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  1. Aurora reads the paper, sighing. “Boniface... he is attempting to have us under arrest again...?” She then throws the paper in a bin.
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    Aurelia was born into poverty in Helena, to a family who had until then managed to stay afloat by working as hard as they could. She lived as best a childhood as her parents could provide for around 12 years, learning to read and write. Then, as Helena fell upon hard times and prices rose, Aurelia and her family were evicted by their elven landlord, given no extension or chance to make enough. This Angered Aurelia, and she started to build a hatred towards the nobles, as well as elves. then, without home, her father turned to drink and hard, almost slave-like labour, and her mother ended up turning to prostitution, leaving her essentially orphaned. Aurelia managed to use her charm and willingness to work to scrape by, living in flophouses and taking several hundred odd jobs throughout the next decade of her life. 2 years after she was orphaned, she had found out that her father had died of alcohol poisoning and had left her the remaining amount he had to her. for Aurelia, this was a blessing hidden in tragedy, as her budget was getting much tighter and she had become slightly malnourished. she saved as much as she could, hoping to find a way out of the situation she was in. “this was all their fault”, she had thought. “those damn elves and nobles.” Misguided as she was, her thirst for revenge against those who had left her like this pushed her forward. Her hatred only grew over the next several years, and eventually, that lead her to where she is now, still just looking for a way out, and to have vengeance upon those that caused her to suffer.
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