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  1. [!] This flyer is posted throughout Aevos, from busy streets to quiet corners, on lampposts, bulletin boards, and storefronts. It's hard to miss, ensuring everyone sees it and takes notice. .
  2. Dancing Gobbo first steps! 2nd of Snow's Maiden, SA 172 On the corners and blank spaces ot the pages there are scribbles that resemble notes and diagrams about music. I have always appreciated the Yar tradition of learning to sing and play and dance freely as part of our rituals, and sometimes I wanted to organize a group ritual to participate and play, but always felt that something was missing. I wanted the music to feel more...powerful? Maybe more special, and a way to give more importance to this aspect of our clan. I was wandering in Nor-Velyth (very peaceful place, maybe less sand and bone-trees than desirable, but the colorful trees are nice) and came across a strange place: it looked like a place for music and art rituals, but instead of an altar I saw a large stage and some tables, like a tavern. Inside there was Glorier, my now bardmancy teacher, that was teaching some more advanced magic to another student. It was an unexpectingly war welcome, since my people and elves usually don't get along very well. In fact she claimed that It was a long time since she had seen another gobbo getting into bardmancy. The first thing she thaught me was finding my "inner mana" to connect to the magic. As a shaman, I get my magic from the power of the spirits, not from me, so it was quite an adjustment do make: it took me a couple tries to get it right, but i found that concentrating on a fond memory of music helped me in this task. What's the memory you might ask? Well that's too private even for my own diary! I will just say that the desert has the best acoustics... Anyway, now i'll need to practice this meditation thing till the next lesson, there's still a long journey ahead. may Brimztra guide my music!
  3. Commissions Open As of 2/12 I will be opening commissions for music, more information will be found below. Commission Rules and Standards Commissions will be open to all users, although I retain right to deny or accept commissions as I see fit. Music is a delicate thing, and hard to simply "create," it is important to find a topic that is **INTERESTING** to be put into song. All music will be published to my YouTube and shared to you via the link; thumbnail or visuals will either be provided by you for the video or created by me (we will discuss.) As a special note, romantic music will be accepted but only if both parties agree to the concept of the music; I will not be writing angsty or weird music. While I appreciate your money, I have standards. Examples of acceptable requests are below. Nation Anthems / Anthems for Noble Houses Ballads (battles, cool exchanges, heroic deeds) Romantic Songs (see above.) Pricing Prices will vary depending on product, if the work is made completely from scratch (I.E chords, tune, words written by me) it will cost more than music which takes the chords and tune from songs in the public domain. As example below is work written and created entirely by myself, and work that was made using the tune and phrasing from a work in the public domain. Because of this, no prices will be listed here as it is not possible to give, but expect to be paying more for work written entirely from scratch and not taking tune from other songs. OOC Contact Information: IGN: Sean_VEVO / SeanVEVO2 Discord: Sean_VEVO Temporary Message: Rest easy Collationers, your mina will not be going to Radmir Montalt. (peace be upon him)
  4. A Lost Uruk Shanty A barnacle-encrusted glass bottle was washed ashore and catched the cutrosity of a fishing goblin. He opened the bottle with great effort, and the pure smell of the sea invaded his senses. inside, there was a small and mois piece of parchment, with words followed by a written melody that went like this: Mi grukked mi heard the Old Yar say "Keep her, Krughai, keep her" Tomorrow ye will get lats pay And it's tik for uz to keep her keep her, Krughai, keep her Oh, keep her, Krughai, keep her For the voyage iz long and the windz will blow And it's tik for uz to keep her Oh, the wind waz foul and the sea ran high Keep her, Krughai, keep her She shipped it green and none went by And it's tik for uz to keep her Keep her, Krughai, keep her Oh, keep her, Krughai, keep her For the voyage iz long and the windz will blow And it's tik for uz to keep her Mi luv to sail on this rotten tub Keep her, Krughai, keep her All grog allowed and rotten grub And it's tik for uz to keep her Keep her, Krughai, keep her Oh, keep her, Krughai, keep her For the voyage iz long and the windz will blow And it's tik for uz to keep her We swear by rote for want of more Keep her, Krughai, keep her But now we're through so we'll go on shore And it's tik for uz to keep her Keep her, Krughai, keep her Oh, keep her, Krughai, keep her For the voyage iz long and the windz will blow And it's tik for uz to keep her
  5. CAPACE'S RENDER SHOP 2.0 Discord: capace. Hello everyone, I am thrilled to announce the grand reopening of of my render shop! A few years ago, I began creating character art renders. I had about a year's worth of experience before I took a break from them. I've put a lot of work into learning the software and how to design these character renders, and I'm excited to bring my creations back to the players of LotC. What sets my render shop apart is the unique approach to character renders, offering a refreshing change from the conventional art styles you see out there. PRICING: Base Price (1 Character, Random Setting that you can choose from) | with Face Rig: 125 mina | without Face Rig: 100 mina Note: I will not be doing USD for these. I want them to be easily obtainable by anyone. If you wish to donate for my work, I can provide my PayPal. CHARACTERS: Any additional characters: 35 mina each OPTIONS / ADD-ONS: LotC specific setting of your choosing: 25 mina EXTRAS: Custom Item Model: N/A at this time Animations: N/A at this time PREVIOUS WORK, starting from most recent: w/ FACE RIGS w/o FACE RIGS HOW TO GET YOUR OWN RENDER: If you're interested in having a custom render for your character, contact me on discord: capace. Or, please fill out the form below! Discord: [Name] Include any specifics of what you're looking for. I look forward to bringing your characters to life in a way that's truly unique and special.
  6. I wanted to express my gratitude to everyone who had come to love my art style and work! I've managed to collect all of these throughout since the day I joined in February of this year. Thank you to everyone who had allowed me to be your friends, to join the community, and be able to give me opportunities in order to make an actual living out of my art. It is not a stretch to say that without all of you I won't be here at all. I wish you all a Mery Christmas, Happy Holidays, and amazing New Year to welcome!
  7. . . . "The Bridge probably deserved it."
  8. ๐‹๐Ž๐“๐‚ ๐”๐ง๐ข๐ฏ๐ž๐ซ๐ฌ๐ข๐ญ๐ฒ ๐’๐ญ๐ฎ๐๐ž๐ง๐ญ๐ฌ OOC: I made a silly little template for those moments where you would think "what major would this character be in?" Link to a blank template for all to freely use: 3.png (1580ร—2520) (discordapp.com)
  9. UniBearse


  10. TRAVELLING SEAMSTRESS & PAINTING SERVICE Established circa 1930 . . . The marvellous madams of the TRAVELLING SEAMSTRESS & PAINTING SERVICE invite you to admire the fineries that Aevos has to offer. Together, the madames, Lady Ana, and Miss Dana, garner your noble patronage and respect the busy lives of their clientele. Therefore, they offer a travelling service! For their set prices, as listed below, you can get one or both madams to attend to you at whatever location of your choosing. Whatever you require, whether a new headpiece or a grand painting to display across your wall, the madams of the Travelling Seamstress & Painting Service have you covered. Only a letter away, you can make your DREAMS come true! Please be aware that for each visit from the madams, they equally charge 20 mina on top of the agreed-upon commission. ___ LADY ANA has a specialised talent for the brush as well as plenty of practice sewing frocks for her family. She has done portraits for princes to princesses across Aevos, painted heraldry for esteemed Houses of the realm, and wishes to open up her highly coveted skill for the mere commoner if they have the mina. On the other hand, her gowns are worn by the same high class she paints! Most enviously, the newly titled Princess Franziska Elaine of the Raev House has commissioned a ruby gown from Lady Ana. Her paintings range from 400 to 600 mina, while her fashions range from a very acceptable 200 to 300 mina. Examples of Lady Anaโ€™s latest paintings Examples of Lady Anaโ€™s latest fashions ___ MISS DANA is the skilled successor of Princess Nikoleta, the Mistress of the Wardrobes for two Queens of Hanseti-Ruska. Furthermore, she has notably taken the patronage of Queen Amaya of Venzia and done minor projects for the other Queens of Aevos from Balian to Norland. Trained in the crafting of pieces from all over and up to date with the newest trends, her prices for dresses or suits range from 200 to 300 mina. Examples of Miss Danaโ€™s latest fashions OOC: For Lady Ana, contact Milkyi Through letter: milkyi (Oksana) Through disc: milkyi For Miss Dana, contact zuziee Through letter: MilaJane (Bogdana) Through disc: zuziee
  11. ~Lapรช's first drawing, canon appearance!~ Brown fox mask Black fitted long-sleeves shirt with high neck collar Brown fitted pants (with large pockets!!!) Confortable boots for walking, issued by the shoemaker of Eldin Long leather sleeveless coat, worn but confortable The coat's hood hides conveniently the hair and snaps to the mask with clasps Black nail paint (that has stained in the nails themselves by now) "Those who wish to see my true visage will learn to be patient, my trust is to be long earned"
  12. Ewdrawings

    Yera's Workshop

    https://imgur.com/a/9BOGIh0 Yera's Workshop COMMISSIONS: CLOSED (Yera is available on Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue) Location: Haelun'or Contact Information: Yera Silveira (IGN: Ewdrawings // Discord:Ewdrawings) (Art can take up to an Elven Week) Custom Item (Art + Copyright): 400 Minas (One Day Rush [+100 Minas]) [Why so expensive? Art takes 1-4 hours on a good day. 4 hours of work at minimum wage is ยฃ40-50!] Custom Character Art: 800 Minas (One Day Rush [+200 Minas]) (Bust) [Why so expensive? Char Art takes 3-8 hours on a good day. 8 hours of work at minimum wage is ยฃ80-100!] Seller will not resell assets of the item/art. Seller retains the right only to use the art for advertisement/portfolio. SLOTS: 1) Empty Pre-Made Items Visit in-store to purchase and receive the RP items Custom Items Visit in-store to Order (Haelun'or), or DM (Ewdrawings#1739) for info & to arrange a meeting. Previous Sales Here is a log of art for previous sales!
  13. โƒ - โš˜ - โœพ - โœค - โœฟ โƒ - โš˜ - โœพ - โœค - โœฟ Hi Everyone! It has been a while since I post anything, well to be fair, going online to LotC. (The last time me properly going online for roleplaying is probably a year ago, time flies...) This is not only a post to tell everyone I am here, but also something slightly more than that. I have made a video as a tribute to the Dรนnrath Community that I have founded, and been a part of since then. Even though the leadership has changed hands, I have always been learning and seeing what has been going on in the community. This community shall always have a special position in my heart. Hence I made a 4 minute long video about Dรนnrath in a more OOC perspective. I am not very used to edit videos but I tried my best to make this look good. Hope you enjoy the video! โƒ - โš˜ - โœพ - โœค - โœฟ
  14. Hey there!! Just as the title suggests, I'm doing a little commission sale this month for Easter! If you're looking for some neat art of your character or your friend's, have a look below :) Illustrations (fully coloured & rendered) - bust - โ‚ฌ42 - half body - โ‚ฌ56 - full body - โ‚ฌ70 Coloured Sketches (flat colours): - bust - โ‚ฌ24.5 - half body - โ‚ฌ35 - full body - โ‚ฌ45.5 Sketches (grayscale with minimal shading): - bust - โ‚ฌ17.5 - half body - โ‚ฌ28 Some additional costs: - extra character: +60% of base price - complex background: +30% of all characters combined (illustration only) - complex tattoos, markings, scars, weapons & props: โ‚ฌ3 (illustration), โ‚ฌ2 (coloured sketch), โ‚ฌ1 (sketch) - pets/animals: โ‚ฌ1-โ‚ฌ15 depending on size What I unfortunately can't draw: - NSFW or heavy gore (slightly suggestive art is okay) - golems, constructs, monsters, anthropomorphic creatures (like musin and kha, but I can do orcs!) For more examples of my work, feel free to check out my website! Please compile your references in a google doc for easier access :) Thank you! Slots: 15/15 Please note! Due to the amount of slots I have opened this month, delivery time may be slower than usual. Do inform me if you need your commission finished quickly! To claim a slot, contact me on discord with your references. Said slot will have been claimed after the commission has been paid for. Paypal only Ends April 30th 28idle#0747
  15. Home of the many portraits to capture your moment and preserve your glory. There are many more in my warehouse, I have yet to bring it out. come by at my shop in Vortice, Contact me through the Wandering Guild, or even just look when you see me somewhere as I often wander around.
  16. HELLO. Now... You may be thinking, speed art commissions, this person has gotta be in trouble! Well. Yes. But no. I REALLLY want this league of legends skin. please dont pk me buy my art thank u guys ((best works:)) ((most recent:)) Real talk, I got some commissions in already that I think would pay for it? But I kinda feel like doin' more! If you have previously seen my rates; IGNORE EM'! They do not apply to this! Gonna be asking for around $7-10 USD for these, I can do full body sketchies, or halfbody with multiple people, OR bust up and colored! Here's some examples of those, ((Not all are recent!)): (( my disc: Heartesy#7122 )) status: ON HOLD TOO MANY ENTREES!! WILL OPEN AGAIN IN A COUPLE HRS! (all payments thru venmo :3)
  17. Finally got around to drawing my characters so I could have a half-decent profile picture. Figured I'd post it. Apologies for the compression to oblivion.
  18. To kick off the month with festive vibes and joy, the Community Team of LotC is hosting the very 1st ever Krugsmas Art & Skin Contest! We hope you enjoy it the way others have enjoyed our last contest. โ™ชโ™ซโ™ช THEME There are four holiday theme inspired color palettes to choose from, you can only pick one You must either make a skin or draw something festive with the color palette that you have chosen as long as itโ€™s related to LotC in some way RULES + INFO Deadline is on December 31st, 2022 Must be your own work, it cannot be someone else's It can be either something old or new as long as it's yours Must submit either a skin or an art piece using only ONE palette Must submit it in the proper format and in the comment section IGN: Discord: Skin/Art: PRIZES FIRST PLACE 500 Mina Creative Wizard Tag Map Art/Skin will be showcased in Cloud Temple Submissions will be posted to LotC Social Media Accounts SECOND PLACE 300 Mina CT Exclusive Item Map Art/Skin will be showcased in Cloud Temple Submissions will be posted to LotC Social Media Accounts THIRD PLACE 100 Mina CT Exclusive Item Map Art/Skin will be showcased in Cloud Temple Submissions will be posted to LotC Social Media Accounts
  19. โ™ชโ™ซโ™ช Welcome everyone to the very first ever LotC-Tober 2022 Contest! Similar to InkTober, we wanted our community to partake in something similar. There are 13 prompts for you to choose from, leading up to the S P O O K Y day of the month. Shoutout to our beloved Story Team for their suggestions and input for the prompts! RULES + INFO โ˜† Deadline is on November 3rd, 2022 โ˜† You do not need to do all 13 prompts, you can pick one or two โ˜† Must be your own work, it cannot be someone else's It can be either something old or new as long as it's yours โ˜† Must submit either a skin or an art piece of one of the prompts โ˜† Must submit it in the proper format and in the comment section IGN: Discord: Skin/Art: PRIZES FIRST PLACE โ˜† 500 Mina โ˜† Creative Wizard Tag โ˜† Map Art/Skin will be showcased in Cloud Temple โ˜† Submissions will be posted to LotC Social Media Accounts SECOND PLACE โ˜† 300 Mina โ˜† CT Exclusive Item โ˜† Map Art/Skin will be showcased in Cloud Temple โ˜† Submissions will be posted to LotC Social Media Accounts THIRD PLACE โ˜† 100 Mina โ˜† CT Exclusive Item โ˜† Map Art/Skin will be showcased in Cloud Temple โ˜† Submissions will be posted to LotC Social Media Accounts
  20. Mina commissions are now open! It's that time again- we are opening my mina coms, but we are doing this simply. I will only have five categories. These categories will range in price. The last three categories will be half bodies portrait styles. If you want a second person added or a third double, the price is 2x to 3x the price given. Im using the Forums itself as the list- so in that Notion, let's set some ground rules. No reserved positions posts. Any and all will be hidden, and you will be moved to the bottom of the list. Placing a comment means you are agreeing to the form of payement and price- this is your spot on the list, and it will not be moved unless you ask. Your IGN and correct discord need to be in the comment, as well as the category. In a spoiler, please add any and all references for the piece and a general idea. If you are scared of metagaming, you are allowed to dm me (Tigergiri#0744) if you wish so. The last category is first come, first serve- there is only one slot for that; once it is taken, it is taken. Crest, items & Custom Signatures- turning your handwriting or making a dedicated signature for your character. (300) Chibi (450) Cell shade Half body (700) Painted style (3k) A SINGULAR SIMPLE GIF. 0/1 (10k) -if the idea is too complex I have full right to bump you. Aka no combat gifs. (0/1 means it still is open)
  21. Eyo I'm alive again and I'm finally getting around to opening commissions on this server. Please contact me at: Email: [email protected] Discord: Dijon Mustard#0515 Mini-Portfolio Commission T.O.S. and Price Guide *I forgot how to spoiler a line so you have to open the links, sorry lol
  22. WE'RE BACK AT IT AGAIN BOYS! https://kitomine.carrd.co/ msg me on disc <3: Kito!#6666 Mina: 200-1.2k USD: $5-45~ Status: OPEN
  23. Hello everyone, I'm going to have my first commission and this is what I plan to sell, if you are interested please hit me up! (PSPSPSPP: Thanks to @shartingsfor his character Aurelius as a model) Username: ChocoVolans Discord: Choco(Nad)#0909 (Click for ->) Portfolio (Click for ->) Commission Slots Selling : (Click for ->) MORE CLEAR IMAGE OF COMMISION INFO OF "PAINTING BUNDLE"
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