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  1. Well ****. Didnt expect you to leave, but ct was doomed when Telanir became their new admin. Good luck wherever you go, Arma, you were fun back when we were on CT together- one of the people that made it good
  2. Well, it wasnt made by me- bbbuuutttt, Im sure it’s fine That’s a joke btw, sarcasm is hard to express
  3. I specifically recall the time when Telenir was the CT admin for a while. Please dont curse them again like this, dude. It wasnt a good time
  4. A long dead elf gazes to his old friend who had joined him in the heavens "Gods.. didnt expect you to be here... AND NOT DRINK WITH ME!" The cackling Ashwood takes out some sky ale and chugs a good few bottles
  5. I'm not the best with armor but I'll give it a try
  6. Im trying to be nice and you send this lol, nice man
  7. So, people don’t like me for some reason. Im not going to get into that, but anyways, I wanted to give back so for a few days Im opening up some free commissions for skins. I only ask that there’s a reference image for said skin Format Discord Username: Reference Image: Character Gender: Alex or Steve Model: Any other notes:
  8. MeteorDragon

    My Story

    Sadly, people tend to look at only one side of the story. It’s something many have fallen victim to, and Im sorry to hear the same happened for you. Sometimes people just dont care to hear another argument for fear of their ideas being crumbled to the ground. Though, we should all seek to better ourselves by seeking knowledge from both sides. I speak from personal experience about this. It’s a terrible thing and I implore you all to think about this. Though, on a brighter side of things, I was once brought happiness by the folk on LOTC through finding someone to date that helped me
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