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Found 44 results

  1. Omar Grimmer'Lak

    Skinner Competition #2 (Ended April 19th, 2019)

    Goblin Child Skinner Competition (Ended) Make a skin for a 5-year-old goblin boy named Bubbee. Skin color should be Grimmer’Lak Green. Prizes 1st Place – 600 iron ingots + 12 diamonds 2nd Place – 400 iron ingots + 8 diamonds Participation – +5 rep on the Lord of the Craft website. Rules Submissions must include a download for the skin Skins should be made from scratch Skins must have 64x64 dimensions and be made for the Classic player model (4-pixel arms) Skins must be submitted by 11:59pm EST on April 19th, 2019 Extra Information Reply to this thread with your submission. The image of the skin or download link should be included in your post. @Potts244 is the person who wants a goblin child skin. After you’ve made a skin, you can ask him questions about which parts he does and doesn’t like (eye color/face/tusks/hair/clothes/etc.). He will probably be the person who picks the winners after the competition ends. The participation prize will be awarded to everyone who submits a skin that matches the subject. Prizes will be handed out on April 20th, 2019. Participation prizes might take multiple days to hand out.
  2. Consulary Republic of Holm

    Reinsitution of Democracy

  3. ‡‡ Methods of Contact for Commission Discord: Avyrice #3407 Twitter: @Avyricee (Twitter has more art to view as well!) Real money only! No minae! (I'm sorry for the small images) Head Shot : $10 Half Body : $16 Full Body : $22 +$5 for coloured Head Shot : $16 Half Body : $25 Full Body : $30 +$10 for each additional character Head Shot : $25 Half Body : $36 Full Body : $45 +$10 for each additional character Backgrounds can be simple or flat for no extra charge Head Shot : $32 Half Body : $45 Full Body : $60 Illust. (w/ complex bg) $70 - $90 +⅓ orig. price for ea. additional chara. Two-Sided Sheet (Left) $45 It can be a front and back too. Ask about additions. Original Sheet (Right) $57 Includes a full front, two chibi outfits, mouth and eye view, as well as a back segment. $45 This is guaranteed to have a half, full, and a headshot. Additions are up to Avalanto! (Trust me, you’re going to love the work!)
  4. theldryn


    Sweet Beat Bread These perfectly made buns of bread are made for commoners and royalty alike. The bread is made out of very smooth flower, sieved to perfection. The flower is so smooth, it rolls off one's fingers without feeling a thing. The yeast inside is so fine that one can see that is has been harvested with much love and care. The honeyed water inside is so special, only one has the knowledge of how to create it. The honeyed water is said to be the best mixture of both honey, ale, and water. Made into a dough with almost godlike hands, grabbing every piece of it as it is done. Sodium chloride as small as one's hair is found within the bread, harvested from the south sea only. Several powders are also used in the baking process, but that knowledge is only for the maker to know. After the dough is finished it goes into a hot and wet chamber where it will be laid to rest. After is done in the chamber, several buns are to be made with such precision and love it is said that the gods made them. Then they will go back into the chamber to rise to twice their size. It is covered in egg yolk and egg white as it goes out of the chamber, such fine sugar is powdered on top that it is to smelt in the mouth. The perfect combination of love, hate, and skill went into making these pieces of bread. The combination of sweet and savory makes most water their mouths if they enter a tavern or ones home. Every bun is so special and precious that it is to be wrapped in paper with care to protect it. Currently, the only one who knows how to make divine pieces of bread is a high elf by the name of Melkor.
  5. Omar Grimmer'Lak

    Skinner Competition (Ended April 5th, 2019)

    Skinner Competition (Ended) RuneScape Jester Outfit I want the RuneScape jester’s outfit as a Minecraft skin that could be pasted on top of other skins. Here’s the jester outfit I’m talking about: Prizes 1st Place – 500 minas 2nd Place – 400 minas 3rd Place – 300 minas 4th - 6th Place – 100 minas Participation – +3 rep on the Lord of the Craft website. Rules Submissions must include a download for the skin The skin must resemble the RuneScape jester outfit Skins must be submitted by 11:59pm PST on April 5th, 2019 Extra Information You don’t need to provide a face for the skin. The costume (with hat) is the only thing that matters. The hat doesn’t have to exactly match the RuneScape outfit, but it should match the red/yellow color scheme. Submissions that have the hat connected over the head are preferred. Skins for the Classic player model are preferred (4 pixel arms). You may submit a Classic and Slim version of the same skin. All standard dimensions for skins are accepted. Examples: 64x32 and 64x64. The participation prize will be awarded to everyone who submits a skin that matches the subject. Prizes will be handed out on April 6th, 2019. Participation prizes could take multiple days to hand out.
  6. Scorpio_Sage

    The Wandering Artist

    Name: Rivádh Daeynore Race: Wood Elf Gender: Male Age: 83 ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Description: Rivádh stands roughly five foot seven, with deep bronze colored skin. While his normal hair is a dark auburn, Rivádh chooses to dye it an ivy shade of green in devotion to his wooded homeland. Eyes of gold, some elven merchants have claimed due their resemblance to two shining coins. His usual attire consist of an long indigo tunic, matching hood decorated with black feathers just above the ears, two gold bracelets, and pair of well traveled tan leather boots. On his shoulders, Rivádh carries large back pack that contain his tools of the trade, and basic traveling supplies. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* History: Rivádh grew up in Dominion of Malin with his father and mother. His childhood for the most part was a pleasant one, except for time he fell ill from handling a poisonous tree frog by mistake. Now he refuses to handle any form of amphibian, and tries avoid them in general just to be safe. During his youth, he would watch his parents come and go from their sacred duties at shrine of Kwakwani. Rivádh’s father worked tirelessly as one of the watchman for the shrine, while his mother was an acolyte there. When not serving at the shrine his mother spent much of her time making pottery to sale in the local market place. As he got older, Rivádh helped his mother with glazing and painting the unfired pottery. Though he enjoy this greatly, yet he soon found his true calling. Raising his brush to canvas, he began his journey of painting people and world around him. Even with some nature talent, it took Rivádh several years to earn some level of mastery in his craft. After the Dissolution of the Dominion of Malin, he left his hometown to further study of the lands and people beyond. Returning only recently to his homeland, visit his friends and family there. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Other Notes: Tends ramble on when intoxicated. While not a heavy drinker, he will not turn down a drink offered by a friend. While he doesn’t hate dwarves, he finds many of them to be uncouth beings. Though he won't openly admit it, Rivádh does greatly admire dwarven architecture. Suffers from Ranidaphobia (fear of frogs).
  7. DaddyDwarf

    The Coailiton of Renatus.

    Hello my name is Ragnar Thorns- I am on the search for people who are wanting to end the regime of Renatus The Reason Why I want the imperial regime to end is because. They have gone to far sitting on there arses and drinking and playing chess there children are incredibly snobby ,scummy, and spoiled they don't even pay the servants nor do they pay the legionnaires. This is why they need to end the only thing that they I have seen is put up some towers. If anyone is interest please contact me either through bird Discord:ImTheOgDaddy#6527
  8. Omar Grimmer'Lak

    Arcas Resource Pits Map

    That’s right, I made a map of the most important place in all of Arcas (LotC v7.0). The resource pits area is northeast from the wheat farm in Cloud Temple. Up = East Cloud Temple Resource Pits (much better than resource island on previous maps) Acaia Log Pit Andesite Pit Birch Log Pit Bone Block Pit Clay Pit Coarse Dirt Pit Dark Oak Log Pit Diorite Pit Dirt Pit Granite Pit Gravel Pit Jungle Log Pit Oak Log Pit Prismarine Pit/Dark Prismarine Pit/Prismarine Brick Pit Quartz Block Pit Red Sand Pit Sandstone Pit Snow Block Pit Soul Sand Pit Spruce Log Pit Terracotta Pit White Wool Pit
  9. [!] Posters flutter around all of Arcas Come one, come all, to... Eleaina’s Lovely Layers! Located within the City of Helena, Eleaina’s Lovely Layers is a new Tailoring Service newly opened to aid the peoples of Arcas in any and all tailoring desires! Eleaina invites any and all to deliver their ideas and requests for her to personally craft, by hand, a new outfit to stun the crowd in! However, please keep in mind that; - Outfits will cost a sum of minae, which will vary depending on the complexity of the outfit desired, ((Basic – 500, Moderate – 750, Intricate – 1000)) - Eleaina is capable of forging armour, however her abilities are limited with metals and steel – compared to leather, ((I’m not the best at making armour skins, unless its leather)) - Eleaina reserves ownership over all creations, however each outfit will only be made once, ((My skins – thus I can publish on PMC, but only you are allowed to use them on LOTC)) - Eleaina reserves the right to decline any requests, without reason to explain, ((I reserve the right to decline commissions)) The three levels of complexity depend on the amount of material required for each outfit. For the purpose of explaining these levels, Cultural attire for Humans + Elves have been designed as examples; - Basic consists of easy to complete designs, depending on the reference image provided. Before the skin is even begun, I will let you know if the outfit will be deemed basic / moderate / intricate! - Moderate consists of skins with colour gradients (red to blue / purple to yellow etc), with more intense patterns + details: - Intricate is reserved for the most difficult skins to complete. This includes detailed full sets of armour / complex colour gradients + patterns, and skins with numerous layers and details: More Examples of Eleaina’s Designs:
  10. Viltaren

    Sutica Taxes And You

    [!] A note is nailed to every door in Sutica, and pasted upon the message boards. “Greetings Citizens! The Nation of Sutica is bringing in a Tax system. Like never before, Mina is directly needed by the city, and a small tax is the best way to ensure Mina can be generated. There are a number of goals Trade Princess Lily Helenson-Anarion has for the money gained through taxes. Land Expansion: Farms, settlements, buildings the city has no room for, all of these need space to exist in. Farms and a port will be the first focus for expansion! Public Programs: Artists should be paid for their art, authors for their books, architects for their buildings. In the coming elven weeks, the trade princess wishes to devise a program to reward those who create in the city of Sutica. Paying Our Guards And Stewards: As has been tradition, Ministers do not get paid for their work. However, Guards and Stewards deserve pay for their continuing service to the nation. This also allows us to give incentive pay for working gate duty! Making The City Better: Though this city is gorgeous, there are parts that still need polish, and rivers that need life and love. Mina makes the gathering of certain materials and farm life considerably easier! Diplomatic Strategy: Mina is a fantastic tool for diplomatic agreements and deals. Other nations need it, or are willing to pay it for services rendered and political agreements. And More! The main system is as follows! Each house will pay once an elven week according to the following terms: Non Addressed Occupancy 50 Mina: If your home isn't quite a home, or you live in special circumstances such as being a Kha or being on a boat or cart, this is the tax you will pay. Shops also pay this. Failure To Pay Fine 50 Mina: If you fail to pay your taxes one week, you will buy one of these! Addressed Home Occupancy 100 Mina: This is for any home that has an existing address in the registry! Under Occupancy 100 Mina: This is for the addressed homes that are large, but only inhabited by a single person or any amount under the listed occupancy of your home. A steward will inform you if you need to pay this fine. You pay 100 mina for each person under the minimum. Estate And Large Non Addressed 250 Mina: If your home has a minimum occupancy of 3 or more, you will buy this tax instead of a normal Addressed Home Occupancy. All home taxes are paid by purchasing a Tax Slab from this building! [!] There is a wonderful picture of a building in the square painted on each flyer. Tax is collected once an elven week, and you can pay in advance. You purchase a slab and put it in the chest with your address on it. Non-Addressed homes and shops are up the lift. Failure to pay your taxes for three tax cycles will lead to your home being evicted. Inactivity of the same duration will lead to eviction. However, if you are paid up on taxes but inactive for more than three elven weeks, your homes contents will be set aside for one elven month, meaning you can reclaim them. A legal document with the terms and fine detail laws concerning taxes will be posted by the end of the elven week! Signed by Her Highness, Trade Princess Lily Helenson-Anarion of the Trade Federation of Sutica, Governor of Kharajyr, Governor of the Uialbens, Sovereign Lady of the Grand Delta, and Tamer of Lubba”
  11. Bany

    [DONE] Elf Skin (hair)

    Skin REQ I need a skin for my character (elf). For more details, contact me on discord (Bany#4241) . Remember what I will pay.
  12. Tigergiri

    A wild Artist has appeared

    Welcome to my Art Haul. *I work as a freelance animator (roughs and inbetweens) BUT, when I have free time I draw everything and anything! Welcome to art haul from the past year? Two years of Lotc art I've done! Digital paintings! Yay! Wren Vanvir/ashwood collection Dark elves, wood elves Oh my! LOTTE da hooman The effect was critical!
  13. NolandTheNovice

    The Stolt Standard - Vol 7

  14. CowsGoMoo

    (12/3/18) A Cow's Art Dump

    ~*A Cow's Art Dump*~ Tumblr _____________________________________________________________________________________ So, here's a dump of my drawings, ranging from late 2011 (when I first joined LotC, and first started drawing more), til now, 2016 2017 2018. Most recent drawings (for some weird reason, the forums are squishing some of the images, just click on them and they should be back to normal): Dom (Late-Fall 2018) (Current WIP) Tyson Fury Study (Late-Fall 2018) Elrich’s Office (Mid-Fall 2018) El (Late-Summer 2018) And a video process of this one: Dom (Mid-Summer 2018) Dom (Mid-Summer 2018) Dom (Early-Summer) Riverboat Dark Elf Woman (Winter 2018) Close up to face and B/W values: No idea what happened to the images that were supposed to be here Current WIP-- Pictal (Winter 2017) Cowboy Study (Fall 2017) Elrich (Fall, 2017) Dom (Fall, 2017) And here's the rest of it: Art Dump:
  15. Username Porkour Discord Porkour#0123 Timezone GMT -7 What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Orcs/Dwarves Staff History I was a forum moderator in 2012 for three months, sorting threads to be cast away. I served under Gemmylou at the time. I found a calling towards the Media Team where I served under the guidance of Acerbuddy (Haelphon) from the time I left FM to around early 2014. Ban History Yes, a month into my first time playing on LotC in 2011, I misunderstood the no-rp killing and killed a player orc after being provoked. I was warned by Robin Drake, whose warning point scars my profile to this day. Blacklist History: I have not been blacklisted from the server. What do you want to join the Event Team? From the day ex-admin shiftnative suggested the idea of me becoming and roleplaying a pigman. I knew that I wanted to create a form of dynamic yet within lore, different roleplay. Something that will make regular races question the existence of my being and learn to disfavor or favor the outsider. Through my years on the server, I have learned that everyone has a different take on what to make of the pigman. Some have chosen to befriend it, and welcome it into their community, others have chosen to cast it away usually in the form of consumption or by force. The Event team interests me much to entertain the server, and to provide a sense of meaning and purpose to why we are all here in LotC. I feel that the server could benefit from someone who has lurked among the shadows and patiently watched as time passed by without much interference. Why should we accept you onto the Team? I admire the Event Team because of their strong abilities to keep people engaged in rp. Every time I see an event go on, the community comes out of their holes and unites for a brief moment. I could be a good asset to the team and provide plenty of ideas for the group. I have a unique mind, one that has matured over my years here and have a friendly personality. I was short tempered before, but I have moved on from that time and realize that in order for everyone to be happy, I have to work as a part of the team and not against it. What kind of events do you aspire to create?: The events I aspire to create will mostly consist of high fantasy quests and challenges. The thrill of seeking treasure, casting a curse out from the realm, rescuing an notable icon in the hopes of wealth or recognition, or simply not becoming a lost soul. Quests that involve perilous journeys to a deep dark wood in search of a cure for a town struck with illness while battling plethoras of unworldly creatures, obtaining secret information from a group of bandits terrorizing the streets. One that I would dream of creating, is an ongoing event where characters can prove themselves worthy of being one of the best, if not the best. I want to create events that can be cherished by the community, those that don’t necessarily involve violence and engage everyone in it. What makes a good event? A good event requires time to plan scenarios. Scenarios that arent one-way, and have many paths that could go in case the original plan fails. A good event requires depth, descriptive sentences that paint a vivid scene in the readers mind, so they can picture the event in their own way. It will also require the community to make it a success. A good event may evoke a response from the affected community, it might strike fear in some, or bring rage or purpose to the roleplayers. A good event also requires a good team to help each other make it a good event. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: The Curse of Droc'Nalthor: Quest - Dynamic Fantasy Event A village has a deep dark secret buried deep underground. The villagers are NPCs that tell of an underground city that was once thriving with life, and is now a sanctuary for the dead. A curse they locked away for many generations has finally leaked itself out, due to seismic activity throughout the island. Those villagers (actors) would then occupy the local populi and bring them news of the impending danger. It is up to the community to decide how to go upon the situation. The villagers would go on about informing the people that this curse derived from the city their ancestors built and buried. Villagers will tell of their village, but not say where, except show them a map that points out the approximate location of their village. They can venture out solo, with a buddy, or a large group. When they arrive, they will see a desolate land that was once the village and encounter an onslaught of creatures that seem to pour out of a crevasse in the ground. After warding the creatures off, a storm will brew above casting bolts of fire down as the players seek shelter wherever they can find. Most houses will offer little to no protection against the elements, the other will lead down into the chasm where they'll find coffins and a river of blood encircling a massive city. This city is also riddled with creatures the players may fight or attempt to avoid. In the center of it all, is the source of the curse, where someone may have to sacrifice themselves to destroy it, or risk the lives of those he/she brought along. The event is concluded when a decision has been made. The chasms and ruined earth will seal itself back up, and the land restored as if nothing has happened, and the village that once buried the dead city, disappears with it. The players will move on and probably get a drink at the local tavern. The Dream Bed: Dungeon - Persistent Fantasy Realm Ever have those dreams where you end up waking up after 'dying'? What if you dont wake up at all? What if you actually die? A poverty stricken mother cries for her missing daughter after kissing her good night and waking up to her not being there. She claims she has never taken trouble for her liking and shown no motive for running away. Villagers(players) would learn that her missing daughter may be trapped in a different dimension where her bed is the portal between our world and her world. The purpose of this event is to rescue the mother's child knowing the risk of going to sleep in the mysterious bed. If a player dies in the dream world, they die in the real world. A mashup between Inception, A Link to the Past and The Matrix. Players will setup their own bed in the house, and event team will teleport the players into the dream realm. The dream realm can be set in the End, the Nether, or the Aether, each with their own fall hazards or realm creatures that may lead players to their untimely end. The event concludes when the mystery behind the disappearance has been solved. A Hall for Heroes: Arena - Dynamic/Persistent Low-Fantasy Realm A time of gathering has been announced from the heavens or via birds, of a city created for those who seek to prove themselves worthy. This may include gauntlets, a test of the mind, or a battle royale. Players will journey to this city where they can congregate amonst each other and participate in activities served by the event team. In this event, death may be a risk players have to take, and they are to come to the city emptyhanded for fear of loss items. This is at their own risk and may choose to bring items that do not give them the upper advantage. Events that happen here are merely for entertainment and bragging rights and include but not limited to; treasure hunts, master sculpting, horse races, spleef tournaments, Player vs Player (1v1, Team, Survival) etc. Victors will be crowded glorious in their event and remembered in the hall for heroes, a golden corridor where their achievements shine with the ascended. Participants who compete will be given free but not private housing for their friends and family should they choose to stay there.
  16. z3m0s

    Wanna win some mina?

    Alright lads and laddet’s I’m bored, so in my own effort to combat AMA’s I’m running an art competition. Pretty simple post really, but don’t click off if you’re a trash artist, I’m gunna give one of you lovely MS Paint artists some gold coins for your trouble. Sooo let’s see uhhh. . . I rewatched infinity war again recently, so why don’t we try a Thanos theme’d LOTC Art theme, so try and collide the two worlds somehow, in any way shape or form you dam well like. First Place can be like 5k – This’ll be someone who actually tried with a tablet or some cool sh*t Second Place can be like 2k – This’ll most likely be another tablet try hard unless someone really goes balls to the wall with that MSPaint work. Third place – This is gunna be dedicated to a “trash” pick, which is just basically me wanting to let people who aren’t pro artists get some mina and have some fun. I encourage everyone to have a go, I’ve got a heap of minas, I’m happy to fork out more if I like your piece regardless of it’s tier. P.S I was gunna post at some point about buying lore items (not just trash, but like historical and cool magical sh*t) but I guess I’ll throw it onto this. Also have like two and a bit dubs of books if anyone is interested in trading or buying em. Not interesting in being paid in minas at all. ty Dunno if I should set an end time but I guess I’ll say like end of the weekend? It’s Saturday night for me in Aus so I guess I’ll wait until monday night for me (AEST) if anyone cares. P.S.S You’ll be disqualified if you don’t +1.
  17. Trinn

    Maybe free character art???

    hi I have a school project due in like 2 weeks and i chose to make a comic,, so now I have to draw a few pages of it and show the """planning"" I have for it--which includes character sheets and designs but like idc what the comic is and will draw any character i find interesting for it. so basically ill draw a shitty full body of your character for free if u give me permission to use it for my school project """characters planning""" and story setting. Might look like this, might look shittier. Mainly depends on how much effort I'll put into this school project/how much time I'll have. tl;dr I'll draw characters that i find interesting/do-able for free if u let me use it for my school project. wont guarantee it to look great/complete but its free so lol ok like but write the details of your character down there pls also 0 guarantee of who i pick idk what my story even is
  18. Mirvam

    Atlas Map (Fantasy Styled Map)

    (( Disclaimer: This map was drawn for fun and not for guidance in-game )) (( Certain locations might be drawn wrong, so do not use it for guidance )) [!] A drawn map would be put down infront of you on the desk.
  19. Genevieveee

    [Updated 04/22/19] Gilly's Art Thread

    Spot more frequent updates and works on my instagram @GillyFishies Newset > Oldest.
  20. TJBMinecraft

    TJB's FREE Coat of Arms and Seals

    TJB'S FREE COAT OF ARMS AND SEALS Recently people have been messaging me about making Coat of Arms/Heraldry as of late. So i thought i should open it for others that really need and/or want one. I make the shield shapes and coloring myself, however if you want any images such as animals i use some free downloadable images for them instead. Requests should provide as much detail as possible. I.e. Colours, symbols, and perhaps a mock up (even if it is done on paint). More elaborate coat of arms can require the family tree of the house, its notable figures and titles held, as well as connections through marriages. Note: In keeping with consistency throughout historical changes in lotc, I am willing to maintain/update coat of arms and release the psd documents if need be. A thorough blazon/description of the coat of arm may be provided on requests. My discord is: TJBGamer#9681, if you want to to show any images or more detail in a private conversation Here are some examples of the work i have done: HOUSE DE HARTCOLD Made for: Myself HOUSE OF RADOVIC Made for: LoLzboi ORDER OF ST. TOBIAS Made for: Semihilyus HOUSE DE HARTCOLD-YORKE Made for: Jacobcraft04 HOUSE DE CASTRO WAX SEAL Made for: Kukiii HOUSE OF PALAIOLOGOS WAX SEAL Made for: ThunderTheTitan THE ORDER OF THE MONGOOSE WAX SEAL Made For: EternalSaturn The ORDER OF THE MONGOOSE Made for: EternalSaturn JAMES SIGISMUND HOREN-MARNA PERSONAL COAT OF ARMS Made for: Doggedwasupxxx PRINCIPALITY OF CURON WAX SEAL Made for: Imibee and the Curon Leadership HOUSE VAR BURGUNDAR Made for: ACU20 HOUSE OF RUBENS WAX SEAL Made for: Arhbi HOUSE DE HARTCOLD WAX SEAL Made for: Myself
  21. B3ast_mod

    B3ast_mod Art Dump

    Decided to do just one big art dump instead of small separate ones. I don't have anything to say really other than sorry not sorry for the Star VS. Spam. 7/8/2018: 8/8/2018:
  22. ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ Store name: Sew and So Outfitting Store Location: Caras Eldar. Turn left immediately on entering the main gates. Proprietor: Roland Merrithew (ClockworkElves) Employees: Eannen Ithelanen (Redmarch), Aerenna (Bunemma) Sew and So Outfitting is a tailor’s shop owned and operated by Roland Merrithew, a recent migrant to Atlas, formerly operating a location of the same name in the Aeldinic city of Gwynon. Located in the shining jewel of the Dominion of Malin, Caras Eldar, its doors are open to those of all races and all walks of life, if they can afford the steep premium necessary for the quality stitchwork that is offered. Providing clothing in a variety of styles, the shop hosts three artisans in the craft; Roland Merrithew, Eannen Ithelanen, and Aerenna, all of whom can be specifically commissioned for their work, each with their own unique craftsmanship and style. The following is a portfolio showcasing previous works of individuals in the employ of Sew and So Outfitting; Works by Roland Merrithew, specializing in clothing Works by Eannen Ithelanen, specializing in male clothing and armor Works by Aerenna, specializing in female attire To be added In order to commission Sew and So Outfitting, customers can visit the shop in person, which is located to the left of the main gates in Caras Eldar. Business is conducted strictly in person, and one may pen a letter to the proprietors in order to arrange for an allotted time slot for measurements if their schedule is constrained (Send a forum PM to my inbox). Sew and So Outfitting reserves the right to deny any commission based on the item being commissioned, or any of the following; race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political alignment, nationality, physical, mental or spiritual ailment, magical practices, temperament or general state of being of the customer Following approval for a commission in-character, please fill out the following format and post below. Minecraft Name: Race: Gender: References: Hair/Eye color (if full skin or head): Other Information: Agreed price: