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  1. "His soldiers all followed him in his treason and are all as guilty of it as him, the fact he didn't tell his son means very little." said Ser Andrik.
  2. "Its a shame the boy king of Aaun placed his trust in Veletz and Stassion, everybody knew this would happen at some point." said Ser Andrik.
  3. "I suppose this can be taken as Veletz' response to the Pontiff's demand to evict the Ferrymen from their land." said Ser Andrik
  4. "They broke the hand of a man dressed in commonly recognised bandit attire and the Stassions are up in arms about it. The Aaunic King ought reign in his vassals lest they force his hand into war, but its better that then to suffer a coup for going against them, I suppose. Stassion and Veletz are one in the same." remarked Ser Andrik
  5. "It is well known that Stassion men have two sets of uniforms, the one they wear in their fort, and the one they go out raiding in. Strangely I saw quite a few of the latter when the Ferrymen raided Valdev a few days ago." remarked Ser Andrik.
  6. "Numerous leaders of Veletz told the previous Pontiff and all of the leaders of the Canonist League, that the Ferrymen, categorically, did not reside within their land. It has been proven that they do, even further, they sent a man from Veletz to tell us they were holding the princess hostage there." replied Andrik.
  7. "Perhaps if Veletz hadn't lied to the previous Pontiff when they claimed the Ferrymen did not reside in their land, it would not have come to this. The Ferrymen abducted the pregnant princess of Balian, to do GOD knows what with, to cause harm to an unborn child is one of the most ergregious sins - the Pontiff did not 'step into secular affairs', he rallied a force to rescue a pregnant woman being held hostage in the lands of Veletz. Veletz continously lied to leaders of the Canonist League and the previous Pontiff in claiming the Ferrymen did not reside within their land, they have been shown to be proven liars, who can trust their word now? Let us also not forget the Stassion and Veletz soldiers sneaking into Breakwater via a rear bridge to join in the nefarious activities with the pregnant woman.
  8. "Tis a shame he neglects to mention the Stassion and Veletz soldiers which bolstered their numbers and the fact they the Ferrymen themselves proclaimed that: should the soldiers of Haense leave, they would then release the Princess unharmed." remarked Ser Andrik.
  9. "Would rather die then sign any document produced by the Ferrymen, what a sellout 'heir'." remarked Ser Andrik!
  10. "It is well documented that Lurin is a safe haven for frost witches and a plethora of other unnatural and unholy creatures. I suppose what Aaun lacks in soldiers, it must make up for with unholy beasts that dwell within Lurin." remarked Ser Andrik
  11. "It is scandalous that Petra allows their vassals to purport such heresies, salvation and greatness can only be achieved through GOD!" remarked Ser Andrik.
  12. "Truly, the missive from Louis' brother came up within seconds after he vanished in a puff of smoke after running from the court, the missive was obviously pre-written, only the blind can not see this for what it is." remarked Ser Andrik.
  13. "I'm confused, he refers to Louis as both a child and a teenager in the same missive, and the one published by his supposed brother calls him a man, what is it? Was he a child, teenager or a man? Do the Orenians not know the difference?" asked Andrik.
  14. "Oh my goodness, it is Vasili Vanir reincarnate, but instead of falling down a flight of Staunton stairs, he fell on the Kings blade." remarked Ser Andrik.
  15. "Your magical powers can phase vy through my windows too, it would seem. There is no point dueling a necromancer when its death will mean nothing as it will simply return, it is a pointless endeavour." replied Andrik, shooing the intrusive bishop from his home.
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