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  1. A crimson man chuckled at that. "They may not, but I do." Irlioz grinned, rubbing his hands together.
  2. I've never been able to look at him the same since the incident
  3. A crimson geist rested back in his home, hands resting behind his spectral heas. Those eyeless sockets of his glared up towards the ceiling, a string of curses flowing out of his broken maw. "Another Uialben dead.. funny. Maybe he'll come back. Maybe he won't." He spoke before falling silent for a little while, slowly deciding to sit up. Irlioz, no, Xavis, grinned a wicked smile. "Try not to let The Wastes eat you up, boy." The Burnt Eagle, Alexander, frowned as he walked around Celia'nor, tapping his cane against the ground. A long aight escaped the fellow as he looked on towards the pond. "A shame to see him go. No matter.. perhaps I'll see you again one day, old friend. Perhaps I won't."
  4. I remember my first week was spent there as a new player dark elf, got spat on at least once, had someone oocly threaten to use mental magic to erase all my memories and had my character's nose blown off with blood magic. Honestly, good times
  5. Sorry but I prefer, uhhhhh, Carolawidjapuwhaywdvyaowdvb, the one from two maps ago
  6. tbf, I think a spirt over kha-like race would work a lot better, or if they were just animals rather than having the ability to become people and look like catgirls
  7. I very much agree with what the others are saying. I don't believe there should just be a race that exists to be "cute" and all just so another race can be more serious. The whole "companion" but still seems a bit.. off to me, I believe the best way it's been done was with Siliti lore but even then it has rules in place to not make it weird. It's more of having a Siliti's Thrall see the Siliti as a best friend, someone they can trust. The abilities should also follow how it general goes for other magics, having a name, description, mechanics, and redlines. Also the adulthood is weird, Im sorry but I dont like seeing characters that are 100 years old and are children. It used to be that elves weren't culturally adults until they were 50 and it has led to some people playing child-like characters at age 30 or 40
  8. Kha, musin, sprite, olog It's unlikely I'll ever make an orc but Im not saying never
  9. Please please please please accept the Reconstructive Jing, at least, make it useable again
  10. You never did end up rping the effects of the spell, hmmmm. Though, I also ended up not bothering to make you rp it just like a few others. As I said, it's not just in big events, though it can be. I've used it in small groups as well, that was the second time, I believe, I've cast that during a "big event", at least the first time it caused some entertaining rp. Also the same event, maybe 15min later, had someone try to assassinate one of the nobles, I'd say mine was tame compared to the like 50 people who jumped up and emoted *draws sword
  11. Blood Magic does have proper tells you should to and they get less obvious the high your tier is. For example, at T1 you might have to stay completely still, not blink for the whole duration, only be able to talk minimally and stare at your target. At T5 it's less obvious as you no longer need to stare directly at your target and can do small actions like flipping through a book, but the blood mage still has to have signs of casting, like looking focused and being unable to blink. The magic is meant to be a bit more secretive and cult-like, other spells do have tells, like red mist flowing, but they do more than just aesthetics
  12. Hey! My name is in there! Anyways, I remember you as a new player, wish we kept in contact. Though, have a good time in the outside world
  13. It happens on other occasions, not just at large events
  14. Hemorrhaging is a great ability that's one of the more commonly used spells for Blood Mages. To remove it would be foolish and be a hit to the blood magic community. It has no actual harm to people, people can not get hurt because of it. -1
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