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  2. In the dreaded North, a lone man sat atop a mountain. His arms rested upon his knees as he looked out at the ocean, hands hanging down as those glowing red eyes of his pierced the darkness. Embers danced below the man so scared of fire. "My beloved Rose. I'm so glad you hate me." The voice of The Embered, Kristian Harald Vuiller, rang out, going unheard by all but the stone he sat upon. "Let us move on. Our children will be happy to see you. It's a shame I'll never join you in afterlife."
  3. - SORCERER GAMES - Mage’s Volley Challenge the mind. Train your Magic. Embrace the Void. Brought to the Lord-Magister Sulieronn’s mind while helping mages train, Mage’s Volley is meant to help mages understand how to aim their spells and learn strategy. By pinning mages against each other, or with each other for team events, mages shall be able to practice their magical arts in fun, meaningful ways. So, how do you play Mage’s Volley? HOW TO PLAY Mages will split up into teams, or decide to do a free for all. The Referee will use either an enchantment or a spell of their own to create “Targets” that will fly around an open space around the mages. This is preferably done in an open area. Then, the Referee will announce the start of a round, letting all the mages cast towards one Target of their choice. Destruction of a Target will lead to a mage receiving One Point. Of course, mages may cast at the same Target that another is going for in hopes of stealing the Point from them. The more Mages playing, the more “Targets” will be created. However, the number of Targets must always be divisible by the number of players. For example, a Three Mage game may not have 10 Targets, but it may have 12. This is so a theoretical tie may be achieved should all mages hit their Target every round. Ties are possible in this game. Here is a proper list of rules: - Any amount of Mages may play. It may be a Free-For-All, or a Team game. Teams must be even and the Points gained by all Team Members will enter one Point Pool. - The amount of Targets must be divisible by the amount of players. This allows for everyone to tie. - Mages will fire at the same time and only shoot at up to one Target per round. - Mages may try to attack the same Target as another Mage. - Mages may not attack other Mages during the game. - A Referee must keep track of Points. One Target is equal to One Point. - Targets must be moving around. - Mages may talk to each other during or between Rounds. - Points may be given to another Mage. In case of Team Games, Team Members must unanimously agree when they want to give away Points. - Referees may remove Points in cases of Foul Play and Rule Breaking. - If discussed, Mages may agree on alternative rules for the game. This will be enforced by the Referee. - Non-Mages, and Mages without a Projectile-Creating spell, may use enchanted wands to play the game. Signed and Created by, Sulieronn “Void-Walker” Ashwood OOC - HOW TO PLAY
  4. Waiting for the Cursed Child with Voidal Mutations

  5. I feel bad for Freja. Their post rep ratio is so bad.....

    1. argonian


      the only real metric is post:notoriety ratio


      the true LOTC chads are the random guys with 300 forum posts who we all still remember

  6. Sulieronn, an elven fellow, squinted at the page as he looked over it all, taking note of the darkspawn. However, he took note of something even more blatant. Muttering to himself as he counted, "Thirty-five elves, fourteen humans, three cursed children, two dwarves, three orcs, one adunian..." Blinking, his head shook and he recounted a few more times. "Sixty percent of tests were done on elves." The magi reached a hand back, rubbing his neck. "It almost feels like they're... oh I dare not say it."
  7. Sulieronn folded his arms over his chest in a form of disappointment. He'd won. He'd gained back his title. Yet, the mage was still upset.
  8. THE FAILURE OF HOHKMAT Banner made by Tigergiri To the Mages of Hohkmat, I, Sulieronn “Void-Walker” Ashwood write to you out of anger to speak of the Fool within Hohkmat. One specific Fool has attempted to trick the great mages within the city. Let us start with a story, starting within the Desert Sands of Almaris. Back then, I had appeared to speak on the creation of this city as I wished, and still do wish, to see a haven for mages be created, a place for mages to learn and become the best they could be. I professed my wishes for the city and how I wished to aid, my words spoke of my nature as an Archmage as well, one on par, if not better, than the other magi in attendance. There, an arrogant man sat, ordering me to prove my worth without showing his own abilities. Not a shred of aura was shown from him. In compliance, I fought with another mage and got them to yield, proving my strength and intellect. He is a Manipulator. It had been years into my tenure in the city as the Academy’s Vizier when I was informed of something truly troubling. While I had already disliked the Fool, having heard him say racist comments towards my beloved wife, I heard something that rocked my world. This man, who had ordered me to “prove my worth,” had not been a voidal mage. In fact, he hadn’t even started learning at the time this information reached me! The Fool wouldn’t start learning until years later and had never ended up admitting his lies to me nor any of the other leadership, to my knowledge. He is a Liar. Eventually, I gained my rightful spot as a Magister, wishing to help the mages of Hohkmat become better than ever before. We had too long been focused on non-magical endeavors, such as the war with Veletz, but now, now I wanted us to become a powerhouse of magery. However, the Magisters were ignored constantly by the Fool. We were offered nothing, treated as mere pawns who held no control over the city. Mages with meaningless titles. It wasn’t until a little before we broke from what is now the Confederation that we were granted proper power as Magisters. However, his hubris has known no bounds and his intelligence as a mage has not grown at all, as proven via the events of today. He is a Fool. Today, I, the Lord-Magister of the Eternal Struggle, challenged the knowledge and reason of this Fool. He led a lesson on Obelisks and stated blatantly wrong information, not even providing information about Obelisk Cores nor Capstones before he forced mages to help him create an obelisk. Many did, but the Students were unable to due to them lacking the mana to even help. Yet, the Fool insisted, against my vocal, and public words, against him, to attempt a second ritual to create obelisks. Who would he dare use? The very Students who lacked the mana to create such structures. Now, mere hours ago, he came to me, unwilling to listen and with hurt feelings, to revoke my Magister status within the city I have helped build. Banishment followed, all due to my words against his spreading of lies to new Mages. He is arrogant. Who is this Fool? HE IS THE SO-CALLED GRAND MAGISTER RAZAD “FATEBINDER”. To you, Hohkmat, I can only wish the best. Good luck dealing with Razad the Fool, learning falsehoods he claims is magic. To those who want to learn, he is no teacher. He is no mage. He is a Liar, a Fool, a Brazen Man. Choose your path within Hohkmat, but I urge you to see the truth behind Razad. There is no strength with him, there is no knowledge with him. HEAR THE TRUTH THE VOID SPEAKS. Signed, Sulieronn “Void-Walker” Ashwood
  9. SPOOKS ON TOUR PAMPO PARADE The Mordring praising community (and one random ibleesian) has done it again! We traveled around the world and took paintings in your, yes your, homes! Here's a comprehensive album of all the places we raided visited! Enjoy! KAETHUL -Towers Didn't Fall- HAELUNOR -Pale Lord's Pale Throne- BALIAN -POV: You're a Maleficar- DUNWEN -We kidnapped this halfling!- -"You're sitting on my tulips!"- ? ? ? -T H E M A W- HOHKMAT -We're all mages here- PETRA -The Real Lich of Petra- -We're Religious- NUMENDIL -Even the Farmers Love Us- -We <3 Holy Idols- -Adunic Lord Takes Back His Throne- HAENSE -To the Gallows- CELIA'NOR -Floating Dog?- HEXICANUM -Look Gash, No Hands!- PALADIN KEEP -We're Not Evil, We Promise- URGUAN -Stoneborn On Stone Throne- Thank you everyone who joined us for screenshots and had to deal with all of us! It was a lot of fun and I hope we do it again to get to all the missed cities. As always, we're always looking for people who want to join in the fun, so feel free to visit us! Don't worry, we'll find you!
  10. I need the dark purple one so bad please please please please please Im begging
  11. An annoyed mage grumbled to himself upon reading the parchment. "The church is full if imbecils, morons, and racist valah. No person in their right mind would, or should ever have to deal with being randomly cut open but blood thirsty fools who can't tell what sanitization is, much less why cutting the palm is a bad idea." Sulieronn spat at the ground, nose wrinkling. "Pathetic, the lot of them. A permanent nail should be placed in the center of their palms so they can feel the pain they induce upon others. One unwilling and unwanting to take a test without proper reasoning or assumption of darkspawn origin is not a darkspawn themselves. They are merely a reasonable person. It is the church who is unreasonable and full of snot-nosed brats who don't know how to keep their hands to themselves."
  12. Rolling in his sleep, an elder vampire attempted to rest. The visions ran through his mind, piercing his thoughts, making him squirm like a bug. Upon his wake, The Embered ran his fingers through his locks, grasping onto them. "The basin. It returns. It calls to me." The mad man moved up to his feet, stumbling about in his home as quiet laughter rolled out of his cursed jaws. Gnawing on raw meats, he spoke to himself, "You will be mine again. All mine."
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