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Found 29 results

  1. Trinn

    Maybe free character art???

    hi I have a school project due in like 2 weeks and i chose to make a comic,, so now I have to draw a few pages of it and show the """planning"" I have for it--which includes character sheets and designs but like idc what the comic is and will draw any character i find interesting for it. so basically ill draw a shitty full body of your character for free if u give me permission to use it for my school project """characters planning""" and story setting. Might look like this, might look shittier. Mainly depends on how much effort I'll put into this school project/how much time I'll have. tl;dr I'll draw characters that i find interesting/do-able for free if u let me use it for my school project. wont guarantee it to look great/complete but its free so lol ok like but write the details of your character down there pls also 0 guarantee of who i pick idk what my story even is
  2. SUBMIT YOUR ADS ________ The official newspaper of Atlas, "The Stolt Standard", is looking for advertisements for its latest edition. If you find yourself owning a business that could certainly be thriving more, and really couldn't any business? Then you should contact The Stolt Standard and get an ad placed today! Simply contact us including your business or organization and a general idea of what you want to get across. In turn, our fantastic artist, Bren Stolt'aroloth, will design a custom advertisement just for you. That sounds like a great opportunity! It is! So what are you waiting for? Get an ad! Now! All interested parties should contact Krenanteon Stolt'aroloth (NolandTheNovice) to register for an ad. (Or post your ads below) High Emissary Krenanteon Stolt'aroloth
  3. Lvc4s

    Atlas Map (Fantasy Styled Map)

    (( Disclaimer: This map was drawn for fun and not for guidance in-game )) (( Certain locations might be drawn wrong, so do not use it for guidance )) [!] A drawn map would be put down infront of you on the desk.
  4. -=Proclamation of The Emperor=- In response to the encroaching navy of the swine-like Kaz’Ulrah, and following the miraculous encirclement of the Frostbeard 8th Army at the Battle of Kjellingrad, Emperor Zahirohito Irongrinder has deemed it necessary to deploy the Imperial Az’Adarian Airforce. It is your duty and honor to give your lives for the Emperor! *Az’Adarian zeroes taking off from Zahrerholf Airport, Atlas c. 1943 *Az’Adarian paratroopers entering battle under constant anti-air fire, Atlas c. 1943
  5. Genevieveee

    [Updated 8/31/18] Gilly's Art Thread

    Spot more frequent updates and works on my instagram @GillyFishies Newset > Oldest.
  6. TJBMinecraft

    TJB's FREE Coat of Arms and Seals

    TJB'S FREE COAT OF ARMS AND SEALS Recently people have been messaging me about making Coat of Arms/Heraldry as of late. So i thought i should open it for others that really need and/or want one. I make the shield shapes and coloring myself, however if you want any images such as animals i use some free downloadable images for them instead. Requests should provide as much detail as possible. I.e. Colours, symbols, and perhaps a mock up (even if it is done on paint). More elaborate coat of arms can require the family tree of the house, its notable figures and titles held, as well as connections through marriages. Note: In keeping with consistency throughout historical changes in lotc, I am willing to maintain/update coat of arms and release the psd documents if need be. A thorough blazon/description of the coat of arm may be provided on requests. My discord is: TJBGamer#9681, if you want to to show any images or more detail in a private conversation Here are some examples of the work i have done: HOUSE DE HARTCOLD Made for: Myself HOUSE OF RADOVIC Made for: LoLzboi ORDER OF ST. TOBIAS Made for: Semihilyus HOUSE DE HARTCOLD-YORKE Made for: Jacobcraft04 HOUSE DE CASTRO WAX SEAL Made for: Kukiii HOUSE OF PALAIOLOGOS WAX SEAL Made for: ThunderTheTitan THE ORDER OF THE MONGOOSE WAX SEAL Made For: EternalSaturn The ORDER OF THE MONGOOSE Made for: EternalSaturn JAMES SIGISMUND HOREN-MARNA PERSONAL COAT OF ARMS Made for: Doggedwasupxxx PRINCIPALITY OF CURON WAX SEAL Made for: Imibee and the Curon Leadership HOUSE VAR BURGUNDAR Made for: ACU20 HOUSE OF RUBENS WAX SEAL Made for: Arhbi HOUSE DE HARTCOLD WAX SEAL Made for: Myself
  7. B3ast_mod

    B3ast_mod Art Dump

    Decided to do just one big art dump instead of small separate ones. I don't have anything to say really other than sorry not sorry for the Star VS. Spam. 7/8/2018: 8/8/2018:
  8. ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ Store name: Sew and So Outfitting Store Location: Caras Eldar. Turn left immediately on entering the main gates. Proprietor: Roland Merrithew (ClockworkElves) Employees: Eannen Ithelanen (Redmarch), Aerenna (Bunemma) Sew and So Outfitting is a tailor’s shop owned and operated by Roland Merrithew, a recent migrant to Atlas, formerly operating a location of the same name in the Aeldinic city of Gwynon. Located in the shining jewel of the Dominion of Malin, Caras Eldar, its doors are open to those of all races and all walks of life, if they can afford the steep premium necessary for the quality stitchwork that is offered. Providing clothing in a variety of styles, the shop hosts three artisans in the craft; Roland Merrithew, Eannen Ithelanen, and Aerenna, all of whom can be specifically commissioned for their work, each with their own unique craftsmanship and style. The following is a portfolio showcasing previous works of individuals in the employ of Sew and So Outfitting; Works by Roland Merrithew, specializing in clothing Works by Eannen Ithelanen, specializing in male clothing and armor Works by Aerenna, specializing in female attire To be added In order to commission Sew and So Outfitting, customers can visit the shop in person, which is located to the left of the main gates in Caras Eldar. Business is conducted strictly in person, and one may pen a letter to the proprietors in order to arrange for an allotted time slot for measurements if their schedule is constrained (Send a forum PM to my inbox). Sew and So Outfitting reserves the right to deny any commission based on the item being commissioned, or any of the following; race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political alignment, nationality, physical, mental or spiritual ailment, magical practices, temperament or general state of being of the customer Following approval for a commission in-character, please fill out the following format and post below. Minecraft Name: Race: Gender: References: Hair/Eye color (if full skin or head): Other Information: Agreed price:
  9. Shady Guy comes off hiatus with the craziest thing eve-... Disclaimer: This is only some of my simple art my greasy dudes and I will be doing more commissions in the near future in my usual style, but for now I am putting these out here because I have a busy couple of weeks. You know, job interviews, essays, forced socialising and eating... the usual. Here is the deal, I am throwing art out there for whatever you want to give me. Of course, I am a poor student so cash is always my jam, but I will straight up do you one for any crazy nonsense... however, I reiterate, a dollar will buy me a Mug Shot for lunch and I bloody love Mug Shots. Right now, I can only do simple things and mainly profile pictures and cover photos. I will try to whip you out some other items as well, whatever things you crazy minemen like these days: pockets, banners, icons, transparent models, etc. Just nothing too complicated because I have a lot to juggle. The Boring Important Details My style of character can be adapted for other things, so once you claim a spot we can figure out what I am drawing for you. Full bodies are possible as well, but these will be limited due to how much time I have. I can confirm I am up for trying any race requests but quality might vary as a result. I always try my best though! I am going to be passing out five spaces for this end-of-hiatus deal completely free and am only asking for mere donations, whether that be cash or something fun. If there is high-demand, I will increase this to ten free commissions. After filling out the form, I will want to contact you directly. Please prepare a reference sheet including your most recent skin and any descriptions/images of important features that might not be visible from your skin alone (scars, braids, etc). If you have any previous commissions of the character, include them too. I will also discuss the background you would like in further detail. I like to do a decent job for everyone. If you are still interested, use the following template: Example Content Profile Pictures A simple stylised headshot of your favourite character with your choice of background colour and/or scenery. These backgrounds can be subtle (see top row) or complex (see bottom row). You will receive both a HD icon and HD transparent version of your character's headshot. Cover Photos A simple stylised headshot of one to three characters (for people getting free art) with your choice of background. These backgrounds can be subtle or complex. You will receive just the HD cover photo. Note: I realise the version I made for myself is not perfectly fitted, but I can assure you I will avoid that mistake in the future. =o={O}=o= It all looks a tad simple, but I am literally offering free spaces for poppin' profiles. Validate me. . . . Still not sold? Maybe this will change your mind.
  10. Dawsy

    Skin Maker Needed

    I need someone to help me with making a military skin. I will pay for good work. My is Dawsy#9503 add me.
  11. I'm like somewhat always open for commissions, just message me on here or discord xoxo newest is below, older ones in spoiler _____________________________________________________________
  12. B3ast_mod

    Beautiful Creatures [Commissions]

    Orcs , Hou-Zi , Goblins, etc. Come one come all. Currently accepting ART commissions for Orcs, Goblins, Houzi , Any race other than humans , elves, and khas. Even commissions for certain monsters / Items are accepted (e.g A basilisk, A drawing for your Sword, A Golem) Up to Five will be taken at a time to avoid any problems. (so dont forget to follow the thread if the slots are filled up) 1) DarkElfs 2) Heero 3) Humanistic 4) 5) Prices will be listed below : Examples: I dont have many recent examples so heres some of my old art MY INACTIVE DEVIANT ART Note For Previous Customers:
  13. ~=*=~ [https://i.imgur.com/s56gasO.jpg] (can add some shading to the lineart, as per request! can also remove colors in general) heyyy, my commissions are being officially opened for the rest of the summer! chow down, b*****s (but i'll do em in batches so i don't suffer) also, as a lil sale type thing i'll make sketchy painted busts like these: [https://imgur.com/a/UBCmg3d] for $15! slots: 1. harrison 2. dorian 3. gaia 4. eli 5. callisto my art: [https://imgur.com/a/ULGwe] latest doodle:
  14. Username Porkour Discord Porkour#0123 Timezone GMT -7 What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Orcs/Dwarves Staff History I was a forum moderator in 2012 for three months, sorting threads to be cast away. I served under Gemmylou at the time. I found a calling towards the Media Team where I served under the guidance of Acerbuddy (Haelphon) from the time I left FM to around early 2014. Ban History Yes, a month into my first time playing on LotC in 2011, I misunderstood the no-rp killing and killed a player orc after being provoked. I was warned by Robin Drake, whose warning point scars my profile to this day. Blacklist History: I have not been blacklisted from the server. What do you want to join the Event Team? From the day ex-admin shiftnative suggested the idea of me becoming and roleplaying a pigman. I knew that I wanted to create a form of dynamic yet within lore, different roleplay. Something that will make regular races question the existence of my being and learn to disfavor or favor the outsider. Through my years on the server, I have learned that everyone has a different take on what to make of the pigman. Some have chosen to befriend it, and welcome it into their community, others have chosen to cast it away usually in the form of consumption or by force. The Event team interests me much to entertain the server, and to provide a sense of meaning and purpose to why we are all here in LotC. I feel that the server could benefit from someone who has lurked among the shadows and patiently watched as time passed by without much interference. Why should we accept you onto the Team? I admire the Event Team because of their strong abilities to keep people engaged in rp. Every time I see an event go on, the community comes out of their holes and unites for a brief moment. I could be a good asset to the team and provide plenty of ideas for the group. I have a unique mind, one that has matured over my years here and have a friendly personality. I was short tempered before, but I have moved on from that time and realize that in order for everyone to be happy, I have to work as a part of the team and not against it. What kind of events do you aspire to create?: The events I aspire to create will mostly consist of high fantasy quests and challenges. The thrill of seeking treasure, casting a curse out from the realm, rescuing an notable icon in the hopes of wealth or recognition, or simply not becoming a lost soul. Quests that involve perilous journeys to a deep dark wood in search of a cure for a town struck with illness while battling plethoras of unworldly creatures, obtaining secret information from a group of bandits terrorizing the streets. One that I would dream of creating, is an ongoing event where characters can prove themselves worthy of being one of the best, if not the best. I want to create events that can be cherished by the community, those that don’t necessarily involve violence and engage everyone in it. What makes a good event? A good event requires time to plan scenarios. Scenarios that arent one-way, and have many paths that could go in case the original plan fails. A good event requires depth, descriptive sentences that paint a vivid scene in the readers mind, so they can picture the event in their own way. It will also require the community to make it a success. A good event may evoke a response from the affected community, it might strike fear in some, or bring rage or purpose to the roleplayers. A good event also requires a good team to help each other make it a good event. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: The Curse of Droc'Nalthor: Quest - Dynamic Fantasy Event A village has a deep dark secret buried deep underground. The villagers are NPCs that tell of an underground city that was once thriving with life, and is now a sanctuary for the dead. A curse they locked away for many generations has finally leaked itself out, due to seismic activity throughout the island. Those villagers (actors) would then occupy the local populi and bring them news of the impending danger. It is up to the community to decide how to go upon the situation. The villagers would go on about informing the people that this curse derived from the city their ancestors built and buried. Villagers will tell of their village, but not say where, except show them a map that points out the approximate location of their village. They can venture out solo, with a buddy, or a large group. When they arrive, they will see a desolate land that was once the village and encounter an onslaught of creatures that seem to pour out of a crevasse in the ground. After warding the creatures off, a storm will brew above casting bolts of fire down as the players seek shelter wherever they can find. Most houses will offer little to no protection against the elements, the other will lead down into the chasm where they'll find coffins and a river of blood encircling a massive city. This city is also riddled with creatures the players may fight or attempt to avoid. In the center of it all, is the source of the curse, where someone may have to sacrifice themselves to destroy it, or risk the lives of those he/she brought along. The event is concluded when a decision has been made. The chasms and ruined earth will seal itself back up, and the land restored as if nothing has happened, and the village that once buried the dead city, disappears with it. The players will move on and probably get a drink at the local tavern. The Dream Bed: Dungeon - Persistent Fantasy Realm Ever have those dreams where you end up waking up after 'dying'? What if you dont wake up at all? What if you actually die? A poverty stricken mother cries for her missing daughter after kissing her good night and waking up to her not being there. She claims she has never taken trouble for her liking and shown no motive for running away. Villagers(players) would learn that her missing daughter may be trapped in a different dimension where her bed is the portal between our world and her world. The purpose of this event is to rescue the mother's child knowing the risk of going to sleep in the mysterious bed. If a player dies in the dream world, they die in the real world. A mashup between Inception, A Link to the Past and The Matrix. Players will setup their own bed in the house, and event team will teleport the players into the dream realm. The dream realm can be set in the End, the Nether, or the Aether, each with their own fall hazards or realm creatures that may lead players to their untimely end. The event concludes when the mystery behind the disappearance has been solved. A Hall for Heroes: Arena - Dynamic/Persistent Low-Fantasy Realm A time of gathering has been announced from the heavens or via birds, of a city created for those who seek to prove themselves worthy. This may include gauntlets, a test of the mind, or a battle royale. Players will journey to this city where they can congregate amonst each other and participate in activities served by the event team. In this event, death may be a risk players have to take, and they are to come to the city emptyhanded for fear of loss items. This is at their own risk and may choose to bring items that do not give them the upper advantage. Events that happen here are merely for entertainment and bragging rights and include but not limited to; treasure hunts, master sculpting, horse races, spleef tournaments, Player vs Player (1v1, Team, Survival) etc. Victors will be crowded glorious in their event and remembered in the hall for heroes, a golden corridor where their achievements shine with the ascended. Participants who compete will be given free but not private housing for their friends and family should they choose to stay there.
  15. Farryn

    Farryn's Art Stall {Closed}

    ~ Farryn’s Art Stall ~ ~CLOSED~ Hey guys! Farryn here and back at it with the commissions! I’ve developed since the last art stall I did and this time, I’m better with my work and ready to step up my game a bit. The commission's I am willing to take on are primarily busts and half-bodies (see examples). However, be aware that I am permitted to deny a commission and not take up requests, and that payment will be accepted AFTER the artwork is drawn. My artwork will come out as detailed, since I don’t really want to over complicate things by charging different prices depending on if you choose lineart, base colours, or detailed. So what you will receive will be detailed busts and half-bodies. My discord is Farryn#1306 if you have any questions. My DA if you want to see more work: https://elviranaromis.deviantart.com/ Prices - Busts (Head to shoulder) = $5 - - Half-bodies (Head to chest)= $10 - - Additional character: $2 per character added - - Background: £2 - My work Noteworthy information What I do with the money earned? For those curious but with the money I earn with commissions, I aim to use such in order to save up on buying particular writing programs that can assist me in my writing career, as well as hopefully be able to pay for an editor that can look over my work when it is done (I actually suck at proofreading). Who knows - may even end up getting one of my in-progress novels published. Whatever is left will help me a little in life. Format MC Name: Discord: Number of characters: Drawing Type: (Bust or Half-body?) Character(s) name: Character(s) race: Character(s) age: Hair and eye appearances: (what length and style is the hair, as well as hair colour and eye colour?) Accessories: (Scars? Tattoos? Piercings? Jewellery? Hats? Magic? Etc?) References: (This can be from face-claims to artwork by other artists on the server, as well as the character skin.) Background: (if you want a background, explain what you want. If not, just put a N/A and it’ll be transparent). You agree to pay within 24 hours of finishing the product: (Y/N) Posted on Deviantart after being made: (Y/N) Final price: (Be aware that I will be calculating up the total to make sure it is right) ~~~ The Waiting List 1. Jallentime 2. N/A 3. N/A 4. N/A ~~~
  16. _draak

    Anadude's skins

    I'm back with my not so great skins, yay. PAYMENT: Outfits (no head) will be 600 mina whilst full skins will settle at 800 mina. I can also be bribed with nice rp items so lol. Previous works: LIST: 1. DustyDune 2. Reserved by z3m0s 3. Calabreeni 4. Areln FORM: Username: Outfit or Fullbody: Ref: Description: Proof Of Payment: (Optional) Item of bribery: (Optional) Cute birb: @Sug digs it.
  17. astrwrld

    Help needed for custom skin!

    Hello, so I had been informed today that a skin I had taken from online (Thanks to AChurchBellTolls) was stolen from a former member of the server (Which I did not know oops) So, since I am skinless, and I do not want to end up using another skin which was stolen, I am asking for someone to help me with the skin! Just reply to the post and I will send you the details about my persona! Thanks.
  18. CowsGoMoo

    (4/27/18) A Cow's Art Dump

    ~*A Cow's Art Dump*~ Tumblr _____________________________________________________________________________________ So, here's a dump of my drawings, ranging from late 2011 (when I first joined LotC, and first started drawing more), til now, 2016 2017 2018. Most recent drawings: Some buff demon dude I guess idk (i just wanted to draw abs ok) More of my pencil sketches from the past month: Riverboat Dark Elf Woman (Winter 2018) Close up to face and B/W values: Current WIP-- Pictal (Winter 2017) Cowboy Study (Fall 2017) Elrich (Fall, 2017) Dom (Fall, 2017) And here's the rest of it: Art Dump:
  19. NotEvilAtAll

    Halfling meme page 2.0

    This is going to get spicy real fast
  20. Cornivore

    The Long Awaited Art Shop

    It has come once more, Cornivore is opening his shop once more for the players who want cheap, and amazing art. Each piece you want made, will only cost you a small amount of minas, ranging from 25-100 minas, depending on what Cornivore will draw. If you would like to get one made, all you have to do is comment down below, or send me a Personal Message on Discord or the Forums. Thank you, I will give you some Examples to allow you to view the masterpieces.
  21. Ragnio

    Media Staff - December Update Log

    Welcome to our first monthly Media-Staff Update! By doing this monthly update we want to summarize all the work we did over the past month, all the new members we got and any additional information we got for you, such as new projects, some contests and far more! So feel free to skip to the specific subcategory or just read the whole newspost! Since the Media-Staff was recreated last month we received several applications for all kind of positions within the Media-Staff, as such we would like to introduce you to all of the new Members that joined the Team over the past month! Trials Mhmm….seems like we didn’t got any trials? Well, that is true! We had a few trial-members around over the past month, each of them were given a specific project they had to finish in time and I am really happy to announce that all Trial-Members passed their trial and are instead listed down as official members by now! Contributors Following the short intro towards the trials we are happy to announce the new contributor members of the Media-Staff: @Jallentime is one of our older Voice-Actor, often being the male-voice in our videos, such as the High-Elf Video. He is also fairly good at mimicking the voice of Kermit, the Frog...Strange, isn’t it? @EternalSaturn even despite being a male is known as one of our female-sounding Voice-Actors, being able to reach a really high voice range, allowing us to play with all kind of ideas in regards to voice-acting. @Jollybee ...what should I say....Well, maybe that her art is awesome? Because it surely is! Jolly does most of our artwork and animations, such as the gifs for contests, but also for newsposts, such as the Krugsmas-Newspost. And trust me...she is really good at it! @TorkoalTom is one of our three main editors, often assisting us with the creation of banners, but also newsposts! As such she is often helping with documentation work and less video-editing like our other editors do, however, we really appreciate her work and that she saves @Ragnio from drowning in paperwork. @Jake the Dog is our second editor, creating awesome videos for us! He is also one of the most random people we’ve met so far...but he has some awesome ideas and can actually turn his ideas in working projects. As such we are really happy to got him around! @Jerome Jonsaeus was one of the few members of our team that already got some experiences with YouTube, uploading private videos since some months, often including LOTC-related topics. As such he is also one of our funsters, always trying to joke around and to make us laugh...and he does that really often! @Fitermon is our third Voice-Actor, often helping us with lore-related videos, but also by giving us general ideas of what we could do to make the server more attractive to players. He is also able to create a really deep voice, which will be heard in many of our future content! @SaviourMeme is our latest addition to our team, being the third of our main editors! He is able to make some fairly interesting videos, often containing a lot of lore-related informations. Over the past month we, as Media-Staff, tried to create as much content as possible, ranging from videos, to contests, tournaments, newspost and even some events together with our beloved Event-Team! As such here is a summary of all of the content we released over the past month: Newsposts Announcement of Atlas and the Release Date Atlas Trailer and Screenshot Competition Atlas Q&A Stream Krugsmas Announcement Videos Atlas Trailer High-Elf Introduction Video Goodbye Axios-Video In addition to those things we worked a lot on graphical updates for the other Staff-Teams, such as the Application-Team or Forum-Team, and submitted several new headers, logos and sliders to the different Staff-Teams. We are also trying to update graphics on the wiki and get a standardized Header-Font running, so that you aren’t being spammed by several different Fonts from each team. While the Media-Staff worked on a lot in the background we also held a nice screenshot-contests, allowing players to submit their best screenshots, while following a specific rule. The winners were Harrison and Farryn, submitting two amazing screenshots, while following the given rules. Harrison’s Entry Farryn’s Entry While this update post is mostly showing off all the work we did we also want to give you guys some glimpse on our upcoming content! While we try to create as much media content as possible we are always trying to focus on one specific project, which is interesting for the playerbase and which will attract new players to the server. Most often this is done through videos, such as trailers or the introduction videos of races, allowing us to focus on such aspects more easily. As such, yes, we are trying to get more active on YouTube, but also other websites, such as PMC and twitter and are hoping to attract new players and maybe interest older players to get more active again! The Media-Staff is hoping that you had some wonderful holidays and that you will have a great new year!
  22. IGN(s): AwakenMyLove Age: 19 Timezone: PST - Pacific Standard Time Discord: Final#1122 What map did you join during?: Anthos Do you have access to a microphone?: Of course. Average daily playing time?: A couple hours a day. Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: Media Team: For however long it lasted for the first incarnation. I was also there when we had players developing their own media teams. Application Team Manager(1.5Y?): I was an AT Manager under the leadership of Tau, Fireheart, and Harrison, I think? Event Team Manager(8M): Freema and Arockstar were the leads. Global Moderator(2Y?): I don't remember who the leads were, I was too busy on getting **** done. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I'm about to roast ya'll. When did it become okay for Lord of the Craft to become a toxic community? This isn't a case of a liberal seeking 'safe spaces'. This is common courtesy to improve the reputation of a server that has it's legacy being tarnished with it's recent generation(s) of players. Back when I was a Game Moderator (It was actually, 'Global Moderator' at the time) someone couldn't just blatantly troll roleplay, and openly say racial or homophobic slurs. They'd get promptly kicked or banned. Don't get me wrong; I get it. The internet is a culture, and often a hive-mind. Experiences that people receive from the internet are often brought onto Lord of the Craft. This shouldn't be the case. We used to have a standard to uphold, now we don't. Players should know to leave their baggage at the door when they come to this server. Or maybe I'm wrong and SpaceOfAids is starting to push his liberal agenda onto me. Remember #CancerIsntTheAnswer Really though. I'm a veteran when it comes to Game Moderation. I'd be a valuable asset to the current GM-Team. I witnessed, and participated in the transition from Vailor to Axios, so I know just how heavy things get when the server changes maps. My hands have been in the development of the ET, AT, and GM Handbooks. (whether or not those editions are still in use, I'm unsure) So when **** hits the fan from Axios to Atlas, you should count on me to be there to help get things moving again. Finally, I'll fill your diversity quota. I'm a Straight Black Male. Very few of us exist on this server thanks to the efforts of @fighting evil by moonlight aka Chihiros Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: I've never been denied. I'm just that good. Anything else you want to tell us?: Tythus LTD. is on my resume: Clearly, I have a good sense of humor.
  23. Hello, denizens of Axios. I need two skins made; 1k per request. If the skinner would like to discuss a higher payment, I'd be open to that depending on how difficult they prove. The skins only need to be the outifts- I don't need a head for them. Anywho, here are my two requests. 1. My first request is an armor set based off these two images. [1] [2] All I need made is the version of the skin with the helmet- I can remove the helmet and put the other head on it myself. This is likely the most difficult of the two requests, so if needed I can certainly pay a bit more. 2. My second request is a piece of pretty basic casual clothing based on this image. [1] Again, I only need the head. You can leave the color of the skin blank too and I can do that edit myself. I believe this skin only really needs 1k for it, but talk to me if it caused you any major difficulties. My Discord is Conspirator_#3881. Post on this topic and send me a PM on discord if you'd like to do one of my requests. Thanks you guys! (forgot to put this in original post, but send over some examples of ya work too c:)
  24. Ragnio

    Atlas Trailer - Holiday Competition

    The rays of sunlight are raining down from the clouded sky, covering the land in a field of golden light. Birds start to chirp again, an unfamiliar sound after all those battles and the screaming of the soldiers. It appears if a new era is about to start soon. As such we wanted to announce the release of the Atlas-Trailer, giving you the first inview into the upcoming world! Since we released the official date of the grand opening of Atlas we received many questions about how Atlas will look like and we decided to create a Trailer to give you a first look upon the mysterious lands of Atlas. Since the builders started a work Atlas transformed from a rather blank area into a wonderful scenery, one that holds far too many secrets to count and far too many areas to show you. However, we tried to show you our favourite ones and we hope you will love them as much as we do. The lands of Atlas posses fruitful lands full of opportunity, all sprawled into different biomes for all the creatures needs. The bitter blizzards whip through the frosted mountains, the heated rays beam against the grains of the dusted deserts - though such lands that offer much opportunity can also be done so by you! The media team would proudly like to present, the official Atlas Trailer! (Art by @Jollybee) In the Media Staff, we encourage creativity, so we bring you a christmas screenshot competition which will start today, and end on the 20th of December. However we will be adding a twist and giving you an outline of what you are required to include. We will ask you to include “The Golden Ratio”, or the “Rule of Thirds” depending on what you screenshot. You may do any area, and you may edit your photo to give it a higher saturation and brightness. Winners will be announced on Christmas Day! To submit these, simply send a private message to @Rella101 on the forums. Prizes First Place: An animated pixel art of your character holding a trophy, and your picture submitted to the twitter. Second place: A non animated pixel art of your character holding a trophy. General rules Do follow the general idea of the Rule of Thirds, or the Golden Ratio. Do not center your focal point. You may submit multiple photos. You do minor photo edits. You may not use text or the LOTC logo. You may not use screenshots from other servers. You may use any texture pack, and shaders you wish. Example of "The Golden Ratio" Example of "The Rule of Thirds"
  25. HurferDurfer1

    [Denied] HurferDurfer ReApp ET [Actor]

    Minecraft Name: HurferDurferDiscord: the same famTime-zone: Whatever Oklahoma isDo you, or have you held, any other staff positions: NoWhere do you grab inspiration from: I read a whole lot, play games you know, Elder Scrolls, RTS's, stuff most people play.What are your current list of characters, and are you willing to sacrifice any: I play Coltaine all the time, have my dwarf Hurf Ironabs, an elf named Iparth, and ya given the right scenario id be willing to sacrifice them.What race, or group, do your events best cater to: Honestly anyone dude.What do you believe are the key factors for a successful event: Giving people a sense of accomplishment at the end of an event. Scaling is also an issue, I wouldnt want people getting frustrated because so much is going on, many emotes getting put out at once, either doing small groups, larger groups with more et to help, or do managable waves of PvE mobs.What strengths would you bring to the team: Ive played creatures before, ive been involved in many events fighting creatures, ive been in the magic community for several years and like to think id be able to rp such things out in an event.Why do you want to be part of the team: I want to step up to the plate, try to make people enjoy some quality rp, want to help move other events along and help out if others need more than one actor. I want to try and help with the bounty board, I want people to have a sense that the world is full of all sorts of creatures going bump in the woods.Create three distinct event scenarios based on the servers lore that you would organize: Event 1: Scene, a bustling coastal village, a band of intrepid adventurers wander down a sandy beach strand when some strange craft appears further down, the group makes their way to the vessel to see several goblins scurrying about, seemingly in the process of fixing the contraption, upon seeing your group, they all squeal in relief, rushing over and talking in a hurried manner. "You need to help us! We need to go back and get the Cap'n!" they'd all talk over themselves, tugging on you and your companions trying to take you to the strange enclosed construct. Curious you'd go along, following the goblins into a hatch, you ask how does this contraption work and they would tell you its a submersible, able to drift in the depths of the ocean. As the party settles in and the submarine of sorts sets off, the goblins tell you their strange tale. "We was floatin along like normal, scourin the briney bottom for sunken wrecks, seeing if we could find some chest of mina or summat, when the cap found an underwater cave! He ordered us so of course we went, and to our surprise we were able to find a pocket of air in there! dry caverns under the sea if you can believe! The Cap, being the curious sort he is disembarked, wantin to wander the cavern , we stayed at this here boat of sorts, but something wasnt right. We heard the Cap screamin a long way off and well uh, we arnt the bravest sort so we lit outta there fast, but you are gonna help us get him back right!" The group, being enterprising heroes of course agree to help, the submarine eventually making it to the aforementioned cave. Disembarking they see signs of a struggle, scuffs on the cave floor, blood splatters leading further in. The group wanders in search of the wayward captain when the come across a pair of men battering each other, identical in every way you would like be confused. As one spots your group he screams and points at the other "Help me! He's a skin changin freak!" the other man , growls out, flinging Captain 1 off, "Dont listen to that one, he's trying to escape this cave!". You're group is tasked with choosing who to believe and who to kill, choosing the right one, you and the party wound the the creature, it flees into the caves and you split off to find it. Using the lack of cohesion the skin changer changes into one of your group members, and tries to lie and manipulate the members of the party, again you are tasked with who to believe and who not to, the risk being in you dont want to hurt your party members, but want to stop the creature from getting to the submersible and escaping to the world above. Event 2: You are approached by a hooded thief sort of man, asking if you have heard the recent rumors of a ruin being found nearby, he'd then ask if you and a party of others would like to investigate these ruins, maybe steal some baubles before anyone else can get to them. You acquire a group, the prospecting thief then leads you to the ruins. The party enters the ruins, the place would seem benign at first, they proceed steadily into the ruins, encountering minor traps, small pit falls, tripwires, parkouring, requiring the group to keep aware of their surroundings and problem solve to avoid unwanted risks. As the group makes it to the rumored treasure trove, the sly thief having tailed at the back of the party during this venture would then offer to take the lead, taking point as they enter the treasure room, which contains only a few items of note, he'd deftly ****** the few items and bolt for a doorway in the rear of the room, laughing at the party left behind , setting in motion a series of traps resulting in the crumbling of the ruins, flooding rooms, collapsing ceilings, the party being spurred to flee as fast as they can or be buried alive, upon reaching the exit and getting free of the ruins, they'd encounter the thief outside, snared by a trap he himself set off in his haste, leaving the the group with the moral dilemma of killing him in retribution, or taking the items he took and leaving him to his devices. Event 3: A wizards tower appears on the outskirts to your local town, a board posted out front invites any and all to come inside at there own risk. Assembling a party you would enter the tower, amazed by the scale you are greeted with a maze, wandering around you would her growls and gurgles throughout the maze, you are not alone it seems. With nary a warning you are beset by the Mad Wizards minions being made up of PvE waves of mobs. Fight your way through or fall by the wayside, passing through twisted rooms, furniture on the ceiling, solve puzzles, a room with several doors, all but one leading to ruin likely involving redstone. During this the Wizard waits at the apex of the tower, throwing echoing taunts spurring you on, maniac laughter, they'd come across rooms where specific skills are needed to move on, perhaps a wall of roots blocks a path needing a druid to handle it, you may come across a sentry you'd need to fool with sensory illusion, or mayhaps you'll need an expert archer to shoot a button in an inaccessible place. The idea being it will take people from different walks of RP life to get through the towers challenges, have members of separate groups interact and work together that wouldn't usually RP together. As you approach the tower top to confront the Wizard, the Wizard would close off the entry behind the group , commencing a fight after light hearted banter, preforming various mageries the group may be hard pressed to win, though having worked together as a cohesive unit they could use the surrounding to their advantage, The Druid may have some nearby potted plants grow and entangle, the archer may bring down a chandelier from above, so on and so forth, upon defeating the wizard the body would burst in a colorful display, leaving the adventurers to take whatever objects were left behind, and making for what they think is the exit, upon taking it they would appear outside at the base of the tower. The tower itself disappearing behind them, going on to reappear elsewhere in the world to be replayed by other characters.How long do you plan to be able to work on the team: A while, thats a loaded question, I dont know what life will throw at me in the future.Tell me a joke: Im an adult that plays minecraft. PD wont stop me this time