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  1. “Why does this man proclaim to be a canonist yet calls himself a ‘God-King’?” asks Boniface.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnFAHHrS_no As written by the Auditor of the Tribunal of the Canonist Church 12th of The Sun’s Smile, 1762 To His Holiness, High Pontiff James II I write this letter to you today to express my grave concerning the current state of the church and your recent bull. I do hope this one reaches you as my previous do not seem to have, as I’m sure you would not purposefully ignore or neglect to respond to them. It appears to me, and many others, that the church has become lax in its spiritual duties and instead seems to care more for appeasing secular rulers. Though I am sure you think that I am the only one who speaks such an opinion, but do believe, the most pious are often silenced. To begin, when you stripped me of all of my positions on a golden bull, all without informing me beforehand and after promising me you would not do such. I do recall being told I was demoted back down to priest because I had upset all of Oren with my opinions and that their leadership and my fellow cardinals urged you to do it. Cardinals sadly who never mustered up the strength to confront me themselves and instead plotted and schemed in darkness, truly I pity these cardinals who shall forever remain nameless. Alas, you did later summon me to Basilica in Helena to apologise for my mistreatment, offering me the position of Cardinal back. All men are sinners and at that moment, I succumbed to temptation and accepted the offer believing all was well. But then I see that cardinal Ves was hauled before a court for publishing writings on the Senate that the courts considered to be seditious, upsetting many in Oren like I had but no action. However I did believe that when you apologised you truly meant it, but in the recent bull you removed Wilhelm as Auditor and placed me there instead, all without informing either of us. I beg you your Holiness, be kind to your clergymen, afterall we all serve the same purpose. Another concern that I wish to bring to your attention, your Holiness, is the sinful nature of indulgences and tithes. In your recent golden bull you have commanded all secular lords in the diocese of: Helena, Jorenus, Avalain and Ves to pay a sum of two hundred and fifty mina yearly under the guise of charity. In the bull it is made clear that the paying of the tithe is mandatory yet still call it charity. Charity should be given out of one's good heart to assist in the church in spreading GOD’s teachings and assisting those in need. However it seems that my thesis regarding indulgences and tithes did not reach you so I have attached them below for you to read and I pray you agree with me. Men should not be forced to give the church mina and even when the church receives a donation, it should always be put to use publicly so people know what we use the donations on. I myself have made just under thirty thousand minas from donations and charitable people, which I am now seeking to redistribute to those who need it. If the church truly needs funds for righteous purposes, ask the faithful. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/190231-thesis-on-tithes/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/190212-thesis-on-the-depravity-of-indulgences/ The section in the golden bull concerning interdiction I find to be a truly scary concept. In the bull it states that you will introduce an interdiction on a diocese should the secular ruler or lords of that diocese fail to maintain their canonist duties to the holy mother church. If a diocese has a state of interdiction placed upon it by yourself they can no longer receive certain types of sacraments, although the sacraments they no longer receive are not listed. The church is not permitted to bring merriment and joy to the peoples of the diocese. This is gravely concerning to me as no faithful canonist man, woman or child should be refused any sacrament over the failure of their leadership. Their leaders might fail in their duties but the faithful canonist populace do not. Do not punish the faithful for things they did not do. At the diet of Helena where we discussed the church constitution, I was heavily in favour of some form of power of rebuke being given to the college of cardinals. I advocated for its addition to the constitution, which is not yet published. I did this because many times there have been greedy and vile Pontiffs who ought to be removed yet there was no legal way of doing so. However, I sadly now recognise that this was a grave mistake because this now enables the cardinals to essentially hold the Pontiff hostage to have him do as they demand or he would be unseated. It also allows for a specific cardinal to stack the college full of his friends and people so that he can vote out the Pontiff and subsequently be voted in as Pontiff. It permits cardinals to be very greedy and have more authority over the church than they should ever have. I beg you, your Holiness, to rescind this power from the cardinals for I’m sure that when GOD deems a Pontiff unfit, he will remove them however he deems fit. An additional grave concern of mine regarding the current state of the church are the clergymen who also hold public offices or high secular positions. For centuries clergymen have been banned from holding public offices in Oren or anywhere else for several reasons, though mainly due to their need to focus on their clerical duties rather than their secular. It should be worth noting that clergymen are still currently banned from holding public offices as is written in Canonical Law. No clergymen should ever hold a secular position or public office because it redirects their focus elsewhere and there can be conflicts of interest. A clergymen should only ever be focussed on spreading the word of GOD, not politics. There was a time in history when the church was apolitical however now all it seems interested in is stacking as many clergymen into imperial positions rather than spreading GOD’s good word. I believe current clergymen should have to pick between their secular position or their clerical one. For a long time, like many other things, clergymen have been banned from being able to marry. I beseech the Pontiff to reconsider this drastic change from our tradition for there is truly no need of it. A clergymen should live their life focussed on spreading the word of GOD and charitable deeds, nor raising a family. Marriage can also lead to greed, lust and vanity. Favouritism sparks for one's family and distractions form. A clergyman should not busy themselves with familial affairs and instead focus on their clerical duties. When you summoned me to the Basilica in Helena to apologise for my unceremonious demotion from bishop, cardinal and auditor, you offered me the position of cardinal back as you conceded it was unfair to do such. I, in my vanity accepted under the assumption that in getting cardinal back I would be re-appointed to diocese which I had chosen to go to very early in my clerical career because I sought to bring it back to life and even devised the blueprints for a grand monastery there to base my missionary work from. Alas immediately following my dismissal the blueprints were snatched from my desk by their new bishop to claim ownership over it himself. However it brings me great disappointment and sadness that instead of being allowed to go back and lead my diocese the way I had previously done, I was positioned in Morsgrad. I find it absurd that you would even consider sending any clergymen to Morsgrad as it would result in almost certain death. Though I am sure your intentions were not to send me there to be martyred. It has been ten years since High Pontiff Pontian III was murdered and mutilated and yet he still has no justice. When he was murdered I was the only clergyman who investigated and spoke out about it, publishing the Carrington Report which named Jasper Carrington as one of the assassins and also condemned the Sons of Malin for mutilating the corpse. I endured much criticism, humiliation and attacks as a result, despite this I continued to pursue the issue and did not let it go. One of the main contributing factors for my dismissal as Auditor was that in the process of trying to get justice for Pontian III, as any sane clergymen should be striving to do, I upset a great many members of Oren’s leadership who privately requested you to remove me, as you informed me when we met in the office prior to your voyage. I did all of this without your support and the support of the rest of the cardinals, who in your own words, would rather I was silent on the matter and dropped it as it was an inconvenience to them. To this day you have not issued any informal or formal statement on the matter of Pontian’s death, the excommunication of Jasper Carrington and the desecration of his corpse by the Sons of Malin, this saddens me greatly. After I was stripped of my positions it seems the issue of Pontian’s death was simply swept under the carpet rather than pursued. I beg you your Holiness, to finally take action and find justice for Pontian. It is unbecoming of a Pontiff to allow the killers and defilers of his predecessor, when they are known, to get away with such vile treachery. As a result of the issues I have written in this letter, as well as my mistreatment for my fellow clergymen constantly being reshuffled and stripped from their position despite pious work, I have chosen to resign from all positions of authority within the The Holy Canonist Church and will subsequently travel the realm, distributing alms and spreading GOD’s word to the peoples of this land, as a monk. Despite my resignation I still pray that you formally address these issues as a matter of utmost importance. I do hope that by bringing these issues to your attention I am not labelled a criminal or defamer of your spiritual authority for I recognise that there is no higher authority in the Holy Canonist Church, other than GOD, than Pontiff. However I would consider it a great crime to remain silent on these matters and write to you as a clergyman concerned for our future. Despite my tone in this letter, I resign with no ill-will or animosity to you and your cardinals - Arthur, Rodrigo, Jasper and Wilhelm. I will now return to my previous life of a traveling monk and will continue to write my theses which I hope you will find time to read. Best Regards, brother Boniface
  3. Boniface frowns a mighty frown whilst reading over the thesis whilst sat in his barrel-home in Kaedrin. "I must write a thesis regarding the magi." He would then promptly begin writing the thesis in the barrel, keen to advocate for the hard working peasantry and farms over the slothful magi.
  4. To the Poor, Needy and Downtrodden! Attention to all those in need, I have a special place in my heart for those in need for it is where I began. I started off as an orphan in the streets of Belvitz before I was huddled onto a boat to come to this realm. I scrounged the streets for food, begged the barkeeps for scraps just to survive. When I eventually came of age I travelled to Rubern and was given a set of brown robes. I soon learned of Canonism and attended mass regularly in the capital before the great war broke out and I hid for years writing many theses which I now slowly continue to publish. After the war I returned to the chapel in Rubern preached from there whilst sleeping in the stables at night, struggling to stave off hunger. I was then approached by the Emperor who was very supportive of my lifestyle and how I preached, he offered me a place in his imperial palace which, sadly out of greed and hunger, I accepted. From there I became an ordained priest, then bishop and then Cardinal. Almost after every marriage ceremony I did, I received a large donation but horded it for myself. It is now, after my unceremonious demotion from cardinal and Auditor, that I have had an awakening. My eyes have been opened once more to the struggles of those in need and I am now returning to my former lifestyle, a traveling clergyman in rags living like the peasantry. I do still have however, a large sum of wealth that I wish to distribute to those in need! So! If you are poor and needy you should contact me when I next visit your town or you can send a bird to small bridge in Kaedrin where I sleep at night. I have a large amount of food, mina and some materials that I wish to give to those who actually need it. Do not be ashamed of asking me for help! I will also be making donations to organisations such as orphanages and schools so if there is one in your town send me a bird too! Let us follow in the footsteps St. Tobias of Sarkoz who gathered a large amount of wealth but then had an epiphany and distributed it to those in need. Furthermore if you wish to assist me in my mission of charity I will gladly accept donations of food, clothes, blankets, mina, jarred water and whatever else those in need will use. Alternatively you can join me in my life of poverty and charity and assist me in distributing goods to the hungry faithful canonists of the realm. Find me and I will give you a set of robes like myself and together we will live a life of charity. Boniface 4th of Harren’s Folley 1761
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2punKcfKBzM Thesis on Infallibility The topic of papal infallibility has quite the controversial one that scholars can argue hours over. Through this thesis, I will establish why I believe that all mortal men are fallible including the Pontiff himself. Before I do that we must first establish what fallibility and infallibility is in terms of papal authority. To be infallible is the inability to be wrong, this means that everything you do and say must be true and no man may question it, to be fallible is the opposite, the actions you take could be wrong or right except there is no absolution to it. Throughout the church's history most Pontiffs have referred to themselves as fallible men, which is true, all men are fallible. However there are some Pontiffs in small pockets of our history who believe themselves to be infallible, their word is GOD’s word and it is absolute, the pontiff John of Darfey being a key example of this. All men are capable of sin and temptation, even the leaders of GOD’s church, so does this mean that if an infallible pontiff sins then it is acceptable? Whilst the most recent Pontificates have never specifically referred to themselves as infallible, such is vaguely established in the current canonical law book. This lawbook was written by Cardinal Ide (Pontian III) under High Pontiff Daniel VI and was given unanimous consent by the college of cardinals. The law, whilst not stated specifically, essentially establishes that all Pontiffs are infallible and the words that come from their mouth are the exact words of GOD and nobody should ever question it or appeal against a decree they have made. This opens the church up to the chance of corruption. The law is stated in the lawbook as the following: “No appeal is allowed against a decree or judgement by the pontiff; it is the word of GOD.” However, in the catechism of the Canonist Church, it specifically states that only the holy scrolls are the word of GOD. The Holy Scrolls are the words and teachings of GOD that all canonists must adhere to, as I have said in my previous thesis. So then what happens if both the Holy Scrolls, the word of GOD, and the Pontiff, the word of GOD, clash and contradict each other, to whom do we follow? This is why all mortal men are fallible and why it is heretical to state that the Pontiff is the absolute word of GOD. Whilst it is true that a Pontiff might spread the word of GOD through leading our most holy institution, he does not directly speak the word of GOD. Only the scrolls are infallible as they are GODs word. I also believe all mortal men are fallible because a Pontiff might spread a misinterpretation of the scrolls and classify it as truth when in fact it would not be the truth but a falsity. When a Pontiff such as John of Darfey can abuse their position on the papal throne, how can it be just and GOD’s will? How can it be GOD’s will to subjugate and abuse his faithful people, it can not and will never be his will to bring war, violence and famine upon his people. If John of Darfey was truly infallible as the Darfeyists had claimed then why would he depose and hunt down his rival, Blessed High Pontiff Pius II, for surely he too, was infallible. “And so I shall guide you in a theater of virtue, and the virtuous shall not live except by My Word.” (Virtue 1:7) “This is a sin of great heedlessness, for the Word of GOD lasts into the eve of the world, and the fruit of virtue cannot rot. Whatever the Lord GOD spoke, the Lord GOD spoke indeed. His word is not abrogated, never annulled.” (Spirit 2:11-13) “For when I return, the waters shall thaw and wash over the world, and all shall know My Word, and none will reign as prophet above another. The Sons of Horen shall walk the Seven Skies.” (Gospel 7:61-62) These are just three quotes from the Holy Scrolls which attest to GOD’s truth as is written, for there are many more. So to conclude, I do not believe that any mortal man is ever infallible and that they are always capable of sin and mistakes, as is any man. Only the Holy Scrolls, and by extension, GOD, are infallible as they are his truth. Any misinterpretation of the scrolls for one's own goals should be heavily dealt with as they pervert GOD’s truth and teachings which should never be allowed. I do also petition his Holiness, the High Pontiff and the College of Cardinals to amend the canonical lawbook to change how it is written in regards to the quote written above. For if a Pontiff can never be asked, challenged or disagreed with on a verdict of decree he publishes then this opens the office of Pontificate up to great corruption and greed for even a Pontiff may spread the wrong teachings or abuse his office. With this in mind I do also believe that the college of cardinals should have the ability to perform the legal proceedings of deposing a Pontiff should the need ever arise. I beg thee do not mistake this for sedition against the most holy office of Pontiff but as I have shown above and has been shown in history via John of Darfey, the office of Pontificate can be greatly abused and as of currently, nobody can do anything about this when a Pontiff oversteps or commits great sin. There is of course a set precedent of the college of cardinals deposing a Pontiff but I do not believe there has ever been a set legal standing on the matter and I believe there should be one. A Pontiff and every mortal man are fallible and can commit foul deeds and there should be a way of holding them accountable through legal means. I beg the Pontiff and the college of cardinals to issue a Pontifical standing on the fallibility of a Pontiff, infallibility of the Holy Scrolls and on set precedent of deposing corrupt Pontiffs. Boniface 1st of Harren’s Folley 1761
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OC9UT46Qub4 Thesis on Tithes A tithe is often considered to be paying a certain percentage of one's earnings to the Holy Canonist church for its upkeep and well-being, this can include nations, towns and the like paying a tithe to the church. I do however heavily disagree with enforcing or asking for people or groups to pay a tithe to the church. The church should not survive off the backs of hard-workers and earners, it should survive off merit and influence alone. Faithful canonists should not be obligated to pay the church for its services, for it is completely immoral, we provide our services for free not expecting reward. What would you do if somebody refuses to pay a tithe to the church, would you stop holding sermons and mass in the nation? As I have said before in a previous thesis, the holy institution that is the ‘Holy Canonist Church’, it should not be used as a money-making tool. More often than not, tithes are usually locally enforced by the diocese rather than the church as an institution. I also believe that asking people to pay a tithe to the church can lead to a great amount of corruption within the church and lead us to damnation, for example one might increase their tithe if the church canonises a man or woman they requested even if they were not truly worthy of it. Besides, even when people donate their coin or items to the church, I rarely see it ever put to good use. There are rarely any clergymen traveling around the ream distributing poor or mina to those in need of it, rather donations are used to fund church projects instead which usually only benefits a small number of people. Clergymen should not hold ceremonies such as weddings expecting to get a hefty donation at the end of it, they should be holding the ceremony because it is one of GOD’s sacraments, any clergymen who demands payment for holding weddings is immoral and avarice, truly despicable. Though do not confuse me, I do not say you can not take donations, but that you should not join the church or hold ceremonies with the expectancy of getting it. “So I am the Most High, and in pursuit of my Virtue, I bid my faithful this: You shall not desire the wealth of this world, nor the wealth of others, but the wealth of the spirit.” (Virtue 2:10) We must heed the holy scrolls for they are GOD’s word and they are true, nobody may ever doubt or question the teachings of the scrolls for doing such results in eternal damnation. I do solemnly hope that this thesis reaches the college of cardinals and High Pontiff so that he abolishes the act of demanding tithes from people for it is immoral and violates the teachings of the scrolls. I also call all clergymen never to accept donations unless you have a clear and defined purpose for it, a purpose that will benefit all and not just oneself. Tithes only ever lead to church corruption and depravity, let us not dig ourselves into the void. I have had a great awakening, with the release of the scrolls I my unceremonious demotion I have more time to study the scrolls and papal doctrine. My eyes are now open wider than before and with this in mind I wish to distribute all the mina and materials I have gathered over the years in service of the church. I wish to distribute them to the poor and families who need them, not organisations, influential individuals or the church itself, but the poor and needy, those who look to the church for aid and guidance but are so often responded to with silence. If you are poor, needy or simply require aid in materials, food or mina then do contact me and I can help you out. The poor peoples of canonism are the churches only true treasure for we are in a position to guide them and more often than not, the poor are the most pious. Boniface 5th of The Sun’s Smile, 1761
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ED4AYD2gZ7k Thesis on The Depravity of Indulgences Throughout history greedy men have been inventing new ways of creating wealth for themselves, through whatever means. Unfortunately a long time ago some of those greedy men were able to join the holy canonist church and use it as a money-making machine to enrich themselves. One of these methods is the practise of issuing indulgences for a hefty price. From my research, the term ‘indulgence’ was first introduced in the Second Golden Bull of Savoy written by High Pontiff Owyn II, not inherently a greedy man but a very stressed one trying to deal with a divided humanity and schismatic courland. Indulgences are defined as a ‘Holy Act’ in the Second Golden Bull of Savoy, the act of offering an indulgence where somebody comes to a clergyman wishing to be forgiven of the most depraved sin or have their condemned dead relatives forgiven so that they may ascend to the seven skies. This might seem a perfectly reasonable act to most, but I implore you, it is nothing more but the vilest of sins. The church should not be used as a money-making machine but an institution of forgiveness, charity and spreading GOD’s truth as written in the Holy Scrolls. I believe that the act of offering indulgences is much akin to selling salvation. It is an even more nefarious deed to offer this to the misguided and poor who have come to believe that paying a hefty sum of mina is the only way to receive salvation from GOD. Since its inception, the act of offering indulgences has been taught to be acceptable and truthful by most Pontificates but let us read from the holy scrolls, for they are the only truth man must heed to. “And verily you must find sole salvation in His laws, for there are none alike to Him.” (Spirit 1:19) “In His name, I beg you, brother, turn away from false gods and seek salvation in the One.” (Spirit 1:22) “And verily you must find salvation and glory in GOD’s grace, not in His creations.” (Spirit 3:15) “See, and there is a bridge of many colors, and marching forth from the Skies are the virtuous dead, and the wicked have been cast down from high places. See, the World is changed, and the promise of Virtue is fulfilled.” (Auspice 3:4-5) “This is the promise of GOD to the World, that it shall belong to the virtuous, who love Him.” (Auspice 3:17) The only way, according to the holy scrolls and quotes I have listed above, to achieve salvation is through GOD. One can only receive salvation through one's devotion and love for the almighty and following his teachings as written in the scrolls. It is also true that confession can save one's soul, but not confession alone for one must still have an absolute love and devotion to him in order to ascend. Therefore I do believe that the church's history of offering indulgences is a great stain upon our organisation, we bring shame upon ourselves for allowing such to continue for so long. Through a perversion and misinterpretation of the scrolls our predecessors deemed indulgences acceptable. We as faithful canonists must acknowledge the great depravity that has happened through our history and make amends for we ourselves would be condemned if we did not. One can not buy or sell salvation, only GOD can give one's soul salvation.You can not buy your way into the seven skies. Thus, I do beg and urge the college of Cardinals and High Pontiff to outlaw the act of offering indulgences or any act similar to such that might appear in the future. We must acknowledge the depraved acts and sins of our predecessors and finally fix their mistakes, eons later. I bid to move that the act of offering indulgences, be it mina, items or any anything else, be deemed as a cardinal sin which will result upon the excommunication of any clergyman who would dare pervert the scrolls and its teachings again. I further bid that penance for one's sins admitted in confession, should never receive the punishment of a monetary fine for it is essentially the same as an indulgence. Boniface 11th of Tobias’s Bounty 1761
  8. Boniface contemplates the risk of arrest should he decide to attend.
  9. An artist’s depiction of a man performing his morning prayers. Thesis on Unanswered Prayers The act of praying is something all canonists perform at least once a day, often asking GOD for guidance but sometimes asking him to perform tasks for yourself. It saddens me that people pray to GOD asking him to perform actions for the betterment of oneself, for prayer should be to venerate GOD and beg him for forgiveness, guidance of spiritual aid. Though I do understand people would pray to GOD for good health of oneself or a loved one, that is very understandable and often your prayers are fulfilled, but what happens when your prayers are unanswered? People whose prayers are unanswered must always keep their faith in GOD for there is always a reason and he has a path for all. If your prayer is not answered it does not mean that he has abandoned you or ignored you, it simply means he has a plan. Though it is important to remember your prayers aren’t always answered at a whim, it may take some time. It is also important for you to understand that sometimes your prayers are answered but not in a way you understand, he might have answered differently to what you expected and thus you feel ignored, I assure you this is not the case. I beseech all canonists, do not expect prayers simply as a way to beg GOD for favours or actions, prayers should be cherished as a way of communing with GOD. Boniface 11th of Sigismund’s End 1759
  10. An artist’s depiction of a poor families farm. Thesis on Simplism Oh the joys of living a simple life, one without the concern of politics, war or conflict but one of peace, serenity and routine. It is my firm belief that when one is engaged in politics or conflict they lack time for GOD. Those living a very busy life often forget about their faith and instead focus on their ambitions or needs, often leading to greediness and an extreme sense of self-importance. As I have written in many of my previous thesis, living a life of routine and simplism is the true path of devotion and piety, one must always have time for GOD. This is why I do find that most of the populace considered ‘peasants’, people looked down upon by the higher class due to their misfortune, are more faithful and attend church more often than those in the army or politics. It saddened me greatly that when I held mass in Helena the majority of the soldiery were unable to attend because training was happening at the same time, their leaders refusing to allow them to attend mass instead. Living a peaceful life of tranquillity and order gives one a stable life, one where they can survive amply whilst still having plenty of time for their faith. Though I do believe we ought not to look upon the ‘peasantry’ with such scorn and hatred, for they are humans too and most are very pious. I often find those considered ‘poor’ are more charitable for they have experienced hunger and thirst and wish not for others to feel the same. Though it must be said, I admire these people for their faithfulness for whilst they might be poor in materials and wealth, they are rich in faith. Are the ‘peasantry’ really less-fortunate? I do not believe so. For whilst yes, I concede that they often go without food for days, they are truly good-natured people. They know what it is like to starve and will assist their brothers and sisters to help them, even if it is at a detriment to themselves. We should all strive towards a life of poverty, simplism and stability rather than chaos, riches and self-importance. Boniface 11th of Sigismund’s End 1759
  11. An artist’s depiction of a crow attributed to one of Saint Charles miracles. Thesis on Miracles The world that you stand upon reading my thesis is surrounded in miracles, every day is a miracle. Miracles themselves are well documented throughout history and all canonised saints have miracles attributed to their names. Though many are unaware of the true nature of miracles or fail to notice them when they happen for when they fail to notice miracles, they fail to notice GOD. Miracles are often observed to be acts so marvellous or without explanation that it must come from the skies. Miracles can be very small or large spectacular events, even the birth of a child is considered to be a miracle to some for GOD creates and wills all things into creation. It is often up to the observers whether something is considered a miracle or not, though the majority of the time there is no doubt. The act of miracles should be cherished close to one's heart, for there is no greater proof of GOD’s existence. To those who deny the existence of the almighty creator, educate them on the nature of miracles and GOD. I myself consider the birth of a baby, innocent life, to be a miracle for there are extreme dangers of child-birth, the child might even perish during the ordeal. The act of a baby being brought into the realm for the first time, one can not get much closer to GOD at such a happy time. When there acts performed by GOD in the realm of mortal men and women, there are pretenders, those who fake miracles to proclaim themselves prophets. Cast away the false prophets who forsake GOD’s authority and power for they are sent by the great deceiver to do as he does best, draw one into sin. But how do you tell the difference between false-prophets and true divine miracles? Truth is, it is incredibly hard to differentiate if a miracle is true or falsified by saulites. Though I believe that if you are firm in your faith, you will know what is right and what is wrong. Boniface 11th of Sigismund’s End 1759
  12. An artist's depiction of a nobleman's riches. Thesis on Material Possessions Many men and women yearn for great hordes of wealth, baubles and trinkets that they can boast about to their friends, that they can showcase and put on display to gather dust. What a life it is to own an entire basement full of materials or items that you would never use, artifacts for the sake of simply owning them. It remains my firm belief that simplicity and poverty is the path to true faithfulness and piety. A faithful canonist man or woman should have no use in owning a large amount of property, mina or other baubles for they should be contempt in GOD and him alone. All faithful canonists should strive to live a life of charity, poverty and simplicity, to further strengthen one's relationship with almighty GOD. A faithful man or woman should not live their life in pursuit of wealth and property, they should live a life spreading GOD’s good work, studying the scrolls or performing acts of charity. To hoard materials, mina and property all for yourself is incredibly greedy and we all know that greed is a deadly sin that will condemn your soul to the void. However I do believe it to be morally right and acceptable to gather large quantities of materials with the intent to distribute it to those who need it. Alas, those who currently hoard wealth, mina or materials might yet be able to save their soul from eternal damnation, they can do this by distributing such things to those who truly need it, the less fortunate. Though, what constitutes hoarding or greediness? The act of hoarding supplies is where an individual or individuals stockpile large amounts of a certain thing with only themselves in mind, not anybody else. An example of hoarding is emptying an entire field of wheat instead of only taking what you need and leaving some for others. Hoarding is a by-product of greed. Green is a deadly sin which condemns one soul to the void for all eternity, greed is the unassailable desire for extreme wealth, riches, titles, property and all things that one might be able to get into their hands, it is why men quarrel of title-stealing so easily. Take heed from my thesis, brothers and sisters, and take time out of your day to help somebody else, beat the temptations of greed. Boniface 11th of Sigismund’s End 1759
  13. Boniface smiles, finally beginning to come to terms with his new lifestyle forced upon him.
  14. “I thought it was today.” said Boniface, rather confused.
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