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  1. "Do something then." said Bishop Rhys var Ruthern.
  2. "Trusting them has only resulted in death, burn them all." remarked Bishop Rhys.
  3. "The man in question was in possession of a necrotic bone dagger, the same type of dagger previously used to murder the High Pontiff. The man whines because the Church relieved him of a dagger he should never have had in his possession, he was lucky he was offered so many chances to hand it over and not cut down. Norland ought be investigating the merchant, residing in their city, who sells these types of Shadowspawn weaponry, but they care more about being a victim then rooting out the evil." remarked Father Rhys.
  4. "Sermi, the same Shadowspawn to have had a hand in the murder of our Queen?" remarked Father Rhys
  5. "Indeed, plans are already in motion to construct a monastery close to Morteskvan." replied Father Rhys.
  6. censored

    1. warlord of filth

      warlord of filth

      Adam my eternal ally since the Nathan ban days 

  7. Father Rhys, of the White Comet, makes haste for Petra!
  8. Trying to make the server 18+ is the dumbest thing I've seen and is just an excuse to justify disgusting behaviour. This is minecraft, good god

  9. don't most undead CA's already have a plethora of metals and magical swords in their arsenal?
  10. "This was Laelia." remarked Father Rhys, he promptly prepared his tools and mounted atop his trusty steed in search of the horned demon once more.
  11. If you can grow ice spikes upwards under somebody with a 2 block height, does that not mean you can just completely skewer someone? Same with the 1 block height, their legs are completely skewered
  12. Could this not be very easily abused? For example, using parts of the same descendants limbs to mass produce cursed food
  13. this is simply over complicating the issue merely for complications sake
  14. so how much is bail?

    1. VonAulus


      flight risk?

  15. ok @satinkira where is your thread banning frost witches? They hunt and eat men because they hate them, imagine the uproar if the admins approved a magic group of creatures who hunt and eat women because they hate women. Why would misandry be ok but misogyny not? If we're going to ban every single real world prejudice, lets be fair and axe the frost witches too
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