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  1. How do you request? If my commissions are open feel free to send me a dm with what you want. きと! #6666 ~-~-~- <3 I do not do heavily muscular characters. I can do basic armor though I cannot guarantee it'll look the best. My art style can shift so if you want something specific whether that be more realistic or more cartoony I can do that. ~-~-~- <3 I will do a messy sketch and then you pay half, then when it is finished you pay the rest. Pricing: Can be negotiated - MINAS AND USD Sketch: 50 Minas or $5-$15 USD Finished Piece: 150 Minas or $15-$40 depending on complexity Full Body: 300 Minas or $25 Chibi: 50-80 Minas or $5-$10 Lineless: 50-80 Minas or $5 These are just general guidelines to my pricing, things can and will shift around depending on circumstances. ~-~-~- <3 STATUS: OPEN
  2. Mina commissions are now open! It's that time again- we are opening my mina coms, but we are doing this simply. I will only have five categories. These categories will range in price. The last three categories will be half bodies portrait styles. If you want a second person added or a third double, the price is 2x to 3x the price given. Im using the Forums itself as the list- so in that Notion, let's set some ground rules. No reserved positions posts. Any and all will be hidden, and you will be moved to the bottom of the list. Placing a comment means you are agreeing to the form of payement and price- this is your spot on the list, and it will not be moved unless you ask. Your IGN and correct discord need to be in the comment, as well as the category. In a spoiler, please add any and all references for the piece and a general idea. If you are scared of metagaming, you are allowed to dm me (Tigergiri#0744) if you wish so. The last category is first come, first serve- there is only one slot for that; once it is taken, it is taken. Crest, items & Custom Signatures- turning your handwriting or making a dedicated signature for your character. (300) Chibi (450) Cell shade Half body (700) Painted style (3k) A SINGULAR SIMPLE GIF. 0/1 (10k) -if the idea is too complex I have full right to bump you. Aka no combat gifs. (0/1 means it still is open)
  3. Donned in vibrant garments, a group of Balian teenagers chattered admidst the square. They spoke on their aspirations, hobbies, of what they are looking for within Balian. Talk of tailoring, as two wore clothing tailored to do well beneath the heat of the sun, brought forth questions of getting something of their own. Murmurs of painting breathed life into the idea as the eager group discussed what they would do if they were to fully use their talents of the Arts. And so the Balian Arts Guild was born. A fledgling guild just in its beginning stages. A modgepodge group of artists of varying sorts. Saints days of planning commenced and after much discretion, a plan of action was settled upon to get the guild into action. Talks began with a budding Tailory the two Vuiller girls were planning, a joint venture with the newly created guild as to create an upcoming outfit auction. Meetings held, lemonade clasped in hand as they excitedly discussed their beginnings. With that, a base idea begun, of the most basic of roles; Headmaster, Guild Member, Recruit and Patron of the Arts. Despite these humble beginnings, there was much work to do, one might note. Recruits being the lifeblood of any guild, new or old, being the most pressing. Seven were gathered. Some from that initial meeting, others gotten over the following days. And so the founder, and the first Headmaster, Johanne Vuiller set her plans into action. Initiations were to be held for each of the seven! Each task fit for a particular sort of art, a recruit must pick from their bowl. Would they be tasked with painting the Balian sunset? To sing a song of their own making within the square? Mayhaps tailoring a dress for an individual of their choosing! Only time would tell. With plans in the making for the fledgling guild, this poster went out! Balian Arts Guild Seeking Recruits Share your Art Today! [!] Paper tabs rested beneath, each with a boldly printed form and a point of contact. What is your Name? What sorts of art do you partake in? What is something you hate? Send the form attached to a bird to Johanne Vuiller.
  4. IDK if someone would be wanting art, but I'm finally opening my commissions! You can pay with either mina or dollars, but if the bid switches midway between currency, please continue bidding in the former currency! <3 Will Do: Won't Do: -CA's -Heavy Armour -Weapons -Heavy NSFW -Light Armour -ERP -Mild NSFW I'm open to doing small comics, family portraits or skin designs! You can dm me at hot moms#0420 on discord for more information or to talk more! Happy LOTC'ing!
  5. 𝐅𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐥 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐈 𝐂𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐞 𝐃𝐞 𝐋𝐮𝐧𝐞 /ˌkler də ˈlo͞on/ noun a pale blue-gray or pale green color. ~} ❁ {~ The mid-autumn sun shone across the coastal region, painting everything in its path with gold. The ocean glittered with splendor amidst heaven's aurum rays, and below the cliffside, just barely out of reach, reflected the portrait of a remarkable duo. They sang many cheers upon that cliff, which bliss-filled harmony was soon laced with life's melancholy. "My next trial and I believe my last, is one of the most dangerous trials," Remarked the young lass with a mischievous smirk, her bone-stricken form just nearly cured of its malnourishment. "I have to face the water pressure of the deep and risk death! I'm kinda'v scared, but after today- I'm pretty excited for it." The boy, just nearly a man in his stage of development, frowned with deep concern and asked. "Why are your trials so dangerous? That worries me..." "Thalassa is the goddess of the ocean who is the taker of both man and woman. She is merciless and of fury, she has killed many...but I can't help but empathize with that." Beowulf hummed "The trials ensure we are determined and truly worthy of becoming Thalassa's priests- becoming her hands and eyes...A test of our faith towards her greatness! Hoho! One must face hellfire and brimstone to be worthy of it!" "Are you really sure you want to risk your life like this? This would make me very sad if you were to die..." Beowulf replied with a faint bob of her head as rhinstone eyes shone like stars in midst the amber light of the sun, sparkling orbs interlocked with the glittering sea. "Time is slipping under my feet faster than I can ask what's going on. You and Kera are already moving on without me...and on top of that, growing up. After discovering Thalassa and recent past events, I realised, I'm going to eventually end up alone in this world. You'll have your own friends, and so will Kera, you won't need someone like me to keep you both on your toes. You'll both have things to do and grow up without me." The boy, Echo, remained sat by his friend, speechless. "Thalassa doesn't change, and I believe- at least I'd like to think- that we can both understand each other... Even if you both leave, at least she'd still be there." "Beowulf.." Echo's voice would soften as his expression frowned with sorrow after listening to her. Looking down at his hands to find the proper words to say, he'd return his gaze to the battered girl and replied. "We won't leave you behind... I don't want to leave my friends behind, and Kera wouldn't want to either. Time is indeed not waiting for anyone, but that still isn't an excuse to risk it all. In fact, it contradicts what you stated! Leaving me and Kera will only sadden us!" ~{ Then why did you leave me alone? }~ The cerulean blue sky met with the woman's vibrant serpentine gaze. Head-filled entropy ebbed as quickly as the waves that washed against the woman's callused feet. Memories that sung symphonies of heartbreak now left behind a mind-numbing echo, to which the heart could not properly piece together. What tragic turn of events took place that left her body anchored to the sand-coated earth? Either way, she had to get up; but the mixed feelings of scorn and bereftment left her lying there on the shaded beach. What difference would it make anyway if she were swallowed whole now by the sea or if she got up and returned to her quarters? At the end of the day, no matter how much she had done through all her years of living, no matter the blood lost, no matter the countless nights spent awake working, everything all fell to ruin, loneliness and regret would come to haunt her again. How many years had she spent cooped up in her home under the plateau, lost in the past after replay through replay, so many countless memories which end's were all met with loss and misery? No matter how many times she'd try to reach out, somehow, she was always too late or lacked the necessary abilities to help. Perhaps this was her atonement in life for bearing bastard blood, but if that was the case, why did so many innocent people have to pay for it? Maybe this was life's form of a joke, and sure of it, they'd be laughing now. Still, the question presented itself, to get up or remain in solemn stagnance with the earth. To her dismay, the Storyteller rose with the tides and presumed the trek back home. The mid-autumn sun shone across the coastal region, painting everything in its path with solemn grey. The ocean was as dim as its muted greyed heavens, and below the cliffside, just barely out of reach, reflected the portrait of a single, lost soul. The world seemed dull beneath the plateau, which regrets kept hidden in dimly lit colors. To ease this mind-numbing sense of despair, the elf left a note and ran to the sea. The journey continues... Author's Note: By no means is this a PK, nor am I shelving the character or going on some mysterious hiatus. Since so much has already happened with the character both physically and mentally, I wanted to make a graduation post, or in this case, the final chapter to her book through her journey through life. The story for this storyteller of course still continues. This moment/period in her time though marks the end/death of who she once was, and the new beginning of a changed/different Beowulf/Izanami. In addition to this post, there will be a second/final rp post that also includes art, and during this time I will be working on said pieces. It was fun working on this (also tiring) but the best part was going back to the past and remembering all the great fun I had when I first started this character. I hope to have many more adventures with her. Credits ART: Me Writing: Me / Screenshots of rp that was not me Music: Claire De Lune - Debussy Migraines: Lord of the Craft Forum Site Size limitations
  6. [!] Here hangs a flier for Nedai's Tattoo Parlor. Located in the Vale, at Irrins Trail 4.
  7. Moenah


    “WHY DON’T YOU EXPLAIN THIS ONE TO ME, ELIZAVETA?” “Oh. Oh– me?” She was the only ELIZAVETA present in the room - thus the only girl the voice could’ve possibly asked. So, silly of me, she thought, to answer like that. “Right…” The young Barbanov stepped back, just for a moment, with her hands to her hips. A brief sigh escaped her, and she looked over her finished work. Really quite something, the painting was – the canvas fixated over a mess of frizzed brushes and an even messier palette. “Ea have, have been working on this a, a– a very long time.” She began, slow and in her usual stammer, one she couldn’t quite rid herself of. And by a long time, she meant only a few months, a couple of those months spent watching herself in a mirror as she drew – to portray herself the best she could. “I CAN IMAGINE, AND IT LOOKS WONDERFUL. BUT, THAT IS NOT WHAT I ASKED,” Replied the voice. “I ASKED YOU TO EXPLAIN IT TO ME. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE, EXACTLY?” “Oh. Well, it’s, it’s–” She pauses, followed by a sharp inhale. “It’s a short story. Ea– eam holding the, the hand of my friend, Viktor var Volodomster.” “VIKTOR VAR VOLODOMSTER?” They muse, “I’VE YET TO MEET HIM.” “He’s shy, he is. He’s, he’s only second to Petyr Pakovski, but– but that is someone else.” Dismissing the new name, she waves her hand. “Let’s. . Let’s see, well… He’s a bit si- silly. See, he’s got a very long neck, no legs and– and a snake’s body. Also, his, his head is like a stag. That is why, see, he- he is drawn so.” “LIKE A SHADOW?” “Like a shadow.” She parroted, nodding her head. “It’s, it’s– it is because, well, ea tal- talk about him and see him just fine. But, nobody else can. Ea also think that it has to do– do with the fact that, that he is shy.” “ISN’T THAT SOMETHING…” “Mhm. And then, there’s me.” She points out, a smile gracing her face- for she was quite proud of her own portrayal. “THE FACT THAT NO ONE ELSE CAN SEE HIM, WOULD THAT MEAN VIKTOR IS NOT REAL?” Briefly does Elizaveta pause, her smile slowly fading. She simply shrugs. “Ea– ea, ea don’t know. He, he is pretty re- real to me.” “DO YOU THINK I’M REAL?” “Ea mean, vy– vyr talking to me, right now. So, vy have, have to be.” - “Really, vy can, can be whatever vy want.” Silence festers between the two of them, Elizaveta and the voice with no visible body to speak from, leaving time for the newly finished painting to sit and dry. The girl releases another sigh then. “Well, an– any, anway, ea put a lot of my heart into it. All my heart. So… so, so ea think it looks good.” “SO DO I.” They concur, clearing their throat. “NOW, TELL ME OF THIS… PETYR PAKOVSKI.” “Oh, him. That is a longer story.” Huffing, she takes the artwork off its easel, and out of the room, perhaps to be put on display before the whole Prikaz. “Vyr, vy– vy have to be seated when I tell it.” ['BEING REALLY REAL' Elizaveta Ulyana Barbanov-Bihar, 414 E.S.]
  8. Trust. They had mutual respect for each other. They did, or so she thought. Since they were children, they have shared everything. It only took one day. That was the point at which the trust was shattered. "I can't deny that you just broke a piece of my heart." At first, she didn't believe it. Speechless. She believed she was having a nightmare. The rain began to fall on the brick, and she was startled. And then the world came back to life. Promised. Was it for naught? Did the previous ten years have no meaning for him? "I promise," she said, and it meant the world to her. But it appears that they were meaningless to him. Come back later. She does not believe in the future. It was now all about her. She was fully immersed in the present. He was not. Was it all for naught? It meant everything to her. It appears to be a game for him. But she knows he genuinely cares about her. She cares for him in the same way. Time. Only time will tell what will happen between them. She hopes they can re-acquaint themselves. And she hopes he reciprocates. The poem would be signed by
  9. [Open] Tree's Funky Fresh Art Commissions! Do YOU like art? Do you want some of your character? Sweet! I'm opening my commissions just to provide something for myself to do while I slack off in school. Please give my Terms of Service below a quick read! 1. If you wouldn't show it to yer' meemaw, don't ask me to draw it please! Some (minor) exceptions, but generally common sense. I'm looking at you, Wonder Bread Guy. 2. If a character is too complex, a small fee may be added (i.e. jewelry, lots of accessories, patterned/baggy clothing, etc). 3. A downpayment of 1/3rd the total price must be given once a commission has been confirmed, due to having been scammed (sending the finished product and never paid) multiple times :[ 4. I reserve the right to boot anyone out from the que if they're acting particularly unsavory, but this is only reserved for those who constantly change large details of the commission/spam /w insults/et cetera. If bumped off the que for this reason, there will be no refund of downpayment. 5. There may be times when I'm genuinely too low on time/motivation to continue with a piece, so if I do have to drop your commission slot, your downpayment will be completely refunded! Optionally, I may also take payment in items rather than mina! Examples Chibis Regular Style Queue Form Username: Discord: Character Amt: Race(s): Type of Commission: Other info:
  10. AMYY'S COMMISSIONS Welcome! I've begun offering a new style of commission for a much cheaper price! I currently have 5 slots open for this style, and my expected completion time is anywhere from 1 day - 1 week. PRICES Simple Bust (Head-Shoulders) | £15 ($20 (varies by exchange rate)) Examples: Simple Body (Head-Feet) | £20 ($30 (varies by exchange rate)) Examples: additional characters/animals (within the same piece) | +40% props, weapons, tattoos each | +£5 ($8 (varies by exchange rate)) When submitting your commission, please contact me via discord: Amyy#3796 For more detailed pieces, see here: https://amyycommissions.carrd.co/
  11. --MYKEI'S SKIN-FACTORIA OPENED--- “Moni fyr skyn, feir dil” Hello, so i decided to open a skin shop, because...why not? 5USD for Head 10USD per Outfit 15USD for full skin (Head and outfit) PAYPAL ONLEH ================================================= What can I do? Armors, dresses, clothes, YOU NAME IT and im sure i’ll be able to create it! My portfolio: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/mykei/ if that’s not enough for you, msg me on discord and ask me to show you my current projects! My discord: Mykei#7300 REMEMBER KIDS “MONI FYR SKYN,FEIR DIL”
  12. Scout's 3D Model Commissions! Yeehaw and salutations! My name is Scout and I have a certification in Computer Assisted Design (aka 3D Modeling) that I got back in high school and have done jack-shit with except make swords and stuff, so why don't I make your swords too! Here are some examples of people's weapons I've made in the past: Vregrude for FlemishSupremacy Unbroken for Capt_Chief26 Cúta'szar for Tulan Heraldine for Lomiei If you would like me to make a 3D model of your weapon/item, DM me on Discord [jaymock7#5249] with your item description and any reference pictures. Each model costs around 200 mina, fluctuating somewhat based on complexity (mainly non-text engravings and patterns cost more), and I am up to negotiating the price or trade offers. Textured materials (ex. damascus) are only at specified request with references. The model should be completed within a week or two at which I will send a rendered rotating gif of the weapon, a still render of the weapon, renders of the primary details, and an STL file of the model.
  13. el’Sirame - Seed of the Forestborn The Forest Shepherds, Priests, and Green Dragons of Siramenor The Lore of the Forestborn Haelun Mali’ame. The mother of Wood Elves and Seeds as we know them today. Long ago, when Malin first ruled the Elves under one united Kingdom, Irrin Sirame was born. She bore no noble blood, and lived amongst the common folk. In her earlier days, she served the Kingdom as a sentinel, quickly rising through the ranks as she defeated foe after foe, and claimed victory after victory for the Elven people. Seeing her prowess, the Elvenking himself granted her a place upon the High Council of Malinor, the first of common-blood to ascend to such an honored place at Malin’s table. When the days of the great Elven schism bore down upon Malin’s Kingdom, Irrin Sirame led her followers into the wildlands, deep into the woodlands of the world. These folk would soon be known as the Mali’ame. Under her guidance, they spread over the wildlands, claiming their homes among the forests, the plains, the coasts. The mother of Mali’ame spent many years traveling between these places, appointing chieftains of the tribes that settled throughout the land, creating the first Seed of the Mali’ame. To these Seeds, she passed on her devotion to the Aspect, and ensured that the memory of Malin’s teachings would endure for centuries to come. Despite bringing the Seeds of the Mali’ame into existence, she had no tribe of her own, none to carry on her ideals beyond the Seeds she helped make. Irrin vowed to take no husband, to mother no children. No tribe can claim her bloodline, for there are none in all the land that carry it. But now, centuries later, a simple ‘ame and her family seek to continue her legacy. The Sirame were founded in the year 1760, as a tribe of ‘ame who seek to emulate the mission of Irrin Sirame- to preserve the sacred worship of the Aspects, and to carry on the ways of the Mali’ame through times of peace and war alike, through the prosperous, or grave. Many are priests, or devout- studying the ways of the Mali’ame culture, teaching them to all who may seek to know the ancient ways. Wherever the forest folk roam, they seek to nurture and guide the future generations. Beliefs and Traditions Religion “May the mother give me the grace to spread life and light through this land, and may the father grant me the strength of spirit to protect it...” - An excerpt from the prayers of the mali’ame Following in Irrin Sirame’s footsteps, the Sirame hold a steadfast belief in the Aspects, as was the faith of the elvenking himself, and of the mother of Mali’ame herself. To them, the Mali’ame are inseparable from the ways of the wild faith- their way of life is entirely dependent on the wilds, as it should remain. While the Seed primarily worships the Aspects, their attention is not solely focused upon them. The Seed knows that the Mani, the animal spirits of the wild, hold an important place in the natural world, and will sometimes lend their prayers and offerings to them and respect those that follow them. The Seed holds no patron Mani themselves, as many Seeds do. While traditionally, ‘ame have sought to bring others into the fold through sermon and teaching, the Sirame are the sort to lead through their own example. They believe that only action will truly bring faith to the other Mali’ame, and remain fiercely devout through all, showing the power of faith in this world. Values Tradition sits at the heart of the Sirame, as their purpose is to continue the life’s work of Irrin Sirame. Their values and beliefs line with the old ways of the Mali’ame, and of the forestborn herself. Faith One of Irrin’s most steadfast pursuits in her lifetime was the spreading of the worship of the aspects. The Elvenking himself was devout in their worship, although he was no Druid. As one of his faithful lieutenants, Irrin followed in his steps. When the others turned their back on the worship of the huntsman and the mother, none were more furious than she. She dedicated her life to keeping the faith of her people alive, and so the Sirame adopted this hallowed belief. Unity The most prosperous days of the Elven people have been in the ages of unity, when ‘ker and ‘ame and ‘aheral stood side by side, marching forwards into the coming dawn. Malin knew this, and thus his people knew peace and prosperity like no other. Irrin Sirame believed in this too- in the memory of the united Kingdom. While no King can lead again, the seed of Sirame believes in a united Elven people all the same. Stewardship To always ensure that there is a safe home for the Mali’ame, no matter how the world may look. There must always be a place where the culture of the forestborn may endure, free from the shackles of others. Safe. Free. and Balanced. The Sirame must lead others to this home, if necessary. Fortitude We are long lived. Our eyes take in centuries of life, and with it, centuries of hardship, and loss. As Mali, we must have the resilience to endure all that the arduous road of life has to offer in our long lived days. This does not mean to remain untouched, or unbothered, but to bounce back- to tackle life with renewed vigor once you fall. Connection to the Wild Above all else, the Sirame believe in a deep, spiritual connection to the wilds around them. The forests are a sacred land, and all the life in them as well. They hunt, as their ancestors did, and pay homage to their fallen spirits. To fell a tree is to kill a piece of the forest, and so they live in burrows, intertwined within their roots, surrounded and protected by them. A Canonist prays in a temple, and a member of the Sirame prays deep within the woods, far from the sight of civilization, shaded by the branches of the trees that they so deeply revere. Appearance and Ilmyumier Dressings, Clothes Members of the Seed can come from many various walks of life, though they typically dress in traditional Mali’ame attire, seeking to be role models to other ‘ame. Robes, tunics, and other dressings of greens, reds, and even yellows. They wear no shoes, seeking to be connected to the earth and the world around them. Oftentimes, they will incorporate pieces of nature into their attire as well- flowers, leaves, and others. Ilmyumier The Sirame takes the mark of Taynei’hiylu, the green dragon spirit, using it as their symbol and ilmyumier. The depiction of the green dragon wraps up and down one arm entirely, snaking over the flesh in flight. The ‘ame may adorn themselves over the rest of their body in viridian flame, should they wish to, but it is not required. The mark of Taynei’hiylu mark is meant to represent wisdom and strength, and their connection to the forest. Another mark members may receive however, is the spring mother's wreath, a mark placed upon the palm of an ‘ame, meant to represent the peaceful ways of the tribe, and the harmony that they seek. However, this mark is not exclusive to members of the clan, and may be offered by the clan as a status tattoo to a peacekeeper.
  14. Maritime Merriment Art Giveaway To commemorate the flourishing of artistic practices within the court of Savoy, an art exercise will be held during its Maritime Merriment. The exercise will be open to all attendees of the events, citizens and visitors alike. This exercise entails that all participants pay an upfront fee of 10 mina, proceeding to create and submit an art piece towards the Court Painter, who will randomly select a winner. Artistic skill is irrelevant, with participance and a willing mind as the only necessities. The Winner will be awarded a portrait made by the Court Painter herself, in honour of the court of Savoy. An Example of an Art piece is attached at the bottom. ((Art give away on Friday, January 7th 5:00 PM EST // 10:00 PM GMT held during the Maritime Merriment in Savoy. Basically a random lottery-esque pick of those who enter!)) Completed, Winner was LithiumSedai
  15. Amyy's Commissions Welcome to my commissions page! All information regarding what artwork I can provide and pricing can be found below. If you have any further queries about anything, feel free to contact me via discord! :) Discord: Amyy#3796 Pricing All pricing is in GBP (Great British Pounds). All pieces are full colour and detail as in the examples shown. Bust (Head-shoulders) | £50.00 Head-Hips | £70.00 Multiple characters or animals will have an additional charge, to be negotiated. All customers will receive 10% discount on any future commissions. How To Submit Your Commission When submitting your commission, please contact me via discord (as above). I will get back to you ASAP regarding availability as I will only be taking so many commissions at a particular time due to university commitments. We will discuss the commission piece itself, the pricing and I will ask for any reference art you may have. - NOTE - I will not start your commission until it has been paid for. In order to pay, I will send you an invoice via CashApp or PayPal once I have accepted your request. Commissions take anywhere between 1 week to 1 month, depending on complexity. A commission can be fully refunded until the sketch is complete, after such no refunds will be made. Q&A What is the process of an ongoing commission? While I am creating your piece, I will consistently communicate and send updates to ensure that the art you receive is 100% to your liking (unless you indicate you wish to be surprised. Initially, I will send you a draft sketch where we will discuss any alterations you wish to be made. Once we've agreed on this base, I'll begin colouring and post regular updates, from which you can make any changes. What payments do I accept? I accept payments via CashApp or PayPal (in this order of preference). I receive the money in GBP (Great British Pounds). I will only start a commission once a payment has been received. This is to avoid anyone who might not pay after receiving their artwork. If there are any concerns about payments, please discuss this with me. What type of commissions do I accept? I currently only do the commissions listed above. This is unless a custom commission is negotiated, though there may be an additional charge if this is the case. I currently do not accept requests of more complex races such as Orcs. Though I will potentially include them in the future. What if you change your mind? You will immediately receive a full refund. Simply notify me via discord and then I will be able to send the money of the purchase back to you. Once the commission has been started, beyond the sketch, no refunds will be issued if your mind is changed. However, if I decide I can no longer complete your commission I will issue a full refund. TOS By ordering, you agree to these terms. - I do not accept mina as payment. - Payment is upfront. - I have the right to refuse a commission. - I do not accept NSFW, fetish or gore requests. - Any artwork is for personal use, not commercial. - Do not claim my artwork as your own. - No refunds will be given once a piece has been started beyond the sketch, unless it is my decision to cancel the commission.
  16. Hi there! I'm an arts student, although my focus is on the 3d and not the 2d, so I'm working on faces to practice! The premise here is fairly straight-forward: send me a character (or characters) of yours, and I'll draw them in a variety of styles and with a variety of effort. The end product: a doodle page for you (within 1-5 business days), and a little more experience for me. An ideal reference includes: Skin Piccrew/portrait/some idea of non-block shape Brief descriptor of age/personality/gender expression but any one or anything on the spectrum there will do. Examples: Drop a reply and we can hop to it! Looking forward to seeing your darlings. If you'd like, you're also welcome to shoot me a cold DM on Discord. Many blessings, - E.
  17. Commissions are OPEN! What's good friends! Setting up a thread for all your character concept and design needs. My favorite thing to do is design characters, so whether you want just a regular piece of art or something highlighting their design, I'm your huckleberry. PRICING INFO Price is per one ( 1 ) character. Additional costs for additional characters / backgrounds Payment delivered upfront and through Paypal ( larger projects can 50/50 ) Endless revisions up until final lines All artwork will be displayed in my portfolio unless otherwise discussed NSFW, gore, and other sensitive subjects will have +30% to base price Ask me anything! Chibi / Cartoon - $10 Portraits Sketch - $15 Flat Color - $17 Full Color - $25 Waist Up Sketch - $15 Flat Color - $17 Full Color - $25 Full Body Sketch - $20 Flat Color - $30 Full Color - $35 Full Illustrations and Character Sheets - Let's Negotiate!! Contact Info Want to find me somewhere else? Check me out on: Instagram - young.lyndis Facebook - Lyn Makes Art DeviantArt - young-lyndis Discord - Kaizarel#2858 ( please mention where you're coming from! ) Finished Examples 1) Flat color of a vampire character Maddox Xiehin! 2) A quick flat color of my own sweet boy Ferris! 3) Portrait sketch of a spooky cute mermaid named Naia!
  18. [!] as the wind blew on Stygian Hollow and Thunders roared in the rainy sky, a golden figure glanced over the dark elven city with eyes full of bitterness and rage, burning the trees with its fiery gaze. In the air some energy and tension could be felt building up as the rain consumed the stone under its feet. [!] "may the ones yond consum'd pow'r decayeth and roteth with these poisonous roots yond hath grown with those folk!" ???, ???pm EST, Stygian Hollow, Urguan LOTC event note: the animation is not the best and the voices are even worse but i did my best :) enjoy
  19. Created and published by Chen Yunya Transcribed by some poor passerby ┏━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━┓ 不作不死. (Bù zuò bù sǐ. 'Not do not die.') — If you don't do stupid things you won't end up in tragedy. ┗━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━┛ ┏━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━┓ 塞翁失马,焉知非福。 (Sài Wēng shī mǎ, yān zhī fēi fú. 'Sai Weng [legendary old man's name] lost horse, how know not blessing'.) — Blessings come in disguise. ┗━°⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━┛
  20. Yong Ping Art and Skin Auction Hello, all! We've got an art and skin auction for you here today. The rules are simple, Only bid in minas, the bids starting point is next to each person. Comment your discord username, name, what you're bidding on and for how much. If you are bidding after someone who bid on it, tag them. No auction sniping. If you win the auction, the person you bid on will make the skin or art piece for you. This auction will end on July 18th, 8pm EST. Here we go! A Skin by Moonish_Imp Bidding starts at 100 minas A Chibi by Blue_Due Bidding starts at 350 minas A Bust by Blue_Due Bidding starts at 500 minas Happy bidding!
  21. Toobular

    Pixel Art :D

    A N'oice Sunn'eh day! "A n'oice sunn'eh day, perfect fe'r f'ormin! Per'aps a n'oice supper after!"
  22. Ave’s Coat of Arms shop! (OPEN) Hello! So I’ve been making coats of arms since I 2017. Usually just made them for friends or as needed but wanted to make it public so if anyone wants one they can request it. I’ve gotten better over the years and would love to keep making them. Some Examples of my work: Created for the Haense Royal Army and Brotherhood of Saint Karl Commissioned by Unkown (Whoever was King I forget Created for the main line of Barbanov Kings (Peter I - Stephen I) Commissioned by Yoppl Created for the Ottonian line of barbanov (Otto I - Charles II) Commissioned by Yoppl Created for the Bihar line of Barbanov (Franz II - Current day) Commissioned by Yoppl CoA of the Marian Retinue Commissioned by myself Created for House Ruthern-Batavus Commissioned by Twan Created for House d’Azor Commissioned by Da_Emperors HOW TO REQUEST AND PRICES Now if you are interested in getting your own Coat of Arms or shield, simply send me a msg on discord! Ave_imperium#4314 Price will depend on the Commission and is negotiable. I will work until you are satisfied with the results!
  23. I will take Screenshots For you guys 1st Class (requirements) Where do you want the photo taken what time do you want it taken (night, day, golden hour) a before photo 2nd Class: (requirements) Where do you want the photo taken. what time do you want it taken. (night, day, golden hour) what angel do you want it taken. (Airel view, side view) You may message me for a sample if you so desire. Discord LoxFanx#7384
  24. 'Ello! What's poppin'? I, Xyrill, will be taking commissions! *Wow! Cool!* PayPal + USD only! I draw a lot of fantasy stuff, so might as well plug my art and commissions here! Oh God I hope this is clear enough, the original file was so big so I compressed it HAHA! Though if you're unable to read it, worry not! Commission Prices: BUST / HEAD: Flat Color (lined art/color) : $10 Full Color (rendered/shading) : $15 Extra Character: (ADDITIONAL) + $10 TORSO: Flat: $20 Full: $25 Extra: + $10 FULL BODY: Flat: $30 Full: $35 Extra: + $15 CHIBI: A fully rendered simple BG drawing: $5 AGAIN, PAYPAL + USD ONLY, THANK YOU! Swag Examples of My Artwork: Where to contact me: Discord (preferable): Xyrill#5250 Twitter: itsnotxyril Instagram: itsnotxyrill
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