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    On the 10th of The Amber Cold, 1691 in The kingdom of Gladewynn in Atlas Ilede was born. She was born into a citizenry family with a mother, father, and older brother. Ilede followed closely after her older brother in her formative years and learned the basics of hunting and foraging from observing him and their parents daily work. at the age of 14 in 1705 she and her family joined in on the migration from Atlas to Arcas and settled down in the new settlement of Irrinor. Mesmerized by this new land Ilede had found herself in she began to entertain the idea of leaving home to travel all around
  2. I’m relatively new to this kind of RP and want to try my best to not overstep any world rules so I just wanted to know what subrace of elf would be most suited to survival out in the desert of the server if let alone possible.
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