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  1. Ser Walton departs, with a sizable envoy of soldiers from Haenseti-Ruska, after having successfuly laid siege to the palace of Celia'nor.
  2. Ser Walton continues to lay siege to the Celia'nor palace!
  3. "Doesn't matter anyway, it'll be destroyed in soon." remarked Ser Walton.
  4. Yay, finally. Literally all 'dark creature' CA's come with the inherent disguise spell which allows them to linger and mix with any population, not every single dark magic ca should have a disguise spell and its dumb, perhaps this could be fixed next. Nobody rps the drawbacks of using their disguises either :(
  5. Wheres the bridge featured in the video at 1:33? @The60th It looks like a nice place and I wanna visit. Also I hope that sometime in the future a farming plugin is incorporated into this so that you can have actual uses for tomato farms, strawberry bushes and things like cabbage patches that you can use in the cooking plugin, it would add so much rp and a nice aesthetic to farms instead of the generic minecraft seeds, and it'll have a use too.
  6. Ser Walton prepares an inquisition to discover whoever else hides amongst the populace.
  7. "If the orcs do niet want the whole realm rallying against them, they had best evict all the azdrazi they've gifted land to." remarked Ser Walton.
  8. Can you get like barley and stuff by using a sickle like we had in the past?
  9. "Pure of heart and soul." remarked Ser Walton.
  10. praying they bring back the brewing plugin with hops and sickles
  11. "There is niet plague here nor mask enforcement." remarked Walton.
  12. "Coming from a 'priest' whose age should have been the downfall of him long ago, fueled by the Ibleesian magic perhaps? The fact the church never excommunicated you for your blasphemy is truly shocking." remarked Ser Walton.
  13. Its sad that we don't even have pve events anymore so events that should take an hour take 4
  14. Easy solution there @Burnsider pvp default...
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