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  1. The devil went down to Georgia a d he was lookin for a soul to steal-
  2. [Passive/Active] [Noncombat] - Moonspeech While there are many drawbacks to holding two minds within one skull, there are small benefits. A bound Horror may be forced into action should the Voidstalker wish to project its mind out, speaking in unison with this creature. Though, the words are never normal. Instead, they escape in the language of the Horrors themselves. Moonspeech. A Voidstalker with a Second Mind is capable of forcing their Horror to help them translate and communicate Moonspeech. Passively, a Voidstalker is able to understand Moonspeech, the Horror translating the words into common for the Mage. However, a more active approach may be done by the Mage where they project out their mind alongside the Horror’s, acting as speech so the Mage is able to speak Moonspeech. In a similar vein, the Mage can utilize the Horror’s mind to help them visualize a written version of the eldritch language. The process of ‘speaking’ this language is usually an annoyance to the bound Horror, and so they bring forth mental anguish upon the Mage. Due to the difficulty of the language, a Mage may only speak or write 10 words in [1] emote. In addition to this, for every [1] emote of speaking or writing, the Mage will suffer [2] emotes of headache. The pain will slowly rise for every emote being spent, becoming a debilitating migraine upon the fifth emote of speaking/writing. Redlines -This ability is only able to be used by Voidstalkers with the Second Mind. -Translating via reading or hearing Moonspeech is a passive ability, though it does not lessen any impact that may be felt by true Horrors speaking the language. -Only 10 words may be written or spoken in a single emote. Each emote of writing/speaking will cause 2 emotes of headaches, starting the emote after the first emote of writing/speaking. -Written Moonspeech is only able to be understood by those who are able to speak the language due to the nature of the symbols that are used. Slotted Seers and those with the Gift of Watyll boon are the only exception. -The Gift of Watyll boon allows one to understand spoken Moonspeech should they focus on it completely, as per its lore. -When using Spoken Moonspeech, the Mage picks the strength of the words, such strength correlating with #w, #q, #rp, and #s. In addition to this, everyone who hears it will know who spoke it. The deaf are able to ‘hear’ Spoken Moonspeech due to it existing within the mind. -Spoken Moonspeech does not cause pain to those who hear it, only mild discomfort. -Moonspeech is unable to be taught. Purpose I wrote this as a means to give Voidal Mages a proper way to learn Moonspeech. It has been given to Second Mind Voidstalkers due to their direct ties to Voidal Horrors. Overall, this is meant to allow for communication between Voidstalkers as well as mortal Magi and Horrors since, as it stands right now, Horrors are forced to speak Common in order to talk to Mages. The balancing of the spell references Caecic from Seer lore.
  3. Overall, I think CRP Lock is fine the way it is right now. Though, if it is to be changed, I think it would be fine if it was made so if combat was happening within a City, then the timer would be extended. You could define a city as a place where there's a region put down for either a Capital or a Vassal (or lair). If the players start their combat outside the Capital/Vassal/Lair region, then it follows the 15min rule. I think this would work well because it would make it so Bells are actually usable Also, anyone can check if they started in one of the listed regions by using /rg info so there's no confusion. It would also go based on the rule of when "any party begins an emote with the intent to pursue combat"
  4. It's been a while since people have said anything, but Im looking for people who want to play a Ghoul

  5. If making someone d20 was removed, lotc would have more positive CRP experiences
  6. iirc, the money was all gotten after NL was handed off to someone else
  7. MC Name: Meteor__Dragon RP Name: Sulieronn Ashwood Persona ID: 46642
  8. Ign: Meteor__Dragon Discord: meteordragon Number of characters: one I'll send refs over discord once I have them compiled
  9. In my opinion, neither longswords nor spears should be allowed to be used by a fully voidal poisoned mage due to the fact they can be two handed weapons. Shortswords, rapiers, and other only one handed weapons should be the limit to their abilities
  10. It's not reducing the emote count. When a spell in Voidal Magic lists an emote count, it almost always means [Connection + X Charge + Cast]. So, for something that says it takes 3 emotes, it would be Connect + Charge + Cast. For whatever reason, in water evocation, it listed spells as Connect + X Cast rather than having the charge and cast. Adding the "charge" simply clarifies it and makes it more like how the other evocations appear. For example, [1 connect + 3 cast] is the same as [1 Connect + 2 Charge + 1 Cast] because each is 4 emotes (3 if already connected)
  11. A new Magister stood, tapping a finger against his staff. A slight smile formed upon Sulieronn's lips as he spoke a simple set of words, "As it should be."
  12. "Only if Valindra and I get ours first. We created Veil Watching before Edvard the pitiful invented anything." The spiteful mage Sulieronn commented.
  13. Personally, I think it should be limited to anyone above the age of 18, or 16 at the least, to fall in line with general magic rules. Though, Im also biased because I hate child characters with a passion
  14. I pretty much have to agree with everyone else on this. It feels like it's restricting people far too much for something that isn't even a feat in it's current stage. From the age requirements to the fact that some creatures are unable to be "enlightened" even though they have souls(some undead are listed as being unable to be enlightened while also saying they can have corrupted mindscapes), I just don't like the way it's going. It feels weird as well to force certain personalities on people who just want to have some fun with mindscape RP, I generally just don't like it. As others have said, if people were abusing it, then report them for abusing it. It's not an issue with the lore, it's an issue with who is using it. All this will do is make people write a little before they become a Conduit. You can add as many redlines as you want, but if people are ignoring the redlines in the current write, who's going to stop them from ignoring them in this write?
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