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  1. Relations: Relations points are handled on a scale of 1-10 Protection Status Key: Hareven Lorenthus: [Impera Status] Loyalty +10 Dwyn Lorenthus: Protection Status: T5 Danger Level: 0 Interaction: High Special Status: Impera’s Lover Liri: Protection Status: T5 Danger Level: 0 Interaction: Moderate Special Status: Impera’s Child Nivndil: Protection Status: T4 +2 Danger Level: 1 Interaction: Moderate Special Status: N/A “It would appear this one is a leader of sorts, among the Druids. She ranks high amongst their order.” Mavis / Sonna: Protection Status: T4 +2 Danger Level: 0 Interaction: High Special Status: N/A “This one appears to be imprinting, it is likely a show of friendship, something mortals express towards one another.” Amaryllis: Protection Status: T4 +2 Danger Level: 0 Interaction: Moderate Special Status: Growth [Glothir has witnessed this mortal grow from childhood to adulthood] “It is interesting to watch mortals grow, they change much from their young forms to their adult stage. It also appears that while interacting with Amaryllis as they grew older, she has imprinted her views of friendship upon it [glothir]. This one too, displays behaviours most often reserved for interactions between mortals which share close relations.” Tailesin: Protection Status: T5 Danger Level: 0 Interaction: Low Special Status: Liri’s Lover [Family status] Quavinir: Protection Status: Low Danger Level: 2 Interaction: Moderate Special Status: Beneficial “This mortal often exchanges tasks with Impera, and help Impera reach his goals. They are a useful person to Impera.” Damien: Protection Status: T5 Danger Level: 0 Interaction: High Special Status: Beloved of Impera Roderick: Protection Status: Low Danger Level: 1 Interaction: Moderate Special Status: N/A Elathion: -5/10 Protection Status: N/A Danger Level: 6 Interaction: Low Special Status: Threat to Impera’s needs “This mortal displays violent behaviors toward it [glothir], while also maintaining non-violent relations with Impera....” Ehmet: Protection Status: N/A Danger Level: Unsure Interaction: Low to none Special Status: N/A “This mortal appears to be something of a neutral party, while maintaining relations with Elathion, they also appear ‘friendly’ to Impera.” ? ? ? ? ? [ Lulubelle Starbreaker ] Protection Status: N/A Danger Level: 3 Interaction: Low to None Special Status: Threat to Impera’s needs “This Dwed reacted negatively to it [glothir] following through with its orders properly, while unable to tend to their wishes as they were not the wishes of Impera.”
  2. The Mother And Her Lamb ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Rhaella Ashwood-Velulaei’onn couldn’t help but think about what she could have done better in her years of being an early mother. She thought about it every day, but as the time passed, the thoughts grew cloudier, darker… “I should have never ran for Lunar Sage...” The Mali’ker woman mumbled as she paced around Asimu’lei’s ‘Vallel’ame Forest.’ The beautiful blue trees gave her a temporary feeling of peace as she aligned her thoughts. They had blamed it on her work, the lack of attention.. Every decision she made was wrong as a mother, oftentimes she also felt just as awful at being a leader. She just wanted her children to be happy, her people too, and she had believed she had failed. Rhaellas eyes filled with tears as she thought that she became the one thing she didn’t want to be; the mirror image of her own father. Rhys even compared her to him from time to time- his words live knives in her chest. Reassuring talks became arguments- but it was always her fault.. Or so it was said. Rhaella would take in a deep breath as she looked down at an object she had been holding in her hands; one that reminded her of an easier time in life, one of her most valued moments. It was a small stuffed lamb one of her adopted sons had given to her and her son, Valus, after he was born. She sank to the ground as she held the stuffed toy close to her chest, her tears continuing to fall.. Slowly, she put the lamb down and dug into her satchel, pulling out some papers from her bags Her written will; Who Lunar Sage would go to, words addressed to her family, the dividing of her things.. Plans all made in advance. She would read through it over and over while thinking about the consequences her decision would have on everyone. Nobody could convince her this wasn’t the best option. For not only her, but her children, and everyone whom she loved both in Renelia and Asimu’lei. She felt at peace though, oddly enough. Having taken care of some last things in Asim, and making plans for a future she would not be there to watch. Once done, she would pick the lamb back up. Resting it between her body and left arm along with the stacked papers. The Mali’ker woman stood back up and sighed. Despite her tears and the fear, she smiled then. She felt for the wedding ring given to her by the Archon. Her love for Ailmar and his sons would live on, and she hoped they knew that. She hoped her brothers and sisters would forgive her for the bitterness she laid on them with every adoption Xavis brought into the clan- and Xavis, she knew this would be hard on him, or at least she liked to think that he cared enough to cry for his daughter… Rhaella would laugh softly, shaking her head some as she tried to repress the sinking feeling that ached in her chest. If she thought about it any longer, she might change her mind.. With that she would walk back into her city to meet her sister. ____________________________________________ “Are you sure?” Twilight would ask Rhaella as they looked at the city's clinic Rhaella took a deep breath and nodded, those items still held tightly in her arms. She knew this was a lot to ask of her sister, but regardless she had eventually agreed. The woman would adjust her belongings a bit before bringing twilight into a hug.. When they both pulled away, Rhaella would hand her the stack of items “It’s my will… and the lamb, be sure to return it to Valus.. Ti?” They exchanged sad nods in understanding. With her last bit of remaining courage, Rhaella would have then turned to enter the clinic.. The safety gates then closing. ____________________________________________ Not too long after the clinic within Asimu’lei would be up in flames, the heating waving onto Twilight as she watched for some time. Eventually, she sent for others to help her put out the fire and clear the rubble of the ruined building.. Within the rubble though would be Rhaella’s wedding ring, as well as a star and moon pendant, covered in ash and some damage from the fire. They would eventually be returned to the people who gifted them... and within the elven day, the lamb would find it’s way to its rightful owner as well. ____________________________________________ A funeral date will be decided at a later date by the new Lunar Sage and their council.
  3. Umbra Noctis General Information: Name at Birth – Aganeo Noctis Current Name – Umbra Noctis Titles – None Age – 22 Physical Description Gender: Male Race: High Elf How old does he/she appear: 20 Weight: 156lbs Height: 6'2 Body build: Ecto-Mesomorph The shape of their face: Heart-shaped Eye color: green with silver specks Glasses or type of aid for the eyes: Skin tone: Lightly pale Skin Hair color: Light silver hair Type of hair: straight Hairstyle: Usually keeps it in a topknot Voice: slightly high pitched. Overall attractiveness: A Slender High Elf The usual fashion of dress: A black leather outfit with a red corset Favorite outfit: A white robe with green lines that connect his limbs to a heart design on the center of his chest Jewelry or accessories: A jade pendant from his mother. Personal Information Allegiances – Umbra has no allegiances at the moment Strengths – Umbra is a good cook, he’s quite adept at learning and using herbs effectively. He’s quite good at playing the lyre. Weaknesses – Umbra has moments where he will be stuck in his head as thought enter his mind and fill with thoughts of him being worthless, he tends to feel more pessimistic when in this state of mind Religion – Curious. Sexuality – homosexual Language – Common & Elven
  4. ----------------- The Death Of A Ranger----------------- The day started as any other, Archer Biano awoke in the HRA barracks. After eating a few rations Archer slowly got dressed in his ranger uniform. He had lost his arm a month before to a bandit with a great-sword. The wound was still semi fresh as he had to change the bandages several times a day. Making his rounds around the city of New Reza he had saw Reyna standing in the town center, to him her beauty was unmatched. Slowly he walked up to her, “Hey Reyna, how are you doing?” He had asked, leaning slightly on the giant statue podium. They continued to talk for around 30 minutes before a bird landed in between them with a letter. As Reyna opened the letter with Archer standing behind her, they read out about another bounty. Soon the both of them had armored up for it, Reyna bringing her Crossbow, Sword, and plenty of arrows. While Archer grabbed his shield and a dagger, since he had yet to retrieve his sword from the young Joren. As they set out for The Drifter's wagon they spoke to each other. “Which camp’s were on the map?” He asked, gripping the shield as he walked. “It didn’t specify, but there were 4 of camps.” Reyna told him, walking a bit faster to keep up with Archer’s longer legs. After another minute of walking they arrived at The Drifter's wagon, seeing more than those who were there last time. The lot of them stood in a half circle formation infront of the wagon, listening to the strange man speak about the place to attack. ------=======------ As soon as Archer had left his group, it had all gone to ****. One of the cultist’s had yelled out letting the others know of us. Astoro, Genevieve, and Ruben were in a ditch of sorts, fighting off the enemy berserker. Archer had whipped around, attempting to use his shield to block an incoming attack at his calf. He had failed as the sword went into his calf, scraping just past the bone. As the fight went on Archer got attacked again, this time a man was aiming at his throat. It caused a deep gash to appear going down from his chin to his collarbone. He thankfully he pushed the man back, letting Reyna rain flame arrows over him. Archer soon passed out, holding his shield over his body. ------=======------ When Archer awoke again, Astoro was standing infront of him. “W-where is Reyna-na?” He asked, as he slipped his hand out of the shield. “She is up on the hill, she is safe.” Astoro replied gripping onto his hand, his helmet hiding his face. He only continued to ask, “S-she is safe, and un-unharmed right?” “Don’t worry she’s perfectly fine, only one of us to be unharmed. You’ll be able to see her soon alright?” Astoro spoke through gritted teeth, the lie flowing out like water. “You’re a good man, thank you for being there.” Archer held onto his hand, holding onto him like a lifeline. As Reyna ran up to Archer, Astoro mouthed to a medic that he was dying. “Archer-No!” She cried out, trying to push past Astoro to get to Archer. “Shhhhh, it's fine Archer you'll be fine alright, just fine.” He continued trying to maintain his composure while lying , letting Reyna move closer and removing his hand. Archer reaches out his hand, firmly holding onto her hand. “Reyn-a I need to explain som-me things….” He pasused taking a breath, “You have been the best friend I could ever ask for, you were a kind soul to me in a dark time. You helped me look at a better light, a better future and for that…. I thank you. You could call me crazy but, I love you Reyna. W-Will you take this? For me?” He would retract his arm grabbing a ring from a small bag. Archer slowly and wobbly he placed it on her finger. “H-how would you like to be a Biano?” Reyna nods her head, helping him put the ring on her finger. Then Archer pulled Reyna in giving her a kiss on the check. “Stay happy for me, you are my blessing.” His dying whisper came out, his eyes becoming dull. ------=======------ Archer slowly opened his eyes to a blinding light, a figure standing in the middle of it. “Who?” He asked, holding his hand up infront of his eyes. As the light dyed down his eyes widened with tears brimming the edges. “Momma?” He asked reaching up at the figure. “Yes my dear?” His mother replied, pulling her son up. The boy cried, holding onto his mother for dear life, crying “I love you”s and “I missed you”. As the reunion happened a big black rottieweiler bounded up and jumped onto Archer licking his face. The rest is history....
  5. Basic physical description: Endellion is rather short, as she takes after her parents who were both rather short of stature, but also because she is still pretty young. She stands at 4 feet and 8 inches, and often tries to stand tall and confidently to make up for it. Her hair is dyed bright orange (the natural color is more of a blonde) and cut asymmetrically, with half of it very short and the right side falling down to her shoulder. Her face is painted under her eyes, with what looks like drops of blood or red tears streaming down her cheeks. She wears gaudy brightly colored feather earrings and plenty of jewelry when she can. She has a black silk vest embroidered with elaborate red designs resembling eastern dragons and flames which she wears over a white woolen shirt. Usually she saves these for special occasions and wears a much simpler vest and undershirt or her guard uniform for hard work and casual outings. Aspirations in Life: Become a Fashion Phenomenon, Become a Tailor, Learn Fire Magic, Stop or at least decrease racism towards elves in Oren and elsewhere, Rise to power in the ISA or Government maybe Current Jobs: ISA Recruit, Underling of Marlowe, Freelance Tailor Current home: Helena, Marlowe’s Hideout Skills: Tailoring, Fencing, Styling Clothing (debatable, self-proclaimed), Multilingual Personality: Brash and determined to make the world notice her, she often finds herself in trouble as she doesn’t think things through all the way before jumping in to help others or seize an advantage. She is easily annoyed and bored, and is constantly looking for something to do. She enjoys creating and destroying equally, and likes to gather and make her own materials when crafting. Most of her possessions are self-made and she prides herself in her work. She is quick to forget a name but never forgets a face, especially if that person aided her. She is loyal to those that ally with her and would do outrageous things for them. She personally is not very religious or loyal to governments and believes that society needs a little chaos to run properly and be exciting, but does not tolerate senseless violence and cruelty. Biography/Background: In approximately 1723, a court official from Oyashima visited Oren for diplomatic relations. Along the way, he stopped in a small town and visited a local brothel. From this visit, a child was born, and given one of the few names from Oyashima the Adunian mother knew: Haruka. The child was raised among other bastards in the brothel, who worked behind the scenes in the kitchens, doing housework, gardening, and whatever other tasks there were. Haruka left at the age of 15 to make his way in the world, as many children did at the brothel, and he began an apprenticeship with a trader in a caravan passing through town. He learned the skills of a merchant and traveled the world, and after years of hard work managed to begin working for himself and amassing a fortune. He began specializing in fine fabrics and textiles, specifically silks from Oyashima. He always had some hope to find his father, but never did have confirmation if he’d found the correct man as he had such little information. Through his work, he met a dark elf woman from a rather wealthy family, and fell in love. He began to court Pelingal Lostariel, and she and her family agreed to the pairing for the advantageous connection it would give them. Pelingal was around 250 at the time, and Haruka around 28. After years of trying, in 1757 they finally had a daughter born healthy, and named her Endellion. Haruka did his best to give his daughter a broad education that he had not had as a child, and loved her very much, though he was often busy. Pelingal traveled with her husband and child, but often spent time attending various parties and events, and did not often dedicate time to her daughter. Instead, Endellion found herself often looked after by various tutors and servants. Although she was mostly allowed to have what she wanted, she was not given much attention. The closest things to friends she has were other children of foreign merchants who spoke the same languages, but she never fully connected with them despite her attempts to impress them and show off her skills and looks. She spent a lot of time admiring and pairing ornately patterned and fine fabrics from the east with those of the west and trying to make her own combination of the styles. She mostly enjoyed making the embroidered silks into vests, waistcoats, and jackets or tops and then wearing linen shirts and leather pants and boots for comfort. Her manner of dress was always rather tom-boyish but extravagant due to her desire to balance comfort and practicality with outlandish fashion. She often joined various sports’ teams and games the local children were playing, enjoying the challenge of figuring out the chaos with her few words in the Oyashima dialect. When she was about 8 she witnessed a paper and wood house burning and spreading to the other houses, and her love of fire’s beautiful destructive powers grew. She also often admired the samurai and other soldiers training and enjoyed sparring and pretend fighting. After years of hard work and showing off barely working, Endellion began acting up and became somewhat of a local menace to try and get her parent’s attention. Pelingal’s health had also been declining in a few years, and she claimed Endellion and constantly moving were simply worsening it. She took her daughter and prized possessions and moved back to her family’s estate. Haruka returned with them and stayed for a time, but left again for work as usual. Pelingal’s health continued to decline, and she remained confined to the house and occasionally managed trips to the garden. Endellion found herself clashing greatly with her mother’s family, as they were rather conservative and traditional. Her family took over much of her tutelage, trying to focus it towards religion, politics, and business specifically. Endellion quickly tired of these lessons, aching to learn something exciting like magic or fencing, or pursue her hobby of tailoring. She decided to run away, and began gathering supplies and planning her route. At 20 she snuck out at night and set out on the road. She travelled on foot, carriage, boat, you name it, through major cities and places she had always wanted to visit, but trying to never stay in one place too long as she feared her family would find her. Eventually, she ended up in Helena, which she had been told was the fashion capital of the world. She had lost most of her things on her way there, and only had the clothes on her back and some basic supplies. She began searching for a job as a tailor, but failed to find work. She made friends with Marlowe, a mysterious masked and costumed woman with bright red hair, who allowed her to stay in her hideout as long as they worked together and she swore not to reveal its location. Getting sick of being nearly homeless and constantly running out of food, Endellion began talking to important looking and well-clothed people, asking if they needed a tailor or knew anyone who did. By chance she mentioned her fencing skills as well, and was introduced to George Galbraith and then to Sir Arceus Of the Imperial State Army. She was interviewed and recruited, and went through some basic training and assisted patrols. She missed participating in battle and was late to the oathing and promotions ceremony held shortly after, however, as she had been learning to craft arrows and making a hat for Lieutenant Colonel Peter. At the ceremony she handed out arrows to her comrades, and even a few emeralds for the war heroes as an apology for not being there. If you see Endellion on patrol, feel free to say hi and chat. Also, I can try my hand at clothing edits to skins to fit with her skill for tailoring if you want to commission something. 1st Picture credit: art by Pichichama, assembled by me in a Rinmaru Game
  6. OOC: From now on I’ll be writing these posts in a somewhat dramatic story-telling fashion. This was not uncommon in ancient times. Most history was written in rhyme or in a the dramatic. (It’s also more fun) The sweltering sun beat down upon the thirsty dark elf. Used to the cool of the forest trees of Siramenor, the heat of the desert plains during the Sun’s Smile fell like a hammer on his shoulders. The sound of his footsteps sounded hollow across the barren landscape. A soft, hot, humid wind ruffled the gray grass. It whistled past small rocks that stuck up from the red dusty earth. The crimson eyes of the ‘Ker rose slowly to glare at the sky. His lips were curled in a slight grimace as if daring the sun to shine. The sun paid no attention to the small, figure. The light of the sun seemed to sparkly lovingly off the red sand. It jumped from stone to stone. Yet as the elf cleared the next small hill, his gaze fell upon an orc who lay dead upon the ground. His mouth was open and his tongue protruded from the side, cracked, swollen, and stiff. The dark elf glanced at the orc. He walked over to the body and knelt by its head. The voice of the elf sounded in the deathly silence, croaky but still with a touch of sadness, “Hello my friend, I suppose you fell to the sun’s embrace.” The elf then smiled at the orc, a smile that seemed entirely out of place in the brutal heat so close to death. “May you have died so that the sun does not seek to take me.” The elf paused looking at the orc before continuing on, his feet plodding, each impact releasing a fine cloud of red dust. It was for ambition that the elf was to be found on that day, on that road, in that heat. His eyes shared a kindred spirit with that terrible sun, as they burned with the intensity of fire, his irises flickering. Yet who are we to judge the sins of elven kind or of the morality of powerful ambition. For do we consider the world to be filled with only those perfect and those evil? This elf struggling through the heat was no saint. But like the sun, a force of nature, he bore no ill will to those that stood in his way. Like the sun, his hammer would fall regardless of race, creed, or allegiance. Should we call that evil, or immoral? If you define it be so, yes. But, like the sun, this elf could be gentle, giving life to those he loved. Like so many emerald trees, the fruits of his labor would grow and would be loved. Perhaps, in the end, we shouldn’t think of this elf as the sun that killed that orc, or as the sun hovering over the trees of Siramenor, but instead as a flawed being just as any other. Good and evil in equal measure, internal struggle radiating outward, burning and loving, killing and growing. On this day, he was none of these things. He wasn’t the sun, or powerful elf. He was a small figure who was thirsty and lost. The elf was searching for Ker’Okarn. He hoped to bargain with the ‘Ker who lived there and begin the building of the tower of Sirame Khel. He hoped to start a great dynasty lasting thousands of years. Yet, on this day, he was nothing but a young wandering poet. It was many days till he reached the sea port of Ker’Okarn. He looked down upon the small city, his throat parched, his eyes stretched thin, his water bag empty. Yet the salt air woke his tired mind. His thin ashen lips curled in a smile as he surveyed his new home. He could imagine where the tower would stand, a little off to the side, and near the shining sea. This was a dark elf without family, without a father, without a clan. A dark elf who lived during one of the the most dangerous and terrible times for his race. Yet as this elf of little means looked down from that small hill his lost heritage didn’t matter. He would forge a new family, a new clan, and a new future for the dark elves. Poem written by Tide Falkmoor at this time: A deep sorrowful note, A long forgotten song, A wailing from each throat, The tale of those long-gone. Silence upon the scene, For birds knew not to sing, When the oldest did keen, When death the breeze did bring. No comfort for the weak, No promise to forgive, Paradise they did not seek, For they sought not to live. A rushing of dark wings, As quiet ravens flew. The dissonance now rings, Of stories sadly true. Deadly rain, Fire of incessant pain, Fire of a realm insane. There is no light. Except burning deathly bright. Light that only dead may see. Entry two of “The History of Sirame Khel and its Rise to Power” by Selion Drogon
  7. Ser Ivan Robert “The Red Bull” General Information: Name at Birth – Ivan Robert Kortrevich Current Name – Ser Ivan Robert Titles – Knight of Hanseti-Ruska, Knight of The Order of the Crow, Chief of the Royal Haense Military Police, Lieutenant of the Haense Royal Army Traits: - Patient - Aggressive - Temperate - Brave - Strict - Overprotective Zodiac – Scorpio Age – 36 Physical Description Race – Highlander Gender – Male Build – Mesomorph/ Athletic Height – 6ft 2in Weight – 200lbs Hair – Brown > His hair is very messy Eye Color – Emerald Green >Ser Ivan’s eyes are filled with a stonewall will and determination. When enraged, his eyes would turn from that of a calm and patient Knight to that of a killer Red Bull Skin Tone – White Head Shape – Round Scars – Ser Ivan carries only two reminders of war. There is the one on his face in which he received after fighting bandits in Reza. Then there is the one on his left leg, where it met Bralt the Boar’s axe during the Scyfling War. Clothing/ Uniforms – Ser Ivan in his Crow Knight armor with his RHMP Badge https://gyazo.com/db12d6896dd36b164f9d4b6a6c478ebd Ser Ivan’s Crow Knight armor also has his custom Red Bull emblem on his back as well as a custom Bull-Horned helmet Ser Ivan in his RHMP Chief Uniform w/ his Badge https://gyazo.com/514672541d5e93b0899f8f9cff69ec11 The RHMP uniform can be identified by their Red Berets and the Black and Blue emblem on them Ser Ivan generally wears his Crow Knight armor from day to day while he wears his Chief Uniform during ceremonies or festivities. He normally wears the finest plate armor that the Kingdom has to offer as well as a layer of chain mail and gambeson. He also occasionally wears his wolf pelt coat when it gets too cold under all of that metal. Personal Information Ever since the day he was Knighted, Ser Ivan has always been a patient and cautious soldier. Beforehand, he was hot-headed and always aggressive. Now, he usually keeps his level of professionalism and his rather strict behavior towards his subordinates and his pupils. However, when Ser Ivan does get angry, he can easily switch into a rather intimidating and aggressive fighter. That combined with his relentlessness has lead him to earn his moniker The Red Bull. Ser Ivan has always been overprotective. Even as a growing teen, he always cared for his sisters as his father left his family at a very young age and his mother died only a few years later. Ser Ivan is an excellent swordsman and is a veteran of countless encounters, as well as a veteran of the Scyfling War. His preferred weapon is the long sword and even has his own custom made long sword named Vanquisher. However, Ser Ivan also uses a hunting dagger, a crossbow, a longbow and a javelin on some occasions. Ser Ivan is an extremely protective person. He always will try his best to protect his friends and family to the best of his abilities. His recent failures in his careers has led the Knight to have a case of PTSD and Depression as the thought of losing a person under his charge had shattered his will for a long time. In time, Ser Ivan will have to learn to live with his mistakes as he must continue going forward. Ser Ivan has always had a goal of living up to his bloodline. He has come from a line of two legendary Knights. His grandfather, Ser Nikolaus ‘The Strong’, served as Knight Paramount for forty years and had established the Knightly Order of The Crow. His mother, Dame Primrose ‘The Forbearing’, sacrificed her life to protect her comrades during the mission to recover old relics in Athera. Allegiences – Ser Ivan has been bound to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska by three oaths. His first oath was his Oath to the Haense Royal Army and the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. His second oath was towards the Knightly Order of the Crow and his Majesty, King Sigismund II, when he was knighted as Ser Ivan ‘The Red Bull’. His third oath was from the one he created himself as he was the founder of the Royal Haense Military Police force, a subdivision of the Haense Royal Army. Strengths – As mentioned previously, Ser Ivan is a very skillful swordsman. He not only has the physical strength and endurance to last in a fight but he also has the Battle IQ to use his skills in the most useful way possible. He has always been a person of Strategy, even going as far as to write his own book on Strategy. Throughout his long career, Ser Ivan has proven himself to be a capable warrior and leader as well as a successful mentor. He is a very wise man and is almost always patient. Weaknesses – Although he is wise, that wisdom did not come from nowhere. Ser Ivan had made many mistakes in his lifetime. One of these mistakes has led him to become very overprotective over those under his care and to have nightmares on most of his nights. He’s lost many in war and his strong emotions can either have a positive affect or a negative affect on him. Ser Ivan sometimes can’t control whenever he gets too angry. In the thick of battle, Ser Ivan can have a very dangerous thirst for blood and has almost attacked his own allies in battle because of his blinding blood lust. Religion – Cannonist Sexuality – Heterosexual Language – Common & New Marian Residence – City of New Reza, Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Queens Corner V Marital Status – Married to Her Excellency, Lady Angelika Bykov (matrilineal) Closest Friends: (Alive) Mio Mackensen, Ionian Mackensen, Ruben var Ruthern, Angelika Bykov, Princess Alexandria Barbanov, Ser Marcus Erhdhart (Dead) Ser Bjornolf Sjorn & Anthrop Dale Background Information Ser Ivan was born to the noble family, House Kortrevich. He was the son of two Knight, Dame Primrose Kortrevich and Ser Roderick Kortrevich. He was also the grandson of the longest serving Knight Paramount, Ser Nikolaus ‘The Strong’. As a young child, Ivan had always wanted to become a Knight. He started to train early, learning how to use a sword at the age of ten. He squired under Ser Aeden before mentoring under an old friend of his grandfather, Ser Khroll ‘The Elf’. Ser Khroll had taught Ivan on the importance of Temperance as well as to be fully committed to the realm and to his King. Throughout his early childhood, he met a young lady by the name of Angelika Vanir. The story of Angelika and Ivan was not always the prettiest of stories. Eventually after the two married, they were both disowned by their families. However unlike Angelika, Ser Ivan had a choice. His cousin, Margrave Viktor Kortrevich, asked him to choose between his family or his House to which Ser Ivan replied, “I love my family. That being both the first one and the one that I have raised. But I have children now and I would never rip apart my family. So I suppose I do value my marriage. What kind of Knight, husband or man would I be if I didn’t?”. On that day, Ser Ivan signed his own disownment document. (Check this post out by @Zanthuzfor the full transcript!) Although it seemed as if they had lost everything, the truth was that they now had gained the freedom to do what they wished without any obstacles. Lady Angelika became the Under Secretary of the Interior department in Helena as well as a serving member of the House of Commons. Ser Ivan would go on to establish the Royal Haense Military Police as well as obtain the rank of Lieutenant in the Royal Army. Although he has gone through a lot more than most, Ser Ivan has shown that no matter what he faces, he always finds a way to persevere.
  8. Leyu Liewyn (Lae-u Le-win) Nicknames: Ley, Lee Race: Snow Elf Date of birth: 29th of The Deep Cold, 1755 Place of birth: The Princedom of Fenn Profession: Tarot reader, student (as of 1779 at the Coalition of Arcane Knowledge) Alignment: Chaotic good Languages: Elvish, Common, Common Sign Language Appearance: Height: 5’5” Weight: 55.3 Kilograms (~8.7 stone, ~122 pounds) Build: Mesomorph body type, Slim with some muscle, a slight hourglass shape Face: Rosy cheeks, Lilac eyes, pale skin, freckles upon nose and cheeks, light blond hair Plus: She carries a friendly, warm aura and often smells like honey and vanilla. Personality: She is humble, kind, giving, goofy, and sensitive, and although she is outgoing, she usually keeps to herself. Leyu is a caring person and is every openminded but she isn’t confrontational and usually cries when she is yelled at. However, she will break some rules if she feels that she would get away with it, but only is she isn’t harming herself or others. She is also strong willed and determined. She craves knowledge and constructive criticism, and is a total book worm. Theme
  9. Hello, I’m currently opening commissions for busts. I can do waists, and full body commissions at this time, but this is mostly for people who want character art in busts or headshots. Cheers! ( Discord: bb zoë#3737 )
  10. P A S Q U A L D E C A S A N O V A HEAD OF THE CASCADIAN CASANOVA FAMILY – ISA RECRUIT – FORMER LEADER OF THE ONP & ORENIAN MILITIA – #1 OREN FANBOY – FISH/SPICE MERCHANT & TAILOR [♫Theme♫] Full Name : Pasqual Topete y Cervera La Cruz Del Casanova (omg so spanish) Born : March 15, 1750//Pisces Family & Associates : Chiara De Lucia y Casanova (Wife) - Maria de Cervera y Cruz Del Casanova (Daughter) - Monsieur (Friend/Blood Brother) - Edward Galabraith (Friend) - Capitán Ames du Cassé y Casanova (Second Cousin of Chiara, Captain of the Casanova) - Alfonso De Casanova (Bodyguard) Juan Andres (Associate/Blood Brother) Antonio Rivera (Associate) Infomation Height // Height Needed for a Human Being. Weight // Thats rude. Eye Colour // light Grey/Dark green-often changes Clothing // Most often then not hes wearing a Military-esque uniform, before the ONP disbanded he always had the parties uniform on, along with a berrette-supported by a very Spanish mustache, however he shaves it every once it a while. As of now he wears a (Spanish) colonial outfit, and a tricone hat, to fit the ‘Oren Culture’. Background : Pascual was born into a Middle class Cascadian Family in Vittena, learning the Trade of his Father & Hopefully one day becoming a Merchant, with it then he grew up & became a Spice Merchant, and eventually a Tailor-until then recent external struggles with Vittena, Pascual decided to Migrate somewhere, He found Helena a nice area, with it being the City life & many other fellow Cascadians-on his travels to Helena, he met Isabella Arigolas-another Vittenian who was Moving to Helena. Eventually they fell in love & married, however a Noble Norlander from Darrowmere came in the path of love amongst Isabella, swaying her to move to Darrowmere with him, & mary him-and so she did, leaving Pascual-Pascual was broken, and it couldn't get any worse of the fact that he got robbed of almost 12k Mina from Hangmen. And so from that day on, Pascual became a Extreme Ultra-Nationalist Orenian-He swore he shall destroy the state of Darrowmere, all Norlanders, and the Hangmen-unless they surrender to the State. (Franco Moment). Upon a day in the Tavern, he met a Vittenian-Descent young woman by the name of Chiara De Lucia-eventually they fell in love & Married, founding the Casanova Family-During this time Pascual decided to Run for Mayor, being convinced by his Cascadian Friend, Edward Galabraith. And so he did, however his Extremist attitude got the best of him, and nobody followed him, besides his closets associates-La Monsieur, Juan Andres, and Antonio Rivera, as of now they formed the Orenian Nationalist Party in Helena, with it then Pascual is training to become a Cadet in the ISA-along with tailoring every once in a while to pay the bills & such. Upon a large rally of the ONP, some of the members of the Helena Government came & started to argue with Pascual about his Beliefs, at the time Pascual was drunk-so he couldnt respond with rational & well thought answers to the attacks-and so most of his high ranking officials started to leave, they were embarrassed of how their glorious leader, Pascual de Casanova-couldnt defend himself, and the party-due to this, it disbanded within hours of the event. Pascual de Casanova-his entire life was being taken away from him...his wife, his money, his political party, his ideals-All he could do is rebuild-with each day it gets better however it seems to be it could get worse, these past events formed his mindset & his nationalism & pride towards his state, all he could do is host trust towards his Empire, fighting in the military, and so he did-as of now hes still training to become a cadet, infact hes just about to-along with living in a decent house with his wife, comrades, and his Cat-Pablo.
  11. Vallei Hileia Songbird Date of Birth: 12th of Sun’s Smile, 1761 Race: Wood Elf Tribe: the Songbird Profession: Tarot Master, Dancer, Musician Physical appearance: Vallei stands at 5’4”, has auburn hair and emerald green eyes matched with honey colored skin with orange undertones. Personality: Vallei Hileia is a naturally energetic, talkative, and happy. She usually sports a smile or a mouth full a berries, rarely is it anything but that. She is an optimist and passionate. She loves all living creatures and wouldn’t bring herself to harm unless the creature hurts her or others. She enjoys experiencing other’s cultures, which is why she enjoys her nomadic life style so much. Main Mani: Nemglan, The goddess of Freedom and Thunder Back story: Vallei Hileia was born in the Talon’s Grove on the 12th of Sun’s smile, 1761, to a local farmer and an unknown father. When Vallei was 8 her mother left her to the nomads, and once she turned 15 she spilt and started to fend for herself. She spent a year living under trees or in tents with other nomads and performing in local cities and towns for money. By the time she turned 16 she was introduced to the Songbird tribe and the leader, Devi, was kind enough to let her join their seed. Vallei spends her days traveling with her tribe or on her own, entertaining others and bringing joy.
  12. "There's none so blind as those who will not listen." ~ Neil Gaiman Theme Song ~The Moonlit Diviner~ Luscinia “Yuèliàng” Selune Nicknames Lusci Race Snow Elf Apparent Age Early 20’s Actual Age Late 30’s Status Alive Zero Kills Zero Deaths Background Luscinia was born under a full moon on the stillest night of the Spring season some seconds after her brother, Corvus. A surprise to all who deemed the twin’s birth a portent of changing times. Named for the nightingale who sings with so much passion, her mother used to tell her that the thaw would be her blessing and the grace to melt hearts her gift. Raised as a Diviner in the traditions of her wayward tribe, the snow elf holds her people’s heritage near and dear to her as a chosen lifestyle to this day. Despite being the last of those once known as the Averan, the Wandering Lost. It is acceptable knowledge that Luscinia and her brother Corvus lost their tribe as a whole to the Frost Witches of Skjoldier some decades ago, and this is when her sight was taken. Since then the pair have fled across the sea and to Arcas, true to their roaming nature, until their stories finally parted in the bustle of the docks and Luscinia found herself alone in a strange new land. Hopeful that her sibling had followed their plan to pilgrimage to the homeland of their ancestor’s kin in the Princedom of Fenn, she found herself wandering the roads until she reached Helena. Here, she made true friends and was not much long after reunited with her sibling, content to take up residence until the unshakable urge to travel once more was upon them. Through her brother’s tireless studies upon reaching the shore, the pair learned of an enclave of monks who practiced a way to attune oneself to their own soul and enhance that energy outwardly. Intrigued, the inquisitive pair sought the Dao Monastery and were rewarded with a means to complete the cycle of training they had originally thought lost with their respective tribal elders. While seeking to forge a path of deeper meaning, the siblings set out on their most active task of erecting three way-shrines providing a copy of the scroll that lead them to the monastery in the first place. The Hua-Jiao became available in Helena, Darrowmere, and Morsgrad. During these travels they made many allies and friends, Luscinia’s brother even taking up a role as a teacher, particularly to the younger generation in Norland. For a time the pair spent their days happily in the cold region, but upon the awakening of their second sight through their dedicated studies they again took to the roads. Description 5’0”, 90lbs, Petite and delicate like a porcelain doll, she is much smaller and lighter than the typical elf. White hair with a light blue tinge falls floor-length when loose, and to the backs of her knees braided with the 78 plaits she meticulously keeps. Her eyes are blind, having long been scarred by jagged horizontal claw marks across her face, they are now a clouded silver where they used to be an ice blue. With pale fine china skin, she is almost white as snow. A triple moon is tattooed upon her forehead in midnight blue ink, covered by her hair; the moon’s phases as well along the length of her spine. Always soft spoken, she has never even once been heard to raise her voice in anger. Wardrobe The tribal elf prefers to wear loose but modest robes, often layering with the idea of trapping air for warmth in mind. She can appear to be wearing very light stuff, but be perfectly comfy in freezing rooms. Strewn throughout those many braids are various beads of pastel color, painted feathers, and occasionally a flower wreathe. The ribbons used to bind it all together are always coordinated to the color of her dress. She wears a pair of soft soled shoes that allow her to better feel the terrain beneath her feet and keep her from tripping over obstacles. Her most conversed about accessory being the various colored blindfolds she wears constantly in public to hide the hideous tale the wounds across her fair face tell. A hot bath is a luxury to Luscinia, but this does not mean she is unkempt. Her people long ago developed a modest and thorough bath regimen, and always she carries the soothing scent of heather. Nature Luscinia is a kind soul who only wants to see the good in others. In fact, it can be hard to convince her otherwise. Always she holds a soft light over people she endears herself to, even if they are the worst kind. If they treat her well, surely they can do the same for others. She is fundamentally naive, but she is not stupid. She is remarkably adept at retaining facts and figures, which stems from her constant use of arithmetic to determine her surroundings and memorize her very steps. To her, the world is measured in her own strides, but she relies on others to fill in the details. While her impairment does not seem to inhibit her too much with her method of moving around, it has proven troublesome and mostly morally degrading. Luscinia combats this with her own good humor and kindly disposition, often even making jokes at her own expense to make people more comfortable around her. While her brother takes personal blame for her blindness, she has found only enrichment in it. Loves Corvus Selune, the feyling’s elder brother, is the greatest thing that she loves. Everything else is a source of joy for the optimistic creature, she loves to travel and meet all manner of new people, she enjoys reading others fortunes with her runes, and learning about different cultures. Her favorite pastimes include weaving, sewing, and embroidery, as she can feel the fibers she is working with and thus does not need her eyes to make pretty pieces. A treasured object of hers is a stuffed polar bear plush toy that she received from Alistair. Hates Generally speaking, Luscinia does not hate. Not anyone, not anything. She believes that to hold hate in your heart is a sin against the peace that the moon represents and only leads to tainting your own soul. Thus, she exhumes an unsurpassable patience with everyone in any situation. Always trying to quell an argument where possible, and calming others with soothing tones and words. Though she has mentioned not being particularly fond of citrus fruits or birds that squawk instead of sing. Fears Much like with hatred, fear has no place in the placid feyling’s mind, for she accepts every occurrence as a matter of Fate. If it happens, it was meant to happen, and there is no point in getting upset about it. It is thus almost impossible to intimidate her, but that does not mean she doesn’t have a healthy sense of self-preservation. Despite this, she is still entirely trusting of just about anyone and often walks blindly into risky situations vision impaired or not. Faith Lusicnia's tribe holds a mysterious practice that is rather vague in its nature, but explains she was raised as a Diviner in their tradition. Elaborating that this position was typically held in conjunction with the Guardian, who lead the tribe as their chieftain, while the Diviner would serve as an advisory role. She observes very old teachings of their ancestors that seem to be based on the moon and lunar cycle. Believing in the tranquility that a still night represents and can reflect in one’s soul. While she does not openly disagree with other religions, she holds an amount of concern for what others could now view her faith as and tries to combat any prejudice with a gentle hand while never accusing anyone of being unfaithful to their own beliefs. She believes all are equal under the moon’s gaze, after all. Combat As the maiden practices the old teachings of her tribe, she is also a pacifist through and through. She has never raised her hand to another, never wantonly lied, and never spoken a truly harsh word that was not the truth. Words are her only weapons, for even her various tools and walking staff are never used even in self defense. She would sooner allow herself to be run through and die in a peaceful fashion than to allow anger and fear to win out over her beliefs. Magic Chi Manipulation – Moon Path Tier 1 Confirmation Short Term Goals Find her brother. (Succeeded) Obtain temporary lodging. (Succeeded) Complete Pilgrimage to the Princedom of Fenn. (WIP) Long Term Goals Become a Moon Monk. (Succeeded) Master the Moon Path. (WIP) Survive the coming Exodus. (WIP) Personal Relationships (Requires multiple RP encounters to be added to this list.) Corvus Selune - “You have always been the sunshine to my otherwise very stark world.” Alistair Brashton - “You were the first friend I made in this new land, and I will cherish you always.” Eugeo de Astrea - “Words cannot express my happiness for the bond our families have grown to share.” Ancelie de Astrea - “You are like the sister I never had, and I will always value your opinion.” Lunir Ursir - “I have not known you long, but I have known the peace you bring my loved ones. This counts you among them.” Halvar Edvardsson - “You have shown my family kindness, and so kindness shall always be shown to you.” Jiangu Vincrute - “None of the songs, poems, gifts or praises in this mortal world can express my thanks to you.” Qing-Long - “While I cannot look directly at you anymore, I still respect you highly for managing my brother.” Rithon Caelthor - “You are still a new presence to me, but I sense your struggle. I am glad you are on a path toward healing.” Quavinir - “You are my most respected elder, and while I may not always agree with you I will always hear your words.” Koshiro Matsuda - “Your devotion to your sister is touching and reminds me of my own brother.” Ryuu Nova - “You are a very kind soul, I have known this since the moment I met you. I hope to know you better.” Eleanor Victoria - “While we may not be the closest of friends, you have always been kind to me.” Williem Galbraith - “You likely do not even remember my name, but you call my brother a lady and I find that hilarious.” Tirilan Sentinal - “You have a beautiful soul. Do not let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Not even yourself.”
  13. Name: Lysander Elme Race: Human Age: 20 years old Gender: Male Physical Description: Lysander wears a long robe in a dark blue color, adorned with three broaches. He wears it to hide his boney and scrawny body from others. He has long blonde hair, which is usually really messy, but he has it stuffed in the hood of his robe ususally, since he is a bit embarrassed about his hair. Under his robe he wears baggy brown pants, a beige shirt and brown suspenders with a belt. His boots are the color of his robe while his gloves are brown like his pants. Lysanders eyes are a gentle hazel color, but due to his hair falling over his right eye, only one of them is usually visible. He usually has heavy eyebags. He‘s about 5‘8“ and a little underweight. Character Description: Lysander was born in Helena, the capital of the Holy Orenian Empire. His parents were both middle class citizens with his mother being an aspiring author and his father working as a merchant. They had most of their wealth due to inheritance. He grew up an only child for 8 years until his younger sister Rosetta was born. He didn’t really like her or interact with her a lot, but he had a soft spot for his younger sister nonetheless. Up until his 16th birthday he’d been a child that was very closed off and mostly hid in his room to read. He spent a lot of time inside, avoiding his peers and other people in general. In his Adventure books he found solace and purpose, later wishing to go on lots of adventures himself. He was homeschooled due to his refusal to leave his house. After his 16th Birthday, Lysander began to question his belief and came to the conclusion that the only Person who is superior to him was himself. As he was already considered an outcast by most that knew him, he was shunned for rejecting the Church of Canon on top of his antisocial behavior. His parents threatened to kick him out three 1/2 years later, as they were unable to keep up their reputation with him in the house. Though Lysander decided that he’d leave on his own to go on adventures and travel the world, which he did. Due to being so closed off all his life, he now has Trouble opening up to others and trust them, though he can also be very naive as well, since most of his knowledge about the outside world comes from books and no experience, he often compares reality to the stories in his books and assumes that the fiction he reads is what reality is like. It can be hard for him to accept a reality where what he supposed would be doesn‘t come true or is vastly different. Since Lysander was inside his house and very sheltered for most of his life, he doesn‘t know how to do very basic things like how to use a sword or hoe. He‘s not very physically strong due to that as well, but his enthusiasm usually makes up for his lack of strength, as he often tries very hard to learn and will go all out on even the simplest tasks. He‘s an adventurous and very curious person who loves heroic stories and experiencing new things. But due to being closed off from society for such a long time, Lysander is easily scared as well and his cowardice often wins against his curiosity. He comes across as rude and unsure, since he can‘t handle talking to strangers. If he is being talked to and manages to get used to the person he‘ll be a lot more open though, even clingy. In front of strangers he gets very anxious and can‘t handle big groups of people either. This and the fact that he tends to hide and watch people can make him seem raher suspicious and weird. Even though Lysander acts rudely when talking to people he doesn‘t know, he has good manners and respects people who are older than him if he trusts them. He sees himself as a realist and doesn‘t like his own weakness. He often feels as if he‘s bothering people and has a hard time reading others, since he‘s just never had a chance to learn it. Lyanders favorite thing in the world is reading. He loves books and will spent all his money on them, even if that means he won‘t be able to eat. He writes down his adventures in a journal as well and someday would like to write books of his own. Until then books are his escapism and the way he learns best, next to practical experience. He can read for hours and often tries to find similarities between the stories and reality. Even though Lysander is not a big fan of religion, he is interested in learning about it. As such, he loves to read almost every genre (Adventure, History and Fantasy being his favorites).
  14. Age; seventeen 17 Minecraft account name: 5107H Rules: read and agreed GMT: GMT + 0 (London, Lisbon, Casablanca) Referral: Planetminecraft.com Discord: NEB#6176 Metagaming definition in own words : meta-gaming is using knowledge learnt outside of the role play in the role play, giving them a (some seen) advantage compared to the other players in the role play. I dont know many examples as i tend to play strict lore games like this so im not sure if you'd know. However if i was role playing with a group of people and a mob boss came up, lets say i had read the wiki article on said mob boss, id be aware of all its weaknesses and could act on them all without ever playing against it before. powr gaming definition in own words: powergaming is personally an incredibly frustrating way of gaining elitism in game. by joining a high ranking guild or league as a new player and being taught what to do to avoid the storyline, interactions and such that everyone else had to go through to get to that level. such as if i joined a dungeon roleplay and a high rank dungeon master for some reason took pity on me and showed me how to defeat each dungeon mob and what to do without me figuring out by myself and experiencing the frustration and interactions with others that the rest of the non spoon fed players do. Character race: High Elf Character name: Enji Niadhoki Character gender: female Character age: 19 Physical description of character: Enji has pin straight platinum hair with violet eyes. Wearing a loose shoulder strap grey dress and often barefoot. at 5'9 (endomorphic) 50kg Personality traits/quirks: enji is often seen as emotionaly detatched but just doesnt know how to humble herself. she thinks god or religion is illogical. however she is very friendly Character biography: Enji was born in the Taliyna’maehr region to hardworking parents who dedicated themselves more to their path to a political office than to their own daughter. Brought up with high expectations as a result of her parents own hard work, Enji strives to succeed in every task she is set regardless of what it may take. She was home schooled from the age of five to sixteen, her parents taking it in turns to amass immense amounts of work to her, learning science and literature in order to ensure her following in their footsteps. Enji however yearned for fine arts and expression, at fifteen she began to explore poetry, art and craft which was heavily looked down upon by her prestigious elitist complex parents as they saw it as foolish. Often venturing down to the lower district out of curiosity she adopted a kindness that was not taught back home. While still thinking herself as better than the rest she is open and curious to the other races around her and is eager to learn and venture more. Often scolded and threatened with impurity from her Taharieae worshiping parents she grew to be cold and emotionally detached from others of her own race. Unfamiliar to love and the fear of rejection, stemming from the elite complex built around her, Enji refrains from relationships altogether, romantic or not. At nineteen, Enji wishes to become an artist and poet, articulating her caged feelings by media expression, eager to form bonds and learn Enji left her upper class district and hopes to explore and become wise. Roleplay scenario answer: *Stepping off the boat, she stretched her arms upwards and glanced around, straightening her dress out and sighing, the thought of a conversation straight after a long journey annoyed her a little but nonetheless she smiled gracefully at the small man. ’Thank you very much, wait?’ *she took a minute to think and then let out a soft laugh* ‘If my place in society could get any higher id be royalty, im from the upper district of the Taliyna’maehr region, wealth is with me at all times!’ *She spoke as though it was obvious, she looked him up and down and then smiled a little* ‘I see you also have a little wealth? something in common! say, how about you take me for a drink and we can talk.’ Character skin:
  15. Ren Watanabe Name: Rennas Tianrui Watanabe Full Titles: Patriarch of House Watanabe, Captain of the Rosiere Regiment Guard Nickname/Alias: Ren KEY INFORMATION Age: Somewhere in his mid-70s Gender: Male Race: Elven mix of Distorian descent Social Status: Nobility Relationship Status: Married Sexuality: Delphina Height: ~6’2” Weight: ~80kg Homeland: Digou Current Home: Rosenyr, Talon’s Grotto PHYSIOLOGY Build: Both tall and broad, the man somehow maintains a relatively slim build despite being well-muscled. Hair: Thick, wavy black locks worn long and tied back in a red ribbon into a bun. Two longer locks of stray hair occasionally frame either side of his face. Eyes: Amethyst in tone, almond-shaped eyes with longer lashes. Skin: Sallow tone skin, relatively tanned in his time outdoors. Appearance: While passively almost looking perpetually angry, he is most often seen smiling to varying degrees among family and friends. Even upon speaking, most usually his demeanor greatly brightens. There is also a patch of beard he wears well-trimmed on his chin. It is best to keep in mind he is descended from Distorian (Han Chinese) and islander (Filipino) heritage. Clothing: Almost always clad in House colors, his wardrobe is a myriad of reds and golds. Most usually seen casually in a set of robes and sandals. Weaponry: While a decently sized and well-kept arsenal is at his disposal, he prefers to carry two blades. One a katana with a hilt and length enough to be wielded in two hands. The other a basket-hilted broadsword forged by Jorvin Starbreaker. Prized Possessions: His wedding band. Hygiene: Taking good care of himself in all regards, Ren washes on returning home and spends leisure time in the baths talking and spending time with his wife. Voice: Moderate in tone, warm and smooth when generally speaking. QUALITIES AND FLAWS Strengths: Charismatic and generally level-headed, Ren is an apt leader and willing to accept his shortcomings to make the most of any situation where necessary. His willingness not only to accept his shortcomings but to learn to overcome them combined with sheer tenacity have served him well. Weaknesses: Where his tenacity can sometimes be his saving grace, it also translates to stubbornness at times. Particularly when it comes to helping others even at the detriment of himself. Fears: Ren has faced many terrors in his time and triumphed and done his best to let go of fear- however there is still the constant creeping doubt that his next failure may cost him dearly. Intelligence: Both through first hand experience and books found in his travels, Ren is a considerably intelligent man. He is both literate and able to speak multiple languages, experienced in foreign cultures, knowledgeable in battle tactics, and generally well-read. His primary drawback is his struggle with numbers at times, generally able to perform most basic functions but experiencing difficulties at times. Languages: -Common- (LOTC English - Advanced) -Elven- (Intermediate) -Li hua- (LOTC Mandarin - Advanced) -Rosnian- (LOTC French - Intermediate) -Akritian- (LOTC Greek- Beginner) -Savinian- (LOTC Catalan - Beginner) Profession: Much of Ren’s time is spent taking care of and spending time with his family, with his guard duties thankfully being quiet most of the time. His life also brings him to write at times, and teach others the way of Shidoism is they so wish. Other Traits: When standing or sitting still for a while, his leg will sometimes begin to bounce lightly. HEALTH Illnesses: PTSD, anxiety, high-functioning depression Allergies: Not an allergy as such, Ren suffers from a minor sensitivity to crap cooking. Injuries: Many scars lance over Ren’s skin where the weak points in armor were cut through, or the armor itself bit into his skin. Sleeping Habits: Regular, but able to wake and sleep easily to take care of his kids in the night. Energy Levels: Generally high, he takes good care of himself to accomplish what he needs in the day and is quite young by Elven standards. Eating Habits: 3 meals a day, with intermittent snacking as he needs. He eats when he’s hungry. Exercise Habits: Rigorous. His regular training routine actively spans the entire week, cycling focus between different areas. Memory: Generally quite good, though some concussions and traumatic events have blurred his memories of some events. Unhealthy Habits: Regularly in good personal practice with his habits, at times melancholy can drive him to lose his appetite. Drinking Habits: Only really drinking with food these days, Ren mostly enjoys a light pleasant buzz if anything when drinking. ETHICS AND MOTIVATIONS Personality: ENFP- the campaigner Religion or Cults: Shidoism Alignment: Chaotic good POSSESSIONS Wardrobe: [Casual Wear] A red robe with gold trim and orange embroidered flowers over a black tunic and pants along with wood sandals. The symbol of the rising sun stitched delicately in gold thread on the back of the robe. [House Wear] Sleeveless white tunic and pants with a loose black robe. [Semi Formal Wear] Officer-style House uniform of leather gambeson with red and gold tabard and drape. The shining symbol of the rising sun is embroidered proudly on the chest, gold wings extending over the back. [Armor] Dark red bands of bent steel plates over treated leather embellished in gold in Eastern forging fashion are matched by a masked helmet of a demon crying gold streams. The symbol of the rising sun is painted in gold on the chest, gold wings emblazoning the back. Jewelry: Ren wears a simple silver wedding band on his left hand. Pets/Animals: [Atlas] A large hunting dog appearing to be some mix of wolf and husky that rises to about 3’-4’ at his head when standing. He is generally calm in temperament, just following Ren or other household members when not napping by a door or under a chair. [Tubbers] A large and surprisingly plump messenger pigeon that while incredibly clumsy at times exhibits a grace not expected of such a rotund creature. Despite her squishy condition, she seems to be happy and in good health. Owned Homes: -Rosenyr Watanabe House- -Talon’s Grotto Watanabe House- Carried Inventory: -D’haran standard issue adventuring backpack- -Combat medic kit- -Carrington katana- -Basket-hilted broadsword- -Snack items and a canteen of tea- COMBAT Peaceful or violent: Only fighting where necessary, he uses violence as a last resort whenever possible. Weaponry: -Carrington katana gifted to him by his wife -Basket-hilted broadsword forged by Jorvin Starbreaker Combat Training: -Swordplay and dagger training from Cenric Balder -Polearm training from Cenric Balder -Hand-to-hand training from his father -Crossbow and archery training from Legion drills -Siege weapon training from Legion drills TRAINING & SKILLS Languages -Common: Adept from practice, one would not be able to tell it is his second language. -Elven: While knowledgeable enough at conversation level, some more archaic parts of the language do escape him. -Li hua: As his first language, he is completely fluent in the primary native dialect of Digou. -Rosnian: Having picked up a decent bit from exposure, he has basic conversational skills in it. -Akritian: Only knowing a few words and phrases, he can really only understand based on context clues. -Savinian: Having picked up a decent bit from exposure, he has basic conversational skills in it. Combat skills -Hand-to-hand: Quite adept at melee combat in this form, Ren tends to adopt a more defensive stance. Though through keeping a tight guarded profile, his strikes come forward hard and fast- often quickly deciding the outcome of a fight. -Shortswords: While favored with shields, Ren has had plenty of practice with single-handed blades from a variety of regions. -Longswords: Mostly favoring longswords for their reach and capability to not only counter polearms but also cavalry, Ren is adept at making every inch of the blade work for him. -Polearms: Mostly used to using polearms in shield walls or other formation fighting, he tends to favor non-bladed weapons of this type as an “off-duty weapon” of sorts to carry casually. -Ranged: An able shot with a crossbow, Ren does prefer close ranged combat for the control it allows him. -Formations: With a wide variety of formations at his disposal for any size fighting group, his tactics have thus far ensured low mission casualty rate among his numbers. Cooking -General: An adept chef in his own right, Ren has quite the repertoire of recipes at his disposal- both having been raised helping in the kitchen at home as well as taking an interest in foreign cuisine in his travels. -Baking: A staple of his day-to-day life, Ren can easily tackle most baked goods. While flake pastry and souffles may still elude his skills- he is still more than capable of baking a multitude of cookies, cakes, and other goods. -Butchering: While an able butcher, efficient in making the most of an animal- he prefers most of the process be done in advance for him when possible. General -Origami: As a childhood pastime, there are many simple folds which he idly practices. Some more complicated he will dedicate a quiet moment alone to, often leaving them somewhere in the house where his wife might find them. -Calligraphy: Taking pride in carefully placed brush and pen strokes, Ren’s handwriting is an art in itself. Capable of New shiwen calligraphy and Common script, he takes the opportunity to practice both in his signature. -Art/sketching: While able to express scenes or studies in black ink brush, he takes a similar pride in his linework with a pen as he does with his script. -Meditation: Having heavily practiced since his youth, Ren finds meditation in many parts of his day. Even if not in what one may think of as the traditional sense- he finds his ways to practice mindfulness. Minecraft IGN: Moo_bot
  16. Jean Pierre Agusto ”Before You Learn to Cook, you must learn how to Eat!” (Drawing Made by Me) General Information Name – Pierre Birth Name – Jean Pierre Agusto (Jon Pi-er Ahgusto) Race – Wonk Height – 4’7 Titles – N/A Weight – 568 lbs Gender – Male Age – 16 years old – Human Age, 30-ish (Wonk Mature age is 5) Eye Colour – Purple Skin Colour – Teal Occupation – Cook Traits He has a very heavy thick French Accent -Creative -Intelligent -Knowledgeable -Stubborn -Grumpy -Good Cook Zodiac Sign – Pisces Current Residence Vuillermoz Information Dominant Hand – Right Alignment – Lawful Good Political Alignment – Mid Rightist Languages – Common Religion – Canonism Short Backstory Pierre was born in a Wonk tribe, his mother taught him how to cook at a young age, though once Pierre matured, he sought out more than just his village, so he traveled around the lands of Arcas, searching for spices & new foods. He lived in small human villages, during his time there, he found many human dishes-and he took inspiration from them-as he did this, Pierre became a excellent cook in human foods. Finally he looked for a place to settle, he took residence in Vuillermoz, as it was the closest to him from his original location, as of now he lives in the town, making food & cooking.
  17. THORODHUIN LAICA -= [Theme] [Theme] [Theme] =- Name: Thorodhuin Laica Meaning: Turbulent river / Verdant Nicknames: Thorì Thorwen Traveller Race: Wood Elf Apparent Age: 30~ ish Age: 240 Years Old Occupation: Trapper / Vagabond / Tor Elder’s blacksmith Appearance / Mindset: Hardy shoes make for a happy traveller, Thorì is no different. He cherished simpler, more convenient and comfortable clothes rather than lavish garments full of gold and glitter. A warm fire, a good cloak against the rain, and a sturdy quarterstaff was all he needed to wander the wilds. Travel-wise, Thorì wore thick and supple layers of padded garments, that had proved their worth time and time again. A rain cloak, that also doubled as a coat, was wrapped around his shoulders. A hood shields his face from bad weather and accusatory glances alike. Beneath the hood laid a distinctive visage, with roughly kept bark brown hair and tanned olive skin adapted to the outer regions of the world. More importantly, a gruesome scar marred the elf’s left cheek, distorted his left eye, and forced his lips into a perpetual snarl. Finally, druidic tattoos mark his body. Inscriptions run down his spine, on his arms, chest and legs. Meant to be symbols for protection, they hold little value other than superstition. A wolf brooch on his chest, he kept as the sole artifact of metalwork in truly cherished. Physical Attributes: Height: 5’7”ft. Weight: 188 lbs. Body Type: Mesomorph. EDC / Inventory: Thick rain cloak, efficient traveller’s clothes, a waterskin (1 weeks travel), rations (1 weeks travel), a game bag (3 hares), a trapper’s backpack (rope, bait, etc) a woodsman’s axe, a hunting knife, a 7ft walking staff (doubles as quarterstaff), and an old map. Faith: The Father (Cernunnos), The Mother (Ceridwen) & the Moon (Nemiisae). Mani: Thunderbird, Wildcat & Wolf.
  18. This is an announcement of my retirement from LoTC. Due to recent events, I will not be back on LoTC for many months and I have decided to try and combat my addiction by retiring from it entirely, so let’s roll back the memories: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlPhMPnQ58k Hi there! My name for those who do not know is Swifty_Sam, my closer friends know me as James. For the duration of my LoTC journey, I have had a pretty shakey reputation and this will be explained in full to why I may have not had the best experiences at points, however in general my experience on LoTC in the past four months has been pleasant and enjoyable. My first week on LoTC: I was introduced to the roleplay server by a girl called, “Alicia” who showed me around Helena, Rubern (At the time it was part of the Empire), and Haense. After talking to a few Officers of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, I was added to the guard of Haense, joining various discords and making a few friends who will be listed: StillAMiniGuy Erilobar Eddywilson2 Rukio (Witherly) Diaolos_ ThatDutchGuy TwanVanDijk Sorry to anyone I missed on that list, however I want to thank each and every one of you for making LoTC an enjoyable experience in my early weeks on the server. You all taught me how to use the commands, the lore behind all of the roleplay, and just basic tips that I would need to follow to get the most out of LoTC. My original persona was called, “Jakob Isaak Carter” who was a decently successful fighter and won the hearts of quite a few of the Brotherhood members, however I was taken by a bandit Nation called, “Ruswick” who were heavily involved with the “Reivers” (A mercenary bandit group). After being forced to change my name from “Jakob Isaak Carter” to, “Swifty Sam”, I was officially no longer a citizen of Haense. Lots of OOC backlash came from this, from hate messages, to being kicked from many of the ISA discords, to even blocking the people I once called good friends. While all of this was not really nice to endure, I don’t regret my decision as it brought an awesome narrative to my persona in the end. I would now like to list those who made LoTC enjoyable who were either Reivers or part of Ruswick before my reign: Sophia_may_sing Neopolatin TheBelidle MagicTurtle (Blackhand7) NOZGOTH (NOZGOD) Crimithy Livviez Mark2282 Diphz Chris Mickaelhz KunLunKungFu Werew0lf L_GS (Lord_GiacomoS) You guys were all pretty awesome irp and oocly, and helped me get into the role of being a bandit pretty well, considering I was extremely new to the server at that point, so thank you all. Moving on to my experience with the bandit Nation of Ruswick. The ruler was a man called, “Joel the Ginger” (Or at least he ruled oocly and led most of our raids/pvp battles). After a carpet ban had occurred, most of our members and leaders were banned for multiple months which left Ruswick pretty lonely for a small period of time. Livviez, playing a persona called “Lauriel Labdacus” took over the Nation, claiming the role of “Queen of Ruswick”. After many battles, many arguments oocly and irply, the members who were left as a part of Ruswick got sick of how she was running the group alongside Crimithy, however looking back at it the whole situation was very pathetic and probably should have been dealt with differently. However, in roleplay this revolution had to be carried through due to the backing it had. My persona Swifty Sam executed Lauriel Labdacus, claiming the role of being a “Bandit King” alongside other leaders such as Mark2282 and Nezuky. After many, and I mean MANY, arguments over leadership I eventually resigned and packed all of my stuff. Storing it all into my ender chest and other hidden locations, my persona became sick of life and returned with his tail between his legs to the gates of Haense to meet his makers. Soon after entering Haense, he was identified as “Jakob Carter”, a deserter, and was executed by multiple men of Haense in the cells. Following this, I made a PK post, and that was the end of my most influential persona on LoTC. I then made “Stefan Onfroi” of Lorraine. He was recruited to Lorraine by GGT (Lord of Darrowmere) and served as a squire for a few weeks. I will now credit those who made this Nation enjoyable during GGT’s rule as well as my rule of it: Sophia_may_sing Neopolatin Denset_x Xavier GGT Knight_Vector Dantezbluepotat Viggen (Valentin Castelo) Bestia (QuickLoTCRestart, or 32IrishCounties) Fieselena Whyflower Johann Plazma (The Rabbit) Stargush David666 (Ginfork2) Fish (LotsOfFish) Thank you to all of you guys for making Lorraine the BEST Nation I participated in irply and oocly. During Stefan’s stay in Lorraine, he was appointed as a Knight of the Order of the Rabbit. This was a highlight in my LoTC experience, as I felt like my hard work had paid off and I had accomplished something good at last through hard work instead of just couping a Nation. After this had happened, similar to the Ruswick situation, GGT was banned. This was incredibly unfortunate for Lorraine, as our numbers dropped and our morale was low. However, with the go ahead of the former leaders, I was appointed as the Marshal, alongside Fieselena as the Arch Chancellor. Together we raised Lorraine back up with more active players, with rp events and patrols. Stefan was then married to Alli Onfroi (Alli Ruse at the time), controlled by sophia_may_sing. Roughly a month later of rp events, skirmishes, and general day to day business, Stefan was caught within Helena doing a blackmarket mission. He was then sentenced to death, as he was appointed General of the AIS by Godric (Narthok), he was high on the priority list of men to kill for the ISA. Sticking to my PK rule of pking on first rp death, I made a post and got rid of the persona. My last persona, and current persona (if I ever do come back to LoTC, which is unlikely at this point in time), is called “Hadvar av Mitteland” who is a General of the AIS Cavalry unit. I will now list my boys from the AIS who have had the largest impact on my LoTC experience (There is a lot of you, so apologies again if I miss you out, I am listing those I was extremely close to, AIS and non-AIS companions): PlugThePugsy AuLune FlemishSupremacy Milenkhov Harrison Quantum QazTheGreat Simba Tornado Bardmainhere Cads Vic (Cowmunist) EliteSnipes Callum TryaxReck Cobbler (Arundlt) Ibraheemcninja Knightie (Chadmyr) Narthok (Godric) Dimitri OLOG!!!! (you know who you are) I could list names all day with the AIS, as it has so many people in it so if I missed you out, I am extremely sorry. Here are a few pictures that bring back good memories of LoTC: If anyone wishes to stay in contact oocly, or play other games, my discord is: Swifty#2017 Thank you, peace out.
  19. Viktor Otto Kortrevich born. 1741 General Information: Name- Viktor Otto Kortrevich Age- ((/persona view Zanthuz)) Title(s)- Margrave of Korstadt, Baron of Koravia Heritage- Son of Lord Markus Kortrevich Traits ● Independent ● Observant ● Meticulous ● Sarcastic Zodiac- Libra Physical Description: Race- Highlander Gender- Male Build- Mesomorph Height- 5’11” Weight- 180lbs Hair Color > Viktor has medium length brown hair that is well maintained particularly around his ears and his eyes Eye Color > Viktor has a pair of faint blue eyes that shine brightly when the light glistens on his face Skin Tone- Pale in color, Healthy skin Face Shape- Diamond face shape Scars/Tattoos- None Clothing- Viktor wears attire particularly of a darker shade of red and black which represents the House of Kortrevich. Dominant Hand- Left Personality Information: Viktor is The Supervisor in situations. He is traditionally a hardworking traditionalist who is rather eager to take charge in organizing specific projects. Quite orderly and rule-abiding and conscientious. He tends to go about his projects in a very systematic, methodical way. Personal Alignment- Lawful Good Political Alignment- Centralist Party Strength(s)- Loyal and Committed Weakness(es)- Can be blunt & insensitive ✞ Religion- Canonism ? Sexuality- Heterosexual Marital Status- Annaliese Baruch Current Residence The Margraviate of Korstadt, Haense Other Information: Mother- Winnifred Ophelia Barbanov-Kortrevich ✞ Father- Markus Otto Kortrevich Grandmother- Kaitlyn Kortrevich ✞ Grandfather- Otto Kortrevich Language(s): Common, Naumariav The Kortrevich Coat of Arms
  20. Siol’Avern (The Character Sheet) *THIS CHARACTER SHEET IS STILL WORK IN PROGRESS* ANY FEEDBACK IS HIGHLY APPRICIATED Description: The lean and elegant figure, also known as Siol’Avern, stands at roughly 1.75cm (5’9”). The figure, which appears to be a young and sympathetic wood elf, has seen 30 years of life; though as it stands with most elves, it is hard to guess that. Siol’s skin reflects the color of wood brown, quite fitting to him. His body isn’t quite muscular, but neither is it exceptionally slim and slender. The shape and forms of his upper body suggest he could be able to support his weight with his hands, and even lift it without much trouble, while still having an adequate level of agility. If observed closely, his hands show a level of stiffness, as different minor scratches, either healed or not, could be observed all around his palm and fingers. These markings suggest the man’s familiar with an instrument, most likely a lute, since one tends to rest behind his back. The face and head of the figure is overall edged; his nose is relatively pointy, though not too extended from his head, the same applies for his elven ears. His dark green eyes, which represent the leaves of pine trees are slightly mixed in with a hint of blue, while being slightly tilted inwards. Avern’s hair is not too long, and doesn’t normally go below his neck. The hair is of a less saturated and darker brown than his face, though not much contrast can be seen between them, as his hair is pushed backwards and slightly to the sides, with a few dreads seen here and there, not to mention the ones that hand on the side of his face. Backstory:
  21. [!] A missive is sent out to the cloud temple notice boards and all assets of Arcas, copies of Ser Stefan’s letter to his family were posted alongside it, reading as follows: ((Song to read this to below)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8AeV8Jbx6M "Dear Noble House of Onfroi I love each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. Alli, you are the love of my life and Avian, Willow, you are the best things to ever happen to me. To my sister, Emilienne, I am sorry for leaving you in this world and to my nephews, I hardly saw you but you meant more to me than most. I went to Oren to avenge my nephews and I royally screwed up, and for that I am sorry. I am being executed today and you won't be seeing me everagain...I will see you all in the afterlife. P.S. The snake men got me, Avian..." Ser Stefan, cloaked and masked, began the long trip to Helena. A common trip for him, despite the on-going, albeit standstill, war. He thought little of it going wrong, no words of farewell or longing glances tossed over his shoulder. Upon reaching the river, he settled into his small raft, rowing to Helena. A guard, new to the force, requested he raise his mask. He obliged, unrecognized, and was allowed into the city. He went about his business as usual, trading, conversing, relaxing. The peaceful, enjoyable occasion was not to last, as he was told to take off his mask by a private of the 1st Brigade. Ever the clever man, Stefan fled from the guard in a calculated risk. He was no soldier in his prime, but he was not yet an old man, either. The guard gave chase, a fight quickly ensuing as Stefan attempted to turn on his pursuer. A close fight, the guard managed to knock him to his knees, and so Stefan yielded. Tied, beaten, he was dragged to the cells of Helena. Mask removed, his identity confirmed, the guards leered at him. His capturer cared not for his life, giving the choice away to Adrian, who thought to spare him his fate. There would be no mercy for Ser Stefan Onfroi. With word reaching Emperor Peter III, the choice was no longer in Adrian’s hands. A quick letter penned to his beloved family, Stefan slipped it to the knight, begging him to promise delivery to Stefan’s family. A command was then given, his identity confirmed to the higher ups of the Brigade. His fate was sealed, he was to be hanged until death took him. Guided to the gate by soldiers of Helena, a rope was slipped over Stefan’s head. This guard, new and naive, took a step too close and Stefan, in a desperate last effort to survive, seized the opportunity. Headbutting the man, he fled, leaping over the bridge and into the waterway outside of Helena. His escape did not last long though, his last effort for freedom was to end soon. A small boat, not unlike the one he had rowed earlier, approached. ‘The Shark’, ever an accurate title, aptly described Stefan’s actions, knocking the man from his boat, commandeering it, a fateful glance behind himself. A mistake. The enemy was not behind, but instead in front. A rocky outcrop of the water nearly capsized the small boat, and with this motion so went Stefan’s hope of escape. Ever a survivor, a scrapper from birth, Stefan swam to shore to meet his fate. Four soldiers met him on the shoreline, a quick but fierce fight ensuing, resulting in Stefan being knocked unconscious and dragged back into Helena. Bloodied, battered, broken, his unconscious body was tied once more by the noose. The Orenian Knight, Ser Adrian “The Red”, drew the gates, terminating Stefan’s life immediately. His neck snapped and his body hung lifeless, unarmed. His wife and children at home, watching the roads outside of Rubern for the return of their beloved family member. This return was not to come, his wife and eldest child waited until nightfall before returning indoors, leaving a candle lit to guide him when he at last returned. Rest in peace to a man of the AIS, a man of Lorraine and most importantly a man of House Onfroi. [!] A depiction of Ser Stefan upon his noble steed, “Ser Gregory” of Lorraine. [!] A depiction, drawn by his own kin, of Ser Stefan with his wife, “Alli Onfroi” and his twin boys, “Avian Onfroi” and “Willow Onfroi”. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/642186138244612113/673007119309471744/c.mp4
  22. Hello, I have made a LOTC character already. Played the server for a while and then i got really inactive as i had many personal issues. I have no idea what i did with the email i used, i forgot about my name of the character or the username for the forums. So i made a new one. I will be more active this time. And i was wandering if it was possible to make a new character? And if so, what would I do with my old one? or with my old account?
  23. I’m relatively new to this kind of RP and want to try my best to not overstep any world rules so I just wanted to know what subrace of elf would be most suited to survival out in the desert of the server if let alone possible.
  24. “Life is but a slow and agonizing death.” Erasto General Information Birth name : Erasto Kalfu ag Sulyné Current name: Erasto I Other names : N/A Titles : N/A Age : Unknown Date of Birth : 8th of Sun’s Smile Place of Birth : Korvassan Desert, Atlas Status : Living Current Affiliations : Seyam Previous Affiliations : N/A Gender : Male Race : Unknown Sexuality : Heterosexual Culture : Seyami Languages : True Southernos, Common Aroma : Camomille Alignment : True Neutral Appearance Height : 6’2” Weight : 180 lbs Form : Mesomorph Eye Color : Fawn Brown Skin Color : Deep Ebony Hair Color : Black Hair Style :Locs Facial Hair : None. Markings/Tattoos : Black tattoos on his right hand Clothing : A white garb Skills Fire Evocation : Highest Tier, TA Telekinesis : Highest Tier, TA
  25. Welcome to the ~~~FUNKY~~~ lil skin shop Costs: A head skin is 300 minas An overlay is 100 minas A body is 700 minas A full body (including overlay) is 1000 minas If you are applying for a skin, please fill out the below: Username: Discord: Skin Type (Head/Body/Full Body): Steve or Alex Model: Gender and Race: Image(s) for reference: How is your character quirky?: Type of Payment: Proof of Payment: (You can either reach out to me below or on my discord) Past work:
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