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    Thaban Forgebrew grew up in a family proud of their brewing skills. His father owned a tavern, and so did his father again. This tradition has gone through the Forgebrew family for centuries, and has been an important part of Thaban's upbringing. He has lived a humble life and have not worried much about politics or war so far in his life. Thaban always keeps to his friends, and likes to earn his fair share of money while avoiding trouble to his best ability. All this taken into account he is still as other dwarves a victim to the curse of greed, and can be overly obsessed about his riches. This has fueled his dreams to become a great tavern keeper one day, but he is now prepared for a humble start as his fathers tavern sadly succumbed to flames. While Thaban's life had been fairly worry free so far, the destruction of his father's tavern has set him on a quest to gather new wealth and to one day restore the proud Forgebrew traditions.
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