boots are the color of his robe while his gloves are brown like his pants. Lysanders eyes are a gentle hazel color, but due to his hair falling over his right eye, only one of them is usually visible. He usually has heavy eyebags. He‘s about 5‘8“ and a little underweight. Character Description: Lysander was born in Helena, the capital of the Holy Orenian Empire. His parents were both middle class citizens with his mother being an aspiring author and his father working as a merchant. They had most of their wealth due to inheritance. He grew up an only child for 8 years until his younger sister Rosetta was born. He didn’t really like her or interact with her a lot, but he had a soft spot for his younger sister nonetheless. Up until his 16th birthday he’d been a child that was very closed off and mostly hid in his room to read. He spent a lot of time inside, avoiding his peers and other people in general. In his Adventure books he found solace and purpose, later wishing to go on lots of adventures himself. He was homeschooled due to his refusal to leave his house. After his 16th Birthday, Lysander began to question his belief and came to the conclusion that the only Person who is superior to him was himself. As he was already considered an outcast by most that knew him, he was shunned for rejecting the Church of Canon on top of his antisocial behavior. His parents threatened to kick him out three 1/2 years later, as they were unable to keep up their reputation with him in the house. Though Lysander decided that he’d leave on his own to go on adventures and travel the world, which he did. Due to being so closed off all his life, he now has Trouble opening up to others and trust them, though he can also be very naive as well, since most of his knowledge about the outside world comes from books and no experience, he often compares reality to the stories in his books and assumes that the fiction he reads is what reality is like. It can be hard for him to accept a reality where what he supposed would be doesn‘t come true or is vastly different. Since Lysander was inside his house and very sheltered for most of his life, he doesn‘t know how to do very basic things like how to use a sword or hoe. He‘s not very physically strong due to that as well, but his enthusiasm usually makes up for his lack of strength, as he often tries very hard to learn and will go all out on even the simplest tasks. He‘s an adventurous and very curious person who loves heroic stories and experiencing new things. But due to being closed off from society for such a long time, Lysander is easily scared as well and his cowardice often wins against his curiosity. He comes across as rude and unsure, since he can‘t handle talking to strangers. If he is being talked to and manages to get used to the person he‘ll be a lot more open though, even clingy. In front of strangers he gets very anxious and can‘t handle big groups of people either. This and the fact that he tends to hide and watch people can make him seem raher suspicious and weird. Even though Lysander acts rudely when talking to people he doesn‘t know, he has good manners and respects people who are older than him if he trusts them. He sees himself as a realist and doesn‘t like his own weakness. He often feels as if he‘s bothering people and has a hard time reading others, since he‘s just never had a chance to learn it. Lyanders favorite thing in the world is reading. He loves books and will spent all his money on them, even if that means he won‘t be able to eat. He writes down his adventures in a journal as well and someday would like to write books of his own. Until then books are his escapism and the way he learns best, next to practical experience. He can read for hours and often tries to find similarities between the stories and reality. Even though Lysander is not a big fan of religion, he is interested in learning about it. As such, he loves to read almost every genre (Adventure, History and Fantasy being his favorites).
  4. Although it would be incredible; I’d just like to say now that I’m NOT expecting this to be accepted. I just had the idea not too long ago and wanted to share it. Basically a throng of lunatics led by Mr. Beautiful completely take over the city of Helena. The guards are imprisoned; criminals are set free. The gates are shut; no one comes in and no one gets out. The town will be in a state of unqualified pandemonium; everyone is on their own. Trapped in this engirdled mobocracy swayed by a psychopathic begetter who will be sitting in his chair; laughing his ass off until somebody stops him. Discord me if you’d like to hear more.
  5. The Imperial Association of the Performing Arts Est. Anno Domini 1769, Under the Company of Thespians and Revelers About this Worshipful Guild The Imperial Association of the Performing Arts, established 1769, is a guild under the blanket administration of The Livery Company of Thespians and Revelers. The corporation is a cooperative assembly of verbalist artists. Formed by Peridot Beryl Carrington, the guild represents the interests of comedians, spoken word poets, musicians, actors, playwrights, and other performance-based artists. The guild organizes events for these performers to enlighten the masses, spread their so-saught after fame, and, of course, make money. The primary goal of this merry association is to bring entertainment to all the crowds of Oren, whether it be a high society gala or the local tavern. The Chamber of Romantics The guild is governed in a loose manner, so as not to oppose the freedoms of its performers. Each man or woman is their own, the guild serves more as a means to hone their craft, create bonds with the rest of the performance community, and find jobs. Further, membership is accompanied by a license from the Company of Thespians and Revelers; a member of this guild is a member of that company as well and attains all rights that come with that status. Despite this loose structure, there are basic rankings amongst the group: the organization of this ranking is called the Chamber of Romantics. A key necessary to understanding our organization is that rights afforded to each rank are relatively fluid and ceremonial in nature. Each performer, regardless of their rank in the Chamber, is an individual and has the right to their pursue own activities without oversight. Director-President: The Director-President is the chief amongst the Chamber of Romantics. They are charged with the overall management of the guild and organizing guild-wide events. Further, they are charged with the duty of the purse and are the primary representative to the Company of Thespians and Revelers. The Director-President acts as a manager for all artists and will represent them to potential clients. Master: A master has proved themselves a capable performing artist. Whatever their form may be, they are recognized across the land as a titan of art. Within the guild, masters can induct official apprentices whom they can teach in the arts. Lesser Romantics can also take on students, but these students will not be immediately inducted as apprentices. Journeyman: A journeyman has proved they are above instruction from a master. They can provide their own lessons and earn the right to independent representation. Journeymen are afforded the ability to organize their own events, incorporating other guild members as they please. Apprentice: Usually young, the apprentice is just learning their craft. Apprentices are assigned to a master of their craft if there is one. If not, they are supervised by the Director-President when possible in their performances. Relatively, the apprentice has free reign on their journey to becoming a full-fledged artist as there is no true plan to make somebody into an artist. The Enlightened Endeavor: Stagecraft While the guild does indeed field a wide array of sound-based performers, ranging from musicians to poets to comedians, the primary and recurring function of these artists is the pursuit of drama. Those who come onto the company as thespians will find themselves as the actors of a variety of plays. Further, the company seeks out talented playwrights and directors to aid in the creation and production of these spectacles. The entirety of the guild is incorporated, with musicians and comedians both being brought into the unifying art of stagecraft. Associated Playwrights: Playwrights with associated status are those who primarily identify with the troupe itself. These playwrights can produce their entirely unique scripts and utilize the expert artists and thespians of the guild at their will. The guild, ultimately the Director-President, will act as a producer for the playwright’s plays and coordinate times, venues, and handle the marketing side of the art. These talented writers need to make money after all! Associated Thespians: Actors with associated status are those thespians who run with the troupe and see regular employment in the many dramas set by the company. Thespians of the guild rely on the playwrights (whom they can also be themselves, as artists can be both actor and writer) to provide them with plays and will hone their craft through such endeavors. Actors receive a paygrade from the Director-General via commission of the plays and an actor’s respected role within said play. Scheduling an Event with the I.A.P.A It is hereby decreed that any citizen of Oren or beyond can contract the Imperial Association of the Performing Arts to perform any variety of entertainment at their events. Whether it be a gala or a comedy night, the association can provide entertainment. Below is a format by which to submit a Letter of Request to the Director-General to schedule such affairs. Client Name: Client Aviary Address (Discord): Venue: Entertainment Needed (Music, Improv, Comedy, Actors, etc.) Joining the I.A.P.A Hear hear! All performing actors, musicians, thespians, etcetera, are called to join our Association. You will have access to top-notch production and management, as well as to a semi-regular source of income. Further, you can hone your craft and network within and without our art market. You need not experience, just hope! We can provide lessons and top-notch education in the ways of the performing arts. Applicant Name: Applicant Aviary Address (Discord): Applicant Sex and Race: Form of Art: Would you be interested in acting (Y/N): Experience in the Performing Arts (if any):
  6. --MYKEI'S SKIN-FACTORIA OPENED--- “Moni fyr skyn, feir dil” Hello, so i decided to open a skin shop, because...why not? My pricing is 1k+ mina or 5-10$ (paypal only) per skin it depends on how complex the skin will be ================================================= What can I do? Armors, dresses, clothes, YOU NAME IT and im sure i’ll be able to create it! My portfolio: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/mykei/ if that’s not enough for you, msg me on discord and ask me to show you my current projects! My discord: Mykei#7300 REMEMBER KIDS “MONI FYR SKYN,FEIR DIL”
  7. OOC: For a while now i’ve been wanting to go to an area and write about it, you can consider everything in this book to be public knowledge! If there’s settlements in the west and i didn’t write about it then i’m very sorry! I visited a lot of places but decided to only write about stuff that looked interesting or where i could find people. Huge thanks to @Urara @AndrewTech @Braehn Elendil An'Hiraeth for helping me!
  8. Hi guys! As some of you may know I do skin, however shading the colour black gives me migraines and I’m feeling lazy so I’d love it if I could commission one of the many talented skinners LOTC hosts! The skin(s) would be for this character: https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/klara-isolde-galgenfels/ As you can see it’s a pretty gothic vibe, so any dresses created would need to be primarily black with other more gothic colours to accent. I am looking for medieval – renaissance themed clothing. I don’t have any references or specific requests so feel free to use your own creative vision, as long as it captures a regal vibe! That being said and without sounding harsh, I’d like to skin to be of similar quality to my own work or higher. I would also like to pay with IRL money via paypal as I have no mina haha! If you’re interested in taking on the task feel free to reply here or contact me on discord @Imi#0276 Thank you all and have a lovely evening! ❤️
  9. Commissions “Coolest art on the block.” To everyone watching over this thread currently, I am going to be selling animated pixel art of any character, as given an example below, for 10$. Non-animated is $7. The animation can be anything: running, walking, casting magic, slashing your weapon and so on. It can also simply be you standing still with your head bobbing up and down. The preference is yours! I am easy to work with -- if I make something you do not like, I will be able to rework it, make the animation smoother, and so on. As soon as the artwork is done, I will call you and stream my screen to show you the animation (stream-quality is good). Upon you liking it, or wanting fixes, you will pay first before the art is sent over. OFFER / DISCOUNT: ANY URGUAN PLAYER + SUPPORTER OF HOUSE BREN GETS A WHOPPING 50% OFF! HOW DO I GET THIS ART? Pm me on discord @Mickaelhz#1445 Also leave a review below this post after or i am going to be very sad. REVIEWS: Junar: [✦✦✦✦✦] “Holy f***, worth the money lol, only took an hr to get art and changed anything I asked, what a god” Werew0lf: [✦✦✦✦✦] “thanks for the art n**b, he called me cute at the end so i kinda blushed and left vc in embarrassment” Shinjiru_ [✦✦✦✦✦] “Who wouldn’t buy this?” d0ghz: [✦✦✦✦✦] “10$ for animated art might seem like a scam, but it’s cute and is worth.” Alfomos: [✦✦✦✦✧] “the art was cool but he bullied me afterwards, though i always get bullied so nvm.” antwrp: [✦✦✦✧✧] “10 dollars is a bit much, i offered him 5$ and my onlyfans and now i’m here.” i’ll add more later.. PREVIOUS WORK:
  10. A Map of The Sovereign Realms of The Arcasian Peninsula Compiled and created primarily by Abram Stalistena, with the support of the Northern Geographic Society. – – – The creation of a comprehensive map of the sovereign realms of Arcas has truly been a collaborative effort. This project never would have approached completion if it were not for the contributions and aid given by the various stewards, local cartographers, travellers, traders, and government officials from all the sovereign lands of our realm. The purpose of this work is to reflect the real authorities over lands throughout Arcas, along with those territorial claims laid by nations and states claiming sovereignty as equals. Though there may be inaccuracies in the initial release of this map, future versions will reflect both changes in the de-facto control of various lands, and increased accuracy of existing claims. The process for submitting such claims will be outlined below. Other versions are available below, for use in any kind of geographic and ethnographic study and use. The process for requesting an amendment to this map is outlined below Credits and acknowledgements are contained below
  11. Festival of Wandering Constellations Talon’s Grotto Festival Loss is no stranger to the realm of Arcas and its people. All have lost someone or many within their lifetime and the mourning process seems to be little to none. We as members of the Earth are expected to move on quickly after the loss of a loved one or friend. This festival is meant to be a way to both remember and respect those that we have lost in our lives. By retelling those stories of the lost and sending paper lanterns off into the sky to join with the stars as a grand remembrance. During the festival there will be many events held and a bar filled with drinks and treats. Those events would be those previously mentioned along with music, duels, and the many bar games. We welcome all willing to show up as long as not hostility is brought along with you. <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<o>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> OOC: Taking place in Talon’s Grotto on 5/23/20 at 3:00 PM EST You should be able to follow the signs to the settlement but Talon’s Grotto Cords are : 2000/x/2000 All welcome!
  12. *This announcement would be placed upon every corner in Fonsi* Bonjour dear citizens and friends of Vitenna! I’ve finally began to work on setting up the Musée, which is a really good opportunity for me to showcase the artistic and cultural side of Vitenna! As it happens, i am currently looking for a variety of artifacts, which would be of great benefit for this attempt! Anything you don’t need anymore, or just feel like being charitable, then you may consider donating it for this auspicious cause! If you posses such item, then you may visit at Dowager Street 8, so you can meet with me. Merci! Signed, Edmund de Alence, Curator
  13. el’Sirame - Seed of the Forestborn The Forest Shepherds, Priests, and Green Dragons of Siramenor The Lore of the Forestborn Haelun Mali’ame. The mother of Wood Elves and Seeds as we know them today. Long ago, when Malin first ruled the Elves under one united Kingdom, Irrin Sirame was born. She bore no noble blood, and lived amongst the common folk. In her earlier days, she served the Kingdom as a sentinel, quickly rising through the ranks as she defeated foe after foe, and claimed victory after victory for the Elven people. Seeing her prowess, the Elvenking himself granted her a place upon the High Council of Malinor, the first of common-blood to ascend to such an honored place at Malin’s table. When the days of the great Elven schism bore down upon Malin’s Kingdom, Irrin Sirame led her followers into the wildlands, deep into the woodlands of the world. These folk would soon be known as the Mali’ame. Under her guidance, they spread over the wildlands, claiming their homes among the forests, the plains, the coasts. The mother of Mali’ame spent many years traveling between these places, appointing chieftains of the tribes that settled throughout the land, creating the first Seed of the Mali’ame. To these Seeds, she passed on her devotion to the Aspect, and ensured that the memory of Malin’s teachings would endure for centuries to come. Despite bringing the Seeds of the Mali’ame into existence, she had no tribe of her own, none to carry on her ideals beyond the Seeds she helped make. Irrin vowed to take no husband, to mother no children. No tribe can claim her bloodline, for there are none in all the land that carry it. But now, centuries later, a simple ‘ame and her family seek to continue her legacy. The Sirame were founded in the year 1760, as a tribe of ‘ame who seek to emulate the mission of Irrin Sirame- to preserve the sacred worship of the Aspects, and to carry on the ways of the Mali’ame through times of peace and war alike, through the prosperous, or grave. Many are priests, or devout- studying the ways of the Mali’ame culture, teaching them to all who may seek to know the ancient ways. Wherever the forest folk roam, they seek to nurture and guide the future generations. Beliefs and Traditions Religion “May the mother give me the grace to spread life and light through this land, and may the father grant me the strength of spirit to protect it...” - An excerpt from the prayers of the mali’ame Following in Irrin Sirame’s footsteps, the Sirame hold a steadfast belief in the Aspects, as was the faith of the elvenking himself, and of the mother of Mali’ame herself. To them, the Mali’ame are inseparable from the ways of the wild faith- their way of life is entirely dependent on the wilds, as it should remain. While the Seed primarily worships the Aspects, their attention is not solely focused upon them. The Seed knows that the Mani, the animal spirits of the wild, hold an important place in the natural world, and will sometimes lend their prayers and offerings to them and respect those that follow them. The Seed holds no patron Mani themselves, as many Seeds do. While traditionally, ‘ame have sought to bring others into the fold through sermon and teaching, the Sirame are the sort to lead through their own example. They believe that only action will truly bring faith to the other Mali’ame, and remain fiercely devout through all, showing the power of faith in this world. Values Tradition sits at the heart of the Sirame, as their purpose is to continue the life’s work of Irrin Sirame. Their values and beliefs line with the old ways of the Mali’ame, and of the forestborn herself. Faith One of Irrin’s most steadfast pursuits in her lifetime was the spreading of the worship of the aspects. The Elvenking himself was devout in their worship, although he was no Druid. As one of his faithful lieutenants, Irrin followed in his steps. When the others turned their back on the worship of the huntsman and the mother, none were more furious than she. She dedicated her life to keeping the faith of her people alive, and so the Sirame adopted this hallowed belief. Unity The most prosperous days of the Elven people have been in the ages of unity, when ‘ker and ‘ame and ‘aheral stood side by side, marching forwards into the coming dawn. Malin knew this, and thus his people knew peace and prosperity like no other. Irrin Sirame believed in this too- in the memory of the united Kingdom. While no King can lead again, the seed of Sirame believes in a united Elven people all the same. Stewardship To always ensure that there is a safe home for the Mali’ame, no matter how the world may look. There must always be a place where the culture of the forestborn may endure, free from the shackles of others. Safe. Free. and Balanced. The Sirame must lead others to this home, if necessary. Fortitude We are long lived. Our eyes take in centuries of life, and with it, centuries of hardship, and loss. As Mali, we must have the resilience to endure all that the arduous road of life has to offer in our long lived days. This does not mean to remain untouched, or unbothered, but to bounce back- to tackle life with renewed vigor once you fall. Connection to the Wild Above all else, the Sirame believe in a deep, spiritual connection to the wilds around them. The forests are a sacred land, and all the life in them as well. They hunt, as their ancestors did, and pay homage to their fallen spirits. To fell a tree is to kill a piece of the forest, and so they live in burrows, intertwined within their roots, surrounded and protected by them. A Canonist prays in a temple, and a member of the Sirame prays deep within the woods, far from the sight of civilization, shaded by the branches of the trees that they so deeply revere. Appearance and Ilmyumier Dressings, Clothes Members of the Seed can come from many various walks of life, though they typically dress in traditional Mali’ame attire, seeking to be role models to other ‘ame. Robes, tunics, and other dressings of greens, reds, and even yellows. They wear no shoes, seeking to be connected to the earth and the world around them. Oftentimes, they will incorporate pieces of nature into their attire as well- flowers, leaves, and others. Ilmyumier The Sirame takes the mark of Taynei’hiylu, the green dragon spirit, using it as their symbol and ilmyumier. The depiction of the green dragon wraps up and down one arm entirely, snaking over the flesh in flight. The ‘ame may adorn themselves over the rest of their body in viridian flame, should they wish to, but it is not required. The mark of Taynei’hiylu mark is meant to represent wisdom and strength, and their connection to the forest. Another mark members may receive however, is the spring mother's wreath, a mark placed upon the palm of an ‘ame, meant to represent the peaceful ways of the tribe, and the harmony that they seek. However, this mark is not exclusive to members of the clan, and may be offered by the clan as a status tattoo to a peacekeeper.
  14. During your travels, you may happen across this most trashy of novellas. At first glance, it would seem quite ordinary, until one took a look at the cover art and title. A Kharajyr maid would be on the front, with a title that ought to shock even the most liberal of readers: THE LUSTY KHARAJYR MAID, PART 3: ROUGH WOOD, BRIARWOOD. The seediness of the novella is apparent... Note from the author: I have been informed the original pieces of literature for The Lusty Kharajyr Maid, Part 3 were suddenly gone from the shelves overnight, while I was still asleep. As I am quite sure it was merely a tragic accident by the librarians and recordkeepers of Arcas, I am once more releasing this rewrite of a classic for the sake of Art, Creativity and Loneliness. And worry not, dear reader. If anything like this ever happens again we have plenty of ways of spreading this piece in the form of books, performances and word of mouth! Without further ado, “The Lusty Kharajyr Maid”. THE LUSTY KHARAJYR MAID, PART 3: ROUGH WOOD, BRIARWOOD Written by T. Brock Hauss It was a baffling day inside the Grand Palace of Skravia’s kitchen, a place with absolutely no trouble, strife, or unemployment. The grand city of Oren readying itself for yet more war- But also, and perhaps more importantly to some, a Royal Ball! The glorious Vassal, Gawain Briarwood entered the cooking area, already smelling the flavourful aroma coming from Khat En’Heet’s wide oven. “Good day, sir! Whatever brings you into the Kitchen?” The Kharajyr maid questioned, sporting a sweet smile to accompany her baking’s fragrance. “I come under King’s Orders, maid.” The man said, thumping his heavy load onto the table “You are to bake this loaf. At once.” “My goodness, that's quite a loaf!” The girl broke a sweat, wiping her brow with a sigh “How ever shall I get that baked in my oven in time for the Ball?” She promptly went to work on it, getting on her knees to manage its size. Gawain tugged on his belt, pulling out a long shaft of hard wood “Mind if I practice a few strokes while I watch you knead?” The man’s hand strummed his instrument fast, producing loud chords one could hear all over Skravia. “Sir, you mustn't distract me!” She moaned, soaked in sweat. Her mouth wide open. “Your fingers pluck it too much, we’ll get in trouble if you keep making noise!” “Tell me about it.” He hissed, stroking the neck of his instrument as he paused his tune “-The other day I got arrested for fingering A-minor in this very kitchen. The cries of my lute are forbidden here!” “I must have everything in perfect order for the King’s Ball, sir!” The maid snarled, squeezing the dough tightly as she worked it good. “I never could see a single one of them! Now- It’s my chance to be more than just the King’s pole-polisher! I’ll be his Ball-baker too!” “You’ll have plenty time to work your way up, maid.” The man stepped behind Khat En’Heet, his muscles reaching around her to help knead her loaf as he smirked. “But if knowing what Balls need provided is what you want... I’d be glad to show you a taste.” The maid turned her head, her eyes glancing up to meet Briarwood’s. “Then show me how you dance, big boy!” She smirked back, her fur once more covering her blushing cheeks. Little did they know, the Wise King Rocco watched on from afar, still picturing Khat En’Heet’s soft peaches on display the day before, for a curious Oscar Lancefield. Oh, but his revenge was yet to come. Soon- In his great Royal Ball. TO BE CONTINUED...
  15. Shear Attraction Tattoos and Hair Founded By Ania Sterling This quaint little shop has had its grand opening! One of the very first of its kind and the very first place to offer hair cuts and tattoos for all that come across it. Ania Sterling, The owner of the salon, has worked many years in her hobbies to perfect the skill of hair styling and tattooing with her limited tools. Yet them being made of bone and a small hammer, she shows extreme precision in the works she creates on the skins of all races. She prides herself in her ability to create a masterpiece of what design you had envisioned for yourself. Whether small or large, she will have it done as expertly as she can manage. Her hair styling also has its incredible range in styles for both men and women. Her way around hair cutting is shown expertly in every client. She can even add the finer details of clips, flowers or possibly jewelry. She can even manage the changing of ones hair color with regular visits to keep up with its color. Shear Attraction is located near the start of Talon’s Grotto. Its on the first floor of the apartments with the large tree growing within the center. If you have never been to Talon’s Grotto, It can be found on Queen Isle along the shore. (ooc:) If you wish to contact us for role play opportunities, skinning and prices please PM Reledy#5183 The warp sign “Queenisle” will bring you to a road in which you can follow down until you reach Talon’s Grotto.
  16. The Official Sigil of House Bren (by Shinjiru)
  17. Hi, there! I’ve been making some persona playing cards for a bit and was told there were those interested in it, so let’s get started. Some examples: In order to get one, just comment these things. Minecraft username: Discord: Linked picture of your persona: Race: What you want the description to say: Number out of number [ex. 10/10]: Bottom text [What the number out of number will be of, ex. Toughness, Charisma, etc.]: That’s all! Costs 50 mina for one, if you wish me to message me on Discord it’s beautifulwatty#6584.
  18. Renz

    Avette's Art Shope

    “Come one come all! Avette’s Art Shope is now open!” Headshots 5USD or 300 – Sketch 5oo – Line Art 800 – Color Half-Body 20$ USD or 1000 – Sketch 1500 – Line Art 2000 – Color Full Body 30USD or 3500 – Sketch 4000 – Line Art 4500 – Full Body Other – Varies USD Pixel Art Head – 200 Mina Body – 400 Mina Walking Gif – 1000 Mina Scenes One Character (full body) 5000 Mina +1000 per character Send all questions or concerns to Alvette in the Carrington CO. headquarters.
  19. Aaron’s skin auction! literally like... 4 recolors of the same skin but. whatever. i’m lazy The auction has very simple rules to follow! Please read carefully as anyone who does not follow these rules will not be counted. Do not edit your post. Post again, and tag the previous bidder. Add your discord Bidding starts at 100 Mina for any dress Bidding increments are 10-20 (i.e. if it’s 100 your bid would then be 110/120) The Auction will close at 1:15pm EST tomorrow! You MUST be able to pay the amount of mina. Or else you’re not getting the skin. (Trades are also acceptable) happy bidding! ?
  20. ~*A Cow's Art Dump*~ Tumblr _____________________________________________________________________________________ So, here's a dump of my drawings, ranging from late 2011 (when I first joined LotC, and first started drawing more), til now, 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020. This year’s been a bit more unproductive, going to be honest. But I think I made improvements in anatomy. Some drawings got squished due to the forum formatting, so just click on ‘em. Horace (WIP) (Winter 2019) Domelvia (Winter 2019) Domelvia (Fall 2019) Sianne (Summer 2019) Character Designs (Spring 2019) Environment Study (Spring 2019) Working People Study (Spring 2019) Woman Value Study (Spring 2019) Clothes Study (Spring 2019) Anatomy Study (Spring 2019) And here's the rest of it: Art Dump:
  21. Well i playing lotc for some months now, and it wasn’t my first goal when i started to play, but somehow i ended up doing skins comms like hell hahhahaha but i did some art commissions aswell. so i’m going to post the ones i did so far and i’ll try to be updating this list with the future commission i do. (by the way i still dunno how to use forums) *Darius: i have a little workshop at New Reza where i tailor some attires and where i paint my stuff, come visit me and know my sweet store ‘3’~* I’M OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS LOTC COMMISSIONS (i’m doing irp portrait commissions like these ones ^ but payment only in USD º-º) Non LOTC pics ^ lots of old stuff and furries here >.< If you want to se some of my skins and support me at PMC here it is :https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/morgrainne/ Thanks you and hope you like it :3, let some comments aswell, let me know what you think of my stuff, or if you have any interest (~’3’)~. My queue list: Recently finished 1- Fieselena – Finished 2- Darkelfs – Finished In Progress 1- Kry (6 headshots) – lineart 2- Twi (2 characters) – lineart 3- Whiteknight_19 (3 characters) – skething 4- Zadie (3 characters) – not started 5- Amayo (1 character) – sketch
  22. If you’re single and have money to spend on valentines then give it to me... Or if you have a special someone maybe you can give them some art? hehe.. Just edited my old post so that i dont clump up art sub forum with my commission posts.. My room recently got some **** yoinked from it while i was gone in vacation so now i need cash again. Commissions placed now will be done at end of feb or early march. Thanks PM me in discord if you dont want to comment here. Sale Prices: Original Prices: List: ❤️ Pending Payment ❤️ Paid ❤️ Completed And Paid Callum – Full body Completed Works: Old: Recent: Payments first, work speed is a week or so depending on workload (These will all be done at the end of Feb or early March) Hey, check me out in patreon
  23. Introduction Hello and welcome, dear reader, to another installment of scientific breakdowns of questions posed by Christopher Francis Ocean. Today we will be discussing the possibility of Mr. Ocean coming out as Mr. Surtr - the bringer of Ragnarök. If you missed the previous installment where we discussed a line in Biking regarding the effects of moving air and heat dissipation, please feel free to give that a read over here. Context, Lyrics and the Question In the Blonde album closer, Futura Free, our Los Angeles based rapper/singer heads into a realm of philosophy that touches upon theological territory. He asks his mother, Katonya Breaux Riley, the following: I'm just a guy I'm not a god Sometimes I feel like I'm a god but I'm not a god If I was I don't know which heaven would have me, momma? Let me run this ***** I'ma run it into the ground momma, the whole galaxy [Christopher Francis Ocean, Futura Free, 2016] This is indeed a valid question! Which heaven (a symbolic term which we will interpret as referring to a form of religious belief system) would be suitable for inviting Mr. Ocean, a god-but-not-really-a-god, to essentially destroy the whole universe? Analysis None of the most popular religions in the world seem to fit the mission statement that Mr. Ocean posits here: neither Christianity, Islam nor Hinduism seem to have religious scriptures that are a match for being run over by a would-be galaxy destroyer. We will have to find a place for our god-but-not-really-a-god elsewhere. And luckily enough, there is a place for Mr. Ocean in a religion: in the Norse Mythology, as Surtr, the bringer of the foretold apocalyptic event known as Ragnarök. Let us lay out the reasoning for this by learning more about the writings on Surtr: Surtr is foretold as being a major figure during the events of Ragnarök; carrying his bright sword, he will go to battle against the Æsir, he will do battle with the major god Freyr, and afterward the flames that he brings forth will engulf the Earth – Surtr will fling fire over the earth and burn the whole world. [Henry Adams Bellows, The Poetic Edda: The Mythological Poems, 2004] Seems pretty fitting a role for a galaxy destroyer as Mr. Ocean, no? Also, Surtr fits the description perfectly of a being like Mr. Ocean that sometimes feels like a god but is not a god, as Surtr is a Jötunn, more specifically a Fire Giant – who is not recognized as a God but can do battle with Gods. Also, Mr. Ocean could likely be a Fire Giant, as he 100% spits fire. And besides, what can make you feel like a God more than defeating one in combat: If Ragnarok comes to pass, Surtr will rise up with the legions of Hela's dead mortals and attack the forces of Asgard. It is prophesied that should this happen, Surtr will slay the god Frey. [Raven Kaldera, Northern Paganism, 2012] We’ll let you guys prophesy. [Christopher Francis Ocean, Nikes, 2016] in conclusion Narthok is based and a true son of Odin yours in raiding,
  24. New player here o/ Thinking of opening up commissions but haven’t drawn digitally in a while, using these for examples open for 3 requests! (one char per player pls) first come first serve
  25. EDIT – as of 17:00 GMT, 10/11/2019, my commissions are closed as i complete the commissions i have already accepted! thank you for all the interest shown, this notice will be edited again when i am ready to accept commissions again. BACKLOG – 6 hello! being new to LotC, i’m hoping to earn some minas. in return for minas, i’m offering art of your oc’s! FULLY SHADED, NEATLY LINED, COLOURED: 2700 minas Examples: these drawings usually take me around a day to complete, and under other circumstances I charge £35, therefore i am not cheap when it comes to ingame money. ROUGH LINEART, COLOURED AND ROUGHLY SHADED: 800 minas Examples: the lineart here will be closest to the lilac image, with colouring and rough shading. these drawings take around 3 hours. contact me on discord (D.#3817) for further information! thank you for your consideration <3.
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