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    Hailing from the Capital of the War Uzg, Jas Oon Grimm was born and raised by his birthgiver. Raied by a single mom, it is clear that the lack of a fatherly figure has affected him. Growing up, Jas has been nothing but a disappointment for those near him. Being dumber and somehow even weaker than the average Goblin, even the orcs struggled to find use for him. Lacking faith, he would not be a shaman, lacking strength he would not suit armor and lacking intellect, he would not be a tinkerer. Altough it is worth mentioning that he is more than cunning enough to make due. Jas lives in a constant state of spite and anger, constantly seeking the next dopamine rush to satisfy his normally meaningless life. Although Jas has wishes for wealth and glory, he will never muster the ambition nor drive to ever acomplish anything. Jas On Grimm, a creature that could barely be catogarized as living, more accurately, you could describe him as sentient. As far as combat prowess, there is very little to be said as he has only known utter defeat. These days Jas Oon Grimm has grown tired of the life in the capital, and seeks greater fortune in the free land of Sutica, as its one of the few places that accepts his stay.
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