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  1. “You can call yourself Canonists all you like, fact of the matter is you’ve taken up arms alongside pagans to destroy the church and Empire. You are Templars, your job was to fight pagans, not create alliances with them.” said Boniface.
  2. Our Fight Troubling times encompasses the canonist realm as an unholy alliance of pagans marches upon us with no other purpose than destruction and death. Unfortunately men who proclaim themselves as canonists have taken up arms alongside this unholy alliance for reasons I cannot find. Men have broken their oaths to GOD in order to stand alongside them to destroy our holy mother church and holy empire. Old Renatians joining Norland in order to get some form of vengeance out of the Siege of Helena, for it seems their wrath and lust for bloodshed now outweighs their love for the Lord. Templar Knights allied with the pagans under the false pretence that Oren wished to destroy them, yet proof there is not. Suffonia deserting the holy mother church and the empire to become independent yet in the same edict creating an alliance with pagans. I find it completely unfathomable how any man or woman can call themselves canonists whilst creating alliances with pagans who seek the destruction of our holy mother church. Do not mistake their false platitudes for their desire of peace, for they do not. It is known that this whole war is spearheaded by ex-Renatians who have a seething hatred for Haense. They come seeking our destruction over petty issues that can be resolved through diplomacy not demands and threats. Just like the Third Crusade, Norland and their alliance of pagans came charging into the heartlands to sack Helena and were repelled by the forces of a united man. It is the duty of all faithful men and women to take up arms to defend your homes from these defilers and brigands. This is our fight, one can not sit idly by expecting others to protect your home if you are unwilling to do so yourself. Only a united man can defeat this pagan invasion. They come to sack our cities, burn your homes to the ground, hang you up on their ash tree as trophies and defile the houses of GOD to spread their false belief in a fire-god. His Holiness has recently issued a letter calling for a meeting in Rubern, whilst I respect his motive he has been sadly deceived into thinking that Norland actually want to negotiate. They have issued demands that they knew would never be accepted in order to appear like they are not the aggressors. But time and time again have Norland sewn dissent and treachery in a united man in order to destroy it, time and time again have they failed. Any man who has broken their oaths sworn under GOD, such as the leader of Suffonia, should be excommunicated. Betraying your oath in such a manner is disgraceful and a grave sin which condemns your soul to the void. To the men and women who have taken up arms against the church and still call yourself canonist, you are truly lost. I find it completely unfathomable how you can justify the destruction of the holy church, how you can create an alliance purely consisting of non-believers and pagans. You are not a canonist, that much was lost to you a long while ago. You have been lead onto a dark path by Iblees, a path of sin, a path of destruction and a path of condemnation. If you are truly faithful as you proclaim to be then I urge you, for the sake of your soul, re-join your brothers and sisters to fight off this invasion. To the men and women in the Empire who have not yet taken up arms, I urge you to do so for it is the only way in which to prevent this pagan invasion. I urge men and women of all class to join the struggle, I urge the farmers to raise the pitchforks, I urge the commoners to join the struggle, I urge the nobles to shed their wealth in order to fund materials required to arm our brave men and women. This is not simply a fight against pagans, it is a fight to survive. They seek to take away everything we have, and we as GOD-fearing men and women shall not let them. GOD is with us, and although we may lose a few small road-side skirmishes, keep your hope. For road-side skirmishes mean nothing for they thrive off chaos, picking off stragglers and vanishing before a full rally can be established. Such happened during the Third Crusade and alas, man pushed Norland all the way back to the ‘Impenetrable’ Krag, which as it turns out was indeed, penetrable. Do not fight for the hatred of your enemies in front of you, fight for your love of what is behind you, your home, your life. Keep faith men and women of GOD, for he will guide us into victory. Deus Magnus Deus Vult
  3. “His intentions were pure, to bring an end to this bloodshed that rips apart humanity. He saught to end it the same way the Heartlander schism and the two month war was resolved, a meeting of humanities leaders. Sadly, this is a war that no amount of words can settle.” said Boniface as he read the letter.
  4. Thesis on Food Food is something that all beings of this realm require in order to live, be it the smallest of insects or the largest of beasts. The animals that GOD created survive of basic food sources, be it the flesh of its prey or the leaves from the trees. They have no need for extravagant meals and thrive off only the basic of its needs. I do often find myself confused why men would spend so much time at the farm, harvesting the wheat, milking the cows, collecting the eggs and slaughtering the livestock only to waste all such ingredients on complex meals. Instead of combining all such things into one simple meal for one single person, we should be using all our resources for good and for all. Eggs can be boiled or kept in the chicken coops to provide more chickens, milk can be given to the poor, as can the wheat be used to bake bread. Mankind should focus on our basic needs of survival rather than feeding our need for continuous comfort and hunger. I understand that often there are feasts held with a mix of different food to satisfy their guests, but what of the poor who go starving outside of these exclusive events? Mankind can survive off basic materials such as potatoes, carrots, beetroots, tomatoes, eggs, the basics which can be acquired from even the most inept and poorest of farmers. Men and women can conduct their acts of charity by giving spare food or even the leftovers to the poor or to your local clergymen who can adequately distribute it to those in need. Do not harvest entire fields of crops simply to fill your already overstocked pantry, leave it so that those starving and in need of it may harvest. Brother Boniface 11th of Sun’s Smile 1741
  5. “How about a picture of your current rally, no use gloating about what you had.” said Farley
  6. Boniface tends to the fields, fearful that he might be caught out by raiders. ((Comon, I understand threads for morale but at least be original not copy churchill's speech word for word.))
  7. “I think the world has grown tired of useless vassals whose only a vassal in title, not militarily.” replied Farley. “No point in being a vassal when its just yourself in it.” “I think the world has grown tired of useless vassals whose only a vassal in title, not militarily.” replied Farley. “No point in being a vassal when its just yourself in it.”
  8. “So... nobody? Whats use is there in councilors if there is nobody left in Curon to rule? You speak of vassals and yet where are they, Curons streets are dead silent as are its vassals.” replied Farley
  9. Farley glanced around the square for the soldiers of Curon, alas he found none.
  10. "But nobody lives in Curon" said Boniface
  11. would love to see Curons activity check, care to share? @Suxals
  12. “GOD’s judgement on those who would plot against His Holiness.” said Boniface.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i65JYOeT8J0 Thesis on War and Mercy War affects all, sadly something all men see in their lifetime. No man has ever lived without having been affected by or taken part in it. The Lord created us all to live in harmony with one another regardless of golden crowns and lineage, so why is it we make it our goal to destroy one another. Bloodlust was a curse that the betrayer placed upon Krug and his kin, not Horen and yet we are the most bloodthirsty, the most destructive race in the entire realm. I pen this missive as, one again, war begins to consume the realm. I pen this in hopes to reach out to the Canonist soldiers on either side of this war. I care not for the politics of this war, they mean nothing to me. I know my voice will do nothing to stop the bloodshed that is to come, that is not the purpose of this thesis. Mankind should not be hunting one another for sport or leisure, we are all creations of GOD and thus I beg for restraint. Do not shed the blood of innocent civilians who hold no sway over the realm. Do not steal from the weary traveller on the roads because of their birth place. I have seen a number of men boast about killing travellers of the road, man should not take pride in the killing of other canonists. The killing of fellow Canonist’s should be a distasteful and hated act, only committed in an act of necessity to survive not for fun or to boast. Afterall, men take oaths to their liege lord and are obligated to follow them, justified or not. So I beg the Canonists on either side not to take pride in killing your fellow man. Have mercy on those unable to defend themselves. In every war there should be mercy and honour. You may attain victory, but at what cost to your soul? “Verily, brother, the Lord GOD is the Most Benevolent, and giveth only mercy. And verily thou must find that pain cometh not from the wrath of the Lord, but as we reject him.” Brother Boniface 10th of Sigismund’s End 1740
  14. “That is false, the damaged causes was not due to a mining accident, I was informed it was due to a fight that took place down there. However that does not account for the missing bodies and defiles tombs.” replied Boniface.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPRvN4jS69I Request for an urgent investigation Greetings all who receive this parchment, I write this letter to inform the canonist realm of the recent attacks against the Canonist Church and to request an urgent investigation to be conducted by both the Imperial Judiciary and the Auditor of the Tribunal. I shall start by addressing the rate at which Cardinals are dying in today's society. Many cardinals and even High Pontiffs have lost their lives recently in seemingly natural deaths; however, recent events lead me to question that. The most common causes are either choking, illness or falling over, almost none of them directly murdered. One may simply call this bad luck or a curse, but recent events lead me to believe there is a conspiracy against the Canonist Church. A conspiracy which has carefully orchestrated the deaths of our beloved cardinals and Pontiffs in order to silence the word of GOD and his church. The High Pontiff on a visit to the Suffonia Cathedral was set upon by masked assailants, narrowly escaping with his life. The assassins identities still remain unknown, and I am unsure if they will ever be unearthed. We cannot take an attack on the head of our church lightly, and I am saddened no official investigation has been opened as to the employer of these assassins, disappointingly I have more to add. The cardinal of Helena was set upon by these assassins whilst on his way to the Cathedral in haense to hold a wedding ceremony. After I traveled to the Helenic Cathedral, I also found that it was defiled and desecrated with the image of an upside down cross and the message: ‘All priests are liars and GOD is fake’ etched into the white walls in blood red. This sadly is not all, just today as I entered the catacombs of the Haenseni cathedral to ensure all of the tombs were secure and still in order, I had discovered that the entire crypts were desecrated! Support beams smashed and tombs robbed. The bodies of former Haenseni warriors and royalty having been stolen by these unknown heretics. It is also my sad duty to inform you that the tombs of Princess Valera and King Marius had been violated and defiled; however, their bodies remained and were given more suitable burial. I write this letter to urge the Imperial Judiciary and Auditor of the Tribunal to open a formal investigation into this conspiracy. I also beg for the Imperial Senate to push forward a bill that grants extra protection for clergymen and harsher punishments to those who would desecrate a holy site or attack GOD’s messengers, state, group or individual. The Canonist Church is under attack and has been for some time. These heretics must be brought to justice before any more holy sites are defiled or clergymen fall victim to this conspiracy. Brother Boniface 9th of Sigismund’s End 1739
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