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  1. People have already said it but I'll say it again to get some rep, Disconnection rituals will just hurt a community due to things like disconnection wars and the likes. Sure, it would be fine if you could disconnect someone with OOC consent due to the person wanting to no longer be a necro, but that's the only situation I think it would be fine in.
  2. I like it - it promotes scheduling things so that each side can enjoy the interaction. Of course, I'm thinking along the lines of an RP raid rather than a PVP one
  3. Im looking for a player who would want to play a Homunculus

  4. The first Watcher awoke with a start, sweat beading upon the aged 'ker's features. He looked around, a faint scowl forming upon his lips as he muttered. "What do you want me to find..." Sulieronn rolled out of bed, starting his day by pacing back and forth in his room, pondering what he'd been shown.
  5. This doesn't feel like a voidal magic and reminds me more of something along the likes of Kani, or it being a "Mana" magic along the lines of Housemagery or Bardmancy. Voidal magic deals specifically with casting spells/evoking things from the void and doesn't deal with altering the physical body in the ways mentioned Minor Edit: Would this require someone to know Alchemy? It's also to be noted that alchemy and magic don't really mix
  6. I wish there was a way to opt out of having to rp with child characters.

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    2. Turbo_Dog


      Scare them with malflame. Simple enough

    3. Acostrob
    4. MisterBlitzkrieg


      You just scream at them in the face and then engage in crp easy dub

  7. I find that letting people know that you're not attacking them because you want their stuff helps make the crp a lot more pleasant. It brings down stress levels and generally makes it a better experience overall In addition to this, I have a personal rule that if my character kills someone because of a vendetta or something of the sort and they DONT PK, the vendetta will be settled in my characters mind. Even if they see the person roaming around near them again, they won't attack unless a new problem arises. I think more people should do both of these things
  8. Now this is what LOTC needs. Finally, I can go back to fishing, just like the old days with the Vira'ker boys @ThatFunkyBunch
  9. MRP is such a stupid name, which ferrymen mod changed it?
  10. We don't want this. To be frank, it's a terrible idea that will never be implemented properly. It'll just make more work for people and the wrong people will abuse the hell out of it. Btw, I've been a mage for about 2 irl years, so I'm speaking from the side of having magic I believe PvP is a problematic thing on this server. We had a taste of what it was like to have no PvP for the first month or so and it was great! Nations hardly ever had their gates down, more rp was happening, it was easier to find things to do. But, now that it's back, people have to worry about their planned events turning into lame PvP fests. Might I also throw out how some nations ping for PvP practice more than they do rp events. I whole heartedly believe that the removal of PvP would be a good thing for LOTC.
  11. Custom emote colors would be amazing, I think different VIP colors would be cool as well, maybe also custom Staff colors just so we can get some variation - but, the most important thing is custom emote colors, and please make it a Non-VIP perk, everyone deserves to use it
  12. You're given the option to have 1 Magic from LOTC IRL, which magic do you pick? You can only have 1. The power source is brought over IRL as well. Any sort of time is brought over to be scaled to a proper IRL time - a Magic that takes 4 IRL months to learn will still take 4 IRL months to learn, if you need to do something once per IRP Year, you only need to do it once per IRL year, constructs that can be made 3 times in 3 months can be done at that same rate, etc
  13. [!] A letter found its way over to Latham Home, one written in neat handwriting, that of a writer, and a wax seal of an eagle. To whom this letter may concern, I am frequently known as Viktor, roughly, I happen to be in my late fourties as of right now and I'm still as energetic as my twenties. The search for knowledge always ensures youthfulness. In any case, by a quick count and consideration, I have about 13 friends, though it's surely larger, I just did not think about it too hard. As for working with scholars, I do frequently find myself around them, though I do not believe I hold too many scholarly conversations with them as we tend to talk more passively. It's partly why I wish to really put myself out there with this interesting task. As for education level, I consider myself to be very well educated, I've done much research on my own and, more importantly, I'm, in my opinion, a great alchemist. As for topics of what I've seen that impressed me the most, I've watched as great mages opened up a rift without utilizing Voidal Mana. Such magnificent power was released to the point where it drew forth a monster, a giant eye that rested far above us all, staring down at the one who had initiated it all, he was lifted several meters above the ground by that creature who only utilized their mind. Such magical prowess surely is needed to summon a beast such as that. I hope the letter was to your standards, Viktor
  14. I think it's fine as is, to be honest, as the ritual itself is done with quite a bit of blood. Sure it doesn't specify how much blood is needed to activate these things, but I don't really think that's much of a problem. Dark, Light, Mist, and Particle are all aesthetic runes, and technically Lightning even though it has non-aesthetic uses. Then you have to think about things like Earth and Air, those are fine as just passive effects, they don't need to be activated with blood imo. At best, I could see an argument for Fire being changed to have it so it can only be activated by blood rather than Fire and blood, but the others don't really need it. Instead, the issue with Ensorcellments is that people, sadly, mass produce them and some people even sell them. I wish there was a better way to tackle this without generally nerfing the already not too powerful abilities these all have. Potentially, a line could be added to specify a "non-insignificant amount of blood".
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