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  1. Imagine being caught for putting the wrong username LMAO

  2. It is interesting, I think it'll add a lot of fun rp
  3. Silence befell a strange man as he caught wind of the news. Yet, he did not allow himself the time to mourn for long. These were different times.
  4. = A Flame in the Eagle’s Nest = - Art by Tithi Luadthong Screams of terror flowed through the city of Balian as flames bellowed from the windows of the main floor of the Vuiller Household. The smell of burning wood was heard alongside the crackles of the structures that held together the inside of the building. Flames burst out from the room with a scalding intensity. Though, there was not a sound of human life coming from the building. Those who tried to enter were met with a jammed door that had been coated in flames and yet this wasn’t the worst to come. Mere moments after the roaring fire had been noticed, a loud BOOM rocked the home, stone crumbling within the home. With the explosion, flames burst out from the window for but a moment, shards of glass being flung from the building. After a while, the flames had all but died down, only a few cinders remaining. Once the Balian folk were able to enter the building, they could find three things, a destroyed building, a completely charred corpse that had been destroyed beyond all recognition, and a leather bound book with notes written within. Such a notebook’s first page wrote the following, “In Case of My Death, By Kristian Harald Vuiller.” Some reports after the events stated sights of a few folk running from the flames right as they’d started. However, no one could be sure of who they truly were. The following are the different pages in the Notebook, each one holding a title as to whom it’s addressed. To Rosemary Vuiller, @SapphirePool To Johanne Vuiller, @tadabug2000 To Samuel Vuiller, @ScarletFrisket To Rev and Diane Vuiller, @Harald @PrettyCuteAnna To Kristofer Vuiller, @Cjmate OOC:
  5. I can't believe itdontmatta murdered Rilath
  6. Gotta love it, seems fairly harmless and could lead to some fun interactions
  7. Where do you put your Soulstone?
  8. "Finally, neutrality." An elf spoke.
  9. Kristian Vuiller grins as he heard of his daughter's marriage. "Shame she did nae tell me in some funny way."
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