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  1. A 'ker scoffed, rolling his eyes at the mention of the mage circle. "Why did a child have a potion in the first place? Why wasn't she punished for nearly killing several nobles? The world may never know." That particular section of the tribune that he had seemed to be perfectly burned out, leaving the rest in tact.
  2. Hate the break the news to you... but this was always a thing. The buff came when it was given to Brisk Step, which has a cooldown, minor teleport always had this
  3. I have to agree with classy on this. Encroaching upon what other tests do isn't the right way to make eminence viable. There might be something else that can be done but this ain't it chief
  4. There are a lot more magics that arent voidal that this could apply to. Afaik, both Naz and mystic give debuffs similar, if not exactly, to voidal poisoning. If this is going to be used, it should be changed to "all magics that physically weaken the mage"
  5. This is very much needed, it's kind of hard doing some tasks when you have to connect every emote in addition to waiting the duration of spell lengths
  6. Honestly, the main reason I added the ability to make the crystals harder via a normal ritual was because I thought some people might find it neat to have funny red crystal dagger. It wasn't the main reason for the addition, and I'm fine removing it if it comes down to it The amendment part was a last minute thought/addition, tbh
  7. Below is the addition to the lore. Simply, it's an aesthetic ability to provide blood mages a classical "bloodbending" ability to manipulating blood and shaping it to their desire. In addition to that, it adds a crystalizing ability to let one crystalize blood and make things out of such, like a blood weapon. If accepted, I'd like for all Blood Mages with a TA to gain access to this ability and be able to teach it to others. Blood Manipulation - Noncombative Reaching forth to grasp at the genus within blood, a user of this art may shape that liquid however they please. Those of exceptional skill may even find that they are capable of crystalizing blood into solid shapes. Next is the following change; Old: New: This change is being made because Augmentation isn't explicitly stated to be a T1 Spell, even though it has a T1 variant. In addition to that, it would add Blood Manipulation to T1, should it be accepted.
  8. I think it should work like how Sorvians go. I think golems are also getting this in the new write, but I'm not sure 3 CA Atronachs per 3 OOC months
  9. I SLEW THE PALEBEAST Do not metagame the information within this post. Part of this post includes emotes from during the interaction. Credits go to those involved. Itulan was sitting below the grand tree, his legs crossed and his gaze focusing upon the flames before him. It was soon that an old friend, and sculptor, Dyonne came upon the Sorvian who was so settled below the tree. Itulan was the one to explain the reason for her arrival, speaking, “Man-Maker comes to test me and requires that I bring a witness.” And so, the two rode on horseback, traveling down to the crater that was once the grand nation of Ando Alur, it now serving at the site for the Ashkeeer’s test. There, the two met the old Ashkeepers of the Redshroud, those now turned Palebeast, Man-Ender, and Man-Maker. Each of those old ones stood by the water, though it was the Man-Ender who first uttered words to Dyonne and the Ashkeeper Sorvian. There was a brief exchange of words regarding Dyonne being there and not another Redshroud, though such was swiftly pushed aside as she uttered, “I do not believe I am the one who is here for a test. I am here to bear witness.” The Man-Maker finally looked away from Dyonne at her response, satisfied by her focus on this ceremonial meeting. The ugly, burnt Man-Maker stepped closer forward, standing across from Itulan now. “Then follow your purpose… and fight me,” He commanded Itulan. The power of his Sculptor's command would be felt for the first time by Itulan for having never been dictated before; igniting a strange readiness within the Sorvian that made violence all the more tempting. In his speech, the Man-Ender called out, “Do you truly believe he can overcome our age? Us standing together is as almost as old as the world tree itself.” He spat like poison, “The Shroud will crumble under its strain. There were several moments of wait where that Ashkeeper stood in silence, the orders of his maker rolling through his mind along with thoughts of his own. Be it the enactment of his purpose rolling through his body or the order that had been given, the being responded with earnestness. “Very well then. I will see to it that you are destroyed.” From his side, he grasped onto a steel blade, withdrawing the grand Falx that he brought to the ready. In response, the Man-Maker grasped at his side as well, pulling forth a warhammer that was held in his left hand, the odd, right arm of his being left in the open. Both were prepared for what was to be a brutal fight. At the sidelines, Dyonne turned her head to the Man-Ender, neither of them participating in the so-called test. “For what purpose do they battle?” asked she. The response was soon and simple, “They need a purpose to fight?” Silence befell the two who slowly walked around, staring one another down in preparation for what was to come, neither wishing to make the first move. However, it was Itulan who opted to strike first. He ran in close, lifting his Falx, a weapon of the Redshroud, up in the air, raising it above their left shoulder as if to announce the attack they had planned. However, at the last moment, Itulan shifted the weapon to his right side and swung down upon the Palebeast’s right shoulder. Only, it was met with a block as the Man-Maker lifted his left arm, causing the Falx to crash through the metal and nearly chop off that arm with the one strike. However, a new hit flung forwards as the Palebeast punched the Shroud in the mask, causing a long crack to flow upon it. Though, neither paused to acknowledge the injuries to both of their forms as Itulan swung his Falx, the war-hammer swiftly being switched to the Man-Maker’s right arm as he deflected the blow with both the hammer and an uppercut from his left arm. Sparks flew across the battlefield. Each one darted back from the other, however the Palebeast suffered more damage from the uppercut. Such caused Man-Maker’s left arm to be bent out of shape and so, lifting the hammer up, the creature smashed off half of his own left forearm, leaving it a boney spike. Itulan followed after the being, pausing once he’d gotten close. But, rather than waiting like the Sorvian, the Palebeast moved forwards, lifting his war-hammer above his head, only, it was a distraction. The spike of his arm shot forth, smashing into Itulan’s chestplate, denting it. The Sorvian wasted no time, twisting as he aimed to swing his blade up to sever the right arm of the monster! With a swift turn, the blade, instead, rammed itself into the side of Man-Maker’s armor, allowing the being yet another strike. He lifted his hammer above his head before swinging it down towards the Sorvian’s skull, forcing the being to raise his hands to block the strike and shift his stance to ensure he wasn't crumpled to the ground. However, Man-Maker was tricky, and used the opportunity to swing again with the bone, aiming at the same spot. The armor split, causing the bone to pierce a shallow hole within the clay chest of Itulan, not enough to cause his slow death, however. “You let me too close!” Man-Maker boomed over Itulan, his voice a distorted echo in this valley. “Where is your fire? You came here… without fire!” The strike was followed by Itulan shoving the war-hammer to the side and withdrawing his own, golden hammer as he roared in retaliation, “I always carry my fire!” Man-Maker discarded his hammer to the side and ran towards the Sorvian, throwing his spiked arm towards the chest of the being once more. The two striked collided at once, the golden hammer smashed against the side of the Palebeast’s head and the bone pierced into the Sorvian’s hollow chest. Quickly, the Man-Maker ran back from the battle, collecting his hammer once more as a blue essence flowed from the hole in Itulan’s chest. “You will be dead soon,” Man-Maker said, almost like a final judgment. “I will envy you.” The others rushed closer to the sidelines, the Man-Ender shouting, “Brother, I think you have hit the heart of the clan leader. He will not leave mangled if leaking!” There were more words of anger for the action that would likely cause the Sorvian to die. As they stalled, the blue essence flowed from Itulan’s chest. Man-Maker’s voice rang out in command of those in opposition, “Let him fight until he dies!” He stepped to the side, still looking at the Sorvian that he now addressed. “I will tear you out of the dream myself. You will wake up at my mercy– again!” Then, it was Man-Ender who turned to Itulan to beg him not to continue that dreaded duel. “Do not let the Palebeast change you, Itulan. I will give you the choice of fighting to death or living proudly. You weakened such an evil creature far past what other men have done in honor duel.” There were a few moments of silence from the Sorvian who thought over the wants of the others. Then, he reached down and grabbed his Falx, shouting towards the Man-Maker and his old taunt. “And I will fight you again!” The temptation was true and he drew close to the Man-Maker, lifting his blade up in the air, preparing to swing! And so, the Palebeast laughed at the stubborn Sorvian as he too moved forwards, swinging his hammer towards the side of the Sorvian’s head. Time began to slow. The movements each seemed to last an eternity. The wind rested still. In a flash, Itulan’s blade lifted in the air, faster than the Man-Maker’s hammer. And so, it cut clean through the right arm of that cursed beast, black blood sputtering from the limb rather than the creature’s body as he cried out in pain. The Sacred Arm was severed from his body, the Palebeast now useless as he crumpled to the ground. An utterance escaped the Sorvian. “I slew the Palebeast.”
  10. An odd man soon red the decree and dropped to his knees within his own home. His hands pushed through his hair as he muttered in utter disbelief. "How.. how did they find out?!"
  11. Best part about there being peace is that there's no longer a mineman war on my birthday, a early present indeed

    1. Mannamannaa


      I am glad as well!

  12. If accepted, would all Siliti and Corcs start at T1, or would they become the Tier that they would have been?
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