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  1. The Minstrels sing the ballad of Duke Heinrik as war looms ever closer.
  2. question for @squakhawkthose big pointy mountains at 30 seconds, didn't we have them before on a previous map and they were completely useless and impossible to do anything with?
  3. like, a plugin that allows you to harvest mc heads that gives you a textured (with a resource pack) food item that represents the crop, like cabbages, which can then be used to perhaps add saturation or custom food crafting recipes instead of just the generic minecraft carrot and wheat farms
  4. Realistic terrain and usable mc head farms!
  5. I disagree, people who have had magic on another persona should not be able to just mysteriously get it on their next. It is unfair and they should have to go through the time of effort of finding a teacher and learning it again, just like Joe Average. No special priviledges should be given to people just because they once had magic.
  6. In general, I think its strange to put times on stuff like tier 5 at 12 weeks. Does this mean somebody could become tier 5 if they just sit and exert minimum effort to learn, simply because the 12 weeks are over?
  7. "But this is not history, Balian was founded by people who left the Orenian Empire." replied Arold.
  8. "Not entirely sure why the Balianites would publish and push for apostasy, doesn't seem very faithful to me!" exclaimed Arold.
  9. "Then surely this would be the precedent for future trials, not ones already held and voted upon in the royal Duma. I'm not entirely sure you can overrule the duma if it decided to do a retrial. This is exactly the same as trying somebody on crimes they comitted before the laws concerning them were written - it does not happen. This is also rather odd considering author of this document also acted as prosecutor, clearly a conflict of interest." said Arold.
  10. "A win on the battlefield, yes, but at the cost of your own populace leaving you to rule over a duchy of cobwebs." remarked Arold.
  11. "So the King not only murders diplomats in rage, he pledges our soldiers to the harlot's cause. What good would if be if Renilde won when she will have no citizens left to rule over. I am curious why the King would send our soldiers in to battle for a Prince's mistress, perhaps the brothers share her, who knows." remarked Arold from his apartments.
  12. "So those who cried that the church was political, now want to use it for their own politics. A simple case of adultery is not just cause for excommunication, the Archduke should be so lucky he does not find himself under such censure for the demands he issued to the Holy Pontiff." said Arold.
  13. "Yes, I am sure a ten year old boy wrote this and understands what it means." remarked Arold.
  14. I'd use it if I knew how to properly make things, the tutorials I found aren't very clear.
  15. "Rather ironic, Petra want to pick their own clergymen but start crying when they realise there is nobody for them to choose." remarked Arold.
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