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  1. The Mother And Her Lamb ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Rhaella Ashwood-Velulaei’onn couldn’t help but think about what she could have done better in her years of being an early mother. She thought about it every day, but as the time passed, the thoughts grew cloudier, darker… “I should have never ran for Lunar Sage...” The Mali’ker woman mumbled as she paced around Asimu’lei’s ‘Vallel’ame Forest.’ The beautiful blue trees gave her a temporary feeling of peace as she aligned her thoughts. They had blamed it on her work, the lack of attention.. Every decision she made was wrong as a mother, oftentimes she also felt just as awful at being a leader. She just wanted her children to be happy, her people too, and she had believed she had failed. Rhaellas eyes filled with tears as she thought that she became the one thing she didn’t want to be; the mirror image of her own father. Rhys even compared her to him from time to time- his words live knives in her chest. Reassuring talks became arguments- but it was always her fault.. Or so it was said. Rhaella would take in a deep breath as she looked down at an object she had been holding in her hands; one that reminded her of an easier time in life, one of her most valued moments. It was a small stuffed lamb one of her adopted sons had given to her and her son, Valus, after he was born. She sank to the ground as she held the stuffed toy close to her chest, her tears continuing to fall.. Slowly, she put the lamb down and dug into her satchel, pulling out some papers from her bags Her written will; Who Lunar Sage would go to, words addressed to her family, the dividing of her things.. Plans all made in advance. She would read through it over and over while thinking about the consequences her decision would have on everyone. Nobody could convince her this wasn’t the best option. For not only her, but her children, and everyone whom she loved both in Renelia and Asimu’lei. She felt at peace though, oddly enough. Having taken care of some last things in Asim, and making plans for a future she would not be there to watch. Once done, she would pick the lamb back up. Resting it between her body and left arm along with the stacked papers. The Mali’ker woman stood back up and sighed. Despite her tears and the fear, she smiled then. She felt for the wedding ring given to her by the Archon. Her love for Ailmar and his sons would live on, and she hoped they knew that. She hoped her brothers and sisters would forgive her for the bitterness she laid on them with every adoption Xavis brought into the clan- and Xavis, she knew this would be hard on him, or at least she liked to think that he cared enough to cry for his daughter… Rhaella would laugh softly, shaking her head some as she tried to repress the sinking feeling that ached in her chest. If she thought about it any longer, she might change her mind.. With that she would walk back into her city to meet her sister. ____________________________________________ “Are you sure?” Twilight would ask Rhaella as they looked at the city's clinic Rhaella took a deep breath and nodded, those items still held tightly in her arms. She knew this was a lot to ask of her sister, but regardless she had eventually agreed. The woman would adjust her belongings a bit before bringing twilight into a hug.. When they both pulled away, Rhaella would hand her the stack of items “It’s my will… and the lamb, be sure to return it to Valus.. Ti?” They exchanged sad nods in understanding. With her last bit of remaining courage, Rhaella would have then turned to enter the clinic.. The safety gates then closing. ____________________________________________ Not too long after the clinic within Asimu’lei would be up in flames, the heating waving onto Twilight as she watched for some time. Eventually, she sent for others to help her put out the fire and clear the rubble of the ruined building.. Within the rubble though would be Rhaella’s wedding ring, as well as a star and moon pendant, covered in ash and some damage from the fire. They would eventually be returned to the people who gifted them... and within the elven day, the lamb would find it’s way to its rightful owner as well. ____________________________________________ A funeral date will be decided at a later date by the new Lunar Sage and their council.
  2. Ren Watanabe Name: Rennas Tianrui Watanabe Full Titles: Patriarch of House Watanabe, Captain of the Rosiere Regiment Guard Nickname/Alias: Ren KEY INFORMATION Age: Somewhere in his mid-70s Gender: Male Race: Elven mix of Distorian descent Social Status: Nobility Relationship Status: Married Sexuality: Delphina Height: ~6’2” Weight: ~80kg Homeland: Digou Current Home: Rosenyr, Talon’s Grotto PHYSIOLOGY Build: Both tall and broad, the man somehow maintains a relatively slim build despite being well-muscled. Hair: Thick, wavy black locks worn long and tied back in a red ribbon into a bun. Two longer locks of stray hair occasionally frame either side of his face. Eyes: Amethyst in tone, almond-shaped eyes with longer lashes. Skin: Sallow tone skin, relatively tanned in his time outdoors. Appearance: While passively almost looking perpetually angry, he is most often seen smiling to varying degrees among family and friends. Even upon speaking, most usually his demeanor greatly brightens. There is also a patch of beard he wears well-trimmed on his chin. It is best to keep in mind he is descended from Distorian (Han Chinese) and islander (Filipino) heritage. Clothing: Almost always clad in House colors, his wardrobe is a myriad of reds and golds. Most usually seen casually in a set of robes and sandals. Weaponry: While a decently sized and well-kept arsenal is at his disposal, he prefers to carry two blades. One a katana with a hilt and length enough to be wielded in two hands. The other a basket-hilted broadsword forged by Jorvin Starbreaker. Prized Possessions: His wedding band. Hygiene: Taking good care of himself in all regards, Ren washes on returning home and spends leisure time in the baths talking and spending time with his wife. Voice: Moderate in tone, warm and smooth when generally speaking. QUALITIES AND FLAWS Strengths: Charismatic and generally level-headed, Ren is an apt leader and willing to accept his shortcomings to make the most of any situation where necessary. His willingness not only to accept his shortcomings but to learn to overcome them combined with sheer tenacity have served him well. Weaknesses: Where his tenacity can sometimes be his saving grace, it also translates to stubbornness at times. Particularly when it comes to helping others even at the detriment of himself. Fears: Ren has faced many terrors in his time and triumphed and done his best to let go of fear- however there is still the constant creeping doubt that his next failure may cost him dearly. Intelligence: Both through first hand experience and books found in his travels, Ren is a considerably intelligent man. He is both literate and able to speak multiple languages, experienced in foreign cultures, knowledgeable in battle tactics, and generally well-read. His primary drawback is his struggle with numbers at times, generally able to perform most basic functions but experiencing difficulties at times. Languages: -Common- (LOTC English - Advanced) -Elven- (Intermediate) -Li hua- (LOTC Mandarin - Advanced) -Rosnian- (LOTC French - Intermediate) -Akritian- (LOTC Greek- Beginner) -Savinian- (LOTC Catalan - Beginner) Profession: Much of Ren’s time is spent taking care of and spending time with his family, with his guard duties thankfully being quiet most of the time. His life also brings him to write at times, and teach others the way of Shidoism is they so wish. Other Traits: When standing or sitting still for a while, his leg will sometimes begin to bounce lightly. HEALTH Illnesses: PTSD, anxiety, high-functioning depression Allergies: Not an allergy as such, Ren suffers from a minor sensitivity to crap cooking. Injuries: Many scars lance over Ren’s skin where the weak points in armor were cut through, or the armor itself bit into his skin. Sleeping Habits: Regular, but able to wake and sleep easily to take care of his kids in the night. Energy Levels: Generally high, he takes good care of himself to accomplish what he needs in the day and is quite young by Elven standards. Eating Habits: 3 meals a day, with intermittent snacking as he needs. He eats when he’s hungry. Exercise Habits: Rigorous. His regular training routine actively spans the entire week, cycling focus between different areas. Memory: Generally quite good, though some concussions and traumatic events have blurred his memories of some events. Unhealthy Habits: Regularly in good personal practice with his habits, at times melancholy can drive him to lose his appetite. Drinking Habits: Only really drinking with food these days, Ren mostly enjoys a light pleasant buzz if anything when drinking. ETHICS AND MOTIVATIONS Personality: ENFP- the campaigner Religion or Cults: Shidoism Alignment: Chaotic good POSSESSIONS Wardrobe: [Casual Wear] A red robe with gold trim and orange embroidered flowers over a black tunic and pants along with wood sandals. The symbol of the rising sun stitched delicately in gold thread on the back of the robe. [House Wear] Sleeveless white tunic and pants with a loose black robe. [Semi Formal Wear] Officer-style House uniform of leather gambeson with red and gold tabard and drape. The shining symbol of the rising sun is embroidered proudly on the chest, gold wings extending over the back. [Armor] Dark red bands of bent steel plates over treated leather embellished in gold in Eastern forging fashion are matched by a masked helmet of a demon crying gold streams. The symbol of the rising sun is painted in gold on the chest, gold wings emblazoning the back. Jewelry: Ren wears a simple silver wedding band on his left hand. Pets/Animals: [Atlas] A large hunting dog appearing to be some mix of wolf and husky that rises to about 3’-4’ at his head when standing. He is generally calm in temperament, just following Ren or other household members when not napping by a door or under a chair. [Tubbers] A large and surprisingly plump messenger pigeon that while incredibly clumsy at times exhibits a grace not expected of such a rotund creature. Despite her squishy condition, she seems to be happy and in good health. Owned Homes: -Rosenyr Watanabe House- -Talon’s Grotto Watanabe House- Carried Inventory: -D’haran standard issue adventuring backpack- -Combat medic kit- -Carrington katana- -Basket-hilted broadsword- -Snack items and a canteen of tea- COMBAT Peaceful or violent: Only fighting where necessary, he uses violence as a last resort whenever possible. Weaponry: -Carrington katana gifted to him by his wife -Basket-hilted broadsword forged by Jorvin Starbreaker Combat Training: -Swordplay and dagger training from Cenric Balder -Polearm training from Cenric Balder -Hand-to-hand training from his father -Crossbow and archery training from Legion drills -Siege weapon training from Legion drills TRAINING & SKILLS Languages -Common: Adept from practice, one would not be able to tell it is his second language. -Elven: While knowledgeable enough at conversation level, some more archaic parts of the language do escape him. -Li hua: As his first language, he is completely fluent in the primary native dialect of Digou. -Rosnian: Having picked up a decent bit from exposure, he has basic conversational skills in it. -Akritian: Only knowing a few words and phrases, he can really only understand based on context clues. -Savinian: Having picked up a decent bit from exposure, he has basic conversational skills in it. Combat skills -Hand-to-hand: Quite adept at melee combat in this form, Ren tends to adopt a more defensive stance. Though through keeping a tight guarded profile, his strikes come forward hard and fast- often quickly deciding the outcome of a fight. -Shortswords: While favored with shields, Ren has had plenty of practice with single-handed blades from a variety of regions. -Longswords: Mostly favoring longswords for their reach and capability to not only counter polearms but also cavalry, Ren is adept at making every inch of the blade work for him. -Polearms: Mostly used to using polearms in shield walls or other formation fighting, he tends to favor non-bladed weapons of this type as an “off-duty weapon” of sorts to carry casually. -Ranged: An able shot with a crossbow, Ren does prefer close ranged combat for the control it allows him. -Formations: With a wide variety of formations at his disposal for any size fighting group, his tactics have thus far ensured low mission casualty rate among his numbers. Cooking -General: An adept chef in his own right, Ren has quite the repertoire of recipes at his disposal- both having been raised helping in the kitchen at home as well as taking an interest in foreign cuisine in his travels. -Baking: A staple of his day-to-day life, Ren can easily tackle most baked goods. While flake pastry and souffles may still elude his skills- he is still more than capable of baking a multitude of cookies, cakes, and other goods. -Butchering: While an able butcher, efficient in making the most of an animal- he prefers most of the process be done in advance for him when possible. General -Origami: As a childhood pastime, there are many simple folds which he idly practices. Some more complicated he will dedicate a quiet moment alone to, often leaving them somewhere in the house where his wife might find them. -Calligraphy: Taking pride in carefully placed brush and pen strokes, Ren’s handwriting is an art in itself. Capable of New shiwen calligraphy and Common script, he takes the opportunity to practice both in his signature. -Art/sketching: While able to express scenes or studies in black ink brush, he takes a similar pride in his linework with a pen as he does with his script. -Meditation: Having heavily practiced since his youth, Ren finds meditation in many parts of his day. Even if not in what one may think of as the traditional sense- he finds his ways to practice mindfulness. Minecraft IGN: Moo_bot
  3. Jean Pierre Agusto ”Before You Learn to Cook, you must learn how to Eat!” (Drawing Made by Me) General Information Name – Pierre Birth Name – Jean Pierre Agusto (Jon Pi-er Ahgusto) Race – Wonk Height – 4’7 Titles – N/A Weight – 568 lbs Gender – Male Age – 16 years old – Human Age, 30-ish (Wonk Mature age is 5) Eye Colour – Purple Skin Colour – Teal Occupation – Cook Traits He has a very heavy thick French Accent -Creative -Intelligent -Knowledgeable -Stubborn -Grumpy -Good Cook Zodiac Sign – Pisces Current Residence Vuillermoz Information Dominant Hand – Right Alignment – Lawful Good Political Alignment – Mid Rightist Languages – Common Religion – Canonism Short Backstory Pierre was born in a Wonk tribe, his mother taught him how to cook at a young age, though once Pierre matured, he sought out more than just his village, so he traveled around the lands of Arcas, searching for spices & new foods. He lived in small human villages, during his time there, he found many human dishes-and he took inspiration from them-as he did this, Pierre became a excellent cook in human foods. Finally he looked for a place to settle, he took residence in Vuillermoz, as it was the closest to him from his original location, as of now he lives in the town, making food & cooking.
  4. THORODHUIN LAICA -= [Theme] [Theme] [Theme] =- Name: Thorodhuin Laica Meaning: Turbulent river / Verdant Nicknames: Thorì Thorwen Traveller Race: Wood Elf Apparent Age: 30~ ish Age: 240 Years Old Occupation: Trapper / Vagabond / Tor Elder’s blacksmith Appearance / Mindset: Hardy shoes make for a happy traveller, Thorì is no different. He cherished simpler, more convenient and comfortable clothes rather than lavish garments full of gold and glitter. A warm fire, a good cloak against the rain, and a sturdy quarterstaff was all he needed to wander the wilds. Travel-wise, Thorì wore thick and supple layers of padded garments, that had proved their worth time and time again. A rain cloak, that also doubled as a coat, was wrapped around his shoulders. A hood shields his face from bad weather and accusatory glances alike. Beneath the hood laid a distinctive visage, with roughly kept bark brown hair and tanned olive skin adapted to the outer regions of the world. More importantly, a gruesome scar marred the elf’s left cheek, distorted his left eye, and forced his lips into a perpetual snarl. Finally, druidic tattoos mark his body. Inscriptions run down his spine, on his arms, chest and legs. Meant to be symbols for protection, they hold little value other than superstition. A wolf brooch on his chest, he kept as the sole artifact of metalwork in truly cherished. Physical Attributes: Height: 5’7”ft. Weight: 188 lbs. Body Type: Mesomorph. EDC / Inventory: Thick rain cloak, efficient traveller’s clothes, a waterskin (1 weeks travel), rations (1 weeks travel), a game bag (3 hares), a trapper’s backpack (rope, bait, etc) a woodsman’s axe, a hunting knife, a 7ft walking staff (doubles as quarterstaff), and an old map. Faith: The Father (Cernunnos), The Mother (Ceridwen) & the Moon (Nemiisae). Mani: Thunderbird, Wildcat & Wolf.
  5. This is an announcement of my retirement from LoTC. Due to recent events, I will not be back on LoTC for many months and I have decided to try and combat my addiction by retiring from it entirely, so let’s roll back the memories: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlPhMPnQ58k Hi there! My name for those who do not know is Swifty_Sam, my closer friends know me as James. For the duration of my LoTC journey, I have had a pretty shakey reputation and this will be explained in full to why I may have not had the best experiences at points, however in general my experience on LoTC in the past four months has been pleasant and enjoyable. My first week on LoTC: I was introduced to the roleplay server by a girl called, “Alicia” who showed me around Helena, Rubern (At the time it was part of the Empire), and Haense. After talking to a few Officers of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, I was added to the guard of Haense, joining various discords and making a few friends who will be listed: StillAMiniGuy Erilobar Eddywilson2 Rukio (Witherly) Diaolos_ ThatDutchGuy TwanVanDijk Sorry to anyone I missed on that list, however I want to thank each and every one of you for making LoTC an enjoyable experience in my early weeks on the server. You all taught me how to use the commands, the lore behind all of the roleplay, and just basic tips that I would need to follow to get the most out of LoTC. My original persona was called, “Jakob Isaak Carter” who was a decently successful fighter and won the hearts of quite a few of the Brotherhood members, however I was taken by a bandit Nation called, “Ruswick” who were heavily involved with the “Reivers” (A mercenary bandit group). After being forced to change my name from “Jakob Isaak Carter” to, “Swifty Sam”, I was officially no longer a citizen of Haense. Lots of OOC backlash came from this, from hate messages, to being kicked from many of the ISA discords, to even blocking the people I once called good friends. While all of this was not really nice to endure, I don’t regret my decision as it brought an awesome narrative to my persona in the end. I would now like to list those who made LoTC enjoyable who were either Reivers or part of Ruswick before my reign: Sophia_may_sing Neopolatin TheBelidle MagicTurtle (Blackhand7) NOZGOTH (NOZGOD) Crimithy Livviez Mark2282 Diphz Chris Mickaelhz KunLunKungFu Werew0lf L_GS (Lord_GiacomoS) You guys were all pretty awesome irp and oocly, and helped me get into the role of being a bandit pretty well, considering I was extremely new to the server at that point, so thank you all. Moving on to my experience with the bandit Nation of Ruswick. The ruler was a man called, “Joel the Ginger” (Or at least he ruled oocly and led most of our raids/pvp battles). After a carpet ban had occurred, most of our members and leaders were banned for multiple months which left Ruswick pretty lonely for a small period of time. Livviez, playing a persona called “Lauriel Labdacus” took over the Nation, claiming the role of “Queen of Ruswick”. After many battles, many arguments oocly and irply, the members who were left as a part of Ruswick got sick of how she was running the group alongside Crimithy, however looking back at it the whole situation was very pathetic and probably should have been dealt with differently. However, in roleplay this revolution had to be carried through due to the backing it had. My persona Swifty Sam executed Lauriel Labdacus, claiming the role of being a “Bandit King” alongside other leaders such as Mark2282 and Nezuky. After many, and I mean MANY, arguments over leadership I eventually resigned and packed all of my stuff. Storing it all into my ender chest and other hidden locations, my persona became sick of life and returned with his tail between his legs to the gates of Haense to meet his makers. Soon after entering Haense, he was identified as “Jakob Carter”, a deserter, and was executed by multiple men of Haense in the cells. Following this, I made a PK post, and that was the end of my most influential persona on LoTC. I then made “Stefan Onfroi” of Lorraine. He was recruited to Lorraine by GGT (Lord of Darrowmere) and served as a squire for a few weeks. I will now credit those who made this Nation enjoyable during GGT’s rule as well as my rule of it: Sophia_may_sing Neopolatin Denset_x Xavier GGT Knight_Vector Dantezbluepotat Viggen (Valentin Castelo) Bestia (QuickLoTCRestart, or 32IrishCounties) Fieselena Whyflower Johann Plazma (The Rabbit) Stargush David666 (Ginfork2) Fish (LotsOfFish) Thank you to all of you guys for making Lorraine the BEST Nation I participated in irply and oocly. During Stefan’s stay in Lorraine, he was appointed as a Knight of the Order of the Rabbit. This was a highlight in my LoTC experience, as I felt like my hard work had paid off and I had accomplished something good at last through hard work instead of just couping a Nation. After this had happened, similar to the Ruswick situation, GGT was banned. This was incredibly unfortunate for Lorraine, as our numbers dropped and our morale was low. However, with the go ahead of the former leaders, I was appointed as the Marshal, alongside Fieselena as the Arch Chancellor. Together we raised Lorraine back up with more active players, with rp events and patrols. Stefan was then married to Alli Onfroi (Alli Ruse at the time), controlled by sophia_may_sing. Roughly a month later of rp events, skirmishes, and general day to day business, Stefan was caught within Helena doing a blackmarket mission. He was then sentenced to death, as he was appointed General of the AIS by Godric (Narthok), he was high on the priority list of men to kill for the ISA. Sticking to my PK rule of pking on first rp death, I made a post and got rid of the persona. My last persona, and current persona (if I ever do come back to LoTC, which is unlikely at this point in time), is called “Hadvar av Mitteland” who is a General of the AIS Cavalry unit. I will now list my boys from the AIS who have had the largest impact on my LoTC experience (There is a lot of you, so apologies again if I miss you out, I am listing those I was extremely close to, AIS and non-AIS companions): PlugThePugsy AuLune FlemishSupremacy Milenkhov Harrison Quantum QazTheGreat Simba Tornado Bardmainhere Cads Vic (Cowmunist) EliteSnipes Callum TryaxReck Cobbler (Arundlt) Ibraheemcninja Knightie (Chadmyr) Narthok (Godric) Dimitri OLOG!!!! (you know who you are) I could list names all day with the AIS, as it has so many people in it so if I missed you out, I am extremely sorry. Here are a few pictures that bring back good memories of LoTC: If anyone wishes to stay in contact oocly, or play other games, my discord is: Swifty#2017 Thank you, peace out.
  6. Viktor Otto Kortrevich born. 1741 General Information: Name- Viktor Otto Kortrevich Age- 25 Title(s)- Margrave of Korstadt, Baron of Koravia Heritage- Son of Lord Markus Kortrevich Traits ● Independent ● Observant ● Meticulous ● Sarcastic Zodiac- Libra Physical Description: Race- Highlander Gender- Male Build- Mesomorph Height- 5’11” Weight- 180lbs Hair Color > Viktor has medium length brown hair that is well maintained particularly around his ears and his eyes Eye Color > Viktor has a pair of faint blue eyes that shine brightly when the light glistens on his face Skin Tone- Pale in color, Healthy skin Face Shape- Diamond face shape Scars/Tattoos- None Clothing- Viktor wears attire particularly of a darker shade of red and black which represents the House of Kortrevich. Dominant Hand- Left Personality Information: Viktor is The Supervisor in situations. He is traditionally a hardworking traditionalist who is rather eager to take charge in organizing specific projects. Quite orderly and rule-abiding and conscientious. He tends to go about his projects in a very systematic, methodical way. Personal Alignment- Lawful Good Political Alignment- Centralist Party Strength(s)- Loyal and Committed Weakness(es)- Can be blunt & insensitive ✞ Religion- Canonism ? Sexuality- Heterosexual ⛪ Marital Status- Annaliese Baruch Current Residence The Margraviate of Korstadt, Haense Other Information: Mother- Winnifred Ophelia Barbanov-Kortrevich ✞ Father- Markus Otto Kortrevich Grandmother- Kaitlyn Kortrevich ✞ Grandfather- Otto Kortrevich Language(s): Common, Naumariav The Kortrevich Coat of Arms
  7. Siol’Avern (The Character Sheet) *THIS CHARACTER SHEET IS STILL WORK IN PROGRESS* ANY FEEDBACK IS HIGHLY APPRICIATED Description: The lean and elegant figure, also known as Siol’Avern, stands at roughly 1.75cm (5’9”). The figure, which appears to be a young and sympathetic wood elf, has seen 30 years of life; though as it stands with most elves, it is hard to guess that. Siol’s skin reflects the color of wood brown, quite fitting to him. His body isn’t quite muscular, but neither is it exceptionally slim and slender. The shape and forms of his upper body suggest he could be able to support his weight with his hands, and even lift it without much trouble, while still having an adequate level of agility. If observed closely, his hands show a level of stiffness, as different minor scratches, either healed or not, could be observed all around his palm and fingers. These markings suggest the man’s familiar with an instrument, most likely a lute, since one tends to rest behind his back. The face and head of the figure is overall edged; his nose is relatively pointy, though not too extended from his head, the same applies for his elven ears. His dark green eyes, which represent the leaves of pine trees are slightly mixed in with a hint of blue, while being slightly tilted inwards. Avern’s hair is not too long, and doesn’t normally go below his neck. The hair is of a less saturated and darker brown than his face, though not much contrast can be seen between them, as his hair is pushed backwards and slightly to the sides, with a few dreads seen here and there, not to mention the ones that hand on the side of his face. Backstory:
  8. [!] A missive is sent out to the cloud temple notice boards and all assets of Arcas, copies of Ser Stefan’s letter to his family were posted alongside it, reading as follows: ((Song to read this to below)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8AeV8Jbx6M "Dear Noble House of Onfroi I love each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. Alli, you are the love of my life and Avian, Willow, you are the best things to ever happen to me. To my sister, Emilienne, I am sorry for leaving you in this world and to my nephews, I hardly saw you but you meant more to me than most. I went to Oren to avenge my nephews and I royally screwed up, and for that I am sorry. I am being executed today and you won't be seeing me everagain...I will see you all in the afterlife. P.S. The snake men got me, Avian..." Ser Stefan, cloaked and masked, began the long trip to Helena. A common trip for him, despite the on-going, albeit standstill, war. He thought little of it going wrong, no words of farewell or longing glances tossed over his shoulder. Upon reaching the river, he settled into his small raft, rowing to Helena. A guard, new to the force, requested he raise his mask. He obliged, unrecognized, and was allowed into the city. He went about his business as usual, trading, conversing, relaxing. The peaceful, enjoyable occasion was not to last, as he was told to take off his mask by a private of the 1st Brigade. Ever the clever man, Stefan fled from the guard in a calculated risk. He was no soldier in his prime, but he was not yet an old man, either. The guard gave chase, a fight quickly ensuing as Stefan attempted to turn on his pursuer. A close fight, the guard managed to knock him to his knees, and so Stefan yielded. Tied, beaten, he was dragged to the cells of Helena. Mask removed, his identity confirmed, the guards leered at him. His capturer cared not for his life, giving the choice away to Adrian, who thought to spare him his fate. There would be no mercy for Ser Stefan Onfroi. With word reaching Emperor Peter III, the choice was no longer in Adrian’s hands. A quick letter penned to his beloved family, Stefan slipped it to the knight, begging him to promise delivery to Stefan’s family. A command was then given, his identity confirmed to the higher ups of the Brigade. His fate was sealed, he was to be hanged until death took him. Guided to the gate by soldiers of Helena, a rope was slipped over Stefan’s head. This guard, new and naive, took a step too close and Stefan, in a desperate last effort to survive, seized the opportunity. Headbutting the man, he fled, leaping over the bridge and into the waterway outside of Helena. His escape did not last long though, his last effort for freedom was to end soon. A small boat, not unlike the one he had rowed earlier, approached. ‘The Shark’, ever an accurate title, aptly described Stefan’s actions, knocking the man from his boat, commandeering it, a fateful glance behind himself. A mistake. The enemy was not behind, but instead in front. A rocky outcrop of the water nearly capsized the small boat, and with this motion so went Stefan’s hope of escape. Ever a survivor, a scrapper from birth, Stefan swam to shore to meet his fate. Four soldiers met him on the shoreline, a quick but fierce fight ensuing, resulting in Stefan being knocked unconscious and dragged back into Helena. Bloodied, battered, broken, his unconscious body was tied once more by the noose. The Orenian Knight, Ser Adrian “The Red”, drew the gates, terminating Stefan’s life immediately. His neck snapped and his body hung lifeless, unarmed. His wife and children at home, watching the roads outside of Rubern for the return of their beloved family member. This return was not to come, his wife and eldest child waited until nightfall before returning indoors, leaving a candle lit to guide him when he at last returned. Rest in peace to a man of the AIS, a man of Lorraine and most importantly a man of House Onfroi. [!] A depiction of Ser Stefan upon his noble steed, “Ser Gregory” of Lorraine. [!] A depiction, drawn by his own kin, of Ser Stefan with his wife, “Alli Onfroi” and his twin boys, “Avian Onfroi” and “Willow Onfroi”. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/642186138244612113/673007119309471744/c.mp4
  9. Hello, I have made a LOTC character already. Played the server for a while and then i got really inactive as i had many personal issues. I have no idea what i did with the email i used, i forgot about my name of the character or the username for the forums. So i made a new one. I will be more active this time. And i was wandering if it was possible to make a new character? And if so, what would I do with my old one? or with my old account?
  10. I’m relatively new to this kind of RP and want to try my best to not overstep any world rules so I just wanted to know what subrace of elf would be most suited to survival out in the desert of the server if let alone possible.
  11. “Life is but a slow and agonizing death.” Erasto General Information Birth name : Erasto Kalfu ag Sulyné Current name: Erasto I Other names : N/A Titles : N/A Age : Unknown Date of Birth : 8th of Sun’s Smile Place of Birth : Korvassan Desert, Atlas Status : Living Current Affiliations : Seyam Previous Affiliations : N/A Gender : Male Race : Unknown Sexuality : Heterosexual Culture : Seyami Languages : True Southernos, Common Aroma : Camomille Alignment : True Neutral Appearance Height : 6’2” Weight : 180 lbs Form : Mesomorph Eye Color : Fawn Brown Skin Color : Deep Ebony Hair Color : Black Hair Style :Locs Facial Hair : None. Markings/Tattoos : Black tattoos on his right hand Clothing : A white garb Skills Fire Evocation : Highest Tier, TA Telekinesis : Highest Tier, TA
  12. Welcome to the ~~~FUNKY~~~ lil skin shop Costs: A head skin is 300 minas An overlay is 100 minas A body is 700 minas A full body (including overlay) is 1000 minas If you are applying for a skin, please fill out the below: Username: Discord: Skin Type (Head/Body/Full Body): Steve or Alex Model: Gender and Race: Image(s) for reference: How is your character quirky?: Type of Payment: Proof of Payment: (You can either reach out to me below or on my discord) Past work:
  13. There was a poet known only as “The Mad Poet.” He lived a hermit life where his only friend had died years before the disappearance. Last seen he was with Ryia Von Savoia-Dalivous' on his way to Helena when he disappeared. He had willed everything to her, as he knew not many other acquaintances. When he disappeared Ryia looked for a bit but found no trace. It was as if this masked poet of an unknown name had disappeared. His home had seen no use in the years, in fact, it seemed abandoned until he willed it to Ryia, where the first layer of dust finally rose. He has a memorial for all those who want to pay their respects, far from any other places in the wildlands. It is said that the gifts put there disappear, this could be a thief or the mad poet back from the dead. The coordinates of his memorial are -2312 / 41 / -388. What does the memorial service, one might ask? Well, The Mad Poet is said to have a long history, once a soldier, a jester, a spy, and many other things, countless deeds, most bad of course.
  14. Medea Len’irrin-Adil ”Religion, and all that it stands for is simply.. intriguing. “ General Information Full Name: Medea Len’irrin-Adil Pronunciation: Meh-De-ah Len’ER-EHN Maiden Name: Adil Name Meaning: To Ponder; Cunning Age: Two-Hundred Twenty-Four (Auto Age on) Date of Birth: Springtime Gender: Female Pronouns: She/Her Sexuality: Demisexual, Bi-romantic Marital Status: Married Alignment: Neutral Good Occupation: Theological/Artist Theme Song: Hey Brother Art All art done by me WIP
  15. ❆ Kelric Leodan Atmorice ❆ ~General Information~ ~Status~ A Descendent of the Atmorice Bloodline ~Nicknames/Aliases~ Kel / Keli / Leo / Leodan ~Race~ Mali’fenn ~Gender~ Male ~Birth~ 13th of Malin’s Welcome, 1645 ~Height~ 5’7” ft. ~Weight~ 145 lbs. ~Place of Residency~ Princedom of Fenn ~Further Information~ ~Languages Spoken~ Common - Primary Language Ancient Elven - Second Language ~Religion~ Wyrvun’fiyem ~Philosophy of Life~ “Life is but a reality to be experienced.” Leo wants to live life to the best of his ability. He always tries to find the good in everything and wants to do as much as he can before it is too late. He also strives to be the best that he can be, whether that is a talent of his or himself as a person. Leodan knows that there will always be those dark and tough moments in his life, but really he likes to think of them as challenges for him to overcome. ~Personality~ Leodan displays a cold exterior and appears to be pretty distant at first. but once one takes the time to get to know him, he is actually a sensitive, loyal, and caring person. Though, his work is a huge priority for him and he will spend most of his days honing his abilities and improving his talents. Of course, he loves to take time to socialize with others like his close friends or family. Family is also an important aspect in his family and he will willingly risk his life for his loved ones. This also applies to his friends and snow elven kin as well. Leo is gifted at hiding his anger. Even though he is a pretty calm person, he never forgets when others wrong him. it will take quite a lot to enrage him. ~Flaws~ No matter what he does, he feels it’s never good enough. He cannot help but see it in his victories, little defeats, and failures. If he were stronger, faster, smarter, or more powerful, maybe he could be better. However, stuck in the mind and body he has, he feels he‘s destined to never be the best that he wishes he could be. Because of this, he will often overwork himself. ~Talents~ Performing - Leo has always loved performing but often gets self-conscious over his ability to dance well. In particular, he specializes in contemporary dance. Figure-Skating - If he ever comes across a frozen body of water, he will always take up the chance to skate if given the chance. It is a sport that he values greatly and he spends most of his free time practicing on his skates. Horseback Riding - Leodan loves horses and animals for that matter and makes a great cavalryman. Lance Wielding - His bloodline specializes in wielding lances, spears, bows, and swords. He has decided to focus on fighting with the lance and has proven to be rather skilled. Knife Throwing - Other than lances, he also took an interest in throwing knives. He is training to be much more accurate with his throws, but is nonetheless a pretty decent knife thrower. ~Physical Attributes~ ~Body~ He exhibits a more thinner stature, but does have some muscle. ~Hair~ Long, pale blond hair. ~Skin~ Very fair skin that is cold to the touch. ~Eyes~ Icy blue ~Clothing~ ~Further Information~ ~Likes/Dislikes~ Liked Beverages: Most Teas Liked Foods: Most Stews Liked Colours: Light Blue & Purple Liked Flora: Athin & Frost Vine Liked Fauna: Snow Wolf & Horse Other Likes: Dance, Arcane Magics, Reading & Ice Skating Disliked Beverages: Grape Juice Disliked Foods: Mushrooms Disliked Colours: Bright Yellow Disliked Flora: Elrow Berries Disliked Fauna: Cave Cow Other Dislikes: Heartlessness, Laziness ~Relations~ Name: Arnaris Atmorice Relationship: Mother Details: - Name: Lothric Atmorice Relationship: Father Details: - Name: Antelyeun Atmorice Nickname: ’Ante’ Relationship: Twin Brother Details: They are identical twins and have grown up together. Despite being side by side for nearly their whole lives, they can’t be any more different. As almost all siblings do, they tend to fight sometimes due to their opposing views and differences, but in the end they always make up. Leo is often the one getting Ante out of trouble. Name: Chrom’ilvya Atmorice Nickname: ’Chrom’ Relationship: Older Sister Details: - Name: Jakir Atmorice Relationship: Older Brother Details: - Name: Eldrin Atmorice Relationship: Eldest Brother Details: - Name: Tinuviel Atmorice Relationship: Eldest Sister Details: - ~Romantic Relationship(s)~ He has never been in a romantic relationship before but is interested in starting a relationship one day. ~Inventory~ ~Other~ Leo wishes to study the Arcane Magics and someday become a Master Arcanist. He also longs for the ability to influence the world around him, whether that’s as small as a village or as large as a plane of reality. [[If bio setup is used please credit me, please! -TheLilNewt]]
  16. Zanthuz

    Eirik Baruch

    Eirik Sigismund Baruch born. 1709 General Information: Name- Eirik Sigismund Baruch Age- 54 Title(s)- N/A Heritage- Nephew of Duke Petyr of Valwyck Traits ●Meticulous ●Sarcastic ●Honest ●Impulsive Zodiac- Libra Physical Description: Race- Highlander Gender- Male Build- Stocky, Average shoulders, Average waist Height- 6’0” Weight- 185lbs Hair Color ► Eirik has medium length brown hair that is well maintained particularly around his ears and his eyes Eye Color ► Eirik has a pair of faint blue eyes that shine brightly when the light glistens on his face Skin Tone- Pale in color, Healthy skin Face Shape- Diamond face shape Scars/Tattoos- None Clothing- Eirik wears attire particularly of darker shade with the addition of pelage. Dominant Hand- Right Personality Information Eirik is very open-minded when he speaks along with being rather blunt. While he retains a consistent sense of humor and sarcasm he can at times be trusted and enjoyable to spend time with. Besides his poor mannerisms in some instances, he is a young man who respects and loves his family and continues to ensure the prosperity of his House’s future. Personal Alignment- Chaotic Neutral Political Alignment- Feudalist Party Strength(s)- Wittiness Weakness(es)- Outspoken ✞ Religion- Canonism ? Sexuality- Heterosexual ⛪ Marital Status- Marjorie Vyronov Current Residence The Duchy of Valwyck, Haense Other Information: Mother- Lilliana Kortrevich ✞ Father- Jan Baruch ✞ ? Language(s): Naumariav The Baruch Coat of Arms
  17. I'm new to roleplay and am looking for a little help in creating my character for the application. I'm a little lost on where to find information and where to start with my character, I have no idea what I want her back story to be- where she's from and all that. I know her name is Muya and she's a wood elf. I tried going through the lore but it's a little difficult knowing what cities are being used currently and what lore to include in my backstory as it's hard to know when everything happened and what year the role play is currently in. I'd appreciate any and all kind of help so please, either reply to me here or my Discord is Kytux1103 #3061 Thank you in advance.
  18. *On a quiet morning in the Golden City of Ves, in hobbles an old little halfling. For having just came from the road his uniform is spotless. As he enters the city, he rests for a moment, leaning on his cane. He has come here to fulfil his family’s lifelong duties: To serve as a butler for the ruling classes of the realm. * The Origins of House Proudfoot and the Lineage of Orenian Butlers The Proudfoot’s can be traced back to the founding families of Dunwood in the realm of Aegis. Back then Halflings knew very little of the world living a quiet and peaceful life. Wilfred Proundfoot, first of his name was known his large appetite and generous donations of food to the poor, as long as he could eat with them. He traveled Aegis and saw, and ate, many things on his travels. During his life he befriended Daniel Horen who was still but a young man. He developed a great friendship with the House of Horen and pledged his loyalty to the family in perpetuity. Later in life during the writings of Everard I Hightower he is referred to as Saint Wilfred, The God’s Stomach. This jest was most likely spawned from Wilfred’s friendship with Saint Daniel, and his grand appetite. Saint Wilfred Proudfoot I ~ Historians Dispute what Century he lived ~ Is believed to be the first to put to use Bread and Wine in religious ceremonies As a descendent of the Saint Wilfred Proudfoot, Thomas Proudfoot was no stranger to humans, later in his life he found himself living in the city of Al’khazar which was quite uncommon for Halflings at the time. He employed himself as a cook in the kitchens of the Keep. His position however did not last, as the Phoenix Revolution had begun and in a ransack of the keep, he was injured and later died from those injuries. His family fled and eventually settled in Renatus in Asulon. Thomas Proudfoot ~ 1200-1341 ~ Served King Enor Sheffield, was killed during the Phoenix Revolution Thomas Proudfoot had a son, whom at the start was always interested in the duties of the castle that Thomas had. His name was Wilfred, second of his name. Wilfred grew up in the Kingdom of Renatus. When Godfrey of house Horen became King, Wilfred was appointed a butler of the castle. As the Kingdom of Renatus became the Holy Oren Empire and Godfrey went from King to Emporer, he remained close friends with Wilfred. Even at one point granting Wilfred the title of Knight after Wilfred won a joust against a young Hightower knight. As Godfrey had grown accustomed to various wild titles Wilfred had soon accumulated titles such as Grand Chancellor of Butlery, Grand High Royal Imperial Butler, and various other spins on the name. Although he was proud of his title he was even more proud of the work he had done and the loyalty he had for the family. He later went on to serve Prince Richard Horen III and King James Hightower II and their families. Having lived to the age of 155, it is written that Wilfred died peacefully in his sleep, surrounded by his children. Sir Wilfred Reginald Thomas Proudfoot II ~ 1260-1415 ~ Grand High Royal Imperial Butler, Knight of the Holy Orenian Empire Served Emperor Godfrey I, Prince Richard Horen III, and King James Hightower II Horace Proudfoot, grandson of Wilfred II, denied the family trade of butlery having seen the chaos that the Human Kingdoms continued to fall through. He served as a sailor most of his life and toward the end of his life when his legs did not serve him, he worked as a tailor for the peasant folk. He settled in Brandy brook for the rest of his days. Horace Proudfoot ~ 1510-1655 ~ Served as a sailor and traveling Tailor Since his Father, Horace Proudfoot had refused the family occupation. Wilfred III did not have childhood education in the art of Butlery. Now in Present time, Wilfred Proudfoot has spent nearly 100 years studying the arts of Butlery, from the Orenian style, to the Renatian School of Butlerly developed by his great grandfather. Wilfred the Third refused to serve as a butler until he was sure that he was ready. Now he prepares to enter his first service under the King Adrian I of Kaedrin. Wilfred Horace Proudfoot III ~ 1634 – Present ~ Butler to King Adrian I of Kaedrik *Wilfred Horace Proudfoot III hobbles up the step toward the Castle in Ves. He stands in the shoes of his ancestors, ready to continue the legacy. *
  19. Zanthuz


    Butch General Information: Name- Butch Titles- Maer of Reza Traits: - Very emotional - Bi-Polar - Short Tempered Zodiac- Libra ♎ Age- 95 Physical Description: Race- Human ♂️/♀️ Gender- Male Build- Wide Chest w/ a large belly ? Height- 4’ 11’’ ⚖️ Weight- 235lbs Hair Color: > Butch has lovely white hair that is visible on the sides of his shiny head ? Eye Color: > Butch has beady black eyes that are quite large in dimension > He also wears the late Prince Georg Stanimar’s spectacles. Click here to see: ✋?✋? Skin Tone- Pale like a Porcelain doll Face Shape- Round with a butt chin Scars/Tattoos- ‘Love Maltida’ tattoo on his left butt cheek ?? Clothing: Butch wears beautifully tailored blue overalls with a pair of brown flip floppers. Dominant Hand- Right Personailty Information: Butch is a quite outgoing fella and is quite lovely to hangout with but, don’t push his buttons or he’ll make very unpleasant noises and may threaten to bite your toes courtesy of sending his best bud Gilbert out to nibble your toes! Personal Alignment- Chaotic Good Political Alignment- The Greater Elders of Haense Preservation Party Strength(s)- Bellybutton twirling Weakness(es)- Bellybutton twirling ? Religion- Canonism ?/?/? Sexuality- Heterosexual ??⛪ Marital Status- Single Pringle ? Best Friends- Gilbert & his obese piglet named Wilbur [!] Above is displayed Butch--who is wearing a Blue Beret as he represents the Sanonist Republican Party giving Wilbur a shoulder workout. Background Information: Butch was born in a small village outside the former capital of Haense; Alban in the year 1629. He was born into a farming family with an obese mother and an obese father. At a very young age Butch was forced to take care of his family as both of his loving parents soon became ‘unfit’ to farm due to them consuming the majority of what they harvested each day they farmed--Doris & Howards both equaled the weight of 650lbs! Butch became well known among the other farmers in the fields. Years later, Butch would reach the age of twelve and would yet again faced with a challenge where a group of bandits raided the village he called home since birth. He single handedly defeated the thirty bandits with his trusty farming hoe. He would then from that day forward be recognized as the ‘Warrior King’ of the fields of Haense and the bandit ‘problem’ on the outskirts of Haense will soon be eliminated as his name was spread across the realm of Axios. ??Childhood: - Grew up in a small village outside of Alban - Known as the ‘Warrior King’ and ‘Protector of the fields of Haense’ ?️Current Residence: The ‘Old Crow’ Retirement Home in Reza, Haense ?️Past Residence: Shed on the outskirts of the fields outside of Markev, Haense Shed on the outskirts of the fields outside of Reza, Haense ?Current Occupation(s): Maer of Reza, Haense (3 Consecutive Terms) , Owner of the ‘Old Crow’ Retirement Home & Event Planner for weekly bingo nights! ?Past Occupation(s): ‘Warrior King’ to the fields outside the kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska! Farmer Mother- Doris Father- Howard ?Language(s): Common ?‍?‍? Butch’s Friends:
  20. “Deep in the earth my love is lying, and I must weep alone.” Edgar Allen Poe Of all ways Jane thought her life would go, this was the last outcome she expected. Pregnant with a child. Though she swore to never tell another soul whom the father of this child was, she wouldn’t have to worry about who knew and who didn’t, all she cared about was the fact that she could start over now. Jane had lived a short, albeit exciting life. In her early years, Jane grew up with her father and her older brother Gawain. Abused for most of her childhood, Jane ran away from home after the disappearance of her brother. She stole to survive for a few years until a kind woman took her in and gave her a place to call home. She called this woman “Auntie” though her real name was Elaine Morley. Jane later took on the moniker “Catelyn” to further divide herself from her biological father. After Elaine fell sick, Jane became a thief once more to pay for her “auntie”’s treatment. She was chased out of her home by Elaine’s children who had come to sweet talk their mother into giving them inheritance when she passed away from her illness. After losing her only real home, she went back to thieving and took the one item her aunt ever gave her, a grey and black circlet that represented the House Morley colors. After having it stolen, she ransacked the people who took it from her, escaping into the wilderness until she heard the news of the group’s disband. She came out of her hiding to go to Helena, where she met the woman who gave her a second chance at life, Nicoletta Varoche, and the man who she had loved until her last dying breath. Nicoletta took “Catelyn” in as her handmaiden and gave her a place to stay in exchange for her help. Catelyn was eventually reunited with her brother, Gawain, after hearing news of a Barony called Frosthold ruled by a Gawain Harkness. Thrilled to see her brother again, she went to Frosthold and finally found her long-lost siblings. Things were going spectacularly well, until Cat’s dear friend, Nicoletta passed away, causing her to become angry at the world. Though, when things settled. Catelyn couldn’t find fault with the world for quite some time before reality struck her, she was pregnant with a child and swore to never tell another soul who the father was. Catelyn was distraught, not only pregnant with a bastard, but also losing all chances of anything ever blooming between her and the man she loved. As her pregnancy progressed, she began to feel at peace. The idea of starting anew was one that she welcomed. She’d be able to provide the child in her womb with a life she was never fortunate enough to experience. She would tell the child stories of her adventures and how much she adored them and how no matter what lead up to the birth of that child, she regretted none of it. However, she would only have the opportunity to say a few words to her daughter. 15th of The Grand Harvest, 1727 Elaine Emma Harkness was born, hours before the dawn of the next day. At the age of 22, Jane Catelyn Isabella Harkness died after complications with childbirth. Though the doctors had originally believed her injuries to be non-lethal, she passed after a few hours with her daughter. Knowing within her heart of hearts that she was passing away, she kissed her daughter’s forehead in the privacy of her hospital bed, and told her how much she wished she could’ve given her a better life than she had. How she was sorry she wouldn’t be around to watch her grow up, and how she wished that one day she could meet her father and be accepted by him, no matter how long it would take for that day to come. “Elaine, you were a surprise I never saw coming, but you were the best mistake I have ever made. Even as I lay here, knowing I will fade, I can just look at you and I know everything will be ok. I don’t want to leave you in this world all alone, without a mother or a father to raise you, but I’m afraid I can’t stay for much longer.” Catelyn said to her newborn. She kissed her forehead once more, before the nurses came and took Elaine away. “I love you, Elaine, I hope you can find your father and tell him that I’m sorry I couldn’t stick around either. Tell him that I love him too.” Those were the last words that Jane had ever spoken, before the internal bleeding had taken her life. Though Catelyn had passed, she knew that she’d finally find peace in the seven skies, with her dearest friend, Nicoletta Varoche Alstion.
  21. So I’m fairly new to all of this and I’m working on making my first character. I’m wanting to make a Halfling with a bit of a twist and I was hoping I could get some help on this. Especially related to the location in which they come from. I checked the wiki for Halflings and found that all of the locations there are listed as no longer around so I though it best to check here to see what I can find out
  22. Tafrara Al-Zammit { General Information } Name - Tafrara Al-Zammit Date of Birth -10th of the First Seed, 1701 Marital Status - Widowed Titles - N/A { Physical Description } Race - Farfolk Gender - Female Build - Slim rectangular build with small bust and little waist definition Weight – 130 lbs Height - 5'5” Hair Description- Short dark brown hair cut into a messy bob Eye Color - Brown Skin Tone - Golden caramel Face Shape - Diamond shaped Scars/Tattoos – N/A Clothing - Tafrara is often seen wearing a loose fitting bright red dress accompanied by a pale blue scarf headscarf. She adorns a golden necklace and 2 hoop earrings. On her right arm, a golden bracelet. { Traits } Tafrara is a soft-spoken individual who likes to keep to herself. She's rather skeptical of new faces, and doesn't open up to many. She extremely loyal to those she does know.- often taking a motherly position. She takes great pleasure in taking care of others. In her free time, Tafrara enjoys cooking, reading, and flower picking. Strengths - Knowledgeable in fauna and first aid Weaknesses - Laments on the past far too often and distrustful of others Alignment - Neutral Good Religious Affliation – The Human Church Sexual Orientation - Heterosexual Languages - The Common Tongue and Qalashi { Background Information } Tafrara was born in the city of Sutica in 1701. Raised in a Rassidi trading family, she lived a nomadic life - never staying in one place for too long. Being the oldest of 5 and the only girl, Tafrara had to adopt a parental role early in life as she helped her mother take care of her brothers. Her mother instructed her in religion and emphasized the importance of being a faithful wife and homebody. At the age of 18, Tafrara's father married her off to a Qalashi-Rassidi fabric merchant by the name of Barnabas Khaïr-Eddine . For the first 2 years of their marriage Tafrara and Barnabas settled in Sutica, but returned to a life of nomadic trade after seeing the potential wealth they could gain. While life with Barnabas offered her more freedom, Tafrara spent a majority of her time by his side, waiting to be of good use just as her mother had taught. Years later, Tafrara would experience her greatest challenge when pirates came and ambushed Barnaba’s trading ship, killing Barnabas in the process. With her husband now dead and her reluctant to return to her family, Tafrara decided to travel across Arcas. She had lived for others for too long. It was time for her to live for herself.
  23. Metagame any of this and you’re gonna catch this hammer, boi “Understand this, I will not be like all those Clan Fathers before me who gave up, I would sooner die. That is where I differ from my father, I will break before I bend.” Jorvin Starbreaker [ Basic Information ] [Name] Common: Jorvin ‘Kazrinsson’ Starbreaker Dwarven: Yorrvin ‘Kazrinkadan’ Kornazkarumm [Race] Cavern Dwarf [Date of Birth] 5th of the Deep Cold, 1645 [Gender] Male [Sexuality] Bisexual (female leaning) [Affiliation] Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah (until 1692) Kingdom of Agnarum (1692-1707) Underrealms of Urguan (1707-Current) Dwarven Clergy (Briefly) [Political Affiliation] Confederate (1692-1707) Neo-Urguanite (1707-1717) Neo-Confederate (1717-Current) [Religious Affiliation] Brathmordakin (Dwarven Religion) [Favored Gods] Yemekar Dungrimm [ Traits ] [Health] Stressed: This character finds the burden of work and life almost too much to handle. Scarred: Old wounds have left this character visibly scarred. [Genetic] Strong: This character was lucky enough to be born with above-average strength. [Non-Inherited] Brawny: Through vigorous training, this character possesses a rather muscular physique. [Lifestyle] Scholar: This character is well-read, possibly even preferring the company of books to people. [Positive] Chaste: This character is neither all too experienced, nor all too concerned with sexual matters. Diligent: This character possesses a strong sense of duty. [Negative] Envious: This character is prone to seething jealousy. Greedy: This character is known for hoarding wealth. Wrothful: This character is known for having an extremely poor temperament at times. [Other] Ambitious: This character desires to be in a high position of power. Cynical: This character is known to have a cynical, somewhat unpleasant view on life. Stubborn: Once this character is committed to a course of action, it is nearly impossible to convince them otherwise. [Leadership] Aggressive Leader: This character is known for having a very aggressive, and confrontational style of leadership. Heavy Infantry Leader: This character knows the value of armor, and makes frequent use of heavily armored infantry. [ Inventory ] [Primary Weapons] (Max One) Enchanted Warhammer (One Handed) Forged by the late Stromnikar Starbreaker, this weapon was granted to Jorvin after his ascension to Clan Father, and enchanted shortly after. It possesses electrical and telekinetic enchantments which, if allowed to muster a full charge, can be unleashed to devastating effect. Starbreaker Heavy Warhammer (One/Two Handed) A larger, heavier, non-enchanted variant of the above weapon roughly the length of a Dwarven sword. Forged from Black Ferrum, it possesses a crowbeak on the back of the hammer-head. Dwarven Spear (One/Two Handed) A simple yet dangerous weapon often used during Legion duties, it stands at six feet, and while not intended to be thrown it can be used to great effect when paired with a shield. Steel Bearded Axe (Two Handed) Occasionally carried into battle in place of a hammer, sacrificing weight for speed. While not nearly as effective against armored targets, against unarmored, or lightly armored foes, its raw cutting power makes it more than lethal enough. [Secondary Weapons] (Max Two) Steel Seax (One Handed) A long, single edged bone-hilted knife often tucked at around the back of Jorvin’s belt. Steel War-Axe (One Handed) Often used when carrying a spear into battle, due to the possibility of said spear breaking during combat. Hung around the side of Jorvin’s belt in a leather ‘holster’. Slayersteel Dagger (One Handed) Occasionally carried instead of a steel seax, in situations where encountering less than wholesome entities is a possibility. [Off-Hand] (Max One) Dwarven Heater Shield A heavy, legion-issue shield, primarily designed to form an unbreakable shield wall, but still plenty effective in single combat. Steel Round Shield Smaller than the heater shield, but capable of taking just as much punishment. Favored in single combat. [Satchel Contents] Rations Jerky and hardtack, enough to last a single man several days, but no longer than a week at maximum. Canteen Metal canteen containing a day’s worth of clean water. Flask Metal flask containing a day’s worth of alcohol, usually mead. War Horn Encase of attack, a horn is tucked into the satchel, when blown it can be heard for roughly forty stones. Fire-starter Encase it is needed to ward off the cold, or boil water within the canteen to make it drinkable. Bandages Encase of injury and that medical assistance is not immediately available, the satchel contains a roll of bandages for covering wounds. [Armor] (Max One) Urguanite Officer’s Uniform Standard issue steel plate armor of Urguan’s Legion, complete with a bright orange cloak, encase you had any doubts to the country of origin. Starbreaker Plate Armor Black-Plate Armor specific to Clan Starbreaker, bearing the clan sigil of three stars and an anvil upon the chestplate. [ History ] Early Life Born during the golden age of Kaz’Ulrah in the early Atlasian period, Jorvin is the son of famed High Remembrancer, Kazrin Starbreaker, and the fiery tempered Maeven Blackhammer, a captain of note within the Vanguard of Kaz’Ulrah. The eldest of three children, (the other two being Ketlin, and Azdal) he was relied upon to watch over his siblings from an early age, and as such, developed to be quite protective of them, even if he was often resentful for the attention received by his younger siblings from their parents. As is often the case, opposites attract, but seldom last for long. This fact would prove especially true in the case of Jorvin’s parents, who separated shortly after the boy’s sixteenth birthday. Ketlin remained with their father, who as one often busy with his work, sent her away to further her education under Draugrite scholars, Azdal too remained with Kazrin, but left to forge his own destiny at the age of eighteen. Jorvin however would remain with their mother as deemed by the court, shedding the name Starbreaker along with his mother. Years passed, and with the passage of time, Jorvin aged. He would find himself the voice of caution to his mother’s temper, and in return she would educate him to the best of her ability. Try as she might, the boy would gravitate towards those interests associated with his paternal clan, particularly scholarly work much to her distress. Despite this, his mother’s influence was apparent, and even as a boy he would adopt a dutiful nature, though he believed himself too weak to serve on the battlefield, and took to the mines instead, in his own words ‘to serve my king’. Jorvin’s professions such in nature, until the traumatic ‘Third Atlas Coalition War’ shook the continent. Three months before Jorvin’s fortieth birthday and coming of age, his mother marched to the defense of Norland with the rest of the Coalition’s forces, and in the aftermath of the sweeping Imperial victory there, she was never seen again, assumed dead. Jorvin came of age alone and angry, until returning to the only other family he knew. In a short while, after two and a half decades, he would return to his father, among the last of the Starbreakers, and would retake the family name, joining his clan once more. No longer alone, but still most certainly angry, the Starbreaker enlisted in the Vanguard the day after news of San’Kala’s fall reached the Crownhold. Knowing they would be next, Ulrahite leadership buckled down, and prepared for the long and bloody siege, which would leave Kal’Tarak a burning ruin. Jorvin would be severely wounded during the fighting, for no warrior was he, and only by taking shelter in the abandoned prison of Kal’Tarak would he survive the final stand made by the Coalition within King Thoak’s throne room. Being among the few ‘soldiers’ to survive the battle, he would charge himself with the task of aiding the refugees of the city in their escape. Marching across Imperial territory for thirty days (all the while beset by Imperials and bandits) the survivors would eventually make it to Kal’Azgaryum, once mortal enemies of Kaz’Ulrah, now the only remaining free-hold of the Dwarves in Atlas, save the Urguanite remnant of Az’Adar. Hunting the Cult, and ascension to Clan Father Among all refugees from Kaz’Ulrah, it was perhaps the Starbreakers who had the easiest time adjusting to life in Agnarum, as not only was Kazrin Starbreaker a figure respected for his neutrality, it was also that several of their number had already taken residence there. Jorvin, ashamed over his failure during the battle soon swore an oath to protect his fellow refugees to the best of his ability, and enlisted in Dungrimm’s Legion to aid in the transition. The young Starbreaker showed promise, and through rigorous training both with, and without the Legion, he would slowly but surely mold himself into a soldier. The Grand Marshall at the time Dain Metalfist saw potential in Jorvin, and soon deemed him as his personal guard, a respected position among his fellow Legionaires. This remained the status quo for some time, until somehow, the reputation of the Starbreakers waned. The actions of Torkan Starbreaker, his uncle and a suspected cultist, soon began to cast the clan in a poor light, meanwhile his father Kazrin, once highly respected, was soon a suspect for treason when it came to light that the Frostbeards, enemies of Agnarum, possessed a mole within the Council of Rikkin. This, further compounded with his refusal to sign the Frostbeard Extermination Act, caused the elderly Starbreaker to retire in favor of his son, who in the span of a single night found himself propelled from beardling, to Lord of Gotrek’s line. For a time, Jorvin floundered, unsure of himself and certainly unprepared to lead an Elder Clan. This was made all the worse by the corrupting influence of Torkan, whom Jorvin discovered to be a cultist of Khorvad, the Dwarven God of Darkness and Ambition. Unable to prove his uncle’s guilt to anyone but himself, the young Starbreaker was wrought with self-doubt and paranoia which threatened to break his spirit. This was prevented however, by the sudden friendship that formed between the young Legionaire and his commanding officers, the father-and-son duo, Dain and Gimli Metalfist. In these dark times, the Metalfists would prove to be steadfast friends and allies, especially once Jorvin’s father, Kazrin had vanished. Jorvin’s resolve grew, just in time for ‘The War Against September’. Fighting in the vanguard of Descendant lines in the Dwarven Shieldwall, the Starbreaker would personally fell a Minotaur as it broke through Dwarven lines, restoring his confidence and proving the young Starbreaker to be a formidable warrior. In the face of renewed investigation by Jorvin, Torkan vanished without a trace, taking his eldest children with him, and leaving only the young Karvek and Lulubelle in Jorvin’s care. Unbeknownst to Jorvin, Torkan would flee to Mynebor, where he would convince Balrog Ironkiln, a Starbreaker bastard and Lord of Mynebor, to take to Khorvadic worship. Within five years, all of Mynebor would be under Khorvad’s dominion, a fact discovered by Clan Ireheart who, during a raid against them, unearthed a hellish temple buried deep in Mynebor’s mines. With this information discovered, the Azgarymos Dwarves rallied for war, but were delayed by most troubling of news…. The Battle of the Bridge, and Serrimor The coming of the Vaeyl and their minions became known to the Dwarves when cold winds from the south swept over the mountain range separating Agnarum from the wastelands. The winter would be harsh, lasting well into the spring, and when it finally did end, it would become apparent to the Dwarves something unholy was at stake. Volunteering to discover what foulness had beset the Wastelands, Jorvin, along with Gimli Metalfist, and a party of fifty Dwarven rangers, left Agnarum during the height of summer. The Dwarves would make for the ice wall, three hundred miles south of Agnarum. To their unease, they would find that many cities south of Agnarum laid abandoned, with only Fenn and Haense still supporting a determined population that refused to move. Any further south, only the remnants of what once was would remain, abandoned cities and villages were the norm along the coast, but further in-land, they would be met with graver horrors. In one instance, the house of a farmer, with signs that told the gruesome tale of how one man had resorted to cannibalism to survive the winter, devouring his children. Another incident occurred a hundred miles south of that, where an abandoned fortress belonging to the Strigae (vampires) was discovered frozen over, its occupants thankfully vacant, but still populated by the bones of their victims. Still, the Dwarves pressed on, and eventually determined the source of the encroaching winter to be a fortress built along the wall. Jorvin, Gimli, and their entourage would race home against the winter, discovering to their horror the wastes had begun to swallow the Haunted Forest on Agnarum’s eastern border. The King was warned, and preparations were made to seal the mountains, but not before the Dwarves took to the countryside, warning as many as they could of the impending threat. However, the plans would change. Originally intending to wait the winter out in the mountain hold, the Dwarves were called to battle by their ally of Aegrothrond, who made battle against the Vaeyl in cloud temple. Quickly the Dwarves rushed to war, and the following battles would prove brutal. The Vaeyl knights proved to be a formidable foe against the whole of the descendants, and the Dwarven host would soon be separated, Jorvin would remain among the King’s hosts, and would help command Agnarum’s forces during the steady retreat towards the gate which had opened in the Ice Wall. There, assembled once more, the Dwarven host would hold the front line against the Vaeyl atop an icy bridge, while the fleeing descendants battered down the gate, and broke through to the other side. The Descendants would find themselves in Serrimor, a snowy wastelands populated by the ruins of the Vaeyl, who still harried them even now, in the Dwarven camp however, there would be celebration for having survived the fall of Atlas. In that camp, in the frenzy of the moment, Jorvin had fallen for a clanless woman by the name of Elia, and though they would be separated after Serrimor, unbeknownst to Jorvin, their fling would result in the birth of two children, Lyni and Sif. Eventually, the descendants managed to repair the ships nestled in the port of Serrimor, and from there, they would flee to a new land… Enemies returned, and the Trial of Jorvin Starbreaker The Dwarves would enter Arcas and immediately set to work erecting their home. The city of Kal’Varoth was atop the ruins of an ancient hold deep in the Underways, with new life breathed into it by King Fimlin the Architect, and others. Here, the Starbreakers would settle into a hall built by Stromnikar Starbreaker, while Jorvin set to work, beginning the revival of the Elder Clan. While the pressure was immense, it was not without fruit, and soon the Starbreakers would prosper for the first time in nearly two centuries. Jorvin sat upon the council which declared the Restoration of Urguan as a nation. Shortly thereafter however, danger struck. Torkan had returned along with Balrog Ironkiln, and in a narrowly-avoided attack, had tried to take the King’s life. Jorvin arrived on scene as the two were carted off for interrogation, and there Torkan would finally admit his allegiance to Khorvad. With the one who had caused him so much grief finally brought to justice, Jorvin’s response was swift, severing Torkan’s head from his body. Ensuring Torkan would never return, his body was buried in three pieces, with the skull kept by Jorvin as a trophy, while the heart was sealed away within an aurum chest, and the body was burned. The Dwarves soon declared war upon Mynebor, now ruled by Balrog’s son, and Jorvin swore an oath to once and for all wipe out the treacherous line of bastard Starbreakers. In the holy war that followed, Jorvin oversaw the eradication of the Ironkiln line, and the destruction of the Myneborite capital of Kal’Khorvad. Unbeknownst to Jorvin, the remaining Ironkilns who weren’t slain in the battle fled, and took the name Steelforged, hiding in Urguan until eventually discovered, and forced to flee once more. In the aftermath of the war, Jorvin would develop a friendship with Atandt and Zahrer Irongrinder, Az’Adarite Dwarves who’d become highly influential in Urguanite politics, this coupled with the brief retirement of Gimli Metalfist (Now Gimli Grandaxe) caused Jorvin to drift further and further into the more traditionalist Urguanite circles. In the aftermath of Mynebor, tensions would rise in the Under-Realm as two of it’s founders, Jorvin Starbreaker, and Borin Grandaxe would become rivals. Borin, who detested Jorvin, and believed him to be a far poorer leader than his father, a close friend of the Grandaxe, began a relentless campaign of insults which nearly culminated into a conflict between the Starbreaker and Grandaxe clans, Borin’s own son, Thondil the Fool vandalized Jorvin’s merchant shop, and damaged his beard with tree-sap. This would be the straw that broke the camel’s back, and finally Jorvin would lodge a grudge against Borin which, to settle required either Borin or his son to meet him in the form of a duel. Thondil the Fool would insist he fight instead of his father, and so the boy only recently of age, met Jorvin in battle. The duel was quick, and would lead to Thondil’s death as the Grandaxe failed to block a blow from the crowbeak of Jorvin’s warhammer, rending open his throat in the process. In what was equal parts a final insult, but also a mercy kill, Jorvin brought his hammer down on the boy’s head as he bled out, killing him instantly, but also displaying a grotesque scene to the Grandaxes who came to watch the duel. Due to this, Jorvin would be dubbed a ‘Child-Killer’ by the Grandaxes, and Fili Grandaxe, at the time leader of the Dwarven Faith, would excommunicate Jorvin, and duel him to a standstill in the very same arena the next night. The affair was soon settled in court, with the Irongrinders swaying those who’d not already chosen a side, and the Grandaxes who were formally Metalfists threatening open rebellion if Jorvin was tried with treason, along with clan Ireheart, and several of the Frostbeards. Fili’s excommunication was lifted, and the Grandaxe was soon voted out by his own clergy. Celebration was had, and shortly after these events Fimlin Grandaxe stepped down as King, however, Jorvin’s loyalties would soon become divided as both Gimli Grandaxe, and Atandt Irongrinder would run for the Kingship… The Election and Three Month War WIP
  24. ~ ~ ~ This is a character biography for Freya, not sure why I put so much work into developing it however I tend to enjoy doing artsy bio stuff when I’m bored, and LOTC is no exemption I suppose! So here is the Character Profile for Freya, and obviously any knowledge obtained here shouldn’t be taken In-Character without finding it out there! ~ ~ ~ Synopsis: Her upbringing, this does not yet follow events based on the server – but the prior. Most of Freya’s upbringing is heavily clouded, even to herself – as years passed by in seconds. Freya has no issues with her memory, however – a gap remains, a long period of time that was swept from underneath her. She was brought up in what could be consider solitude, knowing only her family and their close friends who kept her very withdrawn from the outside world. They’re known to live on the outskirts of Kadarsi Sultanate. From a young age Freya was locked away from the outside world – the few friends she had suffered the same. A notable period in this time is the loss of her farther, a master archer – someone who always shun the way her family lived and had wished for a better life for Freya, she saw him occasionally but very rarely. Promises of him teaching her the art of the bow always falling through. Eventually though, Freya began to move through her rebellious years and picked up a bow of her own – sneaking out at night and any opportune time to practice. Not for war, or hunting or even else defense – just something to do in an attempt to break through the solitude. Synopsis: Her upbringing continued, this does not yet follow events based on the server – but the prior. Time had passed, and a restless Freya was to encounter a new friend – an annual feast was in preparation at her prison-like village, the only event that Freya can remember in which the gates are open and outsiders are allowed in. Freya was to meet a new friend, Apphia – someone entirely contrasting all those who’d she had ever known. Apphia was educated, and literate just like Freya. However, unlike Freya she had a wealth of life experiences, exploration stories. Freya was told of mountains hundreds times the size of the biggest building in the town! Which was a modest church, whimpering compared to such a mountain. Cities filled with hundreds, thousands of people! Horses to ride, land to explore and friends to meet! Freya sat in awe of these stories, a mere dream for the life she’d lived, and a plan was made. Apphia would help Freya run away, they’d meet at dawn as the gates were to open and Apphia would be her guide to the new world. On this day, Freya was overwhelmed with excitement – and she ran. Under the gate she flew, and down the long road she never stopped. However, Apphia was absent. Freya waited days, and nights in their meeting spot; only to be shot with disappointment and worry. It was too late to go back now, Freya knew she must continue, in hopes to find Apphia – and explore this new world together. The travel began. Chapter 3, Part I Synopsis: This is Chapter 3 of her life, and Chapter 1 of the server time-line. This follows On-Server Roleplay. Time had passed – Freya grew restless of finding Apphia, and she settled. Along her long and windy travels towards the nations she met a somewhat strange individual ‘The Mad Poet’ he called himself. Intriguing character she had found herself running into – and someone who convinced her to settle. Days passed, and she began to feel at home. However, the sunlit cities – beautiful views were yet to be seen. Freya debated, had she been fed lies? This isn’t where adventure was supposed to bring her, a forest riddled with bandits, and cultists – Freya defenseless to it all. Hiding away in her home, scared. She’d lived her whole life a prisoner, and yet she resides stuck between four walls once more. Chapter 3, Part II The Black Guard & the City of Vintas – Freya found herself wearing the colors of black and white – standing along-side knights. She was recruited into the Black Guard, meeting their leader and quickly falling into rank. The self-defense she sought was here and she had a family to help protect it. Her quarters were modest in comparison to her grand home she had laid to rest with the Poet, but bells rang – the sound of a bard telling grand stories in the local tavern and the freedom to do whatever she wanted was falling into place, Vintas was a modest county – but it was now her home. For how long she doesn’t know, but this is where she rests. Freya still holds adventure in her heart, but for now the Black Guard is where she remains. All of these are written from the in-character perspective of Freya, and are noted in her in-character Journal. Character played by @simatra [ i ] First Impressions The Poet – a friendly and courteous individual, he brought me into his home and allowed me the guest room! Bless him, he was kind enough to sort me some planks and rocks for my own home! Oh dear though, how am I to construct such a thing? Well, I digress. – His poems are wonderful and he has some real talent! He warned me of nearby cultists and bandits, and was kind enough to sing me a poem. [ ii ] Continued Impressions The Poet is growing on me, a trustworthy friend indeed! I’m happy I met him out here in all this chaos. He has continued his selfless attitude and given more! I wish to repay him in the future, he seems loyal to his city in which he guards and I hope to visit it one-day, possibly with him. All of these are written from the in-character perspective of Freya, however are noted nowhere IC If a faction or race is not present, Freya is considered ‘Neutral’ with these people. And has yet to form any opinion. ~ Factions & Nations ~ [ i ] County of Vintas ♦ Citizen | ♠ Friendly I’m yet to meet many residents of this wonderful County – the guards have been nice in taking me into their ranks and I’ve already achieved a promotion. The County seems to side with the good and fight against the evil. [ ii ] The Black Guard ♦ Enrolled | ♠ Skeptical The Black Guard is an exciting prospect, I respect their rank and their leaders. I’m glad to be a part of such a brave guard. Everyone here seems friendly and open – however I notice a large lack of discipline in the ranks and a tendency to break formations, and sometimes it feels like we’re in school with the frequent mess around. I was shocked to see the guard so badly represented when inside of such a big, and respectable city.
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