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  1. The Moonlight Studio Art Displays [!] As you slowly feel the gravity pulling you down as you rise from the lift, a sort of wonder begins to tickle at your soul. The lift doors open, and immediately you are bathed in light, let it be the Sun's warmth or the Moon's cleanse. Your eyes are bombarded with eye candy, paintings on nearly every wall and sculptures showcased in the very center of the room; even the very pedestals they are placed on seem to be a work of art, beautiful, intricate patterns engraved into the stone. In the very corner of the room is a small station, where trinke
  2. ARCHITECURAL PORTFOLIO Hello, if you are viewing this you must be interested in Otis' Architectural Services (OAS) These services include Interior Exterior Landscaping Demolition Beautification If you are interested speak to Otis de Rosius or leave a letter at Selm Nine! We will be happy to assist. You be given an estimate upon viewing the property. Our prices are the cheapest and most affordable in Almaris, below you will find customers reviews and architects sketches of their homes. Rochefort Street 2: https:
  3. Ji'Vanna Eileine Ularan ‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ・❉・ ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ‿︵‿︵ "Freedom in any case is only possible by constantly struggling for it." - Albert Einstein ‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ・❉・ ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ‿︵‿︵ ‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ・❉・ ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ‿︵‿︵ Race: Mali'Aheral [identifies as such, but is half-wood elf] Height: 5"7 Appearance: Pale, snow-kissed skin. Platnium-Blonde hair, with braids and two clips. Family: Kuskyn Ularan (Father/Not IRP), Jastira (Mother/Not IRP) Culture: [Past] Mali'ito Elberun'tir [Current] N/A Current Home: Unknown Past Home: Haelun'or Profession: Warrior [was go
  4. jihyunah

    shading some art

    did some shading for @Spoons as he requested. honestly, just love the drawing itself i really hope i didn't ruin it. i plan on maybe opening commissions again soon (since i have before, although i did not get many requests but i might since i have been getting asked if i do some. also yay! 8 days old on lotc. i feels unreal. hope you enjoy the art of the calithil! (i might have spelt that wrong i honestly hope not). [ note : this art is not mine! the drawing of the two characters were by someone @Spoons asked as commission! spoon also did the flat colouring i ONLY did the shading!
  5. Bralt is dead and the war is over now original song by: Billy Joel parody by: Limo_man It's seven o'clock on a Sunday The smallest crowd shuffles in There's an HRA brother sittin' next to me Makin' love to his carrion and halfling He says, "Am, can you play me a memory? I'm not really sure how it went But it's flames and it's smoke and I knew it complete As we sat at the gates" La la la, le li la La la, le li la, da dum crush us a scyfling, with your logs They’ll al burn tonight Well, we somehow lived And Hr
  6. not my best art but it exists now. i mean i could have taken more time but then again i'm a very lazy person. i present thee, ji-vanna ularan - the high-wood elf that was not meant to be born and who was an accidental birth. (that was too detailed to be sarcastic i-)
  7. drawing my character ji-vanna but at the same time it looks really odd - like yes, it's not done but i am panicking inside as i'm doing it like. am i doing this right, why she built like that. i really don't know
  8. Hello Fellow LOTCERS Time has come again where I've overloaded on self skins that i need to let go, which is why I bring to you this amazing skin auction- for uh, females. I'm going to keep it short, I've made too many skins. Do i love these skins? Yes. But do i need mina more? Yes ! :D This auction will end at 10 CST on Sunday the 31st of January. So heads start at 30, and clothing will start at 50 , and you bid by increments of 10+ Happy Bidding! -Latte <3 <3 BIDDING FORMAT: (Quote the previous bidder) IGN: SKIN/S:
  9. OOC: From now on I’ll be writing these posts in a somewhat dramatic story-telling fashion. This was not uncommon in ancient times. Most history was written in rhyme or in a the dramatic. (It’s also more fun) The sweltering sun beat down upon the thirsty dark elf. Used to the cool of the forest trees of Siramenor, the heat of the desert plains during the Sun’s Smile fell like a hammer on his shoulders. The sound of his footsteps sounded hollow across the barren landscape. A soft, hot, humid wind ruffled the gray grass. It whistled past small rocks that stuck up from the red dusty e
  10. https://imgur.com/ME7HTlt
  11. Buck hastily throws today's buck news to everyone in crumpled balls.
  12. neoroseo

    neo's commissions

    Heyo, Neo here. Some of you may've been around for my recent skin auction. Granted I'm not that big of a skinner on LoTC yet, but I'm looking to get my name out there. I've set up a discord with the assistance of my friend (who did most of the work and also happens to of written most of my forum posts but that's beside the point). Check it out with the link below. Commissions, both skins, and art are open. As well as for anyone who just wants to come in and vibe, that's welcome too. If you have any questions, dm me, or if you have technical problems, Cats who's in the discord. Some things m
  13. You wake up with something in your mouth. You open it, and pull out a crinkled up piece of paper that tastes like dirt and grubs. You wonder who it could possibly be from. And what ever the hell this is
  14. Nummy

    Nummy's Art Auction

    Nummy’s Art Auction It’s rather simple, folks. I’ve come across the need for minas, and since it’s end of map, why not spend them all on an art auction? What are you bidding on? You may ask? Well! Winner of today’s auction will walk away with a colored bust art! Like This!! Just post what you’d like to bid. Highest bid by the time I get home from work today (Tuesday) at 7est wins! The Minimum bid is set at 2000 minas.
  15. This account is written by Selion Drogon. The information included is supposedly an exact account of the creation of Sirame Khel. The Empty Agreement There was mist, a slight wisp that traveled over the cracked and dusty ground. It was out of place in the dry air of the desert night, crawling over warm dirt. It seemed to speed up rushing angrily and haughtily into the air, screaming into the ashen night, devoid of moon, or stars. Its topmost tendril reached for the darkness, its shadowy form stretching for nothingness and then it was nothing, a little mist, the smallest amount of va
  16. Hello, many of you might know me as Dashing or Latte. One thing you might not know about me is that I like to skin in my free time. I have roughly started this hobby at the beginning of the new year. Having a lot of time my hands since then, I would like to say that I have improved! Which is why I wish to start an auction as well as just advertise in general. Auction Rules: Ends at 12:00 AM EST on Sunday August 23 Bidding starts at 500 Do NOT edit original comment or your bidding will be null and void Highest Bidder gets the O
  17. At 3 PM EST, there will be a festival at Ker’Okarn. More details can be found here. These are the five poems that were written by Tide Falkmoor and will be performed at the festival: A Forsaken City The last gong rang, Through empty streets, No dreams, no dreams, When the city fell. Sometimes rock crumbles, Sometimes bells toll, For fallen lies, And darkened souls. There was no sound, No laughing voice, No crying child. Sometimes sorrow, Comes after nothing. Sometimes de
  18. This account is written by Selion Drogon. The information included is supposedly an exact account of the creation of Sirame Khel. The Next Morning Tide Falkmoor laid in his bed, wondering whether to get up. His throat felt like someone had poured sand down it, though that was an improvement from last night when it felt as if it was splitting from the inside. He tried to close his eyes more than they had been before. It seemed to him as if opening his eyes would mean a great deal of trouble, which he just didn’t feel the need to start at the moment. He rolled and turned over. Tid
  19. This account is written by Selion Drogon. The information included is supposedly an exact account of the creation of Sirame Khel. Tide Falkmoor entered the gates of Ker’Okarn. His eyes flitted from side to side, taking in the surroundings. Was this place what he was looking for? Could this be the very place to bring his plans into action? His piercing red eyes roamed swiftly over the sandy walls. He breathed in. The sea air again rushed past his face. His white hair wafted in the wind. His tired eyes burned in the darkness of the late evening. The silhouette of broad
  20. Sup gamers I bought a new ipad for uni and art - super cool whoop whoop, but also super expensive so I’m spitting out commissions like I’m santa on the 25th of December right now What can you commission you may ask? Hoh hoh hoh do I have some super cool wow spectacular art for you! Super cool and wow, I know. Now, you may be asking : but Grandpa, how do I commission you, and do you do any other art? But fear not my sweet summer child for I have answers: Information on other commissi
  21. Tigers Outfit Auction 。☆✼★━━━━━━━━━━━━★✼☆。 Heyo, so I’ve recently been seeing a bunch of these on the forums and I thought why not? All of these skins are either brand new, never used, or used maybe once. The categories will go as followed: Elvish, human, bundles and Miscellaneous. Please excuse some of my older works their shading is a bit wacky. None of these skin have been uploaded to pmc. If you later down the road upload it after being bought please remember to credit me!! ゚+*:ꔫ:*﹤RULES﹥*:ꔫ:*+゚ Once you post a comment, do not edit
  22. Hello! I have tons of skins and am willing to auction them off so they are being used and not just taking up my space on my computer and so you can enjoy them just as I did! Here are the rules. Once you post your bid, do not edit it! Please only comment to up the bid and no spam. You must be able to pay the full amount once the auction is done. Bidding starts at 800 minas, and the minimum it may increase by is 100. The auction will last until 8/9/2020. Skins Format Skin Name: Bid: Previous Bidder:
  23. "Some say Timothée was the best bard alive." The Bardic Spirits Present In order to honor our fallen bard, the Bardic Spirits of the Amphitheatre have decided to hold a celebration, one of song, drink, and dance, three vital ingredients in our remembrance of a true master of the arts! Everyone is invited to pay homage to this great man, whether it be through performance or your role as an audience member! As long as the air is filled laughter and joy, the fields filled with food and drink, and the echoes of song in the air, hope and passion shall remain in our hearts ever-strong!
  24. You open up Althea’s diary scanning through the pages absentmindedly, till you stop on a page with a drawing on it. [!] You look at the drawing, trying to figure out if Althea drew herself or if someone else had doodled her.
  25. Hello, I’m currently opening commissions for busts. I can do waists, and full body commissions at this time, but this is mostly for people who want character art in busts or headshots. Cheers! ( Discord: bb zoë#3737 )
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