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  1. “I have organised mass several times but the pews often fall empty because it strangely coincides with military training.There is no trickery in asking Canonists for donations. The donations will fund a monastery that myself and His Holiness have comissioned, to bring faith and piety back to Helena, forgive me for my absence the past day but I have other duties not just to this city. Myself and his Holiness traveled to Haense to pray and administer last rites to the King, I do apologies if you believe I should be doing something else other than this do let me know!” replied Boniface to Alexander.
  2. “Is this how Helena makes mina now... auctioning of parts of the city, I anticipate they’ll evict all the manors and start auctioning them soon, perhaps the palace is next?” asked Boniface after returning from Reza
  3. A bird returns with a simple letter. ”Thank you for registering your marriage with the marriage registry, you have been added to our records.”
  4. “Not only that, but you desecrated a church to turn into your own personal throne room.” said Boniface.
  5. “Even if the ransom was paid, you’d of killed him anyway, such is evident with the peasant you killed from the roads after he paid you his ransom to let him go.” said Boniface.
  6. “So they’ve resorted to attacking random peasantry on the road, the man even gave you all of his mina yet you still killed him, truly the AIS morale has fallen along with the Morsgradi populace.” said Boniface.
  7. “But you people set the cathedral on fire, which trapped citizens and clergy inside, how do you fight for the people of Helena?” asked Boniface, upset over his dead steed who died in the fire.
  8. "Sad they would spend so much mina naming a district rather than donating it to the poor or the Pontiff to fairly distribute it to the poor throughout the realm." Said Boniface.
  9. When are dead charters and nations finally going to be removed???
  10. Not at all, these people deserve no respect whatsoever.
  11. Don’t know why being nice to this type of person would even cross your mind.
  12. Don’t you mean, booted out by a reluctant administration forced to do so by the community?
  13. Boniface signs, hoping the Maer will finally create more farms like he said!
  14. “Stop stealing the Lucienist uniform and art and make your own.” said Boniface.
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